If you wish to have a special ability or face claim, please reply to the appropriate thread within. Any special positions open for claim will be posted here should we have any.
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by: Jen
Last Updated: January 19, 2017

In our "Explore Our World" board, we have a thread devoted to our different groups people can allie themselves to and be a part of. If your character is part of any of our groups, please reply here, and we will add you to the roster list.

Note: Any marked with (*) are NPCs.

Code: Select all[b]Character:[/b]
[b]How long?[/b] How long has this character been part of said group? This way, we can avoid the awkward, "Your character would've known mine," conversations.


    ` Katarina Bauer
    ` Arlo Beckett
    ` Orion Burgess
    ` Cole Callaway
    ` Matthew Cox
    ` Anthony Pearson
    ` Niklaus Schmidt
    ` Alexandra Taylor

    ` Wayne Bauer *
    ` Morgan Jones *
    ` Geoffrey Maldonado *
    ` Loretta Patterson *


    ` Morgana Calloway
    ` Delilah Chase
    ` Chase Downing
    ` Anne Fernsby
    ` Teague MacTail
    ` Samael Nachtweber
    ` Darius Nott
    ` Soren Shepard
    ` Callid Warren
    ` Drusilla Windsor
    ` Julian Winslow
    ` Christophe Viridian


    ` Diana Blaine
    ` Kyle Camden
    ` Fierro Darque (Affiliate)
    ` Maddie Jamison
    ` Jaleth Lenor
    ` Jon Partridge
    ` Benjamin Turner
    ` Kara Viridian

    ` Brenna Fox *
    ` Gabriel Reed *


    ` Gideon Conleth


    ` Maeve McLeod
    ` Jacob Sullivan
    ` Tristan Viridian

    ` Wilson King *


    ` Bridget Callighan - Formerly Order prior to AWOL
    ` Stana Chastaine - Formerly Order (refugee) until April 2012.
    ` Matthew Cox - Formerly MI:5 Paranormal until May 2012
    ` Lina Kalkuskov - Formerly Syndicate until April 2012
    ` Alan Kalkuskov - Unknown?
    ` Melissa McCarthy - Formerly Syndicate prior to arrest.
    ` Justin McDowell - Formerly Syndicate prior to arrest.
    ` Cedric McGarret - Formerly Syndicate until April 2012
    ` Liam O'Donnell - Formerly Order until arrest.
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