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By Delilah Chase
Just as Delilah was about to turn around, Teague spotted her. Go figure. And now she was stuck in the awkward position where she had to stay. Whether she sat with Teague and his female companion or declined the invite on grounds of not wanting to intrude, she had to stay and have a drink or eat some food. She glanced at the woman as Teague introduced her, averting her eyes only for a moment to avoid rolling her eyes at the blasted nick name. "Del." If he were anyone but Teague, he'd get an earful. As it were, at least her name wasn't the only one whose name had been shortened. Unless there really were females these days running around with the name "Drew." She had her doubts. Some male names simply didn't cross over well.

"The pleasure's mine," Delilah replied as Dru greeted her and held her hand out. Delilah gave a fair handshake of her own, choosing to slide into the booth next to Teague a moment after her hand returned to her side. She didn't know Dru. To do otherwise would have simply been presumptuous. Besides, with the prudish smile she had received, Delilah wanted to be able to assess this woman further. She wasn't entirely certain the woman was as happy to see her here, and truthfully, the feeling was mutual if that was the case. But Delilah wouldn't let on. To show a weakness of any sort was simply not something she could afford.

"Well, you two can enjoy your drinks. I'd prefer tea. Long day," she replied, casting a glance at Teague. Delilah wasn't quite so sure Teague would put up with that, but honestly, she wanted to relax--not invite on a bloody headache for the next morning. She wanted a quiet, peaceful Sunday spent going for a jog or reading the paper or whatever else she might fancy come morning. She'd sit and visit with the two of them at least til she'd had a couple cups of tea and then dismiss herself. "Don't let me interrupt your conversation, though. Seemed you two were deep in before Teague saw me."
"Well not a bodyguard really.... well ok, guess it's a bodyguard when you get right down to it but I need more than that. I need-" The tracker paused there and realized he didn't know where he was going with that train of thought. Was this all just a broken heart talking or was there something else there? He needed someone to watch his back, a trustworthy asset he could send out to track things he didn't necessarily want known to anyone else to know about, in much the same way he'd done for Trevor and Voldemort. Teague let out a laugh and ran a hand through his hair before settling back to take a good long pull from his drink. "Yeah, a'right, I need a bodyguard."


Teague let the notion flit through his head for a fraction of a second before burying it deep behind the normal aloof persona he tended to show everyone. Teague's grin widened when it seemed like Del was going to join the pair and when she slid in beside him, the tracker shifted and slid over to make room. He watched the women shake hands with an amused glint in his eye. If it was possible the trackers grin widened further when Dru dropped the line about being presentable and the sarcastic tone of Dru's invitation to sit had Teague aiming a soft kick toward her shin under the table.

"Presentable? Hell, if ya got any fancier it'd make me look like some sort of scrub lass and then I'd be forced to up my game."

Teague flashed Del a grin that stated the woman wasn't going to simply just get away with tea tonight. Heck no! If she was going to sit with him then Teague was going to make it his job to get the younger woman to relax and maybe have a little fun. They'd all been working non stop the past bit and the tracker was certain the wizarding world wasn't going to implode over night. Teague reached for another handful of chips before motioning to Del to help herself.

"Tea? C'mon luv, you need to unwind as much as I do. At least have one shot with us before you do the non alcoholic thing." The tracker searched the table for an extra glass only to realize there wasn't one. Dru had waved to presumably get the bartender to bring them an extra glass but the tracker was a bit buzzed and feeling rather playful. So rather than make a big deal out of it, Teague slid Delilah his glass with a cheeky grin. "Or we can share if that makes ya feel better. Besides I've been told whiskey is good for mending broken hearts and tracker hiring."
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By Dru Windsor
Dru's face changed from confused, surprised, to amused all in one go as the tracker went through his roundabout with the term bodyguard. She couldn't help but snicker into her glass as she took another drink and she crinkled her nose with a smile as she looked across the booth at her old friend. She was both surprised and not surprised at all when he summoned her for that particular position, since they'd mentioned it the time before when he'd seen her in Belfast--but she was also intrigued by the offer that it came to her and not some other desperate, brown-nosing and groveling follower from the city. There was no doubt, however, that she was flattered and honored to come back to work for him, but if it was any other Lord asking her of this particular favor, she might not have accepted...at least, not so quickly. Because it was Teague, her answer was a no-brainer.

But her answer was cut off because they had a visitor. Delilah. Dru's eyes flickered with a flash of shock but quickly died down when she tilted her head at Teague. He kicked her? Brat. She just snickered. "The day I see you get fancy with your get up, MacTail--especially to come out and have a drink at a pub--is the day hell will surely freeze over, I'm sure." Dru poked fun at him for his fashion sense, whose idea of casual attire wasn't as refined as much as the Lords and Ministers she'd run into before. She'd seen him dressed up from time to time but those moments were few and far between.

The woman sat down, which was disappointing since she wanted to have a bit of privacy to further discuss the terms and conditions of this bodyguard situation, but at the same time Dru found it interesting she chose to sit by Teague. Not that she wanted a stranger to crowd on her space, but it gave her a chance to observe their behavior and interactions in a more casual setting than a stuffy old office at Puxley or wherever they operated together nowadays. She just shook her head with the hint of a grin tugging at the corner of her mouth when Teague offered to share a glass with her, a better expression than the sour face she made when Delilah opted for tea. "I'd take the offer if I were you, ol Teague here is a pretty persistent bugger."
Teague was persistent. Delilah would give him that. Any more persistent and she might actually find grounds to dislike him at times. She gave him the side eye as he slid his drink toward her, suggesting they share, and shook her head at Dru's comment. "Fine, fine! I give in," she replied, holding her hands up a moment in concession before grabbing the drink and bringing it toward her lips. At least it wasn't ale. Whisky by the way it burned going down. She refused to let herself make a face. She was used to the foul-tasting stuff of the future, which burned much worse and was rudimentary at best. At least this had some flavor, albeit not all that great.

"So, what's this, anyway?" she asked, motioning between them to indicate she was not talking about Teague's drink, which she pushed back over toward him. Maybe he'd leave her be now, but knowing Teague? He'd have a drink of her own in front of her in no time and keep 'em coming. He seemed set on drinking, after all. It'd be a while before he'd be gone enough she could switch.
It was hard not to laugh at Dru's antics and Teague barely managed to hide it behind a grin when Del gave in and took his offered drink, downing a decent swallow. He didn't miss the side eye he was given though his inner child was hollering out in victory since Delilah didn't seem like she was going to fight back to much. Dru was right when she said he could be a persistent bugger. Hell, most people that knew him even in the slightest already knew he could be out right tenacious if he set his mind to something.

When his glass was passed back, Teague took another pull from it before reaching for a few chips. Now that he had a decent amount of alcohol in his system he was starting to get a serious case of the munchies. The tracker flashed wry grin when Del asked what was going on. Honesty he didn't even know anymore. Not that he'd say that bit out loud so the tracker opted for the truth since he was certain his fellow Death Eater would figure it out sooner or later.

"Just asked a friend to help distract me from a mangled up heart and it kinda shifted gears to a job interview I guess. Not really sure what else to call this so yeah.... " Teague downed a few more chips and raised his glass in a mock toast before draining it dry and moving to pour himself a refill. He was certain Del would have questions and he needed to get a decent buzz going if he was going to answer anything with more than a halfassed attempted deflection. With both Dru and Del here he highly doubted either would let him get away with that.
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By Dru Windsor
"The best damn interview, if I've ever had one." She laughed as she poured more into her glass, topping off Teague's and after the cute Irish lad behind the bar brought another glass, she poured some for Delilah too. She slid the glass over to her, and nodded with a light smile to the woman, to show that she'd warned up just slightly at her presence. Though still unsure about her, Dru acknowledged her as a friendly; She was someone Teague trusted, and for now Dru decided to play nice.

"I guess unless there's anything you might add, Ms. Chase, I think I've already made my decision about the job." Dru raised a brow, pausing to hold the glass at her lips as she waited for Delilah's answer, if any.

Dru hadn't fully bypassed the whole heartbreak thing, though. Even though he'd given her vague explanation about what happened earlier, she hoped he understood that she was really there for him if he needed her shoulder to cry, vent, or in this case, drink on. Teague was the master of locking away his emotions in a tiny little box and throwing away the key, so Dru had to reiterate her willingness to be there for her friend from time to time. She wanted him to know that it was okay to let those feelings loose--because she didn't want to see him break down like she had once before.

With Jon... She shook the thought from her mind, and took a drink. A broken heart could tear down some of the strongest people, herself included, so she wanted to protect Teague from that ever happening to him.
At Del's silence Teague didn't know if he should laugh or cry, which should have been an indication that he wasn't taking the whole Cora thing well. Thankfully Dru piped up with some timely banter. Best damn interview? Teague smiled wide. Boom, point Teague. Looked like whiskey and apps were the perfect tool to win people over. He'd have to remember that for the next interview he had to run.

"Awww man, if I would have known the way to get you on board and out of retirement was to buy you a bottle and feed ya some good apps I would have done this our first night out. Guess having me around ain't to bad either huh?" Teague let out a laugh at that and took a good pull of his drink, nudging Del at the same time and tilting his head in the direction of her own drink that Dru had poured for her.

"Guessing this means you're good?" His spirits lightened at the thought of something finally going right. "Hear that Del! I got me a legit tracker/bodyguard out of retirement."

Teague reached out and grabbed a few more apps, downing then with his normal grace and gusto. Yup, if this was how the rest of the night was going to go it was perfect in his books. Now he just needed Del to lighten up and have a bit of fun and everything would be right with the world, at least for the night.
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By Dru Windsor
She watched carefully at Teague's delight as he spoke. His face seemed to lighten up over her comment about it being a great interview and even moreso when she said she had made her decision about the job he was offering. Her eyes settled on Delilah for a spell; Would the woman object? Seeing that she was Teague's...right hand as it were, more of a personal assistant from where Dru was sitting, she wasn't so much intimidated by the woman as she was curious to see how she would react to Dru's presence on Teague's council. If she objected, it wouldn't scare Dru way, but it might convince her that she needed to figure out the ins and outs of The Dark Lord's Press Secretary.

"I mean, my terms are simple. Ones we've already discussed. I would answer to you and only you, as your personal guardian. I'll track, hunt, whatever--hell, I'll even furnish weaponry for our people for cheap. But no, I mean no rubbish from the other Death Eaters or I walk. I have your back as long as you... have mine." She winked at him with a smirk as she grabbed a quick bite of the apps, and she wiped her fingers on the napkin before speaking again. "We can discuss pay and post later of course, but you know me, Teague, and you know what I'm capable of. You want me back, then you'll have me. Consider it a friend helping a friend."

Dru didn't need a full rundown for now, especially since he seemed to be a little tipsy already. Those other details needed him of sound mind, so she would wait. Teague had already given her bits and pieces of the Why. The Resistance might be coming back, and he needed help. He even needed a friend to lean on due to certain issues with a love interest that was no more. Of course she would come back for him. So, now it was a matter of when she would start and where she would move in. Sure, she could stay in Aldergrove and apparate every day but that was quite taxing and not as convenient if she were somehow incapable or injured to travel. Flat hunting was on the list of things to do in the next day or so, though it would have to be more of a house, possibly in rural country so she could transport her forge.

She chuckled at just how proud he was over managing to pull her from retirement. It was a tremendous step after hiding out for all this time, but she felt like she was ready.
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By Delilah Chase
Delilah snorted lightly in amusement at Teague's jolliness. Was he feeling the alcohol or just in a good mood? Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference in people. Teague was so generally laid back that she could see it simply being his mood. It was still strange to see people laid back sometimes, strange to catch herself even managing it at times. So much time over the years spent on guard, on edge, made such a thing a luxury. Delilah found herself smiling with Teague and his companion yet just as much wondering who precisely this Dru was. She could consult Trevor's notes this evening, yet she would feel much more at ease if she could get her own feel for the woman before relying on someone else's notes. For the moment, she would choose to trust Teague could be a decent judge of character and go with it.

Delilah grabbed for one of the appetizers after Dru did, wondering to herself how it was that she expected other Death Eaters to act around her that would warrant Teague having her back with them. Not being one to sit and simply be one hundred percent quiet when she wanted to know something, Delilah finished chewing what she had in her mouth before asking her question. "Rubbish from other Death Eaters?" It was the easiest way to refer the other woman's mind back to her earlier statement. There were politics at work she wasn't familiar with, technically being much more their junior than she appeared.
Teague quirked an amused grin at Delilah's question. she had to know of all the crap that went along with being a Death Eater. The internal bullshit and political plays for power, climbing the ever so coveted ladder... then again maybe she hadn't. From what he knew about the future she'd come from maybe there was no room for any of the games. That or she was simply to young to have had to deal with all the old guard. The originals. the Dark Lords minions.

A laugh broke out from the tracker. Whether or not Del thought he was laughing at her question or at Dru's demand he had no idea. Maybe it was the alcohol. Either way for whatever reason the whole situation struck him as funny. "Yeah, rubbish love. The games, the internal politics. My bite's bigger than yours. Friends are richer than yours. Most of the old guard ain't gonna take to kindly to someone like Dru comin' in and get all buddy buddy with the Lord without havin' ta work 'er way up the ladder. Yer probably seen in the same light honestly. Two nobodies, all of a sudden become somebody's. Ya got what they all want love."

As annoying as it all was, and as much as Teague wouldn't mind starting from scratch, the old guard did have it's uses. They knew how things worked, had resources at their disposal that he as a tracker couldn't even dream of. Wealth, connections, families. And yet look who's Lord now.

Teague shook his head with an amused snort at that thought.. Lord indeed. A title he felt he would be more than a site bit better without. He picked up his glass and downed the rest of it with ease before moving to grab the bottle and grant himself a refill.
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By Dru Windsor
Dru was mid-bite when Delilah asked for clarification on her usage of the word rubbish. She thought it was a fairly clear point, but would happily oblige to clarify. Teague took the reins as she chewed down her food, pretty much taking the words out of her mouth. She nodded and pointed before swallowing the last bit of chip down so she could speak again. "Precisely. When I was in before, and I know it'll happen regardless of my opinion or request--but I just want to make it clear that I don't answer to them. Their bloody complaints will be just that, and if they roll their eyes then...well, I'd be happy to poke them right out and feed 'em to 'em, right." It was a throwaway comment but mostly a stand to Delilah to show that she wouldn't go down without a fight. Teague was her employer, not whoever else was on the Death Eater roster nowadays, and he was the sole reason she decided to come out of Aldergrove. "If anyone remembers me from the old days, I'm sure they don't need the refresher but Teague's right. Everyone's going to have something to say about everyone else, which is fine. Let them have their opinions, but if they come at me with a command, I may just have to knock them down a few."

She took a drink. Whether or not Delilah would like that last little bit had yet to be seen, but Dru wasn't shy about standing her ground against any potential aggressors. She'd been preparing herself for this call, even though she didn't expect it to be under such gloomy circumstances with Teague's aforementioned heartbreak, but Dru knew she had to be ready for push back about her swift climb to the high guard. "But enough about me for now, unless you got anything else running through that pretty head of yours, Delilah. What's your story?" She paused a beat, reaching for another chip, but she pinched it between her fingers before leaning forward to say, "I suppose if I'm working closely with you and our grace here--I should get to know you right?"

How was that for playing nice? The girl seemed nice enough and didn't give her that ill-feeling when she sat down, so that meant something. Plus, if Teague didn't mind her she probably wasn't that bad. Dru offered a quick glance to Teague, and if he looked up she winked before taking a bite out of her food.
Delilah rolled her eyes slightly at Teague's explanation and listened to Dru's addition. "Well, if they wanted to be somebodies, they missed ample opportunities," she said before taking a moment to ponder Dru's question. She glanced toward Teague for a moment as she tried to decide where to even start and how much to say. If Teague trusted this woman, though, perhaps she could trust her with a degree of the truth. It wasn't information she had simply offered to anyone who had asked. Teague, Trevor, the Order and Evie when she and Julian were gaining footing, but the general person off the street had had no reason to know. And until today, that was all Dru would have been to Delilah.

"Well, let's put it this way," she said, "I'm here to prevent the future from playing out the way it has. Trevor's thrown a wrench in some of that progress assigning me as this one's press secretary, and then this one," she pointed her thumb over toward Teague without looking at him, "complicated things going and getting himself captured as he did." She shook her head. "Men. Can't live without 'em but damn well can't live with 'em either at this rate. Hey, give me that." She reached out for Teague's mug to take a drink. Her explanation was hardly complete, but the fewer people who knew every single bloody detail of the future, the better.
Teague rolled his eyes at the garbage titles Dru seemed hell bent on throwing at him. Normally he would have called her out on it but the tracker was far more interested in his friends follow up question. She wanted to know more about Del? A soft chuckle broke out at that considering this conversation just took a turn for the very interesting. What would the woman from the future divulge?

When Del offered a glance in his direction, Teague quirked her a smile an nod. He'd leave it up to her as to what story, if any, she wanted to concoct. Outside of himself and Trevor, Del had kept pretty tight lipped about her and Julian being from the future and the tracker would have figured that she'd still want to keep that on the down low, especially considering she had no idea who Dru was aside from his word that the swords-woman was good people.

He was more than a little surprised that Delilah gave away the info she did, and he took a decent pull of his drink to hopefully hide it. Normally he was pretty good at keeping his thoughts and emotions unreadable but with the buzz he felt Teague wasn't certain he succeeded. Ah well.

"Hey now," Teague squawked out in protest to the quip about having to babysit him and then the follow up about men being men. "Weren't like I meant that to all go down that way but I found the lot of em... And at least you get to be press secretary. But ya know if you don't like it we could do a tradesies."

He went to take another drink when he found his glass swiped away from his and he turned to look at the younger woman with a slightly raised brow and a slight pout Well he supposed sharing wasn't going to kill anyone and he had offered earlier... or at least he thought he had. After a moment he offered a shrug and went back to chowing down on the various apps in front of him, curious to know what Dru would fire back with.
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By Dru Windsor
Delilah's jab at the current board of Death Eaters was unexpected, and impressive. It was mostly because she'd initially pinned her as the prim and proper type, and to hear her lash out at the lot of them was refreshing. Good. So she might be decent company after all, and that meant Dru wouldn't be forced to hold her tongue around her. Well, not completely. She'd still need to get to know her a bit better before unleashing her true colors, which wasn't a far leap from where she sat now. It wasn't because she was already in Teague's good graces as her best friend, no. She wouldn't want to have to pull that card out that often because it should be implied--but Dru wanted to be sure she didn't offend someone who Teague seemed to fancy.

Yep. She could spot the tension from a mile away, the two of them. It didn't make her jealous, per se, but it meant that Dru would keep a close watch on Delilah. She was quite territorial when it came to women taking interest in her best mate.

She raised her eyebrows at the woman's explanation of her mission here. "Future?" Dru chuckled, in disbelief. Was she serious? But then she snickered at the quip about men and raised her glass, aiming to clink it against Delilah's acquired mug if she would humor her. "Amen to that." She winked at Teague with a devilish grin as she took a sip of her whiskey. "Mm, no-no." Dru shook a finger at Teague as she swallowed the bitter liquor, dabbing the corners of her mouth with a small bar napkin. "You are the one-and-only, the one who shall be named." Dru laughed at the title, odd that she found humor in mocking the Lord of ages past. "No take-backsies, now that you've gotten me out of my hideyhole. Or I can just go back to Aldergrove if you'd rather run away from the job with your tail between your legs."

Still, there was something Dru didn't want to pass up on asking. She needed clarification. "Now winding back here, Delilah...sorry, but the future?" She shook her head and leaned in, as if seeking more explanation there. It was way too vague and a comment said in passing, but if she was going to be in this court alongside his grace's press secretary, Dru definitely wanted to know. "I didn't think there were any time-turners around--ah--did you develop a timey-wimey machine then?" It wasn't meant to mock, only said in jest to flow with the current tone of their wild conversation.

"And Trevor. Merlin, that's a name I haven't thought of in...quite some time." She'd left about a year after Williams took hold of the government, but something about that man didn't sit well with her.
Delilah snorted at Teague's "offer" and clinked the mug against Dru's extended mug before she knocked back some of Teague's drink before setting it down and pushing it slightly over to him. She'd need a lot more of that to think his idea sounded remotely tempting. Saddled to the job as Lord, Teague wasn't free as a tracker. Delilah wouldn't be able to stand the idea. She'd be horrible with the job. She was much better as his (micro) manager. She needed freedom to figure things out outside of their world.

She laughed under her breath as Dru made her comment to Teague. It felt weird to be amongst a group of friends. Were things different, she might become one of the group. As it was, the idea of making ties sounded horrible. For all she knew, this was a suicide mission, and the fewer people she cared about?

At Dru's questions, Delilah picked Teague's drink back up and took another swig. "Time turners? Plenty. Just under lock and key where a certain...former lord placed them." She rolled her eyes. In a moment of clarity before Trevor's complete loss of sanity, he had at least thought to do that. Otherwise, the other side would have had them before she could get any. Delilah shook her head at Dru's comment. "Yeah, well, when your job was to prevent him going batty, he tends to linger." She sighed, setting Teague's drink down again. Maybe she ought to get one of her own.

"Good thing this one," she said while placing an arm around his shoulders and pulling him toward her before letting go just as quickly, "entertains enough crazy ideas to keep me occupied, but not so many I can't find ways to see things through."

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