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by: Stana Chastaine
April 29th 2012
6 a.m.
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum building

It was a longshot, but Stana figured coming back to the abandoned common room where she'd last spoken with the Alpha garou would be the best place to go. She'd been told about their little corner of the manor that was bestowed upon them as their new housing in the area, but going in there demanding to see Jace would probably not go over so well. So she waited a few minutes, sitting in the very chair she'd occupied the evening before when she was given this little mission. She'd cleaned off the blade since she'd used it and had it tucked into her belt, for safe keeping. The other occupants here didn't seem comfortable being around her with the a blade, but she didn't mind. In fact, she appreciated its repellent nature.

If anything, the fact that Jace wore plenty of these on his chest made her all the more attracted to him, but that was just her opinion, she supposed.

Stana leaned into the chair, propping her head up on the arm rest with her elbow bent. She yawned. It was less than twelve hours later than he'd commanded. She had two hours to spare, or really five since she'd already had her wand in her possession since three this morning. She would rest her eyes some and listen for anyone coming in. If Jace didn't show, she'd track him down, just like he said.
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by: Jace Bryden
Normally when the pack moved they were like wisps of wind. Only heard when they wanted to be otherwise they were completely silent. This morning however they buzzed with excitement and left over adrenaline, so there was only so much quiet they could be expected to preform. Louder voices than normal, recounting epic take downs and and what not broke the silence of the early morning. Rather than hunting Order and Ministry targets like normal, they been defending the small amount of territory they'd accumulated over the course of the past few months. A rival garou pack had thought to move in but as was typical for Luck7 they had more than discouraged any sort of take over and the best part was that they hadn't even needed to ask the Order for help. Quite frankly, that was how Jace preferred it. It also didn't help that the full moon was nearing. The alpha made a mental note to make sure they were well in the hell away before that day was here.

In hind sight though he probably shouldn't have brought the pack back to the Order grounds right away and insted let the crew run out their excess energy somewhere near by but he was tired and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed after grabbing a bite to eat. It was extremely rare for the pack to wander into any of the buildings not designated their own but the main kitchens were in the Corporum building and Jace was hungry, which probably meant so was the rest of his crew. Hopefully once they were fed they'd sleep away most of the day. So with that slightly happy thought in mind the alpha continued to trudge his way toward his destination. Besides, maybe they'd have some Order members they could unsettle while they were there.
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by: Stana Chastaine
Stana yawned. She looked at the clock and it had been roughly 20 minutes from her mark. She figured he wasn't coming and her stomach was growling. She hated breakfast, but it wouldn't stop for all that time. She stood from her chair, and pulled the blade from her belt, twirling with it, playing with it as she strolled out of the Capitalum building and headed into the open courtyard to make her way to the mess hall. It was supplied pretty well, since they'd been hauling in new supplies from outside, decent enough food that it didn't feel too much like a prison as it had when she first showed up.

The blade danced in the early morning light--where the sun was just before the horizon, ready to peek through. She twirled it, her footsteps crunching atop the gravel as she started to walk across the way, passing the fountain about halfway over. The feel of the blade made her smile, as she'd grown rather fond of it in the last ten hours or so that she'd had it in her possession. It reminded her that she had a key to her freedom. It also reminded her of Jace, which made her blush too--because the sight of him did that to her. Why? This wasn't Hogwarts where she could just crush on the guy who was in the Charms class down the hall. This wasn't some schoolyard romance--this was a garou, the alpha garou of the Lucky 7. It had a great ring to it.

She was almost to the main entrance when she saw a group walking up at the same time. Stana grinned at the sight of them, so much that she wound up her hand to throw the knife into the gravel at the feet of the man she'd recognized instantly because of the leather jacket and the bandolier with the matching knives to the one she had in her hand. But she stopped herself. Given his display from before, when she got ballsy and tried to make a swipe at his neck, she didn't want to be disciplined. New "recruit" of sorts. She'd have a lot to prove to his people, and getting struck down on day one wasn't her idea of a good time. He'd hit her, a reflexive backhand that was now a brilliant blue bruise on the side of her pale face, but that was done in private, and a one-on-one setting. Stana didn't want to be ridiculed in front of the lot.

Her hand remained tightly held to the handle, holding the blade pointed up on the inside of her wrist, like an assassin would to conceal it. But she didn't have an intended target--she was just going for concealment in case they thought she was going to attack them. No need riling up a pack of hungry garou before breakfast.

"Morning." She said, as she walked past them, flashing a bit of a grin and a raised brow to Jace as she strolled by. Stana made it up the steps and propped the door open for them, in case they were ready to head in; she didn't want to be too rude and shut the door in their faces, it would make her a poor hostess after all.
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by: Jace Bryden
The sound of footsteps crunching on gravel carried across the open courtyard and had most of the pack turning and looking before Stana had ever got close to them, though once realizing it was nothing more than a mere human they all but dismissed her, or would have had she not right into their midst and up the stairs. Jace watched her with no small amount of interest. She had the blade drawn and probably concealed by her wrist. Her grip was to tight, and that made her arm sit slightly off... and she still had that cocky as hell attitude which the pack was picking up on. Great. Various eye rolls and growls were given off in warning to the girl but one quick snap from Jace had them all moving through the door Stana was currently holding open for them.

"Your grips to tight, so it pulls your shoulder in and gives away that you're tryin' to conceal that fang of yours," he offered as a greeting as he stepped through the threshold so he could keep an eye on his rag tag crew. Alliance or not all it took was someone saying the wrong thing and all hell could potentially break loose. Once certain noting imminent was about to happen he looked back to Stana assuming she'd followed him in. "Get what you needed?" It was a simple, straight to the point question and vague enough that only the he and the girl would know what he meant by it.
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by: Stana Chastaine
She made a face, one that meant she listened to every word he said without blinking and she loosened her grip immediately. Stana flipped the blade in sight and turned it, handle first, to the old man. She'd learned from her mistake before, after all. If he took it back, she'd understand, it was his blade anyway, not hers. Just borrowed.

Everyone passed, the growls and grumbles not lost on her by the pack but she just let them be. They didn't like her because she wasn't one of them, and that was to be expected. Jace was her point of focus anyway. They stood in the entrance way of the corporum building, and the bit of sunlight shone through as it peeked over the horizon. She nodded, and pat the holster at her hip. "All better now." She grinned, proudly.
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by: Jace Bryden
He noticed that she didn't waste anytime in correcting her form and eh was having a hard time deciding if it was over eagerness or something else that was driving her. A slight snort of amusement was given when she offered the blade back hilt first. Apparently last nights lesson stuck. Good. "Keep it," he said simply. If she truly possessed a quarter of the talent for wielding the weapon as she showed in her play it would be a good tool to compliment the wand. He hadn't been kidding when he'd said it was like shooting fish in a barrel when a wizard or witch lost their wand. And if he was going to go to all the trouble to teach her some skills then he was going to at least do it right.

He grinned when she confirmed she had in fact succeeded. That was unexpected. Even with as ballsy as she'd been he didn't think she had the moxy to actually go through with it. The pride she exhibited acted as the proof he needed to know she wasn't trying to pull the wool over his eyes, and it was natural after a difficult accomplishment. Jace nodded his head in the direction the rest of the pack had headed, following his nose to where there was food. "How'd you do it? And don't skip on the details."
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by: Stana Chastaine
Keep it?
It was the nicest gift she'd ever gotten, aside from the bracelet she had that once belonged to her mother. She was so glad she wasn't separated from that during her stint underground--but this blade was...something special. Her eyes lit up and she smiled, but not too bright. She was eager but after assessing their situation yesterday, she didn't want to annoy him. It was all about adaptation.

"Thanks. Jace." another showcase of a lesson learned.

He motioned for her to walk, and she kept her stride alongside him, her legs moving a little faster than his because he stood a lot taller than her and had longer legs. Stana shrugged. "It came with an easy target, but...I managed. All I had to do was sneak in without tripping anything, because there are some magical booby traps that were easy to spot. The manned security is light and they change shifts around one a.m.. Once I was in, I was stopped by Fox, who was left guarding the front door--and I messed up. I made a noise so she came in. When she asked me to stop, I..." Stana shrugged. "Well let's just say she will have a hard time signing off on holiday cards this year."

She made the motion of a blade piercing through her free hand and raised an eyebrow at Jace once they crossed the threshold into the mess hall. "She got me pretty good though, got a couple of bruises on my shoulder where she hit me but... I bit back."

Stana omitted the detail about Diana seeing her in the hallway because it wasn't entirely pertinent. Diana tried to stop her but she didnt. Stana just didn't want to hurt her, even if the fragile act was getting really annoying. She just ignored her.

Her main concern was what Jace was going to think about her mission. She made a mistake but corrected it at least.
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by: Jace Bryden
He offered a nonchalant shrug at her thanks, more happy with the fact that she'd called him by his name and dropped the etiquette. Another lesson learned. Jace listened intently as Stana went on to tell her tale. It was something he had the pack do after every hunt. Not only did it help to keep the memory sharp, it also gave each of the crew insight to other views and if there were any criticisms or things that needed fixing it could be addressed before the next run. And it kept the pack strong and working like a well oiled machine.

Jace kept his expression neutral as she mentioned the magical traps and then the misstep. he made a mental note of the name? nickname? Fox. It could be important later, especially if said Fox turned out to be a rat. As they rounded the corner and into the kitchen someone barked out a heads up and a slice of toast sailed through the air toward the alpha. Normally Jace would have caught it with ease but he'd been distracted by the tale he was being told. Thus said breakfast item hit him square in the chest. Luckily his reflexes were still sharp as ever and he caught it among a room full of snickers before it could fall anywhere. The snarl and rage were there but he didn't get to bark out anything because at that particular point he'd realized what Stana had just said she'd done to Fox. She'd used her "Fang" and bit the Fox.

His head tilted back and a gin took his face before Jace let out a joyous sounding laugh. Holy hell! This was turning out better than Christmas. Stana was a bundle of latent aggression. Perfect! He ignored the confused looks from the rest of the pack though he did take the time to look over toward a tall lanky female and answer her unspoken question. "Potential," he told her with a grin before taking a bite of his toast as he moved toward an open table. "So this Fox...she going to be a problem later?"
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by: Stana Chastaine
Stana saw the toast hurtling in the air. She wanted to catch it mid-story to show him she'd been paying attention, but she didn't want him thinking that she was making another aggressive move toward him. He had lightning quick reflexes, right? He'd be fine...he'd catch it...he...

Her eyes widened as a small grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. She'd wrapped up her story and what happened next, surprised the shit out of her.

Laughter?! Jace was smiling! This was a different kind of smile, unlike the sly or cocky grins she'd seen before. It was one that meant he was impressed. Still, she admired that dimple in his cheeks when he smiled, and it was prominent now more than ever as he laughed.

Holy shit.

Stana smiled now, letting the roaring laughter fill her with a sense of relief. To his query, she shook her head. "No...I made sure she wouldn't tell." She winked.
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by: Jace Bryden
He still wore and easy grin but Jace doubted that Stana had done a good enough job of keeping the Fox quiet. No, there would definitely be repercussions with that and more than likely a tango with the Order's wannabe leader. Whatever. He wasn't scared of anything she could do and if worse come to worse he'd leave and go back to hunting them. Either way he'd still come out on top.

"Nah, I don't think you did a good enough job. You might think you're scary but you lack the proper aggression. I bet you anything your Fox is a rat and were going to hear about it sooner than later. But based on your story not a bad first showing. Your stealth and situational awareness needs work, same with your blade. Your bearing is that of a timid rabbit and you're as loud as a heard of rampaging Hippogriff's but you aren't as lost a cause as I first thought. For a human brat you have potential."

Jace continued to nibble on his toast well aware that the other six occupants in the room were listening in to the conversation even if it didn't seem like it because they were in the midst of heir own retelling of last nights events. There was a definite art to eavesdropping and the alpha liked to think his crew had that skill in spades.
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by: Stana Chastaine
Stana's face remained unchanging, except one small tell in her eyes. They softened up a bit. As fast as he had praised her, he quickly took it away with some remarks about her posture, poise, and lack of finesse. But that's to be expected. She wasn't perfect, by any means. The whole "look at me, I'm amazing" was just a bit of an act, but she sure as hell wouldn't let Jace know that. No way, no how. She just nodded, obediently, taking what compliment she could from it, and knew what she had to work on now. Talking back would earn her another smack, and once again, she did NOT want that in front of his pack. She was new, so they were going to be looking for that, for Jace to discipline her for even wanting to run with them, or maybe they just liked seeing a fragile human bag of bones get slapped around.

She wouldn't give them that satisfaction.

For now she sat quietly, and waited for anything else. She took the time to observe the rest of the pack. They might have been friendly with one another, as tight knit as a family they were. But they didn't seem too interested in her, which was fine. The less attention she drew, the better. She didn't want to be a beacon, She wanted to fade into obscurity for now, but still clung to that hope that Jace would take her out of here and train her further as he promised. She clung to him. She clung to that thought...
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by: Kara Viridian
"Are you sure?"

The fear in Brenna Fox's eyes gave her enough of an answer to her question. Kara couldn't believe what she just heard, but the stitches one of the healers had carefully put on her hand confirmed it all. The blade went clear through. Who the hell in this house has a bla--Kara stopped herself mid-thought, because she was fuming now.

"I saw her too." Diana said. The infirmary was quiet enough that she could be heard from her bed. She looked up at Kara with sad eyes. "She took it. She said she needed it. She said he told her to get it."

After doing the inventory since Fox had been downed, only one item was taken from the armory, and that was a wand. Stana Chastaine took her wand and injured a house mate. "Who?" Kara asked, softly.

The doors to the corporum building flew open with a gust. She'd cast the spell to vent off some frustration as she made her entrance, but the magic stopped there. Kara didn't want to make him think she was attacking him after all. Merlin, she hated these damn eggshells. They were quite irritating. But as fragile as their bond seemed, she didn't want to break that off with the garou, because she had him right where he was needed. They'd been playing nice--until now.

Kara holstered her wand for now because everyone would be on alert if they saw it in hand.

"It is way too early for this shit." She uttered, quite irritable as she hadn't gotten much sleep, even though her sleep schedule was finally back to normal since she'd returned from America. "Jace!!" Her lip twitched, as she crossed the threshold to the messhall. She saw him sitting there, eating some bread by the looks of it, and the perpetrator in question, sitting there with him too. She felt her face get hot.

At this point, she expected his company to stand, growl, drool, snarl and all that bollocks, and she didn't care. Her eyes were fixated on the Alpha because he was the one she did business with, not them.
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by: Jace Bryden
Patience was another thing she needed to work on but for the moment she seemed to be taking everything said in stride. Jace had expected some sort of back talk due to the criticisms he laid down but he supposed her fire could simply be tempered with the rest of the pack in the vicinity. he could sense a wariness about her and was about to tell her to relax when the sound of doors slamming open had 7 heads turning towards the entrance to the mess. The alpha let out a sigh and took another bite of toast before singing out a few things to the pack. Stand down but be ready to keep order as necessary. Kill as a last resort. Stana would have no idea what was being said but she seemed clever enough to pick up on that they had a silent language of sorts. Shadow or someone could explain it to her later. Once his orders were out and the pack had gone back to eating and chatting, Jace turned his attention back to Stana long enough to quip, "Looks like the rats are out in force this morning."

Jace maintained a relaxed air about him as Kara stormed in, almost as if she was only a minor inconvenience that was barely worth noting. The pack had tensed and anyone could see they were readying for a fight should things not go according to plan but for the most part adhered to Jace's earlier orders with only a few growls. The alpha cast a glance up at Kara and met her gaze with his own, a slightly raised brow and the beginnings of a smirk tugging at his lips. he could feel the tension and anger radiating off her in waves. "Morning to you to sweetheart. You seem a bit irate... "
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by: Stana Chastaine
There was a weird shift in the room. A code, almost, was being transmitted to his pack. It was mesmerizing. Of course, Stana had no clue what to look for, but from what she understood based on their body language, it was business as usual. They looked like they were eating, chatting, just like before but the air in the room was so heavy. Intense. When the door flung open, she heard who was coming and knew exactly what was going to happen.

Stana saw Kara come in with anger in her eyes. She must have been in to see Fox. A grin formed fully this time. She didn't look at Jace but she looked straight at Kara for a moment before looking down at her hands, as she fiddled some more with the Fang. It was one of her new prized possessions, she decided, an official second to her wand. That might change in the future, she figured, once she learned how to wield it properly; Physical force was always superior to the magical force because without the wand, what is left but to protect yourself with something useful...like a knife?

She glared at Kara and even rolled her eyes a bit as she sat in her seat. It looked like her beef was with Jace right now so she would stay out of it for now.
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by: Kara Viridian
Stana was here, indeed, but the one she remembered was all but gone. She rolled her eyes at her? She was glaring? What the bloody hell had Jace done to her?

Ever since she showed up at the Abbey, a blessing wrapped in torn and tattered clothing and mud, Kara noticed something different about the girl. Something noticeably off. Kara had undergone enough torture in Azkaban, and spent time locked away in confinement and knew that captivity tore some people apart, broke the into fragments of their former selves. Stana was such a sweet and vibrant young woman when she knew her prior to her "murder" and now she was such a cold, harsh twenty-something (almost), like a shell of her old self.

But since Jace seemed to be the one "running the show", or so he thought, Kara just went straight to him. She noticed the whole gang was there too, but they weren't looking her way. Kara knew better though. They were on high alert, and she was on some borrowed time if they were busy getting their fill. She hoped they were on their way out...

"We agreed that there wasn't any blood to be spilled against my people. What the hell are you doing?" The anger flared up in her eyes. Her hands were on her hips, and she was glaring bullets at the alpha who was just sitting there, nonchalantly eating his God-Damn toast.
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