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So, most of you know my son arrived a week ago today. I don't know when I'll post but hopefully once I adjust to sleep 1-2 hrs then being up at least an hour, I'll get to posting with the lovely phone. Haven't managed to get to really get on my laptop so if affiliation requests could be dealt with by another staff member, that'd be great! I see we have one.

Love you guys!
Hey Chicka! Grats on the little guy and I'm sure you'll get used to the no sleep thing eventually :D

I will grab that request and keep an eye on things. You got other things to worry about XD. Looking forward to posting with you again!
Dawww and what an adorable lil one he is! Take your time and take care of yourself and the fam, and of course, have a great holiday! <3 Look forward to posting with you when you can, but no rush darlin.

Love ya!
So, still attempting posts when I think I have a moment, but it doesn't always prove to work as you've seen. Baby sometimes decides to wake up out of nowhere rather than follow a predictable pattern (go figure. =P).

Just started back at an old job part time this week unexpectedly, so the next couple weeks I will have a busy schedule because of training and getting back in the groove of things, but I'm hoping by March when I settle into working Sundays 9-6, Mondays 4-8, and Fridays 3-8 or whatever it was (It's something like that, but they've changed things so many times since Tuesday I can't keep it straight.) my son will be used to mommy not being home 100% of the time and stop flipping his days and nights to be up with me so I can have a functioning brain to try posting.

My mind does wander here, and I miss writing so regularly, so I am hoping soon. Trying best I can. <3
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