Founded in early 2009 following the vanishing of the wizarding world, this hush-hush group originally sought to find out what happened to avoid facing the same fate but now serves to research ways to safely defend themselves against the likes of magic should the need ever arise.
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By Cole
”Corrigan,” he repeated, ”Just a homeless kid then. We’ve run her name through a few databases and nothing has come up. Even with the unique name. It’s like she didn’t exist before the program. You know anything else about her living situation prior?” Criminals and even the agent volunteers he could understand but to pick up a kid from the streets was reprehensible. That was not how Mikhail had read that file at all, though the age hadn’t made him think she had been a kid. Young and naive maybe but not a kid. But perhaps that was a fabrication to get it approved. It also made more sense why Twenty-eight had killed the assistant she had after all that was the one that seemed to be tied to pulling her into the program.

Mikhail wrote some of the specifications for clothes Simon had given him as well as the little bit of information about the other mutant. ”I am going to have you start with the ones you keep calling Two, Three, and Five. We have no files on them at all. So let’s start there,” he said simply.

This mutant, for all of his ugliness and criminal history, at least seemed easy enough to sway to their side about helping ensure that these… creatures were gathered up quickly. Perhaps that would be his use in the end. Night recons and collections. If he couldn’t feel the pain that the other mutants could cause there was no reason to risk agents. Mikhail made a scribbled note for himself to bring that up with the Director later.
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By Cole
After questioning Simon for some time, Mikhail came to the realization that his knowledge was immensely limited to the few mutants he had named and even those he had limited contact with. After finishing the interview, Mikhail turned his findings over to his superiors letting them make the final decision on the mutant’s fate with his own recommendations of his use for recon. However, he ensures to make good on his promise to Simon providing him with a small stack of clothes and art supplies.

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