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by: AC

June 13, 2012
7:30 a.m., Murkoff Securities Ltd, London

The morning had started off as elegantly as most mornings did. Quiet, uneventful, stress free. He'd taken Miranda for a night out on the town to celebrate a rather lucrative contract the firm had recently won. And what a night it had been. Food, family, entertainment... and that hadn't ended once he and his woman made it back to their penthouse. Still the Italian was known for being an early riser and even with the extra curricular activity he found himself up and wide awake at 5:30 a.m.

Rather than sit around and do nothing until Miranda woke, the alpha and businessman, opted to head into the office and get some last minute paper work done for the more questionable parts of the family business. After all, it was generally frowned upon to deal with mob issues during regular hours, so Keo found himself humming a happy tune as he sipped on an espresso and went over some new "acquisitions" and numbers from recent dealings to make sure his boys were keeping things on the level.

When his cell rang he picked it up without much thought. the number that flashed across the display was quickly recognized as one of his ears on the streets. He shifted the phone to his right hand and continued to run numbers as the woman on the other end of the line rattled off her report. About half way through, the alpha paused mid scrawl, his grip tightening hard enough to crack the plastic casing around his pen.

"What went missing?"

Keo barked into the receiver, his good mood gone in an instant as the woman on the other end elaborated on what had happened. Fucking Ray Gun had been roughed up and had a ledger stolen? Who the fuck kept notes in a book in this day and age? The alpha quickly pulled out a laptop he always kept near by and booted it up, connecting to the offices network in no time. A few minutes of well manicured fingers clacking away at the keys.

He left out a soft sigh after a few minutes. they hadn't been hacked. Everything was still encrypted. Still they had a lot of work to do to make sure that Cyber Dog interests were well protected.

"We look ok on my end but find Brigs and Stacia. Have them do a sweep over our holdings and securities, including all the places we've set up shop. Make sure no one is poking their noses into anything of ours you hear? If its the cops or the feds call me back and we'll proceed from there. If it's rivals poking around get rid of them."

The alpha waited for confirmation before praising his eye's and ears on the ground and hanging up. Keo leaned back in his chair with a hard expression slipping over his face. Ray Gun, if he was still alive, was about to have a very, very bad morning. After a moments hesitation, the alpha sent out a few texts to his ground crew to give them a heads up and ask about any suspicious activity. Once that was done he quickly dialed a number, bringing the phone to his ear, the dial tone indicating the call had gone through. Cas was as close as family could get without being family. He had a head for business and could be the protection the alpha wanted for this little jaunt.

As soon as a voice was heard on the the alpha wasted no time in barking out his order.

"My office. Now. We have an issue that needs to be dealt with."
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by: Asher Castello
Castello groaned. What day was it? Where was he? Oh yeah. Home. For once, he wasn't sleeping on the floor of his shop or resting face down in between the ample bosom of his usual girl, who wasn't his girlfriend as he made it clear that he didn't have time for that shit. Castello was in his flat, with his head on a stack of old pillows that hardly gave off comfort anymore. It was a humble little apartment down the street and some from the shop downtown, and equidistant to the firm base, and as the sun rose over the horizon, he could see the bit of light coming through the slits of the blinds on the Windows.

His phone buzzed, just five minutes before his second alarm went off, and it nearly rattled into the floor. He caught it quick and tapped the button to answer, since he already had an idea of who it could be.

"Castello." He pinched the bridge of his nose and wiped his eyes with the heel of his palm before turning to sit up. He scratched his neck, feeling the satisfaction of his fingernails raking over the short hairs from his fresh haircut bristle beneath his fingers. Cas yawned as he heard his employers voice already barking a command on the other end, and instead of his usual bickering and bitching about how early it was, he just nodded. "On my way."

No questions asked.

It was a few seconds wait (record timing) for his ride to arrive. Even though Cas had been in the UK long enough to have acquired a driver's license, he still preferred public transit, or vehicles offered by his employer since they were better at maneuvering the London streets than he was. It most certainly wasn't like driving in America, this place. Roundabouts and narrow ass roads that confused the shit out of him just made him frustrated, and he didn't want to make Keo wait any longer than he had to. The boss sounded pretty adamant about having him there instantly, and since he didn't have the magic to just snap his fingers or float on a little umbrella to the office, the contact driver would do for now, and he would blame any tardiness on that guy. Once he arrived to Murkoff Securities Ltd., Cas put out his cigarette and flicked it with precision in the nearest ash-tray up front. Keo didn't care for smoke inside the building, at least, not where the general populace was able to see them, so he made sure to dust off any ash and blow away any smoke to prevent the stench from following him inside. He walked through with his badge, getting waved through from the front desk. His badge and permission meant that Cas was able to forego the weapons check and metal detector, and take the private elevator behind the desk that would lead him straight to the top.

It was a quiet, solo ride in the empty elevator car to the office near the top of the building, and Cas exited, already unbuttoning his coat to make himself comfortable. Mr. Lucci's secretary, Grace, was already there. She was a curvy brunette who looked no older than thirty with a classic up do and red-lipstick that just screamed she was ready to ride down easy street made Cas lick his lips in anticipation. However, he was here on business and if Keo caught him leering at the girl, he'd say bye-bye to his tongue so Cas kept that hormonal beast already churning inside him in check for now.

"Hello, Mr. Castello. He's already waiting for you." She smirked, flashing her pearly whites at him as she picked up the phone to dial out. Grace winked at him and waved him through, bringing the pen she'd been using to her lips and biting down as if to tease him.

Cas just grinned right back as he stepped toward the entrance of Keo's office. He turned the knob and stepped inside, gently letting the heavy wooden door latch shut behind him. "Knock knock." He said, walking in slowly in case his boss was already with someone or on a call. Whatever it was he needed, it sounded important as hell and Cas was ready for the task. It'd been too long since he'd gone out into the field.
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by: AC
As soon as Asher confirmed he was on his way in Keo wasted no time in booting up his desktop before walking over to his door and letting Grace know he was expecting someone and that he would be right back. A quick jaunt to one of the electronic storage rooms netted the alpha a few more laptops that he could use to cobble together a semi decent work space in his office.

About 10 minutes of pulling cables and power supplies and the garou had up and running on the encrypted network that was considered the Cyber Dog keys to the kingdom. It was aptly termed "Ghosting" for good reason and a technical trick Keo had learned to help protect his interests. It was harder to hack in to an air-gapped network considering it wasn't connected to the internet, and unless someone had direct access to a terminal already on the network, the only way in was by radio-waves and a a slick piece of hardware for cellphones developed by the one and only Murkoff Securities.

Highly tuned hearing picked up the ding of the elevator as it arrived carrying what he presumed was the wolf summoned about 30 minutes ago and the alpha couldn't quite stop his lip from curling into a grin and his, for all intents and purposes, son, had arrived. Keo glance up at the clock on the screen of the laptop he was currently working from as clawed fingers continued to click away at the keys. The soft sound of chattering voices only confirmed Asher's arrival. In the downtime the alpha had been busy setting up extra layers of security over mob assents and running diagnostics on holding both foreign and domestic in case whatever it was Gunnerson had on them turned out to be vital.

When Cas entered, Keo took a second to glance up from the coding he was doing and motion with his head to the empty chair that sat across from him.

"Grab a PC and run a sweep over Murkoff, look for any back doors or trojans, worms, or anything that might be targeting our clients data. I just need a minute to finish here and then we can talk."

True to his word Keo's eyes dropped back to his monitor. Another 10 minutes easily passed with the alpha swapping between PCs and his phone, fingers clicking away on the various keys. Eventually the last key was struck and with it a note of finality. Now all that was left was for the programs to do do their work. With luck, Cas would be well on his way to finishing the sweep that had been asked of him when he first entered.

The alpha took a moment to let out a slow controlled breath as he closed the lids on his 2 laptops and returned his phone to his jacket pocket, before leaning back comfortably in his leather backed chair.

"What do you know of some backwater low life called Raymond Gunnerson?" Keo was well aware that he had no idea who this low life was. Bookies and the like as well as general day to day operations were handled by others more suited to the task of ground work. People like Asher, Stacia. Those that could be his eyes, ears, and teeth when he was unable to. The alpha was playing a hunch that Ash would know who he was talking about or at the very least know who they could get that sort of information from. "I got an interesting call this morning from Squeaker saying that she caught wind that the guy got roughed up real good last night and had a bunch of books stolen. Books that could implicate and or cause issues down the line for business."
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by: Asher Castello
The sound of keys clicking was like a symphony to his well-trained ears. Castello grinned as he found his Alpha seated at his desk, typing away on two devices, his eyes moving between both monitors as he expertly sought out...whatever it was he was up to. Once inside, Asher shut the door behind him and let it latch quietly before moving toward the seat across from Keo and taking up a post on one of the computers as he was directed. A quick sweep of the keyboard meant Cas was already logged in, as his word count per minute was up to par with Keo's. "Sure, boss. Take your time." He waved the boss off politely, letting him know he was in no hurry since he was the one summoned to the boss' office. Whatever it was, Keo's eyes were focused, and he didn't want to break that concentration.

Cas logged into the security program they had set on the home screen and made sure to click all options he'd listed. As a security firm, Murkoff was always susceptible to attack. Malware was their arch-nemesis, and worms and other stupid bullshit that script-kids and DDOSers tried to use against them were easily swatted away. It was roughly 45% through the scan when Cas peeked up from his monitor. "Some fool downstairs leave a door open or something?" It was his way of asking if one of the morons on the lower level departments forgot to lock something or code something properly. Cas often had to deal with some of the wannabes downstairs so he couldn't help but roll his eyes when he asked the question.

Once the two laptops in front of Keo were closed, Castello sat back in his chair too. The scan was taking a little longer than necessary, but there hadn't been anything other than a couple of minor viruses from some idiot clicking on their spam emails on company computers. Cas would deal with them later--and would probably wring their necks.

"Gunnerson..." Asher scratched his chin. "Gunn...Oh. You mean the guy who calls himself--oh, what's it--Ray Gun?" Asher snickered and rolled his eyes at the man's self-proclaimed moniker, and shrugged. "Yeah that filthy bastard owes me 5k for some shit, he'd borrowed that months ago too. Why? What's up?"

When Keo answered, Asher narrowed his eyes. "Squeaker..." That mousy little punk. But it wasn't the informant he was worried about, it was information. That sonofabitch Ray Gun liked to keep hard copies of shit they should have had stored digitally like Asher had advised. He ran his hand over his face and sighed. "Issues. Yeah, well if any of Murkoff or the Lucci family business gets implicated by this piece of shit, he's going to have a lot of issues caused for him. I told you we should have started putting everything on encrypted microfiches, boss. I'm thinking maybe from here on out we should."

Could have, would have, should have. He could already hear Keo telling him to shut his damn mouth, so Cas did him a quick favor and shut his mouth right quick. There were plenty of other words, more bitching to be done, behind his lips but Castello bit down and he bit down hard. His cold, dark gaze stared outside of the high-rise window, staring somewhere on the city below as he tried to calm down. "Alright. Alright then, what do you propose we do, boss?"
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by: AC
Keo listened intently when Asher said he knew the guy in question. That was good. Real good and it certainly made things easier on their end as far as tying up loose ends went. When Cas went on to run his mouth though... was the punk trying to tell him how to run his business? Keo's eyes narrowed dangerously. The encryption he had on mob info were top notch and he doubted there was a hacker in the whole of the UK that could crack the system he'd built from the ground up. The only way would be from the inside unless some sort of new tech had been developed to access ghost networks. Then again there was something to be said about redundancy and fail safes but right now was not the time.

Clearly the other man caught on to the alpha's rising ire and he dropped that line of conversation accordingly. Keo didn't miss the way Cas averted his gaze to look at something out the window in an attempt to keep his own anger in check. It was a smart move considering if he would have kept running his mouth the alpha would have certainly put a bullet in him. Eventually Cas asked what the proposed solution was. Keo steepled his fingers and brought the tips of his pointer fingers up to rest on his chin as he thought of a plan of action.

"I think we need to go have a chat with Mr. Gunnerson this morning. I could send in a crew to paint a message but we still wouldn't know what was taken or who took it, and odds are good it would draw some unfavorable attention. Plus it would take to long. I'm betting info on other parties has also gone missing which means if we can get that info back we could potentially gain a leg up on the competition. Do you have your kit with you?"

Even as the question was asked the mob boss leaned forward and reached down to the bottom drawer of his desk where a finger print reader and keypad acted as a lock. Keo brushed his thumb over the print reader and punched in the 9 digit code. A small click, just loud enough to be heard by a Garou, was the only indication that the drawer had been unlocked. He wasted no time in tugging the drawer open and pulling out a small, ratty looking leather duffel bag and set it on top of his desk. Cas would recognize it as his "working kit." Inside the bag was an assortment of tools: knives, pliers, a hammer, mini goose-neck, wire, duct tape and a host of other odds and ends that would seem completely out of place for a business man of Keo's stature, but very common for a mobster looking for information.

"Do you know where our man is holed up these days? I assume fairly affluent? Easy to find?"

Keo took a moment as well to bend down further and pop the false side panel off the drawer as he waited for Asher's response. Inside the hidden compartment was a variety of passports, cash, and a few Smith & Wesson 9mm. The alpha pulled the pistols out and took the time to fix them with silencers and check the mags before sliding them into the custom holsters that had been built into his suit jacket. Once set he kicked the drawer closed and returned his full attention back to Cas.
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by: Asher Castello
Keo wanted to go handle this himself, which was expected and respected at the same time. Cas expected no less from his Alpha, who liked to be more hands-on with targets who had caught his eye (in a bad way) and that seemed to be why he was revered and feared in the mob circuit. The proposal of a visit to their loud-mouthed son of a bitch rat made Castello grin with something far more devious lurking behind those dark eyes. He loved a good shakedown, and getting to run as the wingman on this was rather pleasing to the wolf underneath. It gave him a sense of pride that Keo didn't call in Marco or Geno for this one, or even Stacia if she was in town, but instead of questioning his choice of personnel and possibly ruining his shot at being a part of this at all, Cas simply nodded when he was asked about his kit.

"Packed up in my car downstairs." He replied. Cas had a piece concealed on him as well as a thumbdrive with hacking programs and other things he might need in a pinch, but the kit had extra tools of tech and hardware that require ammunition, that he kept close at all times.

When asked where he might find this 'Ray Gun', Cas nodded. "Actually I do. Marco told me he spotted him uptown, some hoity-toity sorta building. Not just once, but several times coming in and out with his own muscle, his own detail. I can get us there, unless you plan on bringing someone else along to drive." As he hung his hands over the armrests, he could feel his fingers already twitching a bit when he watched Keo fix his guns up with the silencers. Damn, he was itching to get his hands on his own piece and maybe plant a couple of slugs into the floor and then the limbs of the man who'd gone and fucked up the mob shroud. This was gonna be one hell of a day, wasn't it?
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by: AC
Good. It was nice to know Cas was prepared even with the unexpected summons and Keo made sure his grin showed his approval. It was amazing in it's own right to see how far Asher had come since he'd shown up begging to be allowed into the family all those years ago. A left over from a failed attempt to gain a foothold in New York no thanks to the Russians. Where once there was a gangly, half dead mutt with a mouth, now sat a man of poise that wore his confidence like a finely tailored suit. There was no denying Asher still had the mouth and the tendency to butt heads over how business should be run happened more than the alpha would like, but it still brought Keo a sense of fatherly pride.

"Good. If the place is as uppity as you say we can do a drive by. Maybe hack into the cctv and see what we're walking into if you think the muscle is going to give us trouble?" He left the question open ended, hoping Cas would give him an opinion on the matter. It wouldn't be the first time the alpha had ever walked into something that was considered an unknown but it never hurt to at least try to have an edge. They could also play the Murkoff card and say that he, as CEO needed a meeting scheduled with Gunnerson. That was usually more than enough to scare the front desk into letting him walk into almost anywhere, especially if he made a show of it.

A raised brow was given in response to Cas mentioning mentioning bringing some one else along. Really? Did the younger man not think if Keo wanted someone else they'd already be here? It was hard not to let out a sigh of disapproval.

"If I was going to bring anyone else don't you think they'd be here already? " The deadpan tone reflected the alphas current feelings on the matter. "Or do you think you lack the requisite skills and I should call Marco instead?" It was a bit of a dig but it was also Keo's way of telling Asher to use his head without actually saying it. He let the silence linger a bit longer before offering a slight huff that could be taken as an amused snort.

"No. Gunnerson has indirectly hurt the family, my family, and if you're to learn the inns and outs of upper management I figured this would be good father son bonding."

Once he'd said his piece, Keo stood, straightening out his pants and shirt before buttoning his jacket. The alpha then took a moment to run his hands over his slicked back, gelled locks, making sure everything was in order appearance wise. That done he grabbed one of the laptops from his desk and tucked it under his arm while his free hand grabbed his kit. A nod to the door indicated he was ready to move out.

"Shall we?"
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by: Asher Castello
"Sure, I can call up Benny, see if he's uptown to do a quick sweep for us, otherwise we can do it again when we get there. Thank the queen or whatever for getting this place so networked, it just makes our job easier." Cas laughed, shaking his head at the thought. London being so high-tech nowadays with their auto terminals in the metro, cctv network through the gov, or even other things being upgrade to tech from their old, archaic ways of functioning made their job a damn breeze. However, he narrowed his eyes slightly when Keo made a crack at him for assuming someone else would tag along. Of course, Keo would have made those arrangements beforehand and he flushed briefly before shaking it off. "Nah-nah, I'm good for it, boss. I just didn't know I'd be wingman today." He grinned. It was always a proud moment when he could tag along with Keo without the company of the other capos or goons that wanted to give Asher shit for being a late-bloomer, especially since he was a late addition to the family.

Not to mention, the words father-son bonding made Cas grin like a damn idiot and he stood from his chair once the Alpha rose from his.

Castello smiled in answer to his Alpha and briskly strode toward the door to open it for him. He buttoned up his coat, flashed another quick wink at the receptionist before heading to the elevators. He could sense her phermones from her desk, even as he walked away, making him smugly grin at his boss for riling up the human help. He chuckled to himself as he entered the elevator, giving the receptionist another smoldering glance before the doors shut.

Everything was of fluid and natural from then on. Not that their actions weren't always carefully calculated and swiftly executed to perfection, but running a shakedown was like riding a god damn bicycle. Cas and Keo got to the floor level and without being asked, he was at the back door opening it for the Alpha. To his surprise, Keo saw him eye the front passenger seat instead, so he quickly slammed that shut and opened the passenger door for him instead. Cas was thrilled to get to ride alongside the man he saw as his pops, since he was almost always a backseat type. It was mostly when they were on official gigs or if the missus was around, but after one swift punch to the back of his head after he'd made a Driving Miss Daisy remark, Cas always assumed Keo would ride in the back. Once Keo was secure and settled, he carefully closed the door and fetched his kit from the trunk. Cas threw it in the back before getting into the driver's seat.

And then, they were off.

The drive was nice, some soft music (Keo's choice of course) running in the background to their idle chatter about things like how things were at the shop, incoming inventory shipments to expect and how his wife was doing, which rendered some unseen eye-rolls from the tinkerer-slash-hacker. Hell, he didn't even know his job title half the time, but wingman for today would suffice.

Once the GPS pinged with the address Benny confirmed, Cas pulled into the parking space just a short walk away, which gave them a good vantage point to the front entrance, and a nice signal from the broadcasting networks. "Here we are."
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by: AC
Benny was solid go to for recon and a smart move if he was already uptown. The kid had a good eye and if he was able to do a preliminary sweep before they arrived it would certainly save on time. The grunt work would be done, then all the alpha would have to do was upload a virus to the security system that would purge any footage that wight implicate the Italian's in what was going to go down. Cas was right. The technology that permeated every day life was a god send to a group like his. It also didn't hurt that running a security firm that took everything from small business securities to government contracts... it was like having the keys to the city.

Keo's grin widened at the ridiculously happy feeling that was radiating from the other garou. When the door was opened Keo stepped out and took a moment to flash his pearly whites at the young receptionist, babble out a greeting in Italian before swapping back to English to inform her that he would be out for the morning and to reschedule any meetings he might have had. She was young, impressionable, and oh so easy to rile up. Added bonus that having a pretty little thing like that at the desk pissed off his wife to no end. The alpha strode to the elevator with a smugness in his step that was caught be Asher based on the grin he was receiving and once the elevator doors closed he nudged the other man lightly with his elbow.

"You know she has the afternoons off on Thursday and like beer and that tasteless cardboard your American friends call pizza." Keo hadn't missed the was look that Cas had thrown the girl and it brought out a low melodic chuckle. The rest of the walk to the car was nothing but routine, the only change was that he'd opted to share the front of the vehicle with his boy. Since it was just the two of them there was no need to get hung up on the typical formalities. Asher had already been moving to grab the door, so once open, the alpha slid in without any preamble, tucking his kit under his feet and resting the lap top across his lap.

The drive was good. Uneventful even, and it gave the alpha a chance to banter and catch up with Cas since it had been a while since he'd been able to see his boy one on one. It was nice, a good break from the stress and monotony of business.

In no time, Cas was pulling into an open parking space and Keo wasted no time in flipping open the laptop, popping both a thumb drive and a wireless stick into the USB slots. It would only take a minute or two to hack the traffic cams and maybe another few minutes to hack the buildings security. From the outside it didn't look like anything spectacular, but since Keo had no intention of leaving Gunnerson breathing after this little chat, he wasn't about to risk his face showing up on security.

"You should come by this week. Miranda is away on business. Maybe catch a football or rugby match." It was more banter to help pass the time while he worked but the sentiment behind it was genuine. After a short time had passed a soft "we're in" indicated it was go time. Keo had set up a short loop that would keep the car invisible to the traffic cams and had then uploaded a virus to target the buildings security footage that was set to trigger in a few hours. That would give them ample time to work, clean up and get what they needed.

Stepping out of the car, the Italian took a moment to make sure his appearance was up to par with his standards and hoped Asher would follow suite. Once he felt he was sufficiently presentable, Keo grabbed his kit and motioned to the front entrance of the building. He set off at a brisk pace until they were just outside, holding up for Cas to grab the door. Once inside, he adopted the board look of a man with to much time and money, motioning with his head to Asher in an indication that he wanted the mobster to take point since he'd spoken to Benny and knew where they were going.
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by: Asher Castello
Cas just chuckled back at his Alpha when he mentioned the interests of the receptionist. She was a looker, he had to admit, and would be an interesting conquest should he decide to take her up on that. Perhaps he'd show up with some beer and pizza one of the days after she clocked out, surprise her a bit and take her out for a night on the town. Or back to his flat, either way. "Yeah, if I can find a place that sells a decent pie? I'll consider it." He responded, shrugging it off a bit. He wasn't in the market to seek anyone out--the women just flocked to him. Then again, Cas was almost always neck-deep in work so it was tough to throw his energy and efforts into courting anyone. Still, at least she was an option.

It was a great drive over, and when Keo offered to have him over, he couldn't help but feel proud. "Soccer eh? Rugby...Yeah sure. Sounds good, I'd like that." The American couldn't help but poke at the sport. While he much preferred a good American football, hockey or even baseball game, all he was really interested in was spending time with the man he considered his pops. Cas would grin and bear it through those sports he didn't quite understand just to have some quality time with him. And with Miranda away? He was sold. It just meant she wouldn't stroll in to bitch at him and/or take Keo away to shorten their time together.

Keo hacked in and made sure the coast was clear in no time, which was expected and less of a surprise because he sure as hell knew his way around with tech. Cas nodded and opened the door for him, and once they were inside, he took point. It was a nice building, doormen and reception busy helping other inhabitants which made it easy to blend in and head upstairs. They took the elevators, since the security feed would keep them hidden, and he pushed the 6th floor button. It was a quiet ride up, and thankfully no one had gotten in with them, making it less of a liability in case someone saw their faces. Regardless, there would always be a way to keep them out of sight.

The doors opened and Cas took a hard right, leading them to the end of the hall to room 616. He nodded at Keo to let him know this was the intel he'd been given, and then proceeded to knock. The door had an electric card reader on it instead of the standard metal keys, which was going to make their job easy, in case Gunnerson decided he didn't want to come to the door. Turning his head to get a better ear on things, Cas heard shuffling inside, heavy breathing behind the reinforced door, and then retreating footsteps. If this was a hotel he might have been a little cheeky and knocked again, declaring they were housekeeping, but he'd shelve that one until it would apply.

"Heh. Seems like someone doesn't want to come out and play." He muttered softly to Keo, raising a brow. He sure as hell knew what he wanted to do to proceed, but waited for the Alpha's command before taking action.
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by: AC
It was far easier to get into the elevator and head up to the designated floor than it perhaps should have been. The building was moderately busy and dressed as they were no one would view them as out of place. When Cas moved to the elevator, Keo followed. Thankfully their had been a slight lull in foot traffic and no one unexpected or unwanted joined then in the car. That meant things could be kept clean, with no additional loose ends that would need to be dealt with. Even when he was nothing but a wolf on the prowl the alpha disliked killing unnecessarily. It was bad for business.

The ride up was quite and that suited the garou just fine. There was no need for idle chit chat. A soft 'ding' heralded their arrival to the designated floor. Keo waited for Asher to exit and the alpha followed with a purposeful stride, slowing when it appeared they had reached their destination. As Cas knocked, Keo reached inside his jacket and pulled out a well worn pair of black leather gloves. As the seconds ticked past with no answer the alpha let a slow wicked grin slip onto his face and he slipped the gloves on.

He mob boss found himself mirroring Asher's head tilt, placing his ear in a better position to catch anything that might be happening behind the door. Delicate hearing managed to pick out the sounds of shuffling from inside, heavy breathing with a slight note of panic...and, oh? Another set of footsteps, lighter than the first... The distinct sound of metal sliding against metal.... must be the hired goons. Two by the sound of things. A soft chuckle broke from the alpha. "They never want to do things the easy way. There's at least two plus the man of the hour, someone is armed with something I wager neither of us wants to get hit with. Get rid of the extras, then we'll sit down for a chat." Keo kept his voice low and spoke in Italian to keep the conversation between the pair.

The alpha nodded his head toward the card reader, indicating he wanted Cas to proceed, as he drew his own piece from its holster. A quick check to make sure it was chambered was all the alpha did before pressing his body tight against the door frame, keeping himself as small a target as possible in case Gunnerson's goons were of the shoot first, question later variety and to offer his boy some cover if it became necessary.
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by: Asher Castello
Two? Cas' lips spread thin as he nodded, since that was a detail he'd missed. He'd heard only one other aside from Gunnerson, so to catch another set of fleeting footsteps was an important detail that would have gotten ugly if looked over and they charged in without expecting another target. He grunted with a smirk at Keo's remark, seeing that none of their house calls seemed to flow with ease without running into a few roadblocks. This was minor compared to the others, not so much a setback as an inconvenience. "I got point. Give you a dramatic and... grand entrance, as it were." Cas chuckled, pulling at the bottoms of his gloves to make sure they were secure before they entered the room.

"Ready?" Cas waited for the nod, which came just in time for their hacking device to open the door. The soft beep and green light was all the signal he needed to move up, and after turning the knob, he kicked the door in. The adrenaline surged through him immediately, a feral thirst for blood fueling his swift and calculated movements. In a blink, Cas was able to assess the layout of the room. It was a large suite, the front door had a short hallway from the foyer that opened up into the kitchen area and the small living room adjacent to that. There were two other rooms here, a small office and a bedroom that was separated from the main area by a thin wooden wall. It looked expensive, classy and a nice new playground for Keo and Cas to shuffle around with these assholes.

Tweedle-dee, aka Goon number 1 was closest to the door. Cas charged him, a heavy growl tearing from his lungs. The man's gun was up in an instant, to which he ducked out of the line of sight and grabbed the man's arm, pushing it upward at the elbow to ensure he was not able to fire at him. He maneuvered the gun at Tweedle-dum, aka Goon number 2 who was across the way in the living room, and forced him to pull the trigger--boom-boom--a silenced double-tap at center mass. Once the man was down Cas forcefully shoved the bend of the elbow upward, hearing the beautiful sound of the man's bones breaking in his grasp. The man cried out in pain, much to the pleasure of the Alpha's right-hand for the day, but he stifled the outcry (to prevent any police from being called by the noise) by headbutting him square on the nose and kicking him back to the couch. With one, graceful movement, he pulled the tie from the man's neck and wrapped it around his head, tying it tight as a gag to keep him quiet.

"One peep out of you and I'll break your other arm." Cas grinned, using a zip tie to wrap around the man's ankles, and another zip tie to fasten him to the metal bar at the far end of the room.

At further observation, Cas looked it up and down. Stripper pole? He chuckled. "Son-of-a-bitch has class, don't he?" He looked up to where his Alpha was at this point, and shook his head.

Then, the apartment fell silent. Where the hell was Ray Gun? Cas sniffed the air.
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by: Orion
Fuck,fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!

Ray hid in his panic room, such as it was, and tried not to let his breathing run away with him. Damn, everything still hurt from the Devil's beat down some nights ago. Gunnerson had been in the middle of clearing out his accounts and heading somewhere sunny and warm. Unfortunately, it seemed like he had miscalculated his timing and the wolves were at the door, so to speak.

He flinched at the two shots that rang out, but the silence was even worse. Keo and his right hand were here. Three of them would meet for a business meeting, but only two would be leaving, and it wouldn't be Ray Gun. No, sir, it would not. The information man knew the odds and he knew the outcome. He was going to be very, very badly hurt, possibly killed. Despite this knowledge, Ray couldn't force himself to uncurl from the fetal position he had gotten into once entering the secret panic room behind his desk. Keo would be able to hack the security system, no doubt, and he'd pry him out like an oyster from its shell. Then there would be pain, and then death.

It didn't help that panic was making him pant in wheezy breaths. The damned man would hear it, he thought irrationally. Oh, God why hadn't the Devil just killed him?!
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by: AC
Keo was hard pressed not to roll his eyes at Cas' comment about making a grand entrance but there was the hint of a smirk tugging at the corners of the mob bosses mouth. The kid knew him far to well. A small nod greeted the query about being ready. Oh yeah, he was more than ready to make a greasy little blood stain out of a certain snitch and anyone he associated with.

As soon as Cas moved, Keo followed, gun raised to offer any cover fire the younger wolf would need or to take out any threats that might have been missed on the initial guess work of how many active people were in the office. It was over in what felt like a few adrenaline surge filled seconds. Asher had been on the first goon like nothing and luck happened to be with them as he was able to use the first goons gun to take out the second. While his boy was busy dealing with goon 1, the alpha quickly shut the door behind him as he stepped in and took a quick survey of the rest of the rooms nearby to make sure they would be in the clear.

Once sure they were in the clear, Keo returned to the door and popped the cover off the card reader and disconnected one of the leads that gave the thing power. No power meant no unlocking the door. That would keep most laymen out, unless they were in the business of kicking in doors and if that were the case then things would get messy real quick. The older man turned back to see that his boy had everything under control and had made sure that goon 1 wouldn't be causing them trouble anytime soon.

Cas's quip about a stripper pole had the alpha letting out an amused snort and offered the younger mobster a look that clearly stated dirt had more class than Gunnerson. While the alpha wasn't above a good romp with something sweet and sexy, there was always a time and a pace and one's place of business was not it. "Hnnn, yeah, the finest the human race has to offer."

The rather large and elaborate mahogany desk near the back of the main entrance immediately caught the alpha's eye and he motioned to Cas with a slight twirl of his finger that he wanted the man to do a quick sweep as he headed towards the back of the room. A computer sat on the desks surface along with a messy stack of papers that looked like they had been pushed around in a panicked moment. The PC was still on and the alpha reached down to tap the enter key and was greeted with a locked landing page. Heh.. the alpha dropped his kit beside the desk chair and took a seat, ears listening for footsteps that would herald Cas's return or the sound of prey making a run for it. So far he was picking up nothing out of the ordinary.

Keo pulled a thumb drive out of his pocket and plugged it into the desk PC. It was loaded with a bunch of hacking software. A quick trip into the Windows command line and the alpha had a keygen up and running and within a 30 second span he'd had full access to Gunnerson's files. Keo took a quick look through the typical areas of document storage and a few hidden encrypted folders that seemed as if they'd been in the process of being deleted. A swift jaunt through emails also indicated that the owner, one Raymond Gunnerson, was in the process of liquidating and moving assets. The alpha let out a soft huff and took a moment to rifle through papers on the desk that only confirmed what the emails had indicated. Drawers were opened next and sifted through, side panels pushed and prodded to reveal and secret compartments but so far nothing. It wasn't until gloved finger tips ran along the underside of the desk top, just above the extended keyboard tray, came into contact with something that felt like a depressed button. Keo grinned and gave it a push and was rewarded with a hidden panel that had now revealed itself on top of the desk.

The alpha wasted no time in opening it and was more than a bit surprised to find another keypad of sorts with what looked like some sort of finger print reader. Panic room maybe? Or back door? No definitely a hidey hole of some sort. The office was along an exterior wall and the only exit was out into the hallway in which they'd entered. Well wasn't this one interesting rat.

Keo reached down into his kit and shuffled around the various tools until fingers clenched around the object of his current search. It was a raspberry-pi. A wonderfully simple vet sophisticated piece of tech if used by the right person. He wasted no time in connecting the small computer into the side port of the keypad and then to his cell phone which would act as a mini monitor. Biometrices were definitely up there in security, but while challenging, were still very much hackable. If he could get the keypad to by pass that part of the system all together things would be even easier. Another lead usb was run from the pi to the PC where Keo had access to the command prompt from a program on the thumb drive he'd plugged in earlier.

His eyes glanced of from the monitor as he continued to click away at the keys when he heard Cas approach before returning to the task at hand.

"Looks like our man here was in the process of cutting and running but didn't quite finish up." Keo glanced at the keypad and felt a smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth and he leaned back in the chair and clasped his hands together, settling them comfortable in his lap while his program figured out the final 3 digits of the key code.

"Do you know what I hate most about rats? I hate that they can be cultured. Wear elegantly dressed clothing, recite poetry, speak a dozen languages. They can be scholars, academics, bankers, convenience store clerks. Be refined in the arts, in history... but at the end of it all, no matter how you dress them, a rat is still a filthy, thieving rat." NO sooner had he stopped speaking the keypad beeped indicating he'd successfully gotten past the security and the sound of a door sliding open had the alpha spinning his chair in a 180 so he could see behind him and into the now exposed panic room where a filthy, wheezing mess was curled up in a ball on the floor. "Raymond Gunnerson I presume? We need to talk."
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by: Asher Castello
First part of the mission, complete. Swiftly and cleanly, he would add. Castello heard the door shut among the scuffle with the goons, and once the dust settled, the morbid serenade of the injured man's groans in pain as he lie there doubled over with his broken arm was music to the Cyber Dog's ears. He kept a side-long glare on the man, hoping that he would dare him to make good on his promise to snap his other arm. Cas, a man of his word, would happily oblige. He'd done so with the man's shooting arm without hesitation, and was still working off of the surge of adrenaline that kicked in after he'd initiated the break-in.

With an obedient nod, Cas made a swift sweep across the apartment. His eyes thoroughly scanned the first room, then the second, and even peeked in the wash room to see if they could kill him indisposed (because a: it would be hilarious and b: what a way to go!) ... but much to his disappointment, dismay and sheer and utter bafflement, the God damn Gunnerson was missing. "Clear!" He announced, at a volume quiet enough to keep any nosy neighbors at arms length, but loud enough to carry into the room where Keo was. There was a faint stench of cheap aftershave and cheaper cologne lingering in the room, an aroma he hadn't scented from the hired guns. His heartbeat was nowhere to be found which meant he had the courtesy of offing himself, or he was playing on hell of a game of hide and seek.

He watched as his Alpha moved into the chair, assessing the mess around the desk; papers strewn about, trinkets and clutter knocked over, all signs of an urgent getaway. Keo was already in motion to get into the computer, having used the USB in his arsenal of tech from the toolkit. He sniffed, scratched his nose, and then took up post between Keo and the fallen man, trying to listen beyond the huffing and puffing from the injured goon beside him. Dark eyes fell shut as he concentrated, trying to seek out the bastard snitch, wherever he was holed up and hiding now. Wherever he was, Cas sure as hell knew he was praying to all Gods, old and new, or whatever he was into, to keep out the big bad wolves.

"Come out, come out wherever you are..." Castello mocked the man, letting the teasing quip slip out. He wasn't sure what sort of demeanor Keo would have preferred for this sort of thing, but right now he was just thrilled to be a part of their little hunt. It might not have been the standard, outdoorsy hunt that garou usually lived for, but it was a hunt nonetheless...and his heart was pumping...and he was excited to tear this guy apart.

Castello watched as Keo worked his magic on the keypad. Wherever that thing lead would hopefully drop the loudmouthed prick in their laps. Onto some bullets, even. Keo's monologue was so eloquently placed, and aptly timed. The beep on the keypad meant success, and voila--they got their wish. "Tsk tsk tsk...," Castello smirked, slowly walking toward the heap of a man now in full view of the two garou. "Nowhere to run now, Ray-Ray. Or...Ray Gun, right?" A grin tugged at Castello's lips, both proud to be in his surrogate father's company and having discovered the rat in hiding. He clenched his fists at his sides and each knuckle popped with a chilling crack in the silent and tense air.
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