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By Taylor
Journal Entry, October 15, around 11pm

Maybe he isn't real after all? I've been taking the medicine and he hasn't been around. I miss him. I miss the way that he would let his hair grow out and then complain about how it would fall into his eyes. I miss the smile that he always had whenever he was around....

Hopefully, he never finds this because he would probably think I am crazy for writing this.

16 years old
Brown hair
Hazel/Gold eyes
An incredible smile
The Hufflepuff tie that he wears always hangs loosely around his neck

He is kind
He is gentle
He reminds me of what is and isn't real
He can always make me smile
He can be annoying sometimes but not enough for me to want him to leave
He doesn't always come when I need him but more often then not, he does come
He defends me against Carrie
He is passionate about art and for some odd reason, history. Bleh.

Anyways...I am sure there is more but right now I am too tired to try and continue to hold this quill.

Goodnight world.
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