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by: Kay
I just wanted to touch base. I will not be participating on the board for a while, or as the title says, in a more intermittent fashion. As far as active threads go, I don't have many rolling in the current timeline and if there is any need for any of my characters to be involved, just message me.

Due to unforseen circumstances, it has also affected my health in a negative way to stretch myself so thin and worry about what's going on here behind and in front of whatever curtain. I just feel like my focus is a bit torn between this and my jobs as it has been very stressful worrying about this place while I'm trying to set a good release schedule for my own writing (books) and design work.

I need to move away from this place for a while, to re-center my focus as best as I can.

That being said, I'll peek in when I am able to and add to whatever needs moving forward. I'll also continue running the timeline and perhaps the Wiki as I've already made arrangements with the admins to help on-site. I will just be on somewhat of a hiatus until I can get this sorted through. If anyone needs anything I guess reply here or send a message via chat. Otherwise, for an indefinite amount of time, I'll be lurking.

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by: Kay
Checking in-
After battling numerous health issues, and an ongoing disability dispute, I actually injured myself and have a bruised tailbone. I'll do my best to catch up with whatever timeline things I have to complete.

Most of the posts from myself or A.C. are done via reattribution with her permission/on her behalf as she is still not fully back from her hiatus.

If you have any questions let us know and we will get to any fixes asap.

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