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By Jen
This idea actually came to mind during a visit with Gemma and Syl a few years ago (I think a month or so after Gemma joined). We were all sitting and talking with their mom and dad, and their mom said how neat it would be if we were able to give our members a bound copy of the site as a momento. We continued to talk about the idea, and it went to the idea of writing it out all into a story format.

I toyed with the idea in my head for a while before finally deciding to go ahead with it earlier this year when I requested everyone's permission to use their characters for the series fanfic. Believe me, I was both honored and ecstatic that everyone has consented and entrusted me with this. And a HUGE thank you to Ri for helping me with the series title. "Beyond Potter." So simple yet so accurate and enticing, in my opinion. So much better than anything I had contemplated over the previous months.

I decided to start with the second site in our series, Hogwarts: The Last Battle, simply because the first one was almost irreparably full of newbie mistakes and would take a lot of thought to figure out how to convey it into a format where it worked and retained the key events but lost some of the newbish aspects. LB is currently in progress. At this writing, it is roughly 22,640 words (46 pages) long and growing. I have written several key events but am now filling in with both things that happened and things that help move it along into a flowing storyline, which is why I haven't committed to more than a weekly update. The fanfic will actually be my NaNoWriMo project.

I plan from LB to go to A New Time then to Shattered Fate and then, naturally, LR. I may decide to go back and write the first site as sort of a prequel, but that's not a given right now. I'm contemplating, depending how I feel after all this other writing is done, doing a spin-off for Evie following her feigned death and a pre-DE days story for Trevor. We'll see how the ideas keep growing and forming.

Thus far, I'm having a blast, and I hope you all enjoy reading what I've written. Feel free to respond with reactions, etc. It honestly will fuel me on. Call it the old writer in me, buuuut I love reviews. XD

And if you're ever so inclined, feel free to follow the Beyond Potter Tumblr and share things with your followers.

It's my hope this can be a fun journey down memory lane for all of us but also something that will draw in some interest.

Love you guys!

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