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by: Teddy
I realized that there's a lot of characters that mine don't really interact with, and that that's true for everyone. It's not really like we try to do that, but like... some muses aren't likely to interact much, if at all, due to their separations within the plot. For instance, I can't really imagine a reason, at the moment, why, say, Tabora and Markus -- just to pick two random characters -- would have a conversation, at this point in time in the plot. But I, for one, really would like to write with everyone, and I'm sure everyone else has moments where they'd like to, too.

So I thought it would be fun to put names into a randomizer, and then the two muses that come out are basically "stuck in a room together" or put into another situation, maybe also randomly generated, and the two writers have to figure out how to make it work. If two muses from the same writer got drawn, they could either elect to do a oneshot or to do a redraw until one of their muses and one of someone else's got drawn.

We could do it not as playable time, though, it could just be random, if there wasn't an explainable reason for the two muses to interact, hence the "stuck in a room" option. Some of the randomized events could totally be AUs altogether, like "Our characters are going to war together" or "Our characters are new neighbors," just weird things (we could look for a good Tumblr writing prompt post and use it, if you guys liked the suggestions on it, or come up with them ourselves by submitting them).

I think it could wind up being both a good writing exercise, and also potentially extremely funny, both to write and to read! What do you guys think?
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