The Ministry formally advises that all contact with muggles and their world be kept to a minimum. Muggles are an admittedly useless creature, far inferior to our abilities and knowledge. The Ministry advises those who have made it clear they are blood traitors are not to be reckoned with or kept informed of the goings on within our world as they have made their choice.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
June 11, 2012
St. George's Cathedral

Message delivered.


And with minimal problems. Just a few sparks and hopefully nothing too obvious. But judging from the hair standing on the back of their neck (And not from static this time!), Corrigan had drawn more than just Tom’s curiosity. A smile and tilt of their head confirmed the stares from the other two men that had been lingering behind as well. That was fine, it was about time Corrigan saw themself out anyways. ”Hope that helped. If you need something I’m always around,” they grinned before turning on their heel and heading towards the door. They tossed their braid back, knowing the action had sent a spark from the crown of their head to the metal bit on the elastic at the end of their hair. A smirk graced their face directed towards the blonde male with the cane and they held their chin up as they headed towards the exit. Just had to pretend to be fine, no weakness until they got out that door. Because, hopefully, the two men wouldn’t be dumb enough to start something in the church. Closed quarters with witnesses. Not ideal for them and Corrigan would gladly make one hell of a scene if it meant exposing Mi5 and all their dirty, mutated laundry. Not that exposing themself as a freak was really ideal to Corrigan.

Anxiety had coiled tighter in Corrigan’s chest with their thoughts as they left the safety of Tom’s company. A dozen… No, nine and half steps to the door, four seconds of hesitation to get it open enough for them to slip out without being grabbed. Twenty six seconds to run to the alley, forty-two to scale the fire escape, sixteen to use the rope they had left to access the vacant lot where Corrigan had hid a change of clothes, then the time limit cooled enough for them to relax a little. That was how the test run this morning had worked out at least. They very much doubted the actual plan would be as smooth. But either way, they would get back to the apartment and then... Then maybe… Indian for dinner? As a reward. Yes, definitely. Now the complicated part was making sure neither of the men made a move towards them to prevent the start of their plan. Tilting their head again, they crossed the floor swiftly and slipped out the door.

Ha. Fair escape you jer-!

Corrigan stopped short, blue eyes staring at the woman they had nearly crashed into right outside the entrance. The mask cracked and their control loosened sending small embarrassed sparks across their suddenly red nose and cheeks.

”Oh! I...I am s-sorry!”

The stutter slipped and Corrigan stared longer than was normal in their panic at the taller woman.

Trap. Trapped. Gotta run. Gotta shock. No. Just just just.... Gotta-!

Corrigan stumbled back a step before rushing off down the street, hurrying away from church somewhere between a speed walk and literally running away. Welp, there went their carefully thought out plan. Instead Corrigan was hurrying away as fast as physically possible while staving off a panic attack that was swiftly spiraling them towards Tesla coil status if the sparks between their fingers were anything to go by.
Cole's nod had been clear enough. He'd noticed something about the girl and now he was supposed to track her. No plan, no further instructions or information. Thankfully his cell phone was already on silent due to the memorial service, so he didn't need to worry about anything but standing up and beginning to hurry his ass out the building in her general direction as quickly as he could. What was he supposed to do when he got there, though? No girl was going to fall for a pick-up line and flirting after being chased by someone, and it wasn't like he had handcuffs on him. He really didn't like the lack of information on what he was facing here, but nevertheless, with a quiet grumble under his breath, he hurried out through the double doors and into the lobby she had headed through, and outside where he noticed Kat. "Help," he said to her as he passed her, heading into a run as he watched the girl beginning to run and noticing some of the sparks.

Klaus wanted to call after her, but he didn't have any reason to. It would make her realize immediately that she was being pursued, and it wasn't like she'd dropped a purse or lost a shoe where anyone would normally do so. All he could do for now was run and hope that eventually she would reach a place where he could motion Kat to keep following her while he darted through an alley or something and managed to cut her off. Until then, he was just going to run, loosening his tie and the top button of his button-down as he did.
There were footsteps shuffling behind her and voices coming from the inside of the church since the doors were opened. That meant the ceremony was over, so she put out her cigarette on her heel and chucked it aside. Katarina turned around quickly, trying to keep balance on her high-heels when she felt another person collide with her. "Jeez--shit!" She exclaimed under her breath, bringing her arms up to stabilize herself, bracing against the person's forearms if they let her, but the culprit was in clear panic. She felt a shock at her fingertips before pulling away and Katarina gasped softly. Before she could ask if the girl was alright, she had already stumbled back.

Katarina narrowed her eyes, annoyance clear on her face, as the girl made her apology.

"Oh! I...I am s-sorry!"

"Sure." She said bluntly, smoothing the wrinkles in her dress as she checked her heels to make sure they weren't scuffed. I swear, the one God damn time I dress nice...

But then, the girl took off running. Kat looked up in the direction she'd skittered off, and when she spun around again to see if Cole would be emerging from the doors soon, Katarina saw Klaus making his way out in a brisk stride. She wanted to ask what his hurry was, but his quick utterance of 'help' was all she needed to know as a signal that she needed to make a move. "Wait-who--" And then he was gone. He was running after the person who ran into her which could only mean one thing. Pursuit.

Fucking hell.

Katarina gave one last quick glance toward the open door and after a few seconds noted that Cole wasn't coming out just yet, so she scoffed and took off running as best as she could in her fancy heels. She saw Klaus in the distance, waving her toward the alleyway. "I don't get paid enough for this shit." She grumbled. If she had her wand maybe apparating would make things easy, but on this busy street in broad daylight, that might not have been the best decision either. For now, she would continue on foot.
Can’t- ! Can’t breathe!

Corrigan stumbled into an alley that connected this street to the next, an alley with an exit. Needed exits. Needed to breathe. The wet gauze that had started to clog up their lungs and throat in panic was barely allowing the wheezing gasps of air to filter into them causing tears to prick their eyes until a few escaped down their face. Desperate, they slammed their back against the wall of the alley hard, purposefully knocking the wind from them forcing their body to gasp deeper and restart more even breathing with a chest clearing hack.

Now was not the time to devolve into a sobbing panic mess over bumping into a stranger. Over nothing. They tried to tell themself that but their body overruled their logic with a firm “go fuck yourself, kid”. They just needed to get back to the apartment. Focus on that. Focusing would at least stave off the impending meltdown, Corrigan hoped. They needed to make a list.

First, get breathing under contro- Why had the church been so white? Hate white. Hate. Hate. Ha- Throat tightened, wheezing, choking, white room, strangling. Couldn’t- !

/No./ Two. Back to the apartment. Corrigan hit their palm against their forehead hard to concentrate.

Three, out of this stupid dres- Fucking sparks. Still too many. Freak. They’re gonna see. Gonna find you. Gonna take you back. The humming in the air had turned into full on crackling and the sharp zapping of electrostatic from Corrigan’s skin.

Four! Fou- Footsteps. Corrigan froze at the internal ramblings consuming their thoughts as the sound of running approached where they were leaning, cutting their panic with pure adrenaline. Had they been so out of it that they hadn’t even noticed someone follow them? The loosened panic in their chest tightened into a vice, sparks dancing across their skin like an exposed wire. Hugging themself too tightly, Corrigan barely managed to wrestle the sparks down again; hopefully before anyone noticed the slip up. Shuffling farther into the alley, they stopped at about the middle to continue to calm their breathing in their more hidden spot. They let their head fall forward on their chest as they took shaky breaths, fingers clenching their forearms hard enough to bruise as they watched the entrance of the alley in their peripheral.
Well, into an alley worked, too. But what the few sparks he noticed as he neared the corner, having slowed to manage to take a moment to assess, had him deciding he would not be the one going around. Whoever went into the alley would be the first one to be face-to-face with the girl, and if she decided to stand her ground rather than run as she had thus far, well... Klaus would rather not have Kat be the one having to figure out how to deal. And on second thought, there was at least one action Kat needed to take before she did what he needed. Klaus paused, stepping back a moment just long enough to signal Kat with the "call me" sign as he mouthed "Cole. Call Cole" then an indication for her to go on and around and make sure she acknowledged before he himself stepped around the corner, choosing not to run for the moment. That would come across as charging at this girl, and he, for one, did not fancy a chance at an unnecessary defibrillation.

He stuffed his hands in his dress pants' pockets for a moment then realized that could come across as threatening despite the general lack of guns in the UK and he took them out to hold out to the sides. "Hey, mate of Matt's here. Just want to talk. Noticed some things, thought maybe that's why you know him, and frankly, I'm concerned about him. Care to help me play a little bit of twenty questions to catch up?" It was the only thing that made sense, that she was affiliated with Matt in some way and knew the truth. She was far too colorfully dressed for a church memorial service, especially Catholic. Maybe some people liked wearing color to funerals these days, but that whole Catholic bit kind of brought to mind more formal, more morose. Or maybe he just had a messed-up view of Catholicism. He'd respected Matt holding to a belief system even if he hadn't agreed with or bought into it himself, and that meant he'd not made much of an effort to discuss it so nothing was said on his part that could rub Matt the wrong way.
"Suspect's hauling ass, boss. But don't worry, Klaus is tailing her." She spoke between breaths, trying to keep a fair stride with Klaus in her sights. He'd ducked into the alley before she could cross the street but with her hand out to oncoming traffic she quickly hobbled across the way to make sure the distance wasn't too great between her and her partner. "Yeah I know I gotta keep on them, just better be worth it. I'll call back. Bye." She shoved her phone in the cup of her bra as not to waste any time fiddling with the stupid zipper on her clutch, and continued the chase.

[Alright, so if you need to run, then you gotta ditch the shoes.]

The voice which usually came with an ample bit of snark actually chimed in with a bit of common sense. The small clutch that dangled off of her shoulder with a gold chain didn't provide much in the way of storing her shoes, and she wasn't going to cast them aside either. Not at that price... So Katarina thought to yank the pumps from her feet and as much as it disgusted her to run around barefoot, there was at least the saving grace of the thin bit of pantyhose between her and the damp cobblestone. She tore through the streets with her shoes in her grasp and once she saw where Klaus had stopped, she hugged the wall and didn't think to turn the corner since he managed to get the girl to stop. As she struggled to catch her breath, she listened closely, and waited to make her move.
A man was in the alley. The same dark haired man that had been sitting in the church. The choking bile in their throat rapidly turned to ice plummeting into their stomach with a dizzying twist. Corrigan shut their eyes tightly to stop the spinning, the sparks-just stop!-squeezing their arms even more not noticing the yellowish marks their fingers had already caused. The whooshing and hammering in their ears almost deafened them against the stranger’s voice, garbling his sentence into near nonsense as it filtered between beats of their rapid pulse.

”Matt’s… to talk… noticed...things... questions…”

The garble caused them to look at the man with big blue eyes still glassy with panicked tears. His blatant non-hostile stance and lack of panic despite the lightning that was chaining through their blonde hair set off alarm bells and raised the hair on their neck in terror. Either this man knew what had happened to Matt or he was working for Mi5. Either option had Corrigan spiralling in thoughts steeped in panic and terror as they jerked away from the wall to face the stranger. Memories of the same feelings clawed and seeped through the cracks in their mind.

Gonna catch you. Gonna keep you. Gonna-

Their head jerked to the side violently at the whispered voice and their own screams that echoed the memory in their mind. Corrigan took another moment to collect themself, ”June. Eleventh. Twenty-eleven. Ten forty-two. London. Alley,” they whispered to themself a few times to get a grip on what was real. The memory not real. Not right now. Not present. Corrigan wasn’t there anymore. They were free now. That was real.

They looked more steadily at the man, ”I don’t have anything to say to you. Leave me alone,” they managed with far more confidence than they felt. It didn’t stop the slight trembling in their limbs or the sparks that skittered over their pale skin but it was something.
Klaus fought back the urge to scowl. It was to be expected that'd be what she'd say, given how skittish she was and the fact she was a runner. Which...why was she staying here? Was it some sense of self-preservation, that maybe one person being in an alley with her was better than being out in the open where everyone could possibly see these...sparks? "Hell did they do to you?" he asked, halfway under his breath. Were the experiments the cause of her skittishness or vice versa? Skittish person, easily manipulated, do the experiment in hopes of feeling stronger, things go wrong, yada, yada, yada?

Klaus inhaled slowly then sighed. "Look, I know you have no reason to trust me, but you could say I'm like a brother to Matt. Hell, probably take out the 'like a' at this point. Best mates for years, seen each other through tough times. I know what they did to him, the experiments. I know they must've done stuff to you, too, unless I've been missing something my whole life and people just normally...spark when scared?" He smirked slightly, though it was more of a grimace. "I'm just worried about him, worried about my brother. All I know is what's in the video he sent me, that he's alive, that Five is a piece of shit, but you're the first proof he's alive since that DVD he left me. Please... Can we talk? Matt's ex is coming around, but I can send her off when she gets here. Your call."
Corrigan pressed their back to the wall more. Solid, real, a reminder of the actual reality around them. It wasn’t the white or pain or… A hiss escaped them as they muffled down the memories, forcing them to focus on what was standing in front of them. The whispers and panic of being cornered didn’t help but it was easier now that the man was talking. Staying back from them helped to calm the situation and his voice was more gentle than the mutant expected it to be. Desperate even. Because he was worried about Matt too.

Best mates...Brother...Worried...Five is shit...Talk..?

A few more blinks allowed them to focus again. It was easier to push the panic away when there was something more important to focus on. Easier to ignore the memories and panic and whispers because Matt was more important and Corrigan had promised him she would get this done. It took a few moments of wordless fish gaping at the man before they nodded. Taking a moment to process his pleas, blue eyes locked on him as they worked on calming their breathing enough not to be choking as they spoke again.

”Y-Yeah… We can talk. It’s fine. She c-can come too,” the mutant agreed slowly, ”You’re Klaus… Right?”

That was the only person that would make sense who would consider himself best mates and brothers with her best friend. Since Corrigan had already talked to Tom, this had to be the friend Matt had briefly mentioned that might also show up at the funeral. It was just surprising to hear he knew that Matt wasn’t dead. That didn’t make sense. But for some reason the other mutant had sent him a video but not his family. And had failed to mention any of it to her which was annoying since she hadn’t planned for this situation at all. Nor had they planned for Klaus to be so calm, snarky even, about their own strangeness. So much for their decidedly careful planning. Moreover, Matt hadn’t told her what was okay and not okay to tell him either. But since he seemed to know about the...changes that Corrigan and Matt had been forced to go through then maybe this would end up being okay.

The blonde eased up to watch him then, ready to talk but still shaking from their fit that they’d finally managed to tap down into the back of their mind for now. ”What do you wanna know?” the blonde finally managed, still leaning against the wall more than trusting their own legs to hold them up.
Katarina skidded to a halt, as well as her nearly bared feet could on the damp pavement, and she hugged the wall around the corner of the alley where she'd heard Klaus' voice cut through pretty clearly.

"...that he's alive, that Five is a piece of shit..."

She bristled at that. While she agreed that the division--or rather, the gov itself--seemed to have taken some bloody stupid strides as of late, she couldn't agree or disagree with his statement. She called it 'Pulling a Callaway', seemingly standing amidst the wreckage that consisted of her fucked up unit.

[Of course you agree with him, don't you? Why the hell are you sticking to some shit gov when they can't even handle their own properly?]
(I'm sure they'll love picking your brain the way they did to him when they experimented on him.)
[OH yes! How could you forget? They've outed you. They'll exploit you. They'll use you.]

A low growl was emitted, from low in her chest as she clenched her fists at her sides. It was only then that she realized she was still clutching her heels in her hand, the expensive footwear she found too precious to leave behind in the chase. Mention of some 'DVD' also made her narrow her eyes, focusing somewhere on the curb in front of her as she tried to listen closer. So this mysterious girl was linked to the Devil in some way. But what the fuck was the DVD he'd left for Klaus? It was bad enough everything came crashing down on her fucking head since the day he left her but Katarina tilted her head a bit more, trying to ignore the voices in her head as she waited for the girl to respond. She clicked her tongue softly when Klaus outed her as being right on their tail.

His Ex. Tch. She couldn't help but roll her eyes. Couldn't fucking say an Agent or something else, he had to go with that.

When the mystery girl decided to let her in on the conversation, she ironed out the front of her dress to make sure her attire was in order before she decided to show herself.

Kat shot Klaus a look of confusion and further shifted her gaze to the girl with a steely glare that held a million questions. She knew that anything that would come out of her own mouth would likely scare her off, so instead of abrasively approaching the suspect, she decided to let Klaus take the reigns on whatever interrogation he had for her. He was always better than her at that anyway, and Callaway's only orders were to make chase. She wouldn't try anything stupid like attack her, if she had anything to do with that random as hell static that kept affecting them back at the church.

Not yet, at least.
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