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By Pandora Ravensdale
ISSUE: For some reason, like 80% of people's signatures don't show up for me, including some of my own. All it shows me is something that says [Image], as though there's an error, but even when I click on that it doesn't show me the "hidden" image.
SKIN: Whatever the default skin is right now, I don't know the title
SCREENSHOTS: This is what it looks like when I try to correct the problem with my own signature not showing up. As you can see, my code is correct: I have other signatures with that exact coding that work just fine. At the top it shows what that code produces for me, in a preview, just the weird [Image] thing.

This is an example with Soren's account: this is what I see for his signature, even though in the same thread I can see Aislin's.

In short, it's apparently broken somehow... It also does this no matter which account I'm logged into.
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By Selene Nightshade
Just adding, as well, that I can see four of my own signatures and I can't see two of them (this is all the accounts that have siggies). These are the dimensions of all of them:

Can see:

Can't see:

Don't know if that helps at all, but I figured it would be at least worth sharing, even if it's just to rule something out as NOT being the problem.

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