The information within contains all rules and details important to the world of Last Resort. We have kept the must-read documents as short as possible and have included a “Getting Started” guide to help discern what you need to do.
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by: Jen
Secrets Unfolding is now live. This chapter of Last Resort will focus on the one thing everybody wants ignored: the secrets between us. Each member group has their secrets, each player has their private lives. The catalyst about to fall on our world will unfold everything we've wanted to keep hidden, everything we've wanted to protect, and everything we've been fighting for. Please check your inboxes on each character for group specific plot prompts.
Eben's Journal

(Content warning: graphic description of a burned […]

Early lunch

Eyes again. They weren’t the friendly blues of the[…]

Under a Cursed Moon (open)

3 July, 2:03 am Look at them all. Idiots. Every s[…]

Delilah preferred to stay calm, cool, and nonchal[…]


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