The various homes, flats, and other dwellings of London are located throughout the city. You can visit a friend at his home or even have one over or enjoy an evening in with yourself. Your choice!
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by: Peregrine Jacobs
June 17
05:46 pm
Aventus’s London Residence

She was probably a bad person. But you know what, Aventus deserved to suffer after calling her out of the blue for help after two years instead of visiting her. Plus it wasn’t really suffering considering cheese enchiladas Tex-Mex were wicked amazing. But still the Spanish Nosferatu would probably be deeply displeased with her western Texas take on Spanish food. And he would just have to go and fight her about that later. Peregrine grinned as she checked on the food before moving to set the dining room up with three plates. She recognized that neither of her guests really had to eat but it was the best way to meet her potential new client. Nothing put people more at ease in an uncomfortable situation than comforts like food and a warm setting. Plus with her staying with Aventus, there was actual food for them if either did come hungry.

After all, this was just supposed to be a meet-and-greet between her and Aventus’s nephew. Like always she was a little anxious. Her hand wandered back to the runes tattooed on the back of her neck and gently pressed on one. It helped to keep her balanced with her anxiety. Peregrine just needed to remind herself that despite her overwhelming need to help that these things could never be forced and she couldn’t rush. Otherwise that would be counter-productive to treatment even if Everett ended up deciding to seek other help. She couldn’t help everyone. Her good leg bent suddenly almost tumbling her to the floor. She sighed when she looked down at her kneazle, Rwow, patting her head. ”Go play. I’m okay, promise,” she said to the cat-like creature that then took off.

With her thoughts calmed, she glanced at the time. Oh, she had a few extra minutes well that was nice. Using her wand to set the table, Peregrine made sure she looked alright. Casually professional in slacks and a long blouse. She’d even done up her hair and her make-up was on point for someone who was jetlagged to hell and back. At least she had given herself a day to rest once she had flown in. After everything Aventus had told her, and she had intentionally kept it to the minimum so she could experience Ev for herself and not make pre-judgements about his situation, Peregrine had rushed through getting on the fastest plane to London. Cashed in her time off at work, set up the nice room Aventus was spoiling her with, and not to mention the seven hour flight that had left her nearly bedridden the day before. Luckily her hip was doing better today and she hadn’t even needed to use her cane.

With her appearance ready and the food nearly ready, Peregrine allowed another moment to relax. Aventus had gone to get Everett and probably giving him a prep talk about herself. She smiled again as Rwow responded to her wandering thoughts as she waited for the two men. With a few claps, the large ball of black and cream fur burst up and into her arms. She hugged the creature and leaned against the kitchen counter as she waited, her hazel eyes settled on the clock as watched the time.
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by: Everett Cooper
Nervous. Why was he nervous? It wasn’t like he hadn’t gone through meeting therapists before. It was usually the same ol’ spiel. Reassuring the patient they were safe and would never be judged, no matter what was discussed, some small talk to get comfortable with each other and see if there was any potential conflicts of interest or red-flags or the like that would mean the doctor wasn’t going to be a good fit, yadda yadda yadda.... Hell, Ev had even used the same tactics when he ran group PTSD counseling sessions at the Veteran’s Hospital back in San Diego. The process was pretty universal.

So why was he nervous this time?

Maybe it was because he wasn’t sure how much Aventus had told this friend of his about him. He wasn’t even sure she knew he was a vampire, although he supposed it made more sense for his uncle to have shared that knowledge than it did for him to keep it secret, but still. Or maybe it was because he didn’t know anything about this Peregrine Jacobs other than Aventus knew her well and had recommended her very highly. After all, he would normally have researched potential therapists himself, maybe even reached out to some of his Navy or RAF buddies to get some input or maybe a referral… Huh. Maybe that was it, he realized, nearly tripping over himself as he followed Aventus out of the car and headed for the house. He felt out of control of the situation and his brain was simply turning that into nervousness and apprehension. Add the stress and uncertainty of taking care of Matt’s injuries for the last couple days, trying to keep Cora and Rigan and everyone else involved in that circus fed and taken care of too… and suddenly the nerves and out of control feeling made way more sense. Well, shit.

Ev paused once they were inside and took a few deep breaths to try to calm his nervousness now that he thought he had figured out the reason for them. He used the mirror in the foyer to check that his outfit was presentable and his usually unruly hair was still slicked back neatly. He hadn’t known what to wear so he had asked Alasdair to help him pick something out. The neat white button-down tucked into dark slacks with a black vest to tie it all together wasn’t something Ev would’ve picked out for himself, but damn he looked good he thought. He’d have to remember that for the next time he took Alasdair or Damien out. Taking another deep breath to calm himself, Ev followed Aventus inside to meet this Peregrine Jacobs.

The woman he saw standing in the kitchen wasn’t… quite what he expected but he wasn’t too keen on trusting his instincts on that one since he wasn’t entirely sure what he had expected in the first place. She was younger than he had expected, that was certain at least; she had to be at least five or maybe even ten years younger than he was, which was impressive for someone with a doctorate who apparently worked as a diplomat too. Ev smiled at the woman and her giant cat, his usual Southern charm seeping out without thought. “Evenin’, miss,” he greeted her, inclining his head politely. “You must be Doctor Jacobs.”
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by: Orion
The car was a necessary evil. Aventus didn't like modern forms of travel, preferring horses or walking, but London was not a walkable city anymore. Add to that the image he needed to maintain with his clients, he kept a classic DB5 Aston Martin in the James Bond silver. It drew envious gazes from men, interested ones from women, and delighted ones from youth. He didn't drive too often, but the 5 was nice. Powerful. It had been Cori's project car to maintain, so now it was a fitting tribute to use it and honor his partner's memory.

Aventus straightened his black jacket over the crimson silk shirt he wore, checked the shine on his leather shoes, and ran his hand through his artfully tousled hair. Jacobs likely wouldn't care, but it was a habit to look good. Aventus sighed and smiled, then headed up the familiar walk. It was good to visit Peregrine, even if she was making some abomination of a bastardized Spanish dish. Aventus scented the air and wrinkled his nose in playful disgust at the Tex-Mex cheesy smell. He knocked and breezed into the familiar home, calling a greeting to the American.

"What are you doing to my kitchen, little bird? Come, let me hug you!"

He strode into the kitchen, grinning as he bent to greet Rwow. The black and white kneazle was the kitten to his own Buttercup, and a familiar friend to the Nosferatu. As such, they had a ritual of headbutts, chin scratches, mews, and murmurs. "Si, eres muy bonita, Rwow. I've missed you,, Peregrine, how are you?"

He stood and opened his arms, kissing her on each cheek. He held an arm out, gesturing to Everett. "Sobrina, this is Everett Darkwater. Everett, Peregrine Jacobs. I have known her since she was a baby, and yet she forgives me for treating her as such."

He looked to Everett, politely ignoring his nephew's distress. Aventus made it a habit to not mention things he could scent or hear of other beings, preferring to let them be honest on their own terms and times with what they were feeling. That didn't mean he couldn't be sensitive to their moods, however. He clasped a hand onto his nephew's shoulder in support. "And this is Rwow...perhaps the second finest kneazle I've ever known, my own dear Buttercup being the finest." He introduced the kneazle, smiling playfully. His eyes glittered in mirth as he made the introductions.
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by: Peregrine Jacobs
Rwow leaping from her arms broke Peregrine out of her thoughts and notified her of the men’s entrance more than the knock on the door had. She dusted herself off a bit, trying to get the kneazle’s long fur off her without much success. She checked on the food once more then turned to greet the two with a bright smile. Aventus looked pretty much the same even after two years. Stupid Nos genetics like that.

Hola tio! Estoy bien. Y usted?

She smiled at Aventus and kissed his cheek. Despite missing her friend this was a visit with a purpose. Her hazel eyes ventured past Aventus to the man that was lingering in the foyer, who looked far more nervous to meet her than she was. Along with being far too pretty than anyone had a reason to be. That was probably the most surprising part about him to Peregrine. He was a large man; both tall and wide with muscle but attractive with a soft, polite smile. So more of a gentle giant than anything else. That wasn’t uncommon in the military people she had dealt with and Peregrine actually preferred it. She was already having a small fit about taking on a male client for the first time in a long while. But Aventus wouldn’t put her in danger and she would just have to get over that anxiety.

Rwow had taken it upon herself to go guard the anxious man, headbutting his shins affectionately at first then trotting at his side to escort him protectively. Peregrine smiled, opening her mouth to greet the vampire but stopping short when she was unable to help the sour expression. ”Doctor Jacobs,” she repeated then shuddered, ”Naw. It’s just Peregrine. Or Perri. Doctor Jacobs makes me sound like a supervillain or something.” She smiled at him, offering her hand easily to shake firmly. ”It’s nice to meet you, Everett. I made enchiladas for dinner so I hope you like them.” she said brightly, ”And despite what your uncle says my cooking is amazing. He’s just mad that Tex-Mex is better than his food.”

Hopefully the gentle humor would help to ease the mood a little more before they ate. With another smile, she went to get the food settled. ”I hope you don’t mind,” she began, ”I wasn’t going to start any serious conversation until probably dessert. I’d like to get to know you a little bit before anything formal happens. Plus I have a divine chocolate cake from the bakery downtown for dessert and things can only get better with that much chocolate involved, right?” Perri took the enchiladas out and carried them to the table then.
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by: Everett Cooper
While Aventus strode into the kitchen and greeted the cat- kneazle, whatever; it looked like a cat - Ev watched the small woman with a keen eye. He wasn’t thrilled with the idea of a female therapist for himself but was willing to overlook the gender issue because of both how highly his uncle spoke about her and the results of the research on the woman’s career he had done himself. She was young but highly respected in her field it seemed and had worked with veterans and the military before, which was promising to Ev, and so here he was. He was too experienced and too wary to be fooled by her ‘I’m just cute and small and non-threatening’ act… Well, ‘act’ was a bit of a harsh word considering he didn’t know the woman and that was just rude, he reasoned with himself. ’Just fuckin’ chill, Chief,’ he reminded himself silently. ’Ya won’t get anywhere with that shitty attitude and you’re here to make progress, asshole. Fuckin’ quit it.’

By the time Everett forced himself to relax and focus on the introductions he had missed most of the interaction between his uncle and the young woman, but the kneazle was certainly not having any of the being ignored business. The black and white fuzzball headbutted his shins repeatedly and made Ev smile, crouching down to greet the creature properly. He gently scratched Rwow behind her ears and said a polite hello to her before standing up to walk over and shake hands with Peregrine. He paused just slightly at the distasteful expression the doctor made to his introduction but relaxed again almost immediately when she simply corrected him to call her by her first name. Okay, he could remember that, and less formal wasn’t a bad start to things he reasoned.

“Pleasure’s all mine, miss,” the vampire drawled with a polite smile, shaking her hand. “Enchiladas are one of my favorite dishes. Haven’t managed to find anyone over here yet that makes ‘em as good as Papá does back home though,” he added, moving to help her carry food to the table more out of ingrained manners and habit than any conscious decision. Her declaration of wanting to have a nice meal before they got down to the nitty-gritty of business only relaxed Ev further and he nodded as he helped her into her chair before sitting down himself. “Can’t go wrong with chocolate at all, Miss Peregrine. Or cake, for that matter,” he chuckled, placing his napkin in his lap like a gentleman.

While they all sat down and settled in with their food, Ev took a moment to look over the good doctor. He had known she was younger than he was and certainly younger than Aventus, obviously, but up close it was even more apparent. She had big bright hazel eyes that might’ve been more blue than traditionally hazel, pretty auburn hair, was petite and small, and an overall look that was just ‘cute’, in a word, which only succeeded in making the retired SEAL more wary of her. The cute, unassuming ones were always the ones that were used to being underestimated and so generally knew how to handle themselves to compensate for it, at least in his experience. But the most intriguing thing about her so far, however, had to be that god-awful accent. Like someone took a cowboy and sent him to finishing school up in New England but forgot to make sure it wasn’t a scam first.

Ev couldn’t help but smile slightly at Perri in between swallowing his food and politely dabbing his mouth with his napkin. “Pardon my manners, Miss Peregrine, but I gotta ask… Where are you from? That accent is… uh, somethin’ else…” He tried to phrase the question politely but might’ve missed the mark, he realized; hopefully she wasn’t offended.
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by: Peregrine Jacobs
“‘Somethin’ else’ being the polite South way of sayin’ I sound like I fell off a horse in Texas and woke up in Boston and decided soundin’ Irish would be fun?” she joked, ”Cause that’s basically what ‘appened. Raised in West Texas by my granparents and moved up tah Boston when I started school. Got real intah the dock scene up there and picked up their talkin’ too. Never really meshed well but ‘ere I am.” Peregrine grinned at him as she ate quietly then, taking a moment to order her thoughts. Then raised her hazel eyes again to him with the same content smile. He was polite enough, deeply Southern and definitely still held some of those mannerisms mixed with the military politeness that no one ever really seemed to notice from their training. It was always odd to her how some people turned towards the authority aspect and how others simply turned their training into another aspect of politeness and manners. Before her brain could fall into a very long and boring dissertation of the difference of need for power versus shared power of respect, Peregrine blinked a few times to focus.

From her brief assessment, Peregrine had noticed that Everett was nervous. Rwow had made that known and had hardly strayed from the vampire’s heel. Hell, even she was nervous but Rwow was being good and focusing on who would be the patient rather than her so at least her new training was sticking. But it also meant he was projecting so something was causing a deep anxiety. Perhaps just meeting a new therapist. She would tag that in her mind to ask after dessert if he decided to open up to her. He was polite but not overly so, more genuine than a false politeness of society despite his nervousness. But he was eyeing her as much as she was him, nothing she didn’t expect from a military man though the look was definitely more trained than she anticipated. Which meant he either had been trained as a medic, which was common, or he was more elite forces than she realized. But the witch hadn’t wanted to pull his records without his expressed permission, especially when he hadn’t even confirmed her as his therapist. That was just nosy and shitty. She finished her plate of enchiladas before sitting back in her chair with a slight adjustment to her hip as she relaxed and allowed her stomach to settle before she continued.

”So I tried to keep my questions for your uncle to a minimum because I wanted you to have a chance to speak for yourself and, especially with the confidential nature of a lot of it, I didn’t look into your records or anything either. From what Aventus told me, I know that you were looking for someone with focus in PTSD and that you’ve done some years in the US Navy. And, of course, your current standing as a vampire though not the circumstances behind it,” she said, leaning forward for a moment and speaking with more articulation than before so she was clear, ”I should also give you the full disclosure about Rwow there since she’s attached herself pretty firmly to you. While she is genuinely a friendly kneazle, she is also trained as an emotional support animal. She’s attempting to help, I suspect, with your anxiety since that’s mainly what she’s trained for to help me with. If you’re okay, you just need to tell her ya v poryadke, spasibo. Or you can pat your lap and she’ll hop up if that will help.”

Perri smiled and pulled out her wand once he was finished with his food, swapping the meal for dessert. ”Do you do coffee or have the Brits absorbed you with their love of tea?” she asked playfully, still poised to use her wand once he specified. With dessert sorted on the table, the witch smiled at him, ”So you’re welcome to grill me or clarify whatever you like. I’m not going to ask you to disclose anything about your life without earning your approval and trust first, if that is alright? So by all means please ask away about anything you feel you need to know, personal, academic, or otherwise.”
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