2009, the first year of the takeover. All early LR posts from the first year of the takeover are here.
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by: Former Members
Go away. Evie said when he sat down, her voice void of emotion. He was the last person she wanted to see right now. She wanted to grieve...or whatever it was she was supposed to do right now in peace not with him hovering over her and looking for a shoulder to cry on. No, what she wanted to do was to get a hotel room by herself in some far away land and leave all this behind her, act like it never happened and Evie Williams never existed. But, why would fate let her do that? It seemed to like throwing everything it had all at once at her.
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by: Trevor Williams
Well, this was backfiring, wasn't it? He had thought that humanizing himself and giving them common ground to grieve over would help. He had figured that mothering nature would kick in or that at the very least, the appalling idea of losing a child, much less two, would make her feel upset and in need of comfort, and there he would be, apparently suffering through the same grief and in need of that same comfort, and they could be there for each other, even if it was just for the night. He figured the grief would provide something to bond through that would eventually lead to something similar to what they had had years before after Morgana had framed Casey and made it seem like a lot had happened when it had, in fact, not. He'd completed that mission despite the fact that Voldemort was dead, and now the Winslow family no longer existed, just Evie, and that didn't matter. Evie had always been a means to an end, and given the fact that Casey had been leaving, killing Evie had been the way to tie him down so that he and/or Morgana could get to him in time to kill her. Never mind that it had taken over eight years to do properly. Winslow simply was not the sort to lay low. But none of that mattered now. Casey was dead, and Evie was his...err, would be his. He had gone through enough to get her. He'd be damned if she didn't.

Of course, given her command for him to go away, he was now wishing that he had tortured and killed her husband and parents before her very eyes while she sat there helpless to do anything before taking the two children from her and killing them where she could not see. The mental and emotional torture he could have given may have rivaled what he had done before, and then, he would have caused her to miscarry as he had now and after removed her memory. She would have still been scared to death, yes, but perhaps it would not have been so overwhelming as this. However, the potential emotional bond would have been gone--not that it had turned into an actual bond at the moment.

With a shuddery breath, Trevor shook his head, doing his best to emulate proper emotion for the moment, which wasn't difficult when recalling how it felt to lose Kiley and Anna all those years ago. "I know you don't remember me, what we shared, what we had to go through to be together, or how excited we were about the twins, but part of you has to be feeling at least a little of what I am." Here, he paused, his glossy eyes moving as they searched hers and he dared to reach a hand out to place on hers. "I know this all must be overwhelming, but..." He sighed, closing his eyes a moment as though trying to process his thoughts and emotions, and then continued. "Eves, I don't want to have to ask, but...I just, I need a hug. You've been gone so many months, and you're finally back, and then this, and...I know...I know it's really awkward, but please, just a hug, just for a few moments. Please?"
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