Originally serving as an interim school while Hogwarts was closed in spring of 2009, this beautifully designed manor now serves as a safe haven for fugitives from Trevor Williams as well as the headquarters for the Order of the Phoenix. It is heavily defended, and its location at any point can change as the entire manor is capable of moving.
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The stick flew at her face with a force one might call malicious, but it made Maddie smile. She held her hand up and the stick fit right into it. Her fingers closed over the solid jagged wood and made her feel a little more protected- even if it was a stick it was still something to hit back with and that was what she so desperately wanted right now. She raised an eyebrow and quirked at her reluctant tutor. "Apparently you don't trust me with one of those things either."

Sure enough within a moment the wood thickened and weighted down her hand. The weight was comforting in an odd way. It was not necessarily that she felt safe after all. She didn't know how to use the thing. She had never swung a knife in her entire life much less held one for anything other than slicing her food and those where not anything like this one. The black leather was smooth and soft beneath her fingers and had a slight give to it. The light flashed and glinted off the metal of the blade. And Maddie tested it tossing it slightly and getting used to its weight. The blade felt alive in her hand, dancing a bit. Her eyes lighted with mischief and she nodded and smirked back up at the older girl in surprise. "Well color me shocked. Maybe you do trust me after all."
"You're right. I don't." Stana said, coldly. The gang in her hand had been given to her by the Alpha himself. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time to have crossed paths with him, and he got the bright idea to let her tag along. The blade was originally a tool he let her borrow, used solely to retrieve her wand from the armory. Stana had tried to return it to his bandolier, but the Alpha insisted she hang onto it. They had plenty of access to weapons, but she found no need to upgrade from this until she got better with it. That was why she was out here, after all, practicing the techniques Shadow had shown her, and she even tried to observe Tao the swordsman, who had a very unique style of his own.

"Don't let it get to your head. The only difference is... mine can cut." She smirked, tilting her head slightly to make sure the girl understood her. Stana swiped the fang against the magically generated blade Maddie had in her hand, and a piece of wood chipped off of it, and faded in the air. Even if the charm made the stick feel like a knife, the only real blade here would do some damage on contact. Stana intended on teaching her the style first, the method, and wouldn't engage in a spar unless provoked since the girl had no idea what she was doing ... or at least, that's what she let off.

If the girl was willing, she would begin showing her the basics. First, breathing.

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