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Tuesday, 7 February 2012
8:55 p.m.

It was nerve wrecking to spend time with the man-beast beside her so close to what she knew was a turning point, but when she had made her plan with him a few days ago, she'd known what she was getting into. Hell, she knew what she was getting the school into. Despite the fact she was armed with things Soren had assured her would help should he become a problem, Delilah just didn't feel so certain any longer that this was the best idea. What if it ended in a slaughter rather than an end to the madness that had plagued the school since late December?

Delilah took a deep breath and slowly exhaled to try to calm her nerves. It was futile, she realized, as she cast a wary glance in the direction of her moody companion. "You sure this will work?" Delilah asked, her voice sounding far more uncertain than it had in years. Hell, she'd been more certain of a crazy man's plans to save his past self from becoming his future self than this plan. She snorted at the thought.

At its core, the plan was sound. Garou hated Nosferatu, and she was almost one hundred percent certain this killer was one after one too many owl posts from a professor at the school. Milo Witte or whatever. Kooky fellow, but at least he was trying to be heard despite the insanity of his claims. Few had actually heard of Nosferatu, apparently due to their usual habits of remaining near their own. Somehow, someone asking if they could feed off you wasn't strange to some, despite everything taught about vampires in Dark Arts?

Anyway, since Garou hated Nosferatu--and this was where it got tricky--in theory, Soren's beasted-up self should be determinedly and solely focused on the Nosferatu or Vampire unless someone was stupid enough to get in his way. As such, Delilah had owled the professors earlier that day with instructions to make sure the students were in their common rooms no later than 8 p.m. and to post a guard at each common room entrance to ensure none left. It didn't keep them safe from the killer in the meantime, but it would at least prevent the majority from getting out into the chaos. Hopefully, it would prevent a bloodbath.

Delilah sighed heavily as the castle came into view, its grand gates the only thing keeping them out. However, the guards were expecting them any moment. They weren't the obstacle to the Press Secretary that they might have been to any other individual.

Delilah came to a pause a few feet from the gate. "You ready?" she asked. She didn't give Soren a chance to answer before she approached the gate quickly, her shoulders squared and jaw set in determination. This was the only way.

"Delilah Black, and guest..." she said, offering her papers for examination. The guard looked them over with his lit wand then handed them back. She put the papers into her pocket then walked forward as the gates began to swing open of their own accord. This was it. It was now or never.

Note: Full Moon occurs at 9:55 p.m.

The Garou felt more alive than he had in a long while. Heightened senses picked up every little individual sound and smell. The taste of fear hung heavy in the air, though he wasn’t sure if it was mainly from his current traveling companion or from the general wrongness of the area they were in… either or it made his inner wolf howl with glee. It wouldn’t be long now before claws and teeth would tear flesh and the natural order of things would be restored.

Soren masked a gasp of pain behind a low snarl as something inside shifted. Merlin this was always the worst part. Waiting out the last hour till the moon was high in the inky black sky.

”You sure this will work?”

Red eyes fixated on his companion and the young Garou had to fight hard to push away the rage that attempted to take over. Her constant wary glances and need for reassurance… useless humans.. it was enough to make even the most level headed of his kind snap on moonless night, let alone now.

”I’ll work fine,” he snarled. Soren paused a moment and took a deep breath to help focus, before continuing in a less hostile tone, ”I have the gifts given to me by my pack, that undead bastard is in my packs territory which gives me the advantage, and I have the moon. Just keep everyone out of sight and we shouldn’t have issues.”

That was one thing he’d tried to impress on Delilah when she had first proposed this crazy idea. Keep the students away. They were small, prone to stupidity, and reeked of emotion when they were afraid… mere rabbits and a perfect target for a Black Spiral on the hunt. Professors potentially as well, though he knew he would remain focused on the Nosferatu unless one of the older idiots challenged his authority. Yes he’d taken precautions to mitigate any outright slaughters. Delilah had a bone idol that would let her project emotions/thoughts toward him, a dart that had been dipped in a sleeping draught laced with a minimal amount of silver and a few other tricks she could use if things got really nasty. Hopefully though, it would be a non-issue and he could get in, find his prey and get out.

The long trek to the castle wasn’t helping to improve his mood either and when Delilah had the gall to ask if he was ready he would have bit her head off had the guards at the gate not been present. As such he barely waited long enough for them to open the gates before shoving past. A few strides forward and he stopped to extend his senses out and when he detected a familiar scent he turned a red eyed gaze on Del and grinned.

”He’s here.”
Soren's grin was in direct dissonance with Delilah's emotions. She couldn't remember being scared or uncertain. That girl had been left behind long ago, hardened by the loss of a child and many years on her own with no support until she'd found what remained of the Death Eaters, yet here that child was. It felt disconcerting, almost dizzying. She was used to being in charge, in control, and certainly anything but emotional. Empty and disconnected was better than this. The first rule of being a Death Eater: emotions, especially love, were weakness.

Delilah swallowed at the sight of Soren's grin and forced a tight-lipped smile. It was going to happen, then. There would be a fight, and she had not been mistaken to listen to Witte's letters. This would end tonight, one way or another. Either the killer would die or the Garou before her. It had to be the prior. Had to. Or this would be a fiasco the regime would never live down. It could be their undoing. But if they didn't try something, it would be their undoing. It still could even if it went well, but it was a risk they had to take. She had to keep firm to that belief.

"Good," Delilah replied tensely. "Is it just the one?" She had to ask, had to be sure what exactly to expect. With everything that had gone unnoticed by the masses, there was no telling what other little surprises they could have tonight. She wanted to avoid as many as possible. Control. It was necessary to have or she'd lose her mind tonight. She had to keep it together.
The young Spiral cocked his head to the side at Delilah’s question. The prospect of there being 2 Nosferatu in the area only furthered to excite the Garou. It was a thought he hadn’t really considered as the rest of the pack was supposed to be keeping an eye out for any other undead bastards and as far as Soren knew, this was just one very old, cunning, and insane creature he was hunting. He sniffed the air again and frowned slightly.

”If there is I can’t tell from out here. To many other smells interfering… generally a Nos will be alone but it isn’t unheard of for them to have leeches nearby. Though our prey is old and he was alone when I met him before. ” He wasn’t joking about the smells either. They were in place that was heavily trafficked by people, and even though it was easy to pick out the general scent of decay that he’d associated with Charon, he wasn’t stupid enough to think that he could identify any others at this time since his nose could be considered unreliable. But he had a few other tricks. There was always a sense of wrongness in the air when dealing with Nosferatu, a general feeling of un-order. The more of them there were, the more noticeable the wrongness was. Still, Soren didn’t feel anything of note that he hadn’t felt in his previous meetings with the older creature.

”Could probably get a better idea if we were inside the castle. That’s where everything has been happening right?”

Soren looked up toward the moon before turning back to Delilah.

”We need to get a move on, there’s only so long I can hold off the transformation and we need to make sure the castle is relatively empty. Soon as we cross the threshold he’ll know I’m here and I highly doubt he’s going to just let me walk right in.”
Delilah nodded. "It is," she replied and offered another nod when Soren offered his words of wisdom. She doubted the killer would, too, especially now that their suspicions were confirmed. They would be lucky if he hadn't already detected them and was lying in wait for their entrance to make a scene. She only hoped he wouldn't cause such disruption that she couldn't debrief the guard quickly while Soren took care of the killer. Yet part of her did hope the killer was ready and waiting. If he was busy with Soren, then he wouldn't be able to eavesdrop so easily on what they had brought with them.

Delilah sighed. There was one last question she had. "If there are leeches, vampires... Will they help him or will they target us?" She hoped the unspoken question was obvious to Soren. What do we do, if they target us? Vampire hunting wasn't huge amongst wizard-kind. Some dared to, but it was strongly discouraged and even punished by the law if one was caught doing so. Vampires were feared, and keeping the peace was something all thought worthwhile, just as worthwhile as trying to ensure wolfsbane was available for werewolves. She wondered what would happen if it got out that this "vampire" was not in fact a vampire but a Nosferatu. Merlin, she would have to do a huge debriefing press conference after tonight. Goodbye, sleep.
Soren shrugged.

”Would depend on how many he has, how endangered he feels, and how much control he has over them. Pretty sure you’ve heard of vampire’s right? They take less kindly to your kind then the Garou. With luck he will see me as the main threat and target accordingly. Then again he might not have any and the whole issue becomes moot. More likely that he has thralls scattered about. Humans aren’t exactly known for having a strong will.” The last was said as childish jab. He paused a minute and then looked a Del as if everything he’d said so far should have been common knowledge before finally remembering that information on Garou and Nosferatu outside of said species was rare.

”Look”, he snapped, ”If there happens to be one I’m sure you and the professors can handle it. It will be like a cake walk compared to what I’ll be trying to deal with. They can be killed just like any mortal.”

The young spiral ran a clawed hand through his hair, which if one was paying close enough attention to, would realize it had taken on a snow white appearance. A sudden urge to end the life walking next to him was almost too hard to ignore. So many questions whose answers would take a life time to explain and yet she kept on asking. Maybe his father had been right in saying that he was no more than a pup and far, far too inexperienced to have been tasked with a mission such as this. A wolf that had yet to see his 21 summer was to do what wolves’ decade or more couldn’t. Was the pressure finally getting to the beta? Soren snarled. Like hell he would fail. No, he would show them all that Black Spirals were here to stay and a tribe to be reckoned with.

He picked up his pace so his long easy strides were just short of a light jog. The sooner they were in the castle the sooner the fun could begin.
Delilah listened to Soren's words as though her very life depended on it. She gave a forced smirk at his little quip but couldn't quite manage a laugh. No, she was too nervous, quickly focusing the nerves on surviving. They would do her no good on their own, but focused? She could do anything. She had done so before. She knew her strengths and weaknesses. The only reason her nerves were involved in this at all, she told herself, was because her foes were so unknown to her, still barely figments in her mind. It would be easier once she saw them and had a number on them. It would be easier once she could test their limits and adapt her strategy beyond the broad one she had in mind. She was imagining capabilities of next to anything. The vampires, or thralls, she imagined were weaker, but still... She had been brought up to fear them. History of Magic for the five years she'd had it, Defense Against the Dark Arts.... Neither one painted a pretty picture of the creatures. There was a reason, both classes had claimed, that they isolated themselves from humanity as often as possible--very little of the reason was historical in nature.

When Soren snapped, Delilah jumped, the motion slight but noticeable--especially to her. She felt humiliated she had done so, but she didn't have time to dwell on that emotion. No, she had to keep focused, keep her mind moving forward with her body. "Right," Delilah replied when Soren finished speaking. She watched him run his hand through his hair, though she didn't notice it had changed color until he had begun moving and she had begun following. The thought of its indications sent a shiver down her spine. She might have the items in question in her hands or in the magically-enlarged pocket of her robe, but that didn't make her feel that much safer against Soren. It was funny how the tables had turned.

As Soren's pace picked up to almost a light jog, Delilah's quickened further. Her shorter legs were a disadvantage, but she had to keep up. She had to ensure she got in that castle about the same time Soren did--not only to brief the others further than a letter to the captain could allow for, given that it was spelled to burst into flame the second he had finished reading it. She'd wanted to take no chances that the killer would see it or read it. And the letter had said to be careful on briefing others until she was there. This whole thing was a mess.
It didn’t take him long to reach the castle’s entrance and the young Spiral didn’t even wait for the guards to open the doors. Instead he took it upon himself to throw the door open and stalk inside. In hind sight he almost wished he hadn’t. The different smells that assaulted his senses was mind blowing. He’d forgotten what it was like to be in a school. Instantly clawed hands went up to cover his ears as the sounds coming from the great hall seemed almost deafening in his current state.

Kill… Focus.... Kill them all, they don’t deserve your help... Kill… rip out their soft throats… weak all of them…

Soren snarled in savagely in frustration as he tried to keep the rage and desire to hunt at bay. He needed something to distract, something to focus on. A deep breath through is nose didn’t help much. The scent of death and decay was everywhere. Fear it seemed was permeating the very walls of the castle which only enticed the wolf to want to come out and play.

”Oi you undead asshole! I know you’re here Nachtweber! You crossed over into Spiral territory and I’m going to kill you for it. Show yourself or I’ll hunt you down like the coward you are!”

The Spiral staggered slightly and gripped his side as a sharp stabbing pain lanced through him. If he’d been asked to describe it, Soren probably would have compared it to being stabbed multiple times with the dullest dagger imaginable. That little outburst had been shouted in a small fit of rage and once it had passed he couldn’t quite push aside the shame that came with being unable to control himself in this particular situation. Soren glared at anyone in the area that dared to look at him, red eyes darkening as each second passed.

Bloody hell he hoped Delilah would get a move on and finally just give him the free reign his inner wolf so desperately desired.
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by: Aishe
Aishe Far Runner of the Silent Striders was sworn to help her brother Garou. She had the gifts from the pack elders in a rawhide pouch, but she was unable to deliver them to the Black Spiral Dancer who was fated to dance with Death himself tonight. As with every full moon, her change didn't wait for the moon's beams to caress her before her shifting started. As soon as the sun kissed the horizon, the change pulsed under her skin. Every heart beat became a dance of flesh and bone as she slipped from her human form into her true shape. The shape of her heart.

To that end, she was seated in the forest, relishing the pulse of energy that came with her increasing heart rate. Fingers curled involuntarily into claws as her palms broadened into paws. Fur prickled from her skin, a sandy coyote color. She'd be small, once she finished, as far as Garou went. Saint Bernard sized and all shades of brown, she wasn't built for a dominance fight. She was built for speed, for stealth. She would be Twilight Howl's secret weapon to help him hunt and find the abomination. The thought of helping Soren, whom she would not mind mating even if that meant that she'd change tribes and be the lowest ranked Spiral Dancer, put a grin onto her face that stretched into a muzzle. The ache of her bones shifting would barely be painful on any Garou's scale. Perhaps a human would be unable to tolerate the heat in the marrow and the process of becoming other, but Aishe always felt like she was emerging rather than transforming. She loved it; she loved the smell of earth, the sizzle as her nerve endings sent her wolfish information instead of human, the feel of the wind in the ruff of fur around her neck...

She shook the last bit of humanity from her coat, grabbed the rawhide pouch, and ran to the stone building. Every reach of her paws brought her deeper into the evil stench of the Night Weaver. He smelled of a Nosferatu, but he smelled worse than that. As if a demon could get rabies or some other madness. It made her nose wrinkle and her blood boil. He'd been not only all over the inside of the castle, but outside too. What if he just hid all night? Would they be able to find him in time? It would be a poor showing if the beast waited and hid until morning and then killed them in their post-change exhaustion. She snorted and banished that thought. They were here...no...she corrected herself. Soren was here to kill the beast. She was here to bear witness to the Garou Nation's history and defeat of the Nosferatu evil. She was a story teller, not a warrior. She needed to remember that and not fight the warrior's fight.

She sighed and ran up the stone steps, dodging humans as she slipped through the closing doors in the entry hall of the castle. Soren was here. So was the bitch of a woman in his human pack. Aishe ignored her and went to her hunt-leader's side. She sat beside him and laid the pouch down before him. The collar and potion would be the most important things if he chose to use them. She looked up at him eagerly, wagging tail the only evidence that she sought his praise for serving him well.
Soren's tension was overwhelming. Delilah could sense it in the air, see the difference in his stance and actions. It was overwhelming and only served to worsen her own tension already brought on by her nerves. Delilah stopped where she was after they entered the castle to close her eyes and take a deep breath. She had to keep her head in the game. They were here now, and the killer could show at any moment. She had to focus, had to breathe, had to show everyone that she was in control and wasn't frightened. Usually, confidence came easily to her, but she'd never had to fake it before. She knew this was a battle to the death, and if the killer won... Well, he couldn't. Soren knew how much was at stake. It was more than his own life and his pack's life now. It was the lives of countless innocent children and professors. It would be war, but how could a war be fought against one who hid so well? One who knew how to incite terror in all his victims, one who had never failed to kill his intended?

Delilah rolled her shoulders back a couple times, barely registering the crunching sound her shoulders made in protest, then opened her eyes. Her jaw was set, and her eyes ablaze with determination. They had to win this. They would win this. But the others needed her. The professors, the guards who had been overworked for two months trying to find this killer and protect those nearby, they needed her strength. And she could do it. She could be there for them.

Quickly, Delilah walked past Soren, only to stop and turn around. What was that thing? It was bloody huge! Delilah, of course, knew what the thing was. It was another garou. This creature was what Soren would be--only less deadly and more...playful looking than what Delilah had imagined. The wagging tail, the way she was behaving around Soren... These actions made Delilah picture an overgrown puppy instead of the beast she saw before her very eyes. She didn't say anything as she watched the events unfold until she noticed the package it had set down. "What is that?" she asked. She needed to brief the guard, but she needed to know what was all being brought into play so nothing was left to chance.
He listened intently to everything that was going on. The scrape of a boot, the shuffle of a shoe on the stone floor, a metallic clink that sounded all too much like keys rubbing together. He heard the wind and it made its way through gaps in the walls and doors, echoing softly as it travelled along empty corridors. There was the annoying buzz of human conversation coming from off to the left in what the Spiral could safely assume was the place everyone was staying at. What he didn’t hear however, was the padded footfalls of an ally and friend, though his nose picked up on the friendly scent all the same and it brought a fanged grin to his face.

Aishe was someone he had not been expecting to be here even though she was tasked to watch and remember this fight. Normally a Strider wouldn’t make themselves known until they had a story to tell. In all honestly it brought a small sense of relief to Soren, to know that he wasn’t completely alone and he was certain that Aishe, one of his kind though not of his pack, would watch his back if needed.

He kneeled down in front of her and scratched her ears, longing to take his true form and run with her. Soren fought of the desire, if only so he could here Delilah’s briefing to the guards that could potentially be a risk to this whole mission. Just a little longer, he thought to himself. The Spiral noticed the pouch on the ground about the same time Delilah asked what it was. ”From the elders?” he growled out at Aishe.

Soren didn’t wait for a response, instead he flipped open the pouch and once he realized what was inside he couldn’t help but laugh. It was a low raspy sound and a good indication that his human voice would be leaving him soon. ”This, is real help,” he stated flippantly at Del. The Garou rifled through the bag, seeking what he thought to be the most important tools: a collar made of what appeared to be Nosferatu fangs and a potion that he recognized would taint his blood and make it undrinkable to the blood suckers.

He snapped the collar on without much thought and hesitated slightly before downing the potion in one shot. Looking back toward his human companion the Spiral pointed to the collar. ”It will stop The Nosferatu from tearing my throat out and has a handy side effect of being made of his kind’s teeth, so I imagine he’ll be more than a bit cranky when he sees me with it. The potion taints my blood and will probably do something nasty if the bloodsucker tries to end me that way,” he paused as he continued to search through the bag and pulled out what looked to be a unique set of iron knuckle dusters that were inscribed with words in a language long forgotten. ”And these,” he stated clang them together as he did, ”are old, old pack magic.”

Soren turned his attention back to Aishe and pressed his forehead against hers, ruffling her ears as he did so and spoke so only she’d here. ”Well done Far Runner. Owl chose well.”

No sooner had he finished he stood, slinging the pouch and the remainder of its contents over his shoulder and motioned for Delilah to get a move on to wherever the needed to go. The longer they waited the more disadvantaged they would be.
Thankfully, their destination wasn't far from here. Just a good several steps and a left and they would be in the Great Hall where the guard and the professors should be waiting for their arrival. Soren had stated the killer would only be agitated by his presence, so the only guards not present were those sent to guard the entrances to the common rooms. There was no way Delilah was going to risk the children's lives in all this, so she had put a good few at each of the four house entrances and had instructed Markus choose the best of the best. No promising recruits, no disposables. The creme de la creme. The only disposables she allowed were those posted as lookouts at the staircases leading down to the dungeons from this foyer and those posted a corridor down from the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor towers. Delilah could only hope that combined with power in numbers would be enough.

Delilah made the walk to the Great Hall quickly. She knew Soren was getting impatient. His voice was rougher, more animalistic. His stance was different, and as she'd noticed when he'd spoken to her last, his teeth were certainly not his own. They had to be quick. Not only for Soren's sake but since the killer could be closer than they all thought to launching his attack. The longer they took to prepare, the more disadvantage they were giving Soren. Once inside the Great Hall, she walked to the center, motioning the guard and all those within the hall to her. "Quickly now!" she said, her voice amplified by the wand at her throat. Once everyone was close enough, including the lanky, awkward straggler in a bow tie and...was that a fez? Delilah cast an imperturbable charm around them to lessen the chance of the killer overhearing him. She knew nothing of Nosferatu and if their supernatural hearing could hear within a magical barrier or not, but she wasn't going to take chances. A muffiliatio curse was sent out just in case.

"We're here tonight for one purpose and one purpose alone: killing a killer. There will be no bringing him in. Justice will be dealt this night, but the battle is not ours. I have brought with me a werewolf." Delilah glanced over at Soren. She'd promised him she wouldn't drop the word "garou." People would surely notice the difference, but she didn't want to give people the key to figuring things out. "We have reason to believe our killer may very well be supernatural in nature, a killer of a supernatural people the werewolves have always been at odds with. You might know this kind as a 'vampire.'"

Delilah paused to scan the faces of those around her. "You might ask why we didn't evacuate before bringing this man in, but it was for one reason and one reason only: we wanted to take no chances. The vampire would have sensed something was off if we were to leave, if we were even to inform all of you of our intentions beforehand. And we don't know who to trust, who among you may be his leeches. I have brought with me tools which will help subdue our werewolf should he come near us or should the vampire play tricks that send him our way in search of him. I need each and every one of you to stay with me, to remain out of the way, and be prepared to take an order from me or your captain at a moments' notice. No questions, no ands, ifs, or buts. Just, 'Yes, sir,' or 'Yes, ma'am,' and off with you!"

Delilah again paused just for a moment. She was hoping for clues that there might be leeches amongst them, but so far, she saw none. "You have all been so strong and so brave these past two months, and for that, our government and our lord will be eternally grateful. This tonight is to be most of your last night of service. Tomorrow, you will help us clean up, and then many of you shall leave us for home, for safety, for rest and rehabilitation. It is the least we can do for all of you. It has been a long, emotional journey for us all, but it is nearly over. Tonight, it shall end."
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by: Aishe
Aishe sneezed at Soren, a pleased and slightly embarrassed gesture. It was more than she had hoped for; after all, wasn't she just following her orders? But if Soren said she did well, then she would take the compliment as it was intended. Her dark brown eyes fell over Delilah and narrowed. This human had witnessed the display of pack. This female had hurt Soren before. She wasn't worthy, in Aishe's opinion, to watch his back during this fight. Why he would trust her was beyond the Silent Strider. She bared her teeth at the human in a silent threat. Once Soren was shifted, Aishe decided she would assume the garou's upright stance to better use her claws. As a female and as a smaller specimen, her bite was nowhere near as powerful as a larger male's could be. Her agility and dexterity, however, could be quite useful.

For now, she would stay on all fours. Let the humans think her...what was their term? Werewolf. Ridiculous. She WAS a wolf. She didn't wear a wolf skin. They used too many blah blah blah words and had too few things worth really fighting for. Humans...ridiculous weak things that were too much pink and not enough strength. They had no real cunning. They had no real bonds...they were a pathetic tribe of rabbit-people that needed hunted.

Not...not like the Nosferatu hunted...but perhaps the fang faced abomination wasn't too far over the line that Aishe couldn't silently congratulate him on a job well done. It was well done...for how many weeks had the killer remained unseen to human eyes? Then again, did human eyes really see anything? She snorted at her thoughts, heedless of the timing to Delilah's speech and her mention of subduing Soren. To an outsider, it seemed the wolf was incredulous of Delilah's ability to subdue her hunt leader. Had she been asked, Aishe would have held such an opinion., but the snort was but a happy accident. If anything, she only felt an eagerness to hunt and to watch history unfold.
Dresden had a hard time believing what he was hearing and it took him a moment, even after the woman’s speech to come to grips with what she had said. That was the government’s almighty plan? To end it tonight? To set some mangy werewolf loose in a populated school and hope he killed the vampire thing? The plan still didn’t sit well with the professor at all. ”And how do you know the stuff your supposed wolf gave you to subdue him and his pet,” he stated matter of fact while nodding his head in Aishe’s direction, ”will work? Far as I know they just rage around and kill unless they’ve had Wolfsbane, which going by your simple explanation he has not…” Dres let the topic die there though he did look to Milo to see if he could gauge his friends reaction and even going as far as to mouth to the man ”Are they bloody crazy?”

It seemed he wasn’t the only one with questions either. A guard member spoke up, asking what made this wolf so special that it could do what a whole squad of the guard couldn’t, another wanting to know what would happen if the wolf turned on the students and if the collateral damage was considered acceptable. The questions continued on until the Captain of the guard snapped at them to put a lid on it and do as they were told.
Delilah opened her mouth to respond to the professor but wasn't given a chance. The questions began pouring at that point, and Delilah hung onto as many as she could, but in the time between the professor's question and the guard's questions, she could hardly remember any. "Thank you, Captain," Delilah replied. At least they listened to him despite their understandable concerns. After collecting her thoughts, she spoke again. "I understand having the concerns you do. However, the students were put to bed early tonight, and many guards are posted at each common room entrance with lookouts. No one is getting out or in without having to face them first.

"As for the wolf, trust me when I say he is capable, and I assure you I am not calling any of you incapable. The only special thing this wolf can do is lure out the vampire by his mere presence. These two have a history, and he will show at our wolf's challenge. If we need to defend ourselves, we can from both thanks to these items. The consequences this wolf would face tomorrow should he have misled us regarding these tools,"
she lifted the rod in her hand, "are severe and without mercy. He and I have a history, too. It is our goal tonight to defend the children first and foremost. If the vampire goes for one common room, we will take any necessary countermeasures. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to speak with the captain."

Delilah glanced at Markus and walked off to the side outside their bubble, ready to recast the spells once she and Markus were alone. She wanted to hear from him what he had planned and make sure he wasn't going to be a risk to have here tonight. His son's death was a motivation, certainly, but it could also make him emotional.
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