The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Eben Rook
3 July, 2:03 am

Look at them all. Idiots. Every single last one of them. Vapid cows that were content to moo along in their pastures, herded by the deep state government thinkers that would feast in society’s slaughtered corpse. Cows? No. Sheep. And there were sheepdogs that protected against the wolves. It was the same everywhere. There were those who thought and those that get consumed.

Why was he thinking that? He shook his head and panted slightly, trying to clear his mind. Ben sat at the back of the bus, huddled into the corner of his seat as he observed those around him. How long had he been riding this bus? Long enough that his rocking was drawing the driver’s occasional glances. He needed to go. Needed to move. This wasn’t safe. He was in the run from...what? Who? He couldn’t remember and his stomach hurt.

He’d been hit with a doozy of a curse. His skin still tingled and he felt ill. Crawling. Skin was crawling and he was hot and cold and going to puke. Oh, God this was hell-

He stumbled off the bus at the next stop, unaware of his surroundings in the drizzling fog of the evening. He had to make it home. Where was home? Pictures of a green three story house surrounded with maple trees in summer sunlight filled his head. That was...that wasn’t here. This wasn’t Brooklyn. This was England. Cold, damp, dangerous England. He’d come hunting vampires. Where was home? Brooklyn. No, that was over there. He was over here...ugh.

How had he gotten into an alley?

Eben steadied himself against a dumpster as his stomach finally let go of its contents. He retched a second time out of disgust at the slugs writhing in the resulting mess. So that was the curse he’d been hit with, eh? Or at least one of them. There had been two shots, he remembered. The green and the pink...

Once the curse had really taken ahold, it was hard to hold back. His stomach turned an additional three times as he lost himself in the spinning confusion of the disorienting curse. Confundus. That’s what it was. And who had hit him with it? He couldn’t remember their faces or where he was. Had he found the vampire nest? Maybe. And they had wizar-

“Urk!-aw fuck!”

A particularly slimy bastard of a slug squirmed off, olive green with a distinct pattern of spots and stripes down its back. Eben sat, avoiding his mess, and tried to breathe through the recovery stages of the confusion curse so he could get back to his apartment and look up the counter curse for the slug vomiting curse.

And dammit all, it was a full moon, wasn’t it? That explained the rambling about sheep and wolves earlier, Eben rationalized. He had his wand and spring blades, but not his sense of balance or any kind of semblance of stability. If anything thought him prey tonight, he’d have to make his stand here.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
(Posted with permission by Jen)

Why was it the newbies always had to transform in the damn city? And why was it they had to be the hardest to fucking catch? Why couldn't some experienced wolf make it their lifelong goal to shepherd newbs off to the nearest field to frolick in? Oh, right, territorial bastards. Pack mentality, perhaps, but they didn't seem to follow much when they transformed. If they did, well, hell, that would make his life easier and harder and...well, exciting.

Klaus dodged right as the wolfling slashed at him with his ugly paw and his eyes went wide as the hideous creature began to prepare to lunge. In a hurry, he tossed the loaded crossbow off to the opening of the alley. Please don't shoot. Please don't shoot. But there wasn't much time to worry as he focused on flipping away, landing crouched and flailing forward toward his weapon of choice.

Dumb move. The wolf was on him now. Eyes wide, heart pounding in his ears, he reached for the sheathed silver blade on his hip and stabbed. At what, he didn't give a damn. Anything to make the wolf recoil. Anything to give him a chance to escape. And there it was. The sound of pain as the wolf backed off.

Chest heaving, Klaus stood and grabbed his weapon only to grab at his side with a groan. "Fuck."

He didn't have time to worry about what it was from. He couldn't fight like this. He looked at his bloody hand. Was that his? The wolf's?

"Aaaaargh!" He steeled himself against the pain as he pushed himself to run. Horrible idea. Dogs chase, after all. Wolves did, too. But he had to run. As he neared another alley, he turned, hoping the wolf wouldn't be so close he couldn't aim. But aim he did and through the heart went a silver tipped arrow. Klaus sagged against the wall, dropping the crossbow. He had to get the wolf out of the city before some sober person stumbled across the thing, but he had to rest a moment. He had to assess the damage.

But what the hell was that sound?
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by: Eben Rook
There were bad nights, and then there were full moon nights. There was a reason that anyone who worked in health services or security hated the full moon. It brought out the lunatics. For wizards, it brought out werewolves. Maybe the muggles had the worse end of it, Eben reflected. They had a whole horde of issues rather than one big, hairy problem.

Sitting still was helping Eben’s head clear, but his stomach was still a knot of hell. It wouldn’t matter, though, because he heard-and smelled-the raucous fight between man and beast as it boiled down the street and into his safe haven. Eben was able to ball up and avoid the wolf’s attention while he pulled out his wand and stood to cast. He needn’t have bothered. With a KERTHUNK of finality, the other hunter managed to slay the wolf. Eben could still finish it up for him, though, because the dark haired man seemed winded and shocked.


The lanky pile of fur disappeared, leaving a smear of blood. Eben gagged again when something moved in his stomach.

“...fucking-urk! Fuck!”

He cursed none too eloquently. Retribution would come to the wizard who hit him. Oh, yes, it would, Eben thought as he spat out a banana yellow slug. Fucking disgusting. And there was the other hunter...he’d need to watch out for this guy, too. It was nothing personal, but Eben aimed his wand cautiously at the man with the crossbow. And still, his stomach was a knot, so he kept his free hand on the dumpster to steady himself from weaving.

“You alright?”
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus wiped at his nose, barely covering the look of disgust at the slimy creature that came out of the other man's mouth. If it weren't for the wand drawn at him, Klaus might have turned his focus away. But as it was, there were more pressing matters than the dead wolf. No snarling, no growling, no heavy footfalls. Yeah, wolf was toast.

The adrenaline still coursing through his veins made it feel as though the world was rushing around him. He could still hear the march of his heart in his ears, closed his eyes as a bead of sweat rolled toward them and absently wiped, barely registering the slug-spitting magic man's question as he forced his eyes open.

"Hmm? Oh, yeah, peachy." It was mumbled and probably a bit incoherent but Klaus couldn't care as he flashed a sloppy side grin at him and chuckled as he looked down at his side. "Y'know, I just thought I'd try the slashed clothing look out...what, 20 years late?" Another chuckle. Fuck. It was from the wolf. "Not a bite. I'm ok." Quiet, to himself.

Wand guy. Magic guy. His eyes narrowed at him. “Oy. Put that thing away, would you? Don't fancy you're just that happy I saved your arse."
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by: Eben Rook
Woozy. Oh shit.

Eben sat heavily and gagged again. Slime, slime, and five small squiggles of slugs. Fuck this curse to the ever-loving land of liberty! He swiped at his mouth to wipe away the slime, flicking it off. At the werewolf hunter’s words, Eben looked down at his wand. Right. Needed to put it away. There could be muggles out who might see that. With overly focused attention, Eben twisted, then pushed the wand to get it to slide back into its spring loaded sheathe and out of sight. The Confundus charm...or was it a Stupefy, maybe?...was getting better, and yet not better. Maybe it was the constant vomiting. Better to not pay attention to his stomach and make it think it had permission to lurch again.

The man’s words about saving his life filtered through and Eben looked up at him, black eyes glittering in the low light. He had, hadn’t he? If it weren’t for this hunter, he’d be dead, wand and blade be damned. He wasn’t too proud to admit that.

“You’re did save my ass. What’s yer name?”

Critically, he assessed the man’s gear: Torn clothing, a crossbow with silver bolts, sturdy boots broken in for running, and a hell of a steel spine. Where was his armor? His shotgun? His wand? Maybe they just hunted werewolves differently in New York City. Eben made a mental note to thank this wizard by kitting him out good and proper.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
”I did," Klaus confirmed. "And I didn't." He smirked, debating for a moment whether to grace the wizard with his real name. Ah, what the hell? "Klaus. Yours?"

Klaus looked down at the wound on his side and hissed. He needed to get back to Baby and his first aid kit. No way to explain gashes from a bloody werewolf to a hospital. But the wolf...


Klaus stood and turned in a double take. It was gone. Maybe that was what that word with "van" in it had meant? But that thought was pushed away as he fell back against the wall. The adrenaline from the pursuit and fight was wearing off. This was going to be a bitch to deal with.
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by: Eben Rook
“Ben,” he replied.

Maybe if he closed his eyes and did a breathing meditation, that would help. In through the nose and hold it. Out through the mouth slowly and gently. Okay. It helped the head clear. That was good. What did he need to do next? Get back to the apartment, get the slug vomiting curse off of him, take a shower, brush his teeth fifteen times, and review his hunting notes to try and remember what had happened tonight. Eben’s memories were crystal clear right up to the moment he left his apartment the previous evening. Where he went and what he did after was a haze of questions until he came to on the bus. Maybe it wasn’t the Confundus charm, then... had his memory been wiped? If so, why?

He must have found a nest. Eben added tracking his phone to the to-do list to see where he had been last night. He’s also have to break out the assault kit rather than his current recon outfit. The black leather jacket (Minotaur hide for slash resistance) and black cargo pants made him look punk, but had the storage room for everything he needed to get in and out quickly. Tonight failed because he couldn’t get out quickly enough. The failure there was that he was not prepared for wizards. Next time, he would be. Next time, nobody would make him yak up slugs.

Klaus was checking himself out and looked like he was also coming down off of his adrenaline high. Time to start paying the man back...

“That claw wound,” he gestured weakly at Klaus, “I can heal it. Help me get back to my place and- urk!- I’ll get it fixed better than it was last night.”

He’d need help for sure. What neighborhood was he in? London was a tangled rat’s nest of streets and districts. He’d need either help getting back or a place to recover so he could reliably apparate.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus winced as he shifted his weight, trying to find some position that was comfortable. He kept his eyes closed, not entirely convinced it was safe to do so but too tired to care. He needed to get home. He needed to leave. He needed to.... He groaned in response to Ben's voice, opening his eyes to look at the other man. A look of disgust at the slug, but he couldn't find it in him to care more than that. If he did, he'd be tossing his cookies, and that was not something he aimed to do. "Sure,"/b] he said with a heavy sigh. Shit. Where was Baby in relation to this? He looked around, his blue eyes steeling in resolve as he realized he was probably a good three city blocks from here. [b]"Let's go. Now."

Perhaps a bit gruff but he needed to get moving or else this wasn't going to work.

((Might add more narration but oldest is up. Speech is good. Safe to say he's headed toward Baby.))
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by: Eben Rook
Eben heaved himself up and hugged the wall. Urgency was great, and he could tell the other wizard had it in spades from adrenaline, but where were they going? Why not just apparate them? Ben has a snapshot of his apartment building for just such a purpose, unless...

”Can’t apparate, huh? S’fine, but ho-urk!-how far are we goin’? I don’t gotta lotta miles in me with this curse.”

Hopefully he’d be able to contain himself long enough until he could hit the bathroom. It would be torture, keeping the sliming, writhing mass in, but he’d have to. Somehow.

Still leaning on the brickwork, Eben followed Klaus. For sure, to any outsider, he probably looked stoned or drunk. Hell, he felt that way. Dizzy, sick, confused, lost...what was it the Brit said earlier? Just peachy. Yep. That was Ben, too. What a pair they made.

Ahead, Eben spotted a beauty: a Chevy Impala, ‘67, black. Pampered, too, by the way it glittered under the streetlights. Klaus was headed towards it and Eben paused.

”That? With me in my way that I am? Lemme step around the corner and make sure I don’t desecrate her.”

He pointed to a trash bin on the corner and moved to yak up more slugs. Disgusting, but a necessary evil. He wasn’t going to besmirch the car with a slug. Once finished, he made an apology and gave Klaus the address.

”I have no clue where the hell we are, my phone is at one percent, and I live in Kensington...” he rattled off his address, hoping they were close.

(Up to you how close or far they are)
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus ignored the comment about apparating from his acquaintance. No, he couldn't. Didn't matter. He probably couldn't drive much better, but he could turn on car, make it go, surely. Just no sudden stops, no sudden swerving. It was late enough that shouldn't be a problem, right? Right. Klaus walked rigidly but quickly. Had to. Couldn't think of the pain. Couldn't think of blood on Baby or...slugs. He realized with a grimace as Ben puked up some slugs into a trash bin. At least he had the decency?

Still, Klaus was barely paying attention to his body as he got in and buckled up, barely paid attention to the lovely purr of Baby's engine. He was surprised he was able to realize Ben was rattling off an address. He reached into his pocket, immediately regretting the motion but not stopping, and tossed his phone at Ben. "Put it in," he said gruffly as he pulled away from the curb. He could take them to the expressway that would get them in the right direction to get to Kensington, but beyond that. He needed something he knew would give him roughly enough time to get over if needed, and that something was a phone and GPS. If he was lucky. Because he hardly knew how reliable this bloke would be.

((Can get them there if you'd like.))
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