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by: wckd



Raven Heights has always been a haven for the supernatural. In 1692 while all eyes were on Salem, the real Witches of Massachusetts lived safely unprosecuted only miles away from those accused, recruiting and rescuing those creatures who face persecution.

The quaint colonial town of 6,000 is small enough to recognize a new face, but big enough to keep your deepest, darkest secrets under wraps. The population has been steadily growing while news of its peacefulness spreads among the underworld, but their utopia is a lie.

Witches and Warlocks have been running the town for centuries, keeping the others in line like second class citizens, while the humans live blissfully ignorant, at least most of them. WITCHES, SHIFTERS, and VAMPIRES co-exist in a state of false contentment in a very real class war.

Inhabitants have already been fighting off external forces who aim to unravel the structure within the town, but when Supernatural Hunters begin sniffing around, the creatures of The Heights have no choice but to work together to protect their town, their humans and their legacy.
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