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by: Katarina Bauer
Kat watched the transformation and the acrobatics as the young man changed back and forth before her eyes. She was a little wide-eyed, though tried to relax as not to get too caught up staring inappropriately or offensively at the newcomer. Even after a couple of months of being here at the Division, Katarina was still wowed by this. She learned something new every day. "Bauer--er, Katarina Bauer." She was so used to stating her last name first when it came to introductions in the field, she worked quickly to correct herself. "Agent Schmidt's partner, and resident female in the department, I suppose. Aside from the director, of course." She chuckled.

"A pleasure." Katarina decided that she didn't mind meeting the returning 'liaison, escape artist', as he possessed manners and seemed like he meant well. He didn't seem so bad, so far. Plus, he was providing a good enough distraction to pull her anger away from Cole, regarding the new position shift.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole smiled as he saw Orion Burgess. He didn't know the kid that well before he'd gone away, but he knew him enough to know his return was a good sign. "How's it going, Kid?" Callaway gave a light wave, watching as he showed off his trippy 'talents' by shifting back and forth just to introduce himself to Katarina. He folded his arms and leaned against the wall as they'd seemed to congregate over by Matt and Kat's joint cubicle. He offered another, pleading glance to catch Katarina's attention but when she seemed more in-tune with the conversation Klaus and Orion brought over, he remained silent and slipped back to observe.

She'd need a moment to cool off, he understood. He needed to back off and not say the words 'I was under orders' to his fellow Hounds or else he'd probably get knocked out for overusing it. It didn't change the fact that it was the truth. It was a good sign she wasn't packing up a box and walking out the doors after turning in her badge, so her chat with Jones couldn't have gone that poorly, right?
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by: Orion Burgess
Orion looked over to Callaway and grinned, flashing a thumbs up. "Doing alright, Cole. Yourself?"

Orion felt like he was falling back into the swing of things with the office and that gave him hope that Jones would relent and let him return. Speaking of which, her office door opened and out came Agent Cox...wearing sunglasses inside?

"Agent Cox why are you wearing sungla-....oh." He slapped a hand over his mouth to stop himself from talking when Matt gave him a puzzled look.

Open mouth, insert foot. Orion didn't need to see if everyone was staring at him aghast to recognize what a massive mess he'd just made. Agent Cox was blind. How had that happened? Could he fix it? Maybe he would offer later in private. Thankfully, Jones was coming out and looking at him with exasperation. He waved and grinned at her, trying to hide his chagrin at the misstep with Matt then slid off the desk to go hide in her office. The baffled and slightly frustrated director followed him in and threw her hands in the air before closing the door.
Well, he dodged that bullet. Thanks to Orion, Klaus figured maybe he'd get away with not being called into Jones' office. Maybe her little investigation had gone far enough to satisfy her given everything, but based on how Jones had seemed when Matt came out.... Probably not. She seemed frustrated. But thankfully Orion was going in and he didn't have to do more than give him the weird look for being an airhead and asking about the sunglasses. They did have blind people amongst wizards, surely?

Shaking his head, Klaus walked after Matt. "Jeez, mate," he said, "what you say to her? She seemed rather exasperated." He paused to look him over. "You don't look that great yourself." Perhaps Kat would want to talk to him, but given what he understood from Cole's earlier statement and Kat's exchange with him, it was probably better they not be seen whispering together right away. That wouldn't give a vote of confidence to anyone for anything regarding their relationship. But neither one was packing. What the hell? What was the point of bringing it up if you weren't going to do anything about it? Most places surely would've transferred one or the other to a different department. It was a liability for the team to have romantic entanglements with anyone, much more one another.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt's anger was at a low simmer. He'd spoken with Jones, sure. Her views were understandable and he'd expressed himself clearly, but maybe that was the problem. Jones wanted to be a dictator, not a leader.

"I pointed out to her that what happened outside of the office wasn't he business and I requested that she transferred me to another cell in the unit. She denied the request and told me that she didn't want to get involved but would if she had to. And, on top of that, we're being given a special assignment."

It had been too much for one meeting, truth be told. Yes, Kat wasn't his partner. There was no conflict of interest. If, however, it was going to cause issues, then it was better to just bite the bullet and request the transfer rather than be forced into it later. But no, not only did Jones tell Callaway to narc, she then abdicated any leadership that she could have had by doing...this.

The special assignment was a doozy...they were supposed to track him down. Wasn't that going to be fun?
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by: Katarina Bauer
All heads turned towards Jones' office; Matt looked like a storm cloud loomed over him as he walked towards his desk. She could almost feel the heat off of him, but it was probably just the blood rushing back into her cheeks as she knew quite clearly what was exchanged between Matt and Director Jones. Her eyes flitted over to Callaway once more, glaring a bit, and then she sighed. "Sounds like it." She pouted her lips and refused to look at anyone as she typed on her keyboard to login to her emails, a pure dismissal of anyone around her cubicle--unless they wanted to stick around to watch her work. Maybe they were tasked to watch her every move.


The fact that Matt requested a transfer? That wasn't forgotten. In fact, it stuck with her a little too much, and irked her a little. She wasn't sure why--as that would just take her away from him altogether, and the purpose of this whole situation was to stick together. They both knew the identity of the Devil and if this new assignment meant to follow his movement, having him in house instead of away from the team would make things easier...wouldn't it?

This whole situation was going to get trickier, really fast...
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole sighed, "Dammit..." He cursed, under his breath. He was frustrated for multiple reasons--the way this was all turning out, because of everything he'd said to Jones, and now they were going to be forced to work together. It killed him to know that Katarina still held a grudge for him over this, and Matt was going to be hard to get out of his muddy, moody state so far so he wouldn't press the issue with anyone. Instead, he waited, standing back with his arms folded and his head turned towards Jones' office to see who was next. Klaus? Orion? Him?

Maybe it would do him some good to take a walk, or some sort of break to head down and punch something in the gym. He'd heard of getting ducks in a row before--but this...what the hell was Jones doing, anyway?
So, Matt had requested a transfer to another group and Jones had denied it and given them a special assignment instead? What had been the purpose of sniffing out the relationship, then? It didn't add up. Wasn't it against policy to be involved with someone you worked with that closely? You gave any enemies against the nation blackmail material or a way to get you to cooperate. Their enemy was, for the most part, unaware of their knowledge for all they knew, yet what if they weren't? What if they had learned of the operation and wanted to stop it? It was basic what ifs with potential foundation in the real world that kept things running, kept things from becoming complicated.

"I see," Klaus replied, taking a moment to try to figure out what on earth any of this had been about. "Then why on earth did Jones care enough to call you back there?" What couple was going to say, "Oh yeah, we're going to make things tricky for the operation. We're going to mess things up unintentionally because of our relationship"? Pretty much no couple would, especially not a new one. No, they would want to spend as much time together as possible this early on and would say whatever it took to manipulate the higher up into not doing the right thing. Jones was smart, so surely she hadn't called them back for that question.
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt's eyebrows flicked up as he shook his head and made his way back to desk. As per his charade of being sightless, he gripped the back of his chair and used it to guide himself back to sitting, but he leaned back and crossed his arms behind his head. They were supposed to track down the man in black. Him. How did he do that and not expose himself for being other? Kat and Klaus were in on the secret, but there were others who would be hunting him. Cole, potentially, the Tech Pit, for sure. He had to be smart as he did this, both to look like he was putting in effort at the office and to keep from getting actually caught.

"Ehh...it was all shots across the bow," And the nautical terminology fit, didn't it?

"We know she knows, so now that we've been officially been scolded, she doesn't feel bad about permitting it. It's a check mark off on her to-do list at least. That wasn't her only mandate, though. Congratulations, team...we've been given a special assignment. Klaus, she'll probably fill you in shortly, but I like to spoil things, so..."

He sat back up and planted his elbows on his desk and addressed Cole and Klaus with the information he'd been given.

"Jones is putting a pack together to hunt down and investigate this man in black. You two are forward operatives on this, Kat's analysis, I'm ops planning. She's calling it a fast response team, I'm calling bullshit. We've gotten reports from Tech that there's a new player on the street...cause and effect, right? To that end, I'm going to need to know a time tomorrow that the four of us an sit down, clear the air, and begin hammering out our official stance on this vigilante and whether we engage or let him play. Do you need any of the resources that Tech has gathered in order to make a decision on that or have you already seen the data?"

Matt saw his role as ops planner to be the gate keeper for his team. If they needed anything, he got it for them. If anyone wanted to try and harass them, Matt stood in the way. Cole was part of the team now, so despite the snippiness earlier, Matt was going to enfold the agent into his care and provide for him the resources that were needed to get the job done.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole looked up at Klaus when Matt pointed them out as the field agents tasked to their little...crew. Sure, he had seniority on this and Jones probably wouldn't want Matt out there for liability reasons and Kat since she was still fairly new--but having them both in house, calling the shots did put them where their strengths lie. That left him and Klaus to be the face of their little super-team, and Cole was okay with that. He shrugged. "Alright." He uttered, and nodded as he folded his arms. "Name the time and place. I think a meeting would do us all some good. Clear the air. Start over?" It was mostly aimed at Katarina, but also to Matt...partially to Klaus.

Damn this crew had a few kinks to work out before really finding their flow, didn't they?

"Haven't seen much of the footage but I'll take a look."
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina quietly listened to Matt's sit-rep as he gave away Jones plans to the crew in the bullpen. She didn't even look at Cole when he mentioned that Jones "knew" about them. Of course Jones would find out if she sent out a damn rat to sniff out trivial stuff like this. She sighed heavily when she heard Matt call out that she was due for an analysis and just grimaced at the thought. She was doing just fine with her training, or so she thought, and her experience should have at least given her a leg up on field work too but Jones insisted otherwise. Now they wanted to put eyes on the Man in Black. She gulped, but kept to herself on the thought line that blossomed into the game she had to play now--to keep his identity safe.

"Geoff sent me the footage. If anyone needs it, I can forward or we can go over it together." Katarina said, a blanket offer to all of them, in case they needed it. "But agreed. The four of us...planning together. Sounds like a blast." She said, sarcastically...flatly, even. The thought of sitting down with Klaus--as awkward as things still were, and with Cole--who had underhandedly betrayed them by being Jones' little spy, really irked her. However, for the sake of teamwork and for Matt, she'd inevitably agree to it.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Well, that was great. While at first reserved about the idea of Kat even helping Matt as an assistant, it had proven to be a good thing given how Kat had taken toward him since he'd spied their first kiss or whatever kiss number that had been on his front door step. It had meant he had a reprieve at some part of the work day. If they were all four working together, though? Who knew? And they were going to be focusing their investigative power on Matt. Klaus forced his face to remain neutral on the topic despite the panic that he felt bubbling in him. Cole didn't know, and he needed to stay in the dark about it. Klaus just wasn't sure how long that would last. Matt would have to be dressed in a way that didn't show off his figure too much. That much was certain. Any fool who spent hours looking at footage would start noticing similarities in the body structure if they weren't careful. At least Matt didn't tend toward muscle tees, but he would have to now go for loose, air-wick sort of t-shirts and maybe some more loose, roomy gym shorts rather than gym pants should the three of them go to the gym together.

"Well, I daresay Cole should probably see some of the footage first. I've seen a bit, but perhaps he and I can spend some time catching up on the latest." It would give him a chance to try to throw Cole off Matt's trail if he was anywhere near being on it before the three of them could discuss how the hell they were going to handle this.
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by: Matthew Cox
Good. Things were coming together then. Matt nodded at Klaus' volunteering.

"Alright. Take some time today and view the footage on your own or," He nodded to Klaus and Cole "Together if you so plan. Build some notes, first impressions and the like. Tomorrow, nine am in the meeting room we can get together, view it as a team, and discuss what we're seeing. It doesn't need said that I want objective analysis, no opinions or speculations on motivation unless absolutely pertinent."

His lips quirked a little at the irony. It didn't need to be said, and yet he'd said it. At least he was self-aware enough to know how he sounded.

"Any questions?"

Matt knew that Klaus and Kat would both be approaching him later, asking him what the hell he was thinking in accepting the case. This was dangerous, but necessary. He was literally controlling the investigation into himself. That could work in his favor. At the very least, he would be able to know how close the hounds would be on his tail.
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