The information within contains all rules and details important to the world of Last Resort. We have kept the must-read documents as short as possible and have included a “Getting Started” guide to help discern what you need to do.
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by: Jen
First off, let me welcome you to Last Resort! We're always so excited to see a new face and hope you feel welcomed here as you settle in.

To help you get started on our site, we've compiled a list of things you need to read to get oriented to just what we're about.

  • Please register with first an OOC account and then a character account. The accounts will link if the information matches and you will not need to log out and log back in but rather select the character from your drop-down list on the top of the site. All correspondence will go to your OOC account and it is highly recommended OOC discussions be handled with it as well.

  • You will need to read the rules as we do enforce them. We've kept them as brief and to the point as possible.

  • The setting will get you up to speed on the main things that your character most likely has been affected by and may be useful to consider in your character's history development.

  • Our new site-wide plot, Secrets Unfurled, is up and running as of February 11, 2017. This thread will be updated to contain summaries as each plot point is reached. Orion will let you know what you need to know as things progress. It's up to you if you choose to participate or simply go about doing what you want, but we do believe it will be a blast!

  • If you want to know how many people we have, you can check out our Who's Whom? thread intended to help keep things straight.

  • We have four different character sheets. Each links informational threads pertaining to the type of character it's for. Witch/Wizard, Muggle, Creature, Mutant.

  • We will answer any questions you might have during your application process as quickly as possible. Staff accounts are linked in the rules, so please contact us via PM or in the c-box at the bottom of the site. If we have any questions or see anything needing changing, we will PM your OOC account upon review of your sheet.

  • We aim to have your character accepted within 24 hours of application completion bar unforeseen real life events. You may post a WIP sheet if you note it in the title. We will check it on occasion, but the fastest way to ensure we see it is to tag us in the c-box or even reply to it.

  • The bottom of the site links to our private Facebook group. You can request to join should you desire to do so. Otherwise, we do have OOC boards and do post any important site announcements on the Wizarding Wireless board and in the Tumblr (also linked at the bottom of the site).

Any questions? Please let us know! We try to update the FAQ as needed and it is linked at the top of the site.
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