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by: Jen
Hogwarts was closed in February of 2012 following a two-month string of murders at the school. The culprit was found to be a vampire and, to everyone's shock, the Ministry brought in a werewolf to deal with the problem after the Imperium Guard seemed ineffective. Since then, the Ministry has been working hard to increase security for the wizarding school and has recently notified the community and former professors of the intent to reopen for the Fall 2012 term. All current professors have been asked to reapply.

Rufus Camoynes

Dresden Faust III, since Fall 2011
-Deputy Headmaster-

-Head of Gryffindor-

-Head of Hufflepuff-

Open, vacated Fall 2011
-Head of Ravenclaw-

-Head of Slytherin-

-Ancient Runes-

Milo Witte, since Fall 2010


-Care of Magical Creatures-


Dresden Faust III, since Fall 2010
-Dark Arts-

-Defense Against the Dark Arts-

Open, vacated Jan. 2012

Gideon Conleth, since


Professor Binns
-History of Magic-


Rika Lefcourt, since Dec. 2011

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