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by: Kara Viridian
Kara was impressed that Jace managed to stay quiet after she spout off all of those snarky words at him. It wasn't for show by any means, but she was sure the outspoken garou would have at least something outlandish to say about her outburst. This dance, this incredibly tense dance around secrecy and political correctedness was exhausting for her, and even annoying to him, but it was good to finally be able to speak her damn mind without someone cutting her down at her legs.

It was hard not to make a sour face, and she was damn sure Jace could read her like any of the books on her many shelves. Kara steeled... kept her face straight, lips in a tight line as Casey spoke. He brought in all outside factors, Trevor, the others from the fallen organization he'd been trying to bring back over. People like Lucy, who she'd recognized, were an easy call to make when it came to vetting and pulling in for more reserves, more allies. The others? His partner in all of this, Ianto, Kara still had very little to read in way of getting to know whether or not he'd be faithful enough to stick around. It was already on tremulous grounds, thin ice, whether or not Ianto or some of the other followers would stay, which meant she'd probably need to mask or move Tutaminis if and or when the time came.

Her glare hardened when Casey was finished, but her blue-green eyes were eventually cast down to focus on something on her desk, a dark green glass paperweight in the shape of a raven, seated on top of her paperwork. She breathed in deeply through her nose, then out softly, and slowly. Was it pertinent? Well, yes and no. Jace asked a straightforward question that rendered a straightforward answer, yet even now, after asking for the umpteenth time to be upfront, Casey didn't want to answer the question. Kara didn't know when she picked up a pen, but she was twisting it by its ends in her hands, fidgeting with it so tightly that the metal nearly. Aluminium, or some cheap ass material. She didn't like that pen anyway, it was more of a fidget tool to keep her from scribbling notes on her parchment. Her tongue slowly ran over her lips and when she brought those eyes up again, aimed straight at Casey. "Communication, right?" She snipped. "You said we need to communicate better." He might have forgotten about it, but just months ago, when Jace was first brought into the Order's fold, as loose-allies at best, Casey once held her and told her they would be better than this. He said they needed to communicate better if they were going to make this work. "I know that we said before that we would try not to let personal matters get in the way of professional dealings, but right now, they are one in the same."

It was then, Kara knew for a fact, one hundred percent, that they would never be able to separate the two dealings. Not while all of these parties were involved, not while he was fresh out of this coup, having taken everything away from the woman he once loved.

However, this wasn't going to be a typical outburst, like when Evie used to be brought up in their conversations, though the connotation there was fairly similar to those times. This was a political gathering, a strategic meeting, a place they were trying to lay down the facts, and dodging certain items of interest like this one, was beyond frustrating. Was he still protecting her? Even if he said she'd gone mad with obsession over her husband-or-ex-husband's demise, Jace wanted to know. So she decided to finally speak up, and speak out. Her eyes darted over to Jace, and she looked him square in the eye. "Evie is Casey's ex-wife." She slightly raised a brow, that could be missed if one wasn't paying attention, as that was said with a tone that was as cold as ice. Her expression towards Bryden might have spoken to him as if to say: do with that, what you may.

She let the apparent draft that blew into the room after that announcement settle for a moment before nodding. The conversation would continue, it'd lingered on this topic for a bit longer than she felt was necessary and moved to address Casey's next proposal and point. Kara leaned back into her chair, her elbows on the rest, her hands still tightly twisting and fiddling with the pen. "Not everyone will stay, I know that for a fact. If not by my hand, then of their own accord. I can already confidently say I'm not keeping anyone who questions my authority, your influence, or Jace's allegiance--that is if either of you choose to stick around after any of this. Whether or not you guys believe this, it's the strongest I've ever seen the Order stand in numbers, strength and unity since I joined years ago--barring anything that might have happened when I was in Azkaban--but I believe we have a solid as hell foundation to keep us going after this initial move."

It might have seemed backhanded to make a harsh remark about hiring and firing then compliment the status of the organization, but for once, Kara held a confidence in where they stood as the Order, that most of her nerves over their upcoming plans were fading away.
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by: Casey Winslow
Casey rolled his eyes at Jace. He'd forgotten to answer one little question in the face of hundreds, and then Kara was jumping on him for it, too. He was human, for crying out loud. Don't ask fifty questions at once if you want one. At Kara's response to Jace, Casey added, "And, if you want to be technical, Trevor's. That actually has far more pertinence to the current situation and climate than any previous relationship to me years ago." He wasn't going to say any further. He'd touched on Evie's hatred toward and obsession with Trevor's demise. It should be fairly easy to put together that something was amiss with the whole Trevor-Evie marriage situation. He'd explain if Bryden asked. Frankly, he wasn't trying to hide anything. He was asked once with other questions, answered, forgot the one simple question, then asked a second time and not even given a chance to answer before Kara jumped all over him. Was she on her bloody monthly? He was trying to cooperate long before Bryden, for fuck's sake. Bryden only cooperated after being jumped over several damn times.

Still, Casey inhaled slowly through her nose then exhaled, trying to calm the tension he felt aching through his body. Tension didn't help here even though the conversation thus far had done nothing short of breed tension between the three of them. At least Kara was keeping conversation moving, though, after her own pause. He almost wanted to laugh at her statement this was the strongest she'd seen the Order, but he didn't nor did he allow it to show on his trained face because, frankly, it was probably true for Kara or any of the new people here. It had been fairly strong when they had needed to restart after the surprise that was the December 2008 attacks on Hogwarts and the Ministry and Damien had been in charge. He and Evie had decided to step back for sake of their family and move into a safe house, which had proven pointless as his own father-in-law had been working with the enemy. Casey had come back into the fold after a brief period to try to grasp what had happened. It had still been strong. Then, people like Catrin who seemed to like nothing more than chaos or pansies like Urania and Andrew who had been willing to do nothing because they didn't know the nature of the enemy they fought had joined following Damien's capture and things had disbanded.

But honestly, Casey considered any strength now seen in the Order as tentative until proven otherwise. It was far different than how the organization had ever been run, and hopefully it would be what it took in the current political climate, but did he consider things truly strong? No. Not compared to the glory days, not compared to Voldemort's second and third rise. But the Order had to find itself, and he wanted it to work more than anything. Resistance groups were a novelty that were quickly disbanded or destroyed. The world needed one that would truly fight for them no matter what, a strong organization that would do what it took. If the Phoenix could rise again from the ashes in truth and in full, it could provide just what the world needed. Was it there yet? No, but the fire had been sparked. It was a work in progress, and that counted. Kara's efforts counted, and with time, this could become something even more worthwhile.

"We definitely have a foundation," Casey agreed. "If we keep building on it, it will grow and it will go somewhere, just like its namesake." There was no need to comment on much else. They were agreed that those who questioned her authority, his own influence, or Bryden would be expelled. It was a necessary thing to do to maintain the integrity of the organization and to keep things running smoothly enough to withstand what trials stood ahead.
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by: Jace Bryden
Casey's eye roll did nothing to stem the growing rage that was simmering just below the surface, like a wolf waiting for just the right moment to pounce and take out its prey. A slight scowl made its way onto the alphas face as he looked over at Kara, not quite believing what he was hearing. Ex-wife? Casey had swiped his crew from his ex-wife?! Fucking christ... could this little get together get any more fucked up?

Jace pulled in a slow deep breath as he mulled over what he'd just been told. The older man still wasn't clear on the whole Trevor bit, both the who and the what, though at the moment it didn't seem to be all that important. If anything he could dig for the information after this shit show was over and done with and if anything of value come out of it the it would just give the 7 more to work with if things went south. Blackmail was such a beautiful tool if used in the right way.

The alpha bit his tongue hard enough to stop himself from spitting out any more verbal bullets and instead focused on what Kara was saying. As fun as it currently was to antagonize the shit out of the pair it wasn't doing anything to solidify any form of plan. Plus the sooner they sorted stuff out the sooner he could get the hell out of here.

It was a bit of a relief to hear Kara say that not everyone would simply be accepted or let into their little fold, though it was tempered mightily by the quip that this was the strongest she'd ever seen the Order. If this was the strongest her crew was... fuck were they in trouble. They were to soft, to sentimental for Jace to truly believe they had any sort of spine when it come to a fight and that though was only amplified by the blah blah phoenix will rise again... it was enough to make any merc worth his salt gag. Granted, he'd never seen them out in the field so the alpha supposed that the Order leader could have an ace hidden up her sleeve. Maybe the group did have teeth when push come to shove. Even if they didn't it wouldn't matter in the long run if Casey and his "crew" did their part. If not the the 7 would reign holy hell down on everyone since the 7 had vested interest in seeing this little scrap succeed.

"Fun as it is to listen to this sickeningly positive little pep talk... what are the working parameters of the job? Who are the prime targets and what contingencies are in place if shit hits the fan?" His eyes shifted from Kara to Casey. "And while were at it what the fuck did you have in mind for who is taking what roles?"
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by: Kara Viridian
The mannerisms between the two of them was interesting. Called for. But interesting. Rolled eyes, sighing, just impetuous gestures with little regard for the other. They were clearly two sides of different coins, and that was no surprise. Kara didn't speak up about them, she just let them be. It was a relief to actually have them sit in one room without trying to kill one another, even if their body language said otherwise, but it was a compromise she was willing to deal with if it was just to let a few immature gestures go by.

She sensed a little bit of unwavering doubt after she said the words strong and Order in the same sentence, but Kara didn't budge. It was the truth to her, at least. Sirius might have had it during its true prime, but she had faith she could live up to her birth-father's legacy. Or at least, she hoped. For now, the Order as it stood today would be the only Order she really knew, aside from her brief stint as a runner for Damien when she was returned the Black Journal. Of course, she had Casey to thank for that even though he had little in the way of faith for the organization (for his own reasons), that is--until now. It was rather surprising he was trying to merge his not-so-dead wife's organization with hers, and as she was trying to get used to, if not over, the fact that some of these people served Evie in the past, it was hard to run from the phantom that haunted her for a while after taking interest in Casey at all. He was her ex, and she his. They had a family, and there was no getting away from it. 'Deal with it', was her motto after she'd broken down several times, beating herself up over the fact that she would never truly have Casey's heart because it was always going to be with his family...and essentially, with her, no matter how many times he would say the contrary.

But of course, that was personal business, and while they were fastened together as tight as powerful magnets would be, she needed to focus on the professional side of this cluster before the concern started to show on her face.

She couldn't help but notice Jace's discomfort when the word ex-wife was thrown around, however. What was even more surprising was how he kept any colorful words on that topic

"Right. She is...or was a Williams then, innit... Although the current Lord isn't related to her in any way and I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing. The message to the Regime will still be delivered with enough kick, all the same." Kara commented, pointedly looking at Jace to reveal what tiny morsel of their exchange had been withheld until now. Not on purpose of course. She was just so used to yammering on about names and houses and blood and birthright in front of people in their realm who knew names and places as they were dropped, but she tended to forget that Jace wasn't like most people. He was the outsider, someone who chose to stick to rural parts of the country instead of the city, dealing only with the government when money was involved and that was it. He didn't dawdle in politics, he didn't like politics. So it was her job, as his ally, to keep him up to speed with their dealings since it was his right to know if they were going to work together.

As Jace shifted his attention to Casey, Kara left the answer up to him. She knew where she stood as far as her people were concerned, and she would speak again with Gabriel on more tactics. Ideally, she'd have the garou on the front lines, right where she would want to be, in the middle of the fight. She would want a separate squad as a backup to flank. She'd want minimal casualties, even though they'd both probably scoff at that, but she'd stick to her guns. This was to send a message to the Regime, not destroy any and all civilians in their path. Guard, Death Eaters, those would be the main enemy as their targets were their bases of operations. As she hadn't fully been briefed on what Casey's intentions were, this was a nice little set up by Jace to get that sorted out now, so she waited patiently for his answer.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace nodded at the mention of the a surname and then again at the bit about it having nothing to do with the current Lord. Lah-dee-fucking-dah... It was hard not to roll his eyes. Frankly he was more concerned about the ex-wife coming for her crew rather then the fucked up love triangle that seemed to be making itself apparent, but if both Kara and Casey didn't seem too overly concerned with it then Jace was determined to put it on the back burner for now.

Kara's conviction about kicking the regime right in the teeth drew a soft chuckle. As long as he got to crack some skulls it didn't matter who the hell they were going after. His attention went from Kara back to Casey and the alpha settled in to listen to what they had planned. Jace interjected when he felt necessary, called them out on stupidity when it seemed like they hadn't thought things through, shot down things they wanted the 7 to do but that Jace wasn't willing to compromise on. Eventually though, the trio had a solid enough plan that Jace felt comfortable proceeding with what they'd been tasked to do. All that was left was to relay this meeting back to the pack so they could plan some contingencies if it became necessary to cut and run, and a shopping trip to gather some supplies.

Once it seemed like their little get together arrived at its natural end the alpha stood, stretching as he did. "Right, I'll go fill the pack in and grab a few things. I'll touch base tomorrow for any last minute finalization's otherwise consider us good to go on your word." The last bit was clearly directed at Kara and the older garou flashed her a fanged grin. "Good talk sweetheart." He didn't bother to acknowledge Casey further other than to give him a bit of a mocking salute as he turned and made his escape, leaving the pair to chat further if they wanted.
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