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by: Corrigan Ardagh
This was not Matthew. If they had had any doubts outside his body language, the change in his diction was enough to further convince them. Especially with the patronizing way he suddenly decided to view Corrigan. Instantly, their back straightened and a coldness spread through their chest, chilling and calming their heart. With a small intake of air, they rolled their shoulders a bit.

"I know you know nothing about me but believe it or not I survived on my own well before I became this thing. And I never asked you to save me. If you're going to hold it over my head then I mind as well leave right now. But I won't because you clearly do need help whether you want to admit that or not. In the short time I've known Matthew, he managed to vault up a building while carrying me. So whatever you're in trouble with isn't something you can physically fight. And if you're still having to deal with it then it's something you also haven't been able to get rid of through diplomat means either. Which means you need an outside ally to search for other options since it appears from Matthew's nervousness that your actions are being tracked in some way. Did I miss anything or would you like to apologize and start over? Oh, and for reference, helping a friend isn't something I would ever consider stupid." she asked calmly, watching him with unmoving clarity.
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by: Matthew Cox
Aww, she was fighting back! How cute! The Devil's grin grew with every point, but it was a chilly and detatched expression.

"Several points to make. I'll work backwards from your points." He held up one finger. "It absolutely is stupid to help a friend if it costs you everything worth having." A second finger popped up. "What's going on with him...me...whatever, is something I wouldn't wish in my worst enemy, but I can't talk about it. Not won't. Can't." He couldn't give any bigger of a hint than that, unfortunately. A third finger came up. "Leave or go, I don't give two shits how you live your life. I'm not holding a damn thing over you, but if you're in my influence and Matt's taken a shine to you, then you're my responsibility as long as you're in my circle. Never met another mutant before; if we don't watch each other's backs, who will?"The fourth and final finger raised. "Finally, most importantly, you and I are not things. Not weapons. Not toys, or pets, or projects. Don't ever call yourself a thing again, understood?"

An unspoken "or else" hung on the end of that declaration, oddly contrasting the weird pep talk.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Oh. Well this was no good. This one argued like Corrigan did. And they loved it. A small smile sneaked its way onto their face, giving them a beatific but eerie expression.

"What is worth having if I'm alone? If you can't talk about it then I'm even more determined to help. Can't means there's something literally preventing you. For a mutant that could mean a number of things but I suppose that means I will have to figure it out on my own if you can't tell me," they said simply, watching him. Analyzing his movements and body language, he would come to realize when they smirked at the way he was counting his fingers off to like he was speaking to an ignorant child. "And I really don't believe you. You may not entirely be Matthew but you are a part of him. He protected me because that's simply what he believes is right. I have a feeling you function the same way. Especially with that last statement. We are not simply mutants now. We are friends and I will be helping you because that's what friends do."

Corrigan bit her lip at the last bit. He had caught the word. Thing. No one ever really paid that much attention before. But then he had been at Mi5, he had probably heard similar statements. With a shake of their head, they huffed a bit, "No. You are not a thing. But I have been one since I was about six years old," they explained quietly, "I won't argue about it. It just is."
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by: Matthew Cox

He answered her question quickly, feeling the whiplash bite of the imperius curse lick at his skull with the approach to breaking one of his commands. Nothing changed in his expression save for a tightening around his eyes.

The Devil let the girl say her piece, then considered her carefully with a quick, bird-like tilt of his head. He began to pace, releasing the pent up tension in his bones. When she mentioned being a thing since she was six, he paused and gave another bird-glance at her.

"So..." He started off slowly before building up to the whipcrack of his statement. "is calling yourself a thing the knife you twist in your heart so you can actually feel something, or is it the shield you use to keep yourself from feeling anything at all? Because, between friends, you're too smart to believe that bullshit. So you either REALLY want to be a thing, or it's a useful lie."

He may be blind, the Devil reasoned, but he could see clearly into most matters.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
"That will never happen."

There would never be freedom for Corrigan. They had only just gotten out of that place and just they could still feel the chains in her own head. Chains that had been there since they were a child. Making sure they would always remember what they really were.

A look of genuine bewilderment bloomed on their face at the accusation. If only it were that simple. It was neither a lie nor something Corrigan liked reminding themself of. It just was. They were a thing, a background, something that was there to support. A prop. That had been beaten into their head from the minute their parents had started to question the worth of her blood. Not that Corrigan was about to explain their bloodline to someone with a connection to a witch. Still the accusation had hallowed their chest in a strange way and left Corrigan's mouth dry and mind reeling.

"You're really not in a place to accuse me of self-deprecation when you won't even give yourself a name. It's subtle but it's the same idea without flat out saying it," they said calmly, trying to cover their internal scrambling.
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by: Matthew Cox
He stopped once more. The Devil felt his face drain of blood at her accusation. His already pale face went a starker white when his jaw clenched and flexed uncomfortably as he chewed on her own slash of truth. He dropped his eyes for a moment and confessed his title.

"Diabhl. It means 'Devil' in Gaelic. That's me. Who and what I am. And at least I have a shitty excuse for the self deprecation, this only being my second time in control and not shoved into a corner of the subconscious..."

God, he wasn't being sullen and pouty, was he? First he threw a fight like an argumentative child, now he was being sulky and whiny? Perfect. Absofuckinglutely perfect. His temper started to heat up at his embarrassment, characterized by his clenched lips and tightening in the corners of his eyes.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh

Corrigan frowned at that and their nose twitched as they quirked their lips. They were making a sour face, a pouty sour face, at his name. It just...It didn't suit him. Corrigan had sneaked into the Muggle churches before to get out of the rain and weather. They had heard everything the Muggles had to say about this devil character. Apparently this person was supposed to lead to the death, despair, and ruin of all of humanity. But this person, who was Matt that had saved them but also was not the same person as Matt, didn't seem to be out to destroy much of anything. At least... Unless he was destroying something he stood against apparently.

That quirked sour pout hadn't dropped from Corrigan's expression when they finally replied, "That's a terrible name for you. You're no devil or demon or anything that I understand them to be. Why would you go by that?" they demanded, watching him again with those piercing blue eyes.
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by: Matthew Cox
Her face squinched as he named himself; she looked displeased. Instead of his usual no-care attitude, the Devil found himself, surprisingly, caring.

"It fits me perfectly," he said defiantly. "The Devil of Judgement...that's what the newspapers named me for attacking the gangs and underworld the way I do. And she-"

He cut himself off before he could fully use Cora's naming him Diabhl as an example of how it fit him. Heat hit his cheeks as blood filtered back to his face; he turned and paced once more, growing frustrated and angry at his embarrassment. God...he'd have to explain Cora and the Dark Lady now without naming her. How the fuck was he supposed to do that? Preemptively, he supposed...but he didn't want to. No, he didn't want to justify himself or her at all. Had to, though, or get an earful. Not like he wouldn't anyway.

"There's two. One I love and one I hate, equal passion on both ends of the scale...but the one I hate is to the one I love as I am to Matt. Fucking love triangle from hell, right there, innit? But she is my Fire and and I am her Devil."

The last declaration was spoken with a satisfied conviction. He loved her. Cora. His fire. Yes indeed, he loved her.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan listened to his rant and struggle. So he loved this witch. A witch that he couldn’t talk about. The trouble. Hmm, what a weird situation. But if the witch was like Matthew then that meant there was actually four people. ”That’s a square,” they said thoughtlessly, ”Four people is a square.” They lifted their head though in response to look at him. Her expression was calm, non-judgemental, almost serene despite his agitation.

”But honestly if you don’t love someone with everything you have what’s the point of loving them at all? As far as your name, you may be a Devil of Judgement but as you said it is only to gangs, the underworld, terrible people. You are no devil to me. Yeah fiery, stubborn, aggressive, but also protective and caring. If you want to keep the fire motif then you would be more like sunshine yourself. Yes you are dangerous but you also are necessary and something good at your core,” Corrigan said easily then smiled at him.
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by: Matthew Cox
The Devil gave a childishly petulant sneer at the girl when she corrected him. "It's just a colloquialism, smartass."

He was about to rebut with more, but she slapped him hard across the face with the truth. What was the point of loving her if he didn't love all of her? Well, could he love the Dark Lady? Yes, he could. HE could. Matt could just be obedient. In the end, it wasn't the same. Because if Matt wasn't on oars, the Devil wasn't on board.

"Triangle winds up being more correct, anyway. Matt and I aren't as separate as we pretend. More like those two headed snakes? One heart, two minds. He and I both love the one. We're in a disagreement over the other. He would follow, I would fight. It's a complexity."

He didn't address her renaming of him just yet. How did one handle being seen through so clearly that your other half couldn't see it? His gaze dropped again, not sure what to do with her assessment. While the media praised him as a hero sometimes and a menace others, the Devil knew he was an equal opportunity fighter. Anyone got too close, he'd smash them...sobhe wasn't as good as she said. Couldn't be. Right?

A part of him wanted to be, though...
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan watched him again. He was starting to flounder; picking and choosing which of their arguments he latched onto. They should really back off now. But the curiosity ate at them and they latched onto his words as much as he did to theirs. ”The problem with two headed snakes, scientifically speaking, is eventually one head will attempt to eat the other because snakes are territorial and can’t coexist. But because of the way snakes eat, the initial aggressor ends up choking itself to death as well. Luckily you’re not actually a snake and killing yourself over an argument seems stupid. Compromising with yourself isn’t a weakness. Wanting to fight but also follow isn’t wrong. That’s how a relationship works, a push and pull,” they said, fidgeting with their fingers.

”Besides if you have the same heart as Matthew then you really are Sunshine and not a devil. Just because you don’t always do good things doesn’t mean you’re not a good person in your heart. It just means you make hard choices and if you can live with those consequences then it doesn’t make you bad,” Corrigan said softly. Her gaze hadn’t shifted off of him, nearly unblinking and piercing as they stared.
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by: Matthew Cox
She was-



The Devil...Sunshine?...stared in Corrigan's direction, mouth slightly agape and brows furrowed in a frustrated, confused, caught-off-guard vacancy. A whirlwind of emotion tore through him and left him unable to reply to anything. He had gone completely still save for the alternating clenching and relaxing of his fists as he tried to process what was happening to him.


He flinched violently and slumped back against the wall, hands coming up to clutch his head. Matt overrode Sunshine, broadsiding him while he was unaware.

"...oh fuck this headache. Thanks...what did you say to cow him like that?"
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
A frown dipped onto their lips. There was the shift, the slump and lower shoulders. Matt was back suddenly. Maybe Corrigan really shouldn’t have pushed but then it also seemed to be something they had needed to hear. "I didn’t cow him. I simply told him that he’s not a devil and that just because he does things that seem bad doesn’t actually make him a bad person," they explained easily.

They tilted their head thoughtfully still watching him, "Sunshine also told me some about your witch friend a little. How you love her I mean. And that she’s like you are with Sunshine."
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by: Matthew Cox
Matt went thoughtfully silent and allowed himself to slide down to the floor to sit. Sunshine? And she'd talked to him and not been attacked? Amazing.

"Near as I can tell, he's an amalgamation of my subconscious, given independence. And...my friend...she's been through a lot more than Inhave. Her dark half is darker, rougher. That's why I don't want you going over there. Sunshine, you called him? He can get temperamental and aggressive. She gets...murderous. Sunshine...huh. I like it. So does he..."

An easy, lopsided grin plastered itself on Matt's face. He seemed tired after the switchout.
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by: Corrigan Ardagh
Corrigan frowned at his drained state. But then the mental often affected the physical. They had far less physical symptoms of their own problems because of their unique situation. ”Matthew? Are you okay? Do you need something?” they asked, watching his slouched figure with worry. Finally, they pushed up from the couch approaching him easily and kneeling in front of him.

”That makes sense about your friend. I will stay away like I promised. He just picked a fight with me and he was wrong so I told him so,” they said simply then shrugged, ”I’m glad you both like it. He is Sunshine. Still heated and could do a lot of damage but something that people need around. But he also seems to be a protective aspect of yourself so I don’t really know. But I’m not scared of him or you.”

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