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by: Kay
Just kinda going down the list of things I still have open, and wanted to see what you guys thought, with the threads you're involved with as well. I've been trying to catch up on some work and school, and health permitting I should be able to get to these this week, if we want to continue moving.


Fragments of You - Already discussed with Sarah to close out soon :)

Still Can't Feel the Wound - Are we still working on this one? If not I can summarize a closer, but I think it's finding a natural end here within a few posts.

Wicked Games - Are we going to continue back and forth for the testing or should we close this one? Fade out on testing whatever Tabby used to drug Kat?

First Case - I think I was waiting on Ashley but we can proceed if you'd like, Ri?

Drug Test Results & Chaos is a Ladder - I think it's my go in either one of these, so I'll get to them asap. I think DTR should be close to closeout as well, since this is a bit farther back time wise and there's been a lot of shifting in personnel, protocol, etc.

Requiem - With Kat and Klaus having chased off Corrigan, I think this one is safe to close off, unless there's anything else to add.
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by: Orion
Wicked Games: Let’s fade out pretty soon.
First case: let’s continue our back and forth.
DTR: should be good to go

Other than that, I got nothin’
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