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by: Cole Callaway
16 June 2012 // 08:54
Director Callaway's Office
MI5 HQ - Paranormal Division

It had been a couple of days since Callaway sent out his top two operatives into the field for a test operation, and after meetings after meetings after filing and filling out paperwork on top of conference calls, the newly appointed Director Callaway had a couple of days to let the agents settle in to the thought of being partners before sending out a memorandum for them to report to him this morning. Pairing Katarina Bauer with Arlo Beckett was a strange pairing indeed, but for some reason, it made sense to him. On paper, that is. He hoped that the outspoken, headstrong analyst-turned-field op agent Bauer would be the balance to the subdued, by-the-books and former six agent Beckett, and given the report he read from their debriefing that night, he was right. Clark's notes mixed with the other agents on-site were mostly positive, aside from a slight hiccup they had towards the end.

Their stories, though told differently in debrief, were colorfully told in their own special sort of way, but they corroborated one another so that was a good sign in itself. However, Callaway stared at the bottom of the report after Beckett left the test site.

Agent Samar Bazeeri reports:
Agent Beckett utilized his abilities to transport himself to a location clear across docks, and Agent Bauer went in pursuit. Roughly twenty-seven minutes passed during their time away from the test-site and when they returned, it appeared Bauer had sustained a minor injury to her left ankle.

What was he after? What did they see that kept them away that long from Clark and the others? What happened to Bauer's foot? At first, he dreaded the worst. Was it Matt? God, he hoped not. That would be the last person he'd want them to see--especially for Katarina's sake.

Cole sighed and set the file on his desk, setting his glasses off to the side as he pinched the bridge of his nose. He peeked up at the clock and noticed that it was just six minutes to nine, and hoped they would get here soon. The sooner, the better.
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by: Arlo Beckett
It had been three days since the run in with MI5's rogue asset. Three days since he'd been assigned agent Bauer as a partner. Three days of being chewed out by Clark and the rest of the crew that had been part pf his entourage. Something about ferreting off and causing panic within the unit.... and then all the junk about pushing limits to far to fast. Clark, as mad as ahe'd been, must have put in a good word since he'd been allowed an evening out of the facility and with no visible suits around.

It was funny how the night progressed from there. Thankfully the unexpected time spent with Kat last night in the hole in the wall pub had done much to improve his spirits after losing a prime target and having been threatened six-ways-to-Sunday about towing the line. It also had given him a bit of insight into what he assumed was going to be a long term partnership with agent Bauer and it let him know how in the dark he truly was in regard to what the Hounds did and what his role in this newly appointed task force would be.

The request from Director Callaway this morning had the older man quirking a small grin. Arlo had wondered how long it was going to be before his "boss" wanted a face to face chat. One of the coats had brought him the memo while he was finishing up another round of vitals. Apparently the insomnia was starting to concern some of his docs. That thought managed to coax a soft laugh out of Arlo. Oh what he wouldn't give to have a non drug induced sleep...

Once he was given the all clear the agent took a moment to gather himself. The clock on the wall let Arlo know he had about a half hour to get presentable and head up to Callaway's office. At least he was in close proximity already. He took ten minutes to get dressed in the same suit he'd worn when he first had hte pleasure of meeting Cole, figuring it would half to do until he could get himself home. Once he felt ready, Arlo headed out of the secure wing and toward the lifts that would take him to the Hounds.

Arlo swiped his shiny new key card on the pad and hit the button for the floor he needed. A soft ding heralded his arrival and the older man stepped out of the lift with enough confidence to look like he'd always belonged in the unit. A quick glance at his watch indicated he had a few minutes to spare and he let his gaze wander the open area in hopes of running into Kat. When he didn't see his partner anywhere Arlo wasted no further time and headed to Cole's office.
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by: Katarina Bauer
The vibration of her mobile phone on her nightstand shook everything. Her lamp, the alarm clock the ashtray and her loose change, as well as her car keys, and it woke her up. Kat stared at the time through her eyelashes, which read 07.55 and grimaced. She let her eyes seal shut again for a quick snooze, but it felt like a second passed before the alarm was blaring and the phone vibrating again, like a marching band of noises to wake her up from her already shitty sleeping schedule. Kat reached over and in one quick swipe smacked the alarm to turn off and grabbed her phone, to see who the hell it was, sending her notices at this hour.

Message 1:
0900, my office. See you then.

Message 2:
And please bring coffee.


Katarina lie back on her pillow, careful not to drop her phone on her face, and sighed. Director Callaway strikes again. She couldn't complain too much about her senior agent taking the job. It was a job no one wanted, but he got it. Rightfully so, as he'd busted his ass to get where he was, but now he was texting her every chance he could get, if it wasn't about taking him to his doctor's appointments, it was for meetings and paperwork and summons blah blah blah --and now he wanted to meet. Presumably about the shenanigans of the other night, if he'd managed to get to the report. Samar was very thorough with her debrief, so she wasn't surprised Cal wanted to go back through with a fine-toothed comb. Not to mention, the subject matter was close to home. Wayyyy too close to home.

She kicked off her duvet, yawned and stretched, and took a quick shower before climbing into her work attire. She put her hair in quick ponytail and grabbed all of her things before she was on her way to HQ.

Kat took the usual drive to the office with enough speed not to get stopped but urgency to get there so she wouldn't hear the endless complaints from the director himself. Knowing Beckett, he'd be waiting there already--as she assumed he'd been summoned as well, from whatever pit they threw him in this time. He'd already be dressed, ready to go, since he had that unfair advantage of being close to HQ anyway, and he'd probably give her that parental scolding of being punctual, without even saying a word. His features, his mannerisms were sharp like that, and she could tell that was going to be a bit on her nerves if he kept that up. Still, it was interesting to say the least to have Arlo as her partner. It wouldn't have been her first choice, since her first choice was to stay the lone gunman, but they got along well enough so she was relieved at that.

Of course he was there when she arrived, swiftly swiping the fob at the door to get through to the department. She tore down the walkway and managed to get in before the door closed behind the older man and with an awkward smile, she plopped the cup of joe on Cal's desk. Katarina then unceremoniously into her seat and kicked her feet up on the edge of Callaway's desk. "Morning boss! Becks." She nodded at both of them before folding her hands over her stomach. "What's the situation?" It was strange to even Katarina that she was rather chipper for the early morning meeting, but since she got to see both Cole and Beckett, two people she was learning to trust a little bit more, she hoped things would just go up from here.
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by: Cole Callaway
His door opened up, and Callaway wasn't surprised to see Arlo had arrived first. There was only a slight disappointment in his eyes, as he hoped Katarina would arrive first, because she would have the coffee he requested. Cal would have asked Klaus, but he didn't want to bother him and Kat and Arlo were summoned in this morning anyway. Cole set the files aside and took off his reading glasses, setting them on top of the paperwork. "Ah. Good morning, Beckett. Please have a--" Before he even finished his sentence, the door that was slowly closing was kicked back a bit and there she was. "Kat."

"Morning, boss! Becks."

He smirked as he stood up, hearing the bones in his legs pop and settle as he did. He grabbed the coffee with a smile of thanks, and he made a mental note that he owed her a coffee the next day or whenever the occasion should arrive he'd buy her a drink...or just pay her the money to settle the debt.

"Alright, lets get seated here." Of course, Katarina was already in a chair with her feet up on the desk before he could finish. Bloody hell, this was going to be a long morning. "Thank you both for coming in this morning. I'm sure we all know what this is all about, so hopefully it shouldn't be too long. So. Let's talk about the other night, shall we?" Cal took a drink of his coffee and set the cup down on the coaster just to the right of his papers, and waited for one of the agents to respond.
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by: Arlo Beckett
"Morning sir," Arlo greeted back as he moved into the office and side stepping the door at the last possible second when the voices told him Kat was here. "Bauer." It was hard not to laugh at her antics and when she flopped down into her chair and kicked her feet up on Cole's desk a grin tugged at the corners of his mouth. The mutant took up the chair next to his partner, undoing the button on his jacket as he did. Meetings like this tended to over stay there welcome and Arlo had no doubt they were going to be here for a while, so best get comfortable now.

And there it was. Straight to the point as expected. The older man cast a side long glance toward Kat before turning his attention back to Cole. The Director seemed to be waiting for one of the unlikely duo to speak up, and the mutant had no problem doing that.

"By talk do you mean truthfully or is cloak and shadows more your style? Because as much as I enjoy having information with held about rouge assets and the skill set of my lovely partner, I would rather get things out in the open or, quite frankly sir, this meeting will be a waste of all our times. You have our reports if that's the case."

He kept his tone neutral though there was a playful undertone if one was looking for it. It would be a subtle way to let Callaway know he was not happy without the room devolving into a scream-a-thon or something equally less pleasant.
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by: Katarina Bauer
Kat's eyebrows shot up at Beckett's forward answer, her lips forced shut as she tried not to laugh. She was glad he spoke up first because Cole might not have appreciated her answer, even if it was along the same lines of what Arlo had said. He was far more reserved and eloquent in his opener to Cole's question, which in itself might be taken with even more offense because of his tone. Perfect. It was true though, they had essentially gone in blind; She had a small briefing on Arlo's testing, but he had no idea she was a witch. She gave Cole second to bounce back from that one, before going in with her own comments.

"Yeah, you could have given me a little more information on Shades here, before throwing us out in the field, eh?" She looked over at Beckett, with a half-apologetic look for the nickname he didn't ask for, and then folded her arms. "I mean no disrespect to Agent Beckett, but what the hell is the deal here? Are we partnered up for a reason? Are we the only ones currently in testing for your new little super team?"

She wasn't really out to antagonize her friend and colleague, but for their first field op things could have gone worse. Not to mention, he himself was thrown to the wolves so to speak--so they were essentially learning on the fly as a team, which could bite them in the ass if they didn't recover quickly. "Cal, look. I know this is practically everyone's first day on the job but you're the communication guy, right? Where'd the ball the dropped there, because we had no idea we were walking into a god damn fire."
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by: Cole Callaway
Once the door shut, it was like he was trapped in his own cell with these two--well, he wouldn't call them maniac's per se, but it was apparent they were going to drive him a little crazy. And so early in the morning...

Arlo was the first to speak up, which wasn't a surprise to anyone--except everything he did say instantly put Cole on edge. Shit. Of course there were going to be consequences to face, ones that he could have remedied prior to the operation launch, but he didn't foresee things blowing up in his face quite like this. Yes, he did walk right into that one, considering his debrief opener, but Cole's eyes flickered with a tense frustration at Beckett's tone. He didn't even take a breath to speak because Katarina took the floor right after her partner, though a little rougher around the edges, it seemed to be said in her own colorful fashion. The more that was said, he felt the heat rush through him. Not that he was getting angry, just that he was put right on the spot when the tables were supposed to be turned to them. Not him.

He took a deep breath and looked at Katarina first, especially as she made a clear point of leaning on the words 'communication guy'. "Yes. Yes. I have the reports, right. So off the top then? Excuses of new position aside. Well, Agent Beckett has had that appointment to go out into the testing field for some time, prior to my own transition. Doctor Clark suggested that it might be a good idea to add you, Katarina, to the field team that night to keep an eye on how you function in the field and I agreed to it. As one of our only operatives active at the current time, I felt it necessary to have you there. In regards to Agent Bauer's...capabilities shouldn't have been an issue since I was sure we didn't clear you to handle weaponry or wands in an operation yet...isn't that right, Agent Bauer?"

That wasn't even answering half of what was thrown at him in such a short period of time, but Callaway made sure to pause for any remarks before continuing.
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by: Arlo Beckett
Arlo cast a side long glance at his partner when Cole dropped the tid-bit about her not even being cleared to use magic in the first place. Seemed like a mighty big risk to the mutant to send someone out in the field to guard a new asset of the government, on a trial, and not let her use all the tools she possessed. That was like chopping the legs of someone and then asking them to carry something up a flight of stairs...

"So if I we're to have gone rogue what was agent Bauer expected to do then if she had no weapon or use of her...magic?" The mutant paused a beat to give Kat a chance to respond if she chose to. He was well aware that Cole hadn't answered even half of what was brought up but for now he figured it was a start. There had to be give and take or all parties involved ran the risk of being alienated and keeping both his current boss and partner happy was priority.

"Look, we can agree that certain things we're not brought to the attention of each person involved but as long as we agree to move forward we can set this aside for now. I'm assuming this meeting is about what was left out of the report, or more likely, what was left intentionally vague due to lack of knowledge at the time. All I can say is you should be glad Bauer had her wand and used it or I would have let your missing asset walk without ever knowing it."
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by: Katarina Bauer
Katarina tilted her head, though only cast a side-glance at her partner. He unleashed the verbal demons on Callaway, without pulling any of those punches, and she was blown away. She should have figured, given the way he so eloquently handled her snarky attitude when they went out for drinks, but seeing it happening before her eyes was entertaining. She turned back to Cal with a wry smile and waited to see if he had a response to any of that before shrugging. "Beckett has a point." If she hadn't had her wand with her, she wouldn't have been able to take any shots at the Devil and he would have gotten away if Arlo hadn't pushed himself too far.

"I wasn't interested in having to chase down and fight our friendly neighborhood tosser, but since I was loaded on board the crazy train to keep tabs on my pal here, I think it's best I did have my wand with me. I didn't use any lethal force since the shoot-on-sight order was revoked and all, but you can be sure that we did our best to detain him. Unfortunately, since I was not fully trained on certain spells, I wasn't able to complete that objective." She explained, but then Arlo took the reins again and his speech was rather riveting. Of course the key words "move forward" would get to Cal in a way that he would have to understand they were willing to move on from this circus act, given they were prepared for situations like that in the field. Prepared meaning, all of the information and properly equipped.

Once he was done, she kicked her feet off the desk and leaned forward to settle her elbows on her knees, still looking up at her superior. "Precisely. Cal, we told Samar everything that we could. And what was left off of the record--she even thinks we were improperly armed for the task. The op was strictly centered around Agent Becks' training, and we had an unexpected...guest. What did you expect me to do? I'm an agent. I have to think on my toes, and that's what happened. If I didn't have my wand with me, I wouldn't have gotten to them on time. And yeah, it would have been nice to have a heads up on what my partner here was capable of."
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole tensed. He expected backlash for what happened that night but not at this caliber. Still, he steeled himself for the various meetings like this to follow, from other agents too, since he was sure the transition wouldn't be smooth and he'd have to get used to this. He let the two continue on with their tirade of snarky, yet understandable concerns and waited until their were finished to react, even though Katarina left ample time for him to intervene. He did what he did best, controlled his movements and reactions--though difficult as it was not to glare back or roll his eyes. He was, however, grateful that Kat removed her dirty boots from the desk, and hoped she would sit like a civilized person for the rest of their meeting.

"I'm going to be frank." God, he hoped no one made the Hi Frank, I'm so and so joke, because he was doing his best to keep everything as serious as possible. Cole sat forward and leaned on his desk, his elbows pressed against the hard surface. It felt good to stretch, and kept some of the pressure off of his lower back which meant his legs had some relief. "You're both...right."

He let that settle, making sure they heard those words clearly, before continuing. "We all know that I was thrown into the pit of this bollocks like the rest of you. I can't excuse any of the behavior, and it's almost all on record now what went down that night. Agent Beckett, you used your abilities in training on-site. Agent Bauer, you did what you were supposed to do, to protect our asset--your partner. Yes, it's all here in Agent Bazeeri's report. I will be speaking with Doctor Clark regarding your use of a wand, as well as Agent Burgess regarding your training on the matter, Katarina, to see how we proceed from here."

Bauer looked shocked, and while she started to wind up to respond, he held up a finger to stop her before she could even speak. "That being said, I said almost everything has been reported. Details after you both vanished from site state you were approached by an interloper on the rooftops several blocks away from the designated training area. Now, Samar is thorough but there is very little information here about what you both encountered. So let's cut to that part, shall we? What happened? And please. No bullshit." His eyes were cold, and focused between the two. He had a hunch as to what or rather, who it is they saw, but he wanted to hear it from their mouths.
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by: Arlo Beckett
Arlo was thrown completely off guard when it sounded like Cole had just admitted they were right. Both of them. The mutant felt his brow furrow in confusion. Had he heard that right? A quick glance to Kat told him he in fact had. Well wasn't that something. He leaned back in his chair and loosely crossed his arms over his chest, wondering where this conversation was going to go from here. Kat had looked like she was on the verge of saying something but Callaway had cut her off.

What followed made perfect sense to the agent. They'd all been thrown into the fire, there had been miscommunication abounds, but it seemed like at least the three of them understood that and from the way Cole was going on, the Director sounded like he was going to work toward remedying all that. But then he broached the true crux of the matter. Arlo knew leaving things out of the official report was a risk, but he felt he hadn't enough information to go off of at the time to write anything meaningful down. Callaway clearly wanted them to cut the crap so the mutant figured he'd oblige. It was going to come out one way or another so best make it as painless as possible and hopefully not unintentionally throw his partner under the bus.

"We weren't approached by anyone to be specific. It was me that did the approaching. The training run was a simple exercise in finding torches that had been hidden in various warehouses to figure out what the range limit of certain abilities were. It was while doing this and extending my reach my shadows picked up on something that bothered them, or rather, hurt them. It got to a point where I felt it necessary to figure out what that was so I informed my partner I was going to check something out and then shadow walked to the source. The interloper and I engaged in conversation but it wasn't until Kat arrived that I realized that I was face to face with you missing asset and rogue mutant, Matthew Cox. And yes, I did my homework after that encounter."

Arlo shifted a bit in his chair, bringing his left leg up so that his ankle could rest across his knee before continuing.

"At Bauer's appearance the asset got agitated and I deemed it necessary to attempt to bring him in, which of course ended in failure."
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by: Katarina Bauer
Well good thing Arlo went first because his account was far more clear, concise and wasn't riddled with the word fuck. Katarina was still pissed off that she lost track of the Devil, all because of her stupid spellwork and how novice she was in that field. Arlo taking the reins on the explanation was a breath of fresh air. He added his own snark and flair that differed from Klaus, didn't add words she didn't understand like Orion and it was exactly what Callaway wanted to hear. "Agitated. Heh." She muttered under her breath, her eyes set in a dark glare at those words. If anyone was agitated that night, it as her. He was spouting off some nonsense--like how she'd landed on top of him and he wanted to chat like nothing had gone seriously wrong between them. That, on top of the spell gone wrong, made her furious.

"In a nutshell then, but let's crack that one wide open, Cal. Our lovely asset decided he wanted to patrol the area where Arlo was. Once Arlo vanished, I went in pursuit of him because, let's face it, that's gonna be my job." She leaned over and winked at Beckett, "No offense, old man. Found them with my tracker, and had I been wandless that night I wouldn't have been able to find them quick enough and he might have taken out our dear friend Arlo here if I hadn't intervened. Again, no offense, but after what I saw and you overusing your ability, he might have made good work of you Beckett, healed up bones or not."

Katarina sat back in her chair and sighed, shrugging. She threw her hands up, knowing quite well that most of this wasn't in Samar's report--at least not to the level of detail. "We fought, he seemed to be of himself again, not like the shriveled up mindless mess we had here--"

"Kat." Cole's lips pursed together tightly, in clear disdain of her nonchalant approach to the Devil's former condition.

"What? I'd say he's about as healthy as any, doing all that ninja nonsense off the roofs, innit. To reiterate what my partner said before, if I didn't have my wand, we would have been S.O.L. Then we had a laugh. Arlo informed me that he wasn't made aware of our rogue agent and what had happened. Director Callaway, why is that?" Her sapphire eyes seemed a bit brighter now as she arched an eyebrow at her superior.
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by: Cole Callaway
Callaway wore the best straight face that he could, but if there was any advice he needed to take, it was never to play poker with this lot. It was difficult not to hide the subtle eye twitches or the sealed lips to hold back his words, but he was sure that Katarina could read him like an open book. He kept his hands folded in front of him, sitting on his desk as he listened to both accounts as they were delivered quite differently, and honestly quite expected. He'd only had a couple of conversations with Arlo before, and he knew Katarina quite well and these two elaborating on their debrief was about right. He studied them. Watched their interactions, watched how Arlo took a stand first, then watched as Katarina picked up where he left off. They were an interesting duo, that was for sure.

Callaway sighed deeply after he tried to stop her from disparaging their old cohort, vigilante or whatever he may be, he was not interested in her color commentary on the matter. It was clear that Katarina had her reservations about interacting with him, or rather--the lack of them--but even as she continued on with it, he couldn't blame her. Though he couldn't help but notice after all this time, she still hadn't used his proper name. To her, he was simply : The Devil. Even on the day of his memorial, what a bitter facade that all was, she still called him the Devil. Hm.

"Right." He nodded. "You're absolutely right. That information was not made to Agent Beckett for reasons beyond me. Sure, I could have given him the full rundown, briefed him on the life and apparent death of Agent Matthew Cox, but if this was simply a training exercise, one to gauge one's reaction time in the field, and your first test as partners, then why would we give all the details, Agent Bauer?"

"Because you could get our asses killed!"

He held up his hand to silence her, and thank goodness for that, as it worked. "Bauer you know as well as I do the bollocks they played above Jones. They're going to do the same with me, and as far as I'm concerned, this is just the beginning. I'm doing my best here to keep this department afloat, because we are a hair away from getting shut down and turning in our badges, and as much as we want to comment that I'm just bending over for them all, well so be it. I'm not, and you know that I'm not, but we have to do what it takes to survive. Somehow I knew you'd defy your orders, and somehow I knew you'd both be just fine out there, no matter who decided to cross your paths. That night just so happened to be London's least favorite person right now, but we're going to move forward from this, aren't we?" Cole looked between the partners, and opened his hands in query, "So out with it then, what do you need to ask me, so I can just lay it all on the table now, before we amend this folly?"
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by: Arlo Beckett
It was hard not to offer his partner an amused expression when she coined him "old man." At least that was the least terrible of the nick names he'd been coined with over the years and as an added bonus one he could let simply roll off his back since it was a favored choice of wording when his kid was in an exceptionally mischievous mood. At any rate Kat did have a valid point. Even with the tracker he would have been hard as hell to track considering the amount of ground he had covered both horizontally and vertically, not that the vertical part had been planned. More often than not the mutant found that he had no sense of travel distance or time when the shadows presented him with a pathway. To him it was as if he was just stepping through a series of open doors and it felt instantaneous for the most part.

Arlo nodded as he had to concede the point being made about over using his skills. It hadn't been intentional but the walk had taken more out of him than he cared to admit. When Cole cut her off with a glare the mutant felt a need to come to his partners defense. Everything she had said seemed to corroborate the research he'd done overnight, though it was soon apparent that Kat could hold her own. Her last question rang out like a gun shot and Arlo found his attention swinging fully to the Director. It was a very good question. Why hadn't he been informed...

[No trust... scared... hate you...]
/Fear..fear...control you/
(Fear us, scared us, fear us)

The mutant brought a hand up to his face and pressed a hand up against his temple. Right now was not the time for voices. He needed to focus on what Callaway was saying.

They aren't bad, or the enemy. They won't hurt us.

Beckett hoped that would calm his little minions for at least a little bit and so far they seemed to be considering his thoughts on the matter as his eyes drifted to a corner where a flicker of shadowy movement could be observed.

Cole's next bit brought Arlo's wandering attention back to the present. Arlo was no stranger to the bullshit the upper brass played and he was definitely not a stranger to all the politics and cover ups that followed an asset that had gone rogue. That had been his main job in MI6: the retrieval of assets. What was more concerning was how close this little incident was to bringing their particular division down.

The mutant gave a simple nod when the Director asked.. well, more stated that they were going to move on. It was a sentiment Arlo could get behind. And then man left the floor open for questions. A show of sincerity perhaps? Becks dropped his hand from his temple now that the voices seemed to have dissipated for the time being and thought about what he needed clarification on. It took a few beats but eventually the agent opted to cut right to the heart of the matter.

"Are there any other agents in the division that have or had personal ties to Cox? Not on the job but outside of work ties. Friends? Family? I already know about my partner and I've done my homework Director so don't sugar coat things. I want to know who in the field that I have the potential to be working with will have me and my partners back if and when we cross paths with our asset again."
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by: Cole Callaway
Katarina sat with her arms crossed and she didn't say anything else, so Cole looked back to Arlo for now. He ran his hand over his face and sighed. "Agent Schmidt. He's part of the Division. One of Cox's oldest friends and old flatmate too. He was in pursuit of someone who made an appearance at Cox's funeral a few days ago, and I've yet to go over that debrief. Agent Burgess also worked closely with Agent Cox. Agent Patterson--" Cole stopped. He didn't want to disclose the identity of Loretta Patterson to just anyone, because he was still trying to hack through the red tape on his own. So, he left it at that, and moved on. "Wayne Bauer, our analyst and Kat's cousin, Agent Taylor... I mean, it goes on. Even as the tactical strategist or whatever his official role was at that point, he made connections inside the division. As far as family..."

Cole sighed as he recalled the dilemma at the funeral from a few days ago. The blond girl, the brother...the family in mourning. He couldn't lie. He had to tell them. Hell, Bauer was there, so there was no hiding that anyway. "As far as the government is concerned, they think he's dead, and they held a memorial service for peace of mind for his family. He's survived by one brother named Thomas and his parents. I can get you a list of anyone on the roster who were around during the time both former Director Jones and Matt Cox were part of this team. Long story short, you two are the only field ops I have, the only real ones I trust right now--and that's off the record, so don't let that get to your heads." He pointed at Bauer, before swiveling his chair back toward Beckett.

"I can already tell you two are good together as partners and will provide great leadership for this team, and with that being said, there is one person of interest in this case so far and surveillance being run on the family. " He set a couple of photographs on the edge of his desk, facing them.

"That brat that Klaus was chasing?"

Cole nodded. "She was spotted at the cathedral, and created quite a stir inside, before taking off running, as you would remember, Bauer. Database has nothing on her, at least, nothing that they would tell. But her name is Corrigan. I heard her speaking with the brother, Thomas."

"And you waited to tell me this shit now?" She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

Callaway narrowed his eyes at Katarina, which made her stop her tirade, immediately. "We're here now, Agent Bauer."
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