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by: Matthew Cox
Out came his history as a marine. Of course. People liked to point that out when he was being too stubborn about getting his way. 'Weren't you a marine? Don't Royals work together?' Yeah, yeah. He'd been a Specialist Canoeist. Special Forces had a different playbook than the rest of the Royals. Still, if Cole didn't know that, then Matt wasn't going to advertise.

"I was," he agreed, keeping his tone neutral. "and my squad watched out for each other by self correcting. We trusted each other to cover each others' backs. We don't know each other that well yet," the terse tone crept back into his voice, "but this isn't how you earn my trust, Callaway."

With that, Matt turned and stalked back to his desk, nearly forgetting that he was supposed to be blind. First Klaus, now Kat getting pulled into the office and probably getting told to break it off with him in professionalese, then Callaway...it was the healing that made him so grumpy, he realized. The itching. The lying to his friends about how bad things had been or were...he still could feel the deeper bruises and some of the cuts still needed their stitches. He hated this.
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by: Katarina Bauer
She couldn't argue with Jones. That was the moral of the story here. Katarina sighed and nodded, addressing Jones' compliment about her analyst skills. She had a point. Of course she did. That's why she was the director, after all. Katarina was placed on a special task force now, and of the four of them, she was the ideal choice for that position. It made sense. Not to discredit Callaway or Klaus or even Matt for that matter, (though his impairment did make analysis of visuals a little more difficult, even with his enhanced senses and method of sight), Katarina was just the better choice.

Then Jones told her she didn't have to move her desk. She was half relieved, she wouldn't have to move. Mostly because it was a pain in the ass to move everything over, set it in the exact way she wanted, but she would then have to go through IT department to make sure they sent her computer and files to the right desk.

"Understood." Was all Katarina had to say, to let Jones know that she would comply. Jones might not have banned their relationship and it even worked out to where they were still working together, but instead of keeping intel between her and Matt on what sort of eyes they have on the masked Devil, most correspondence was going to have to be relayed to the entire team...which is something they wanted to avoid altogether. It just made their job trickier.

Then of course, the [bloodboiling] fact remained: Callaway went behind their backs and put them in this situation. Kat was still livid about that.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole couldn't even get a word out on his snippy response. Matt was pissed, and he stormed off--though it seemed like he navigated over to his desk with a more confident stride than usual...It was probably a military thing, remembering how many steps and direction, he thought. That oddly made sense to him, and for that he respected Matt. Actually, he did have quite a bit of respect for Matt, but he was far from admitting that aloud, considering their current state of conversation level.

He looked back again, and noticed that Katarina was still in the director's office. It made him curious to know how she was taking the news--or whatever Jones had to say about the situation. He had to understand that Katarina would not be thrilled with the outcome, since they were probably going to be forced apart, in a professional capacity, for the best of the Division. That's why he did it; that's why he was so adamant about keeping everything in the open instead of working with such secrecy. Jones hadn't said much beyond being her eyes on Matt's relationship with Bauer, but he was beginning to wonder why. Was this pertinent the division, other than asking for rumors to cease and desist?

He sighed and leaned back in his chair. He wasn't going to be able to concentrate until Katarina was released from the office. Cole wanted have to ask Director Jones what was going on after this.
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by: Morgan Jones
"Very good. Now, I'm tasking your team to continue on this vigilante knot. I don't know if this person is witch or wizard or werewolf or...anything. I need answers, ideas...well. Go do what you best and hunt down the truth. And please send Agent Cox in here."

Jones quirked an eyebrow at the microexpression she saw flash through Kat's eyes. A small smile played on the director's face as she added to her directive.

"Don't worry. He's not earned a scolding from mother. I just need to update him on the parameters of the new project and discuss budgetary things."

The relationship likely would be brought up. His getting up and scoring at Callaway hadn't been lost on Morgan, not that she'd made her noticing...well, noticeable, but the window served to let other know what she was up to and for her to see what they were doing as well. Little passed unnoticed from her chair.
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by: Katarina Bauer
"Yes, ma'am." She responded. It was further ingrained that their new unit would be tasked to the vigilante...and while she understood that, now she wanted to speak with Matt? Katarina almost had the balls to request she be present with Matt being briefed, but not only would that have her come upon some information that might be beyond her clearance, it as also meant that she would seem rather immature in a professional sense, a case she just got through pleading with her boss. "I'll let him know."

Katarina finally had her chance to stand. Her visit wasn't as excruciating as she thought it'd be, but she still felt like a child in the administrative office at her old school. Walking back to her desk meant she'd have to walk by Callaway, which meant she had to book it to get the information to Matt that he'd been summoned here as well. "Thank you, Director." Offering Jones a polite smile, Katarina moved from her chair and walked out the door, heading straight towards her joint desk area with Matt. Cole looked as if he wanted to speak with her, raising his hand to get her attention, but she promptly ignored him.

As much as she wanted (and needed) a hug, and for him to tell her it would be okay, Katarina took her seat across from him and sighed. "Mat--Agent Cox, Director Jones would like to see you."
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt sat at his station, listening to the audio readout of a report in one ear and the trip hammer of Kat's heart beat with the other. When she fumbled over his name, telling him that Jones wanted to see him, his jaw worked once over the words he wanted to snap out. Other than that one tell, he remained collected and still. The blank mask was back on, hiding the frustrations he'd been hoarding.

Rage, like the...Garou

His mind whispered to him the thing he didn't want to admit. The very report he was listening to was a medical examiner's dry verbiage on the differences in physiology between the wizard DNA samples and the Garou DNA samples they'd collected. Metabolic factors, mitochondrial counts, hormonal levels, genetic variations. Beneath the Sahara-dry terminology was a wealth of information that Matt didn't like hearing. What would his DNA sample look like now?

"Thank you, Rina."

He paused the audio replay and stood carefully, making his way to Jones' office. The door closed carefully behind him, and the meeting he had been dreading since Kat got called in began.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole watched Katarina walk by. He even flashed a look at Director Jones through her window, keeping it as neutral as possible. He wasn't bothered or offended by Matt's little outburst as he'd paid him a little visit earlier--but he was more confused as to what was going on. Was he telling the two they weren't to see each other anymore? Kat looked bothered by something, troubled, even. She was going to be pissed with him, he knew that much. He shifted in his chair as he contemplated whether or not he should say something to her, because as he thought to stand up--Matt had gotten up out of his chair and walked into Jones' office as well.

His neck jut back and he tilted his head. Was it Matt's turn to get reprimanded? Well, of course. As Cole thought about it, Jones probably had to keep this even on her part, to tell them both the same thing.

For the good of the team, right?

Cole sighed. Matt was probably not going to let him near Katarina once he was out of the office, so now was a good time as ever to nip this in the bud. It didn't need to become a situation, or anymore than it already had, really. Cole wanted to at least apologize. If she hated him, he'd have to take that as he'd deserved it for what he did. It didn't take away the thought he had, that he did the right thing. He was just following orders.

Standing up from his desk, Cole walked over to Katarina and Matt's joint cubicle and he leaned on the partition, looking at her. She probably wasn't going to look at him anyway but he gave her a moment to address him. "Agent Bauer...Kat....I'm sorry."
Of all the things to waste an hour doing, Klaus had been briefing the weapons and technology unit on things that were and weren't effective on werewolves and even reliving the February extraction of Garou Cedric McGarret. He'd spoken a little of his time underground with the Syndicate to discuss numbers and theories of what size population and potential threat they could be facing given the right scenarios played forth. Overall, it had been boring and full of number crunching and a lot less of the fun part of weaponry development he'd hoped for when he'd seen the invite to the meeting pop up in his Outlook Inbox.

Klaus stepped heavily, dragging his feet as though he'd been through some trying task. It was for show, of course, to get someone to ask what was going on, yet well, the atmosphere of the office felt off. It was palpably tense, and Cole and Kat were talking by her cubicle. What on earth? Klaus' frustrated expression turned to one of "What the hell?" as he assumed a normal walking fashion and came to perch himself with his arms crossed on the top of the cubicle partition. "So....whatcha doing?"
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina didn't even bother looking up at Cole, because she knew exactly who it was, by the sound of their footsteps. His cologne was rather strong, compared to Klaus or Matt, or even Geoffrey who practically doused himself in body spray. Blech. His had a musk to it that suited him. Kat hated that she noticed such details. She sighed as he offered his soft-spoken apology. What did he expect from her? What did he want her to say? "Oh sure! Uh--thanks for going behind my back and telling our boss about my personal life, but I'll forgive you.


Katarina didn't even have a chance to let the dust settle. She hadn't even figured out if she was thankful or pissed or aggravated or hurt by that betrayal. Actually, it was all of those things.

A newcomer arrived. Another strong whiff of cologne and hair product stopped just at the divider of the cubicle, and the face of her partner Klaus was peeking right over at them. "Oh, Agent Callaway here was just on his way." She said, coldly, shooting one glance over to Klaus then Cole before returning to shuffling the paperwork on her desk. She was at a loss, only looking busy when in reality she wasn't doing anything at all. Kat just wanted to take a walk, maybe go downstairs to the gym and punch this out. She was frustrated beyond belief.
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by: Cole Callaway
"Hey." Cole said as Klaus approached. "I just--"

...was just on his way.

Frustration. That was the word of the day. It was clear Kat wasn't going to give him the time of day but this was a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of situation. If he chose not to come over and try to set it all straight, she would steep in this drama until it got worse. Choosing to be the bigger person, maybe own up to his mistake (even if he saw it as the 'right thing'), Cole still wound up feeling like a complete ass. Women confused the shit out of him, and that was frustrating. Then again, he couldn't completely blame it on sex. Matt Cox was just as upset at the ordeal.

He sighed, and shook his head before shifting his attention to Klaus. "Well, heads up. Boss is pulling all of us in for a chat--" Cole paused as he heard Katarina scoff. "And you might be next. So, congratulations brother, you're just in time."
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by: Orion Burgess
Today was apparently not a good day for him to have tried to return to MI:5. Orion had attempted entry, gotten arrested and pulled into an interrogation room, been hassled, interviewed, interrogated, and frisked several times before he was finally allowed, under escort, to return to his old department staging area. To his surprise, his cubicle had been removed and replaced with a set of low cubicles. They were occupied by a woman he barely recognized, Agent Schmidt, and Agent Callaway.

"Agents, are you willing to take responsibility for this reprobate?"

One of the guards thought it was funny to name call. Orion merely settled a look of disdain on the muggle and sighed. He was in no mood to try and argue some more. No doubt the agents here would put him through another round of questioning. Schmidt, especially, since the last time Orion saw him, he was helping Cedric escape.
Well, then. It was nice to know he wasn't the only one Kat could be this way toward. Apparently Cole had done fucked up in a way more major than he had, and he was sure he knew how when Cole said his piece. He tensed his lips as he widened his mouth in an "ouch" sort of expression. Klaus could understand Kat being more than cheesed over it, but honestly, it was arguably what he should have done to begin with given work policies against people working together who were in a romantic relationship. It made things messy and presented potential problems such as favoritism, eventual nepotism, and conflict should they have any sort of break-up regardless how cordial. Especially as agents in MI5, it was not a good thing. But that was just it. They were in MI5. It would have been discovered sooner or later, with or without Cole's help, and if they lied to cover their tracks? Well, then it went beyond the chance of one of them being moved to another department and straight to those who lied losing their job or facing other severe consequences.

"Di--" he began, his retort right on the tip of his tongue as the guard brought the wizard kid they'd all known before all the stuff went down a month ago. Alright then. "Back, I see. But I do have to ask. You have a feline alter ego?" He winked and put an arm around his shoulders mainly to bug the crap out of the kid as he looked to the guard and assured him in mock solemnity, "I'll claim the reprobate." He really just wanted the guard off. He had too many things he wanted to know at once.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Someone else had joined the fray, an agent perhaps, one she hadn't recognized. Katarina had only been here a couple of months so it wasn't out of the ordinary to meet anyone who had taken up shop here before. She thought she'd gotten through memorizing everyone too, and now there was some one to add to that roster. She kept quiet though, still a little miffed at Cole's betrayal. Even with Klaus providing a bit of a distraction here, her mind rested on Matt, wondering what Jones was telling him, wondering how he'd react to the sudden shift in their group. She turned to look beyond both Schmidt and Callaway, into Director Jones' window, but all she could see was the back of Matt's head and Jones looking at him straight on. Her senses weren't as keen as Matt's but she could already sense the tone based on what she could see.

When she looked at her desk, she made sure all of the footage Geoffrey sent her was out of sight, lest Callaway, Schmidt of this newcomer start to ask questions. The Hounds might have been tasked to investigate the Man in Black but she had her own reasons for looking into this. She just sat back, and quietly listened while the men exchanged pleasantries, wondering if she'd be introduced.
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by: Orion Burgess
Once upon a time, Orion would have gone tense at the hug and tried to pull away. His month as a cat changed his demeanor, though, giving him more...flexibility.

Orion placed his hands on Klaus's shoulders and transformed, letting his large feline form come to a standing position on the man's shoulders before jumping over to the woman's desk and transforming back, sitting in the edge of her work space.

"Hullo. I'm Orion Burgess. Former wizard liaison, former escape artist accomplice, and soon to be petitioner for returning to my job. You are...?"

He kept himself polite and cordial. He was, after all, a married man. Well. Teen. Eighteen did not a man make in anything except legality.
Klaus laughed aloud as Orion transformed onto his shoulders then jumped down. He'd been right! He'd been right. Something had been off about the cat because the cat was, in fact, a human. At that time, the very thought would have caught him as fantastical yet now? After everything he'd seen down below during his captivity, Klaus was not about to be surprised by something like a human turning into an animal on a whim. Such a thing was relatively harmless to some of the transformations he knew humans or humanoids to be capable of. Of course, this was Orion. The kid had always seemed like a little mastermind waiting to blow up, wound too tight as he had been.

As Orion introduced himself to Kat, Klaus resumed leaning against the cubicle wall. The kid still sounded a bit uptight, although the transformation had suggested potentially otherwise. Then again, it could easily have been a cheeky way to confirm or a way to impress the lady in their presence. He had his doubts. He honestly still didn't know exactly why the kid wanted the job here. He waited for Kat to introduce herself before cutting in.

"So, Orion, what makes you want the job back?"
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