Once a former abbey, the building now serves as a pub that’s popular for co-eds and football fans alike. Its business is hopping thanks to the atmosphere and the customer service provided by owner-operator Kara Viridian.
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By Teague MacTail
June 9th, 2012
7:20 p.m.

For a day that had started out with the potential to be good it had sure left the Lord of the wizarding world in a downer of a mood. He knew what he'd been getting into when he accepted Cora's note and it had been over a year since they'd even talked, but for some reason finding out she had someone else still hurt all the same. Never mind all the other stuff she chose to unload on him. The tracker sighed as he leaned back in the booth he'd laid claim to and took a long, slow, pull of his whiskey.

He probably should have just gone home, or hell, even back to the office. Unfortunately with the head space Teague found himself locked in, neither was a viable option. That was why he'd sent his owl out to Dru, one of the last remaining people he knew that he could potentially still call a friend. Sure it was probably a stupid idea... between both Cora and Trevor, Voldemort's words had never rang truer... All friends got you was hurt feeling and if lucky a quick end... so why was he still reaching out?

Thought for another day. At least Dru was like a kindred spirit and would get absolutely shit face with him if that's the turn the night decided to take... if she even showed. Teague hoped she would. These past few months had done nothing but show the tracker how truly alone he was, even with Del around. He'd tested the waters with the former Death Eater when she'd reached out last time so maybe this was an opportunity that was rising up out of the ashes of his so called life. At least if she decided to stick around things would be considerably less dull. Teague took another pull on his drink and settled in to wait. If Dru didn't show in the new few minutes he'd order some food and then maybe try and make a go of salvaging what was left of the day.
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By Dru Windsor
The hammer hit the steel, the last two clangs sent sparks flying when she hit it before pinching it between the calipers to set it in the quench. Dru had been working on this new blade all day, a brand new viking seax to add to the collection mounted on her living room wall. She already had the handle materials picked out, a nice beautiful cut of bone and her trademark leather wrap to add along the grip, laid out on her work bench. She couldn't wait to add the decorative knotted carving at the pommel, one she handcrafted just weeks before this blade's inception. More importantly, she couldn't wait to test it out on her dummies and magical training setup she used after dark, when most of the village of Aldergrove was at rest.

It must have been half six or so when she saw the great horned owl fly through, and she set the cold and hardened steel aside to meet the bird at is perch along the wood banister of her deck porch. Dru pushed the goggles onto her forehead and pulled the message from the owl... And smiled.


Dru showered, scrubbed most of the soot off of her skin and got dressed up in record time. Dressed up for her was a nice, flowing, off the shoulder indigo tunic and black leggings, with dark brown ankle high boots, fashioned with a holster to conceal a couple of blades on the inside. She accessorized simply, a silver knotwork pendant with an emerald jewel at its head. She wasn't much for makeup, but a bit of mascara and some gloss over her full lips finished off her look that transformed the ladysmith into more of a lady.

When she apparated nearby, she saw the place was already alive with a crowd inside. For some reason she was a bit nervous to meet up with her schoolyard friend, but when she realized how silly that was, she pushed that thought aside and ducked into the bar in search of him. Quite frankly, she wasn't sure what to expect, especially since last time they met it was simply because he wanted to chat, catch up on old times, gamble, and drink until the sun came up. That was all fine by her, but having her travel to London meant this was a different sort of call. She couldn't tell tone by the scrawl in the note, but there was something about it that seemed...off.

"Double Jameson. Neat? Thanks."

At least the service here was friendly. Kind. And fast. She had her drink in hand and tipped the nice, smiling Irish lad behind the bar before heading over to the booth where she spotted her dear ol' Tracker boy who was sitting in alone, already drowning himself in his beverage, it seemed.

"Here I thought you wanted to steal more of my money at the Pit, but when I got invited to the famous London church pub, I knew it was serious business." she smirked as she slid into the booth, "What's got you all doom and gloom, old friend?"
Teague had spied his invited guest while she was at the bar grabbing a drink and the tracker couldn't help but grin behind his glass. Finally something had gone right in his life today. He motioned to her to sit as she approached and couldn't help but laugh as she said her piece. It was like a weight, or at least part of, had been lifted from his shoulders just by her being here.

"Serious business? Hate to break it to ya but I hung out here lots back before the new job. And as tempting as it was, I figured I fleeced you enough last time out that if I offered to go back to the Pit you would have told me to go hang myself." Teague wore an easy grin as he thought about their last outing. It had definitely been a hell of a fun night that had started out as friends getting reacquainted after a long absence, only to turn into a night of gambling and a test of thieving skills. All in all, a great deal of fun was had.

"Doom and gloom? Am I that transparent?" It was said with a shake of the head, though the tracker knew he shouldn't have been surprised. The woman across from him had skills that could give him a run for his money, never mind they'd been good friends while still at school even if they'd lost touch afterward. He took another sip of his drink and made a mental note to try and pace himself since his glass was magically below half now. Teague let out a soft sigh.

"Broken heart that shouldn't be broken since it's been a year since we'd even talked.... and all the drama that goes with it among other things." Heh, drama, if it was only that simple. Cora had fallen for the Devil, wanted out and a whole bunch of other crap he was going to have to let Del in on.
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By Dru Windsor
"Some thing's never change...It's like you know me or something." Dru chuckled at his prediction of what she'd say or how she'd react to another round of Teague steals your money, or whatever the game was. She had enough money in her account from what was left to her from her family and wasn't too worried about debt--it was more the fact that she'd be losing to Teague that bothered her. Sneaky bastard...of course she meant that with nothing but love for her Tracker boy, and dear old friend.

She tilted her head, "Come on. I practically sensed that frowny mug since before I left my house. You're usually concise in your messages and all but something was a bit different this time. So go on then, out with it." Dru took a sip of her drink before setting it down on the table, but when he explained what was wrong, she about spit out her drink when he used two of the words she never thought he was capable of. "Broken...heart..."

Dru narrowed her eyes and waited for the words 'just kidding', but then she leaned in with a devious grin. "Alright, best mate of mine. Who do I have to kill for breaking your little heart, hm?" It was a joke, since she was always his bodyguard of sorts at school. There were so many girls fawning over her friend, and while he thought it was means for a good time, she saw some of them as a complete waste of his time and had to shoo them off half of the time. To see him like this, distraught, and actually broken up over someone...was foreign territory. Eventually, she straightened up and put on her serious face and offered him a sympathetic smile. She'd had her heart broken before. A couple of times, actually, but it'd been so long since she interacted with anyone really, that she felt that maybe that initial reaction was a little harsh than she should have been.

"Okay, Teague...honestly. What's going on? As you can see, I have time to fly out here to visit a friend, and an open ear--and now a running tab with ol' blue-eyes behind the bar there--" She nodded at Seamus, "Let's hear it. What happened?"
"Kill? Oh good luck with that one lass, not even sure I could pull that off." Teague bounce his glass back and forth between his hands a moment as he tried to figure out how to tell Dru what was on his mind. Eventually he decided for the truth though he wasn't sure if Dru would know who he was talking about. It didn't really matter in the long run anyway and she was giving him an outlet to vent.

"You know of the Dark Lady," he queried innocently, keeping his voice low enough so that the conversation would stay between the pair. "Or Cora. Heh, doesn't matter really, just gotta know I fell hard for her. Didn't even know I had it in me to get attached to someone but it just felt right you know?" Did she? Hell if he could remember if she'd been serious with anyone and truth be told he wasn't shallow enough to pry into that now.

"Stupid now that I think on it. Did exactly what he said not to and look where it got me. And I don't even know how to deal with it. She's wants to stay friends but if I've learned anything over the past month is people I consider friends are in short supply." Bloody hell he was turning into a downer wasn't he? The tracker offered Dru an appologetic look followed by a shrug. Christ he wasn't drunk enough for his kind of heart to heart.... That thought was enough to have him raise his glass to his mouth and down the rest of its contents. Maybe after they talked a bit, Dru would let him buy them some food and a couple more rounds without it seem like he was out to get something.
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By Dru Windsor
At first she wasn't sure if she should be offended by Teague's challenge, considering he knew her track record for being handy with the blades she forged for herself, but when he spout the words 'Dark Lady', she raised her eyebrows. It wasn't because she feared Cora, no. Well, maybe a little. That crazy hag had a reputation about her and caused quite a stir when she was with the Death Eaters, but Dru retired long before she would ever cross paths with her anyway. Mostly, she was just surprised to hear that Teague had taken a to her. She pursed her lips and huffed softly, before taking another drink.

"I gotta say old man..." She let the liquor settle before bringing her verdant gaze to his. "I honestly didn't see that coming." Dru watched him down his drink. Teague usually shrugged this sort of thing off, got back up and moved on to the next one...but he seemed extremely bothered by this one, like it was going to take a while to bounce back. A while, or maybe a night of forgetting all about his troubles in a bottle of whiskey. "How about... we order a bottle for the table, maybe get something to eat--if you haven't...and you tell me all about it, hm? It'll be like the old days, except now we legally have booze."

It was the best way she knew to cheer up her old friend---and that was to treat him to a nice evening, listen to him if he wanted to talk. "I'll even buy." She grinned, as she downed her own glass to match. The waitress might be by soon anyway to take an order, otherwise she'd just smile and wink at the blue-eyed Irishman behind the bar to get him to send over the bottle. She hoped Teague was game. It was the least she could do for him.
"Hell, I didn't even see it coming. I don't even know what's worse, getting dropped like that or the fact that it took a god damn year to get a letter back from her. A bloody year Dru. Sends an owl this morning saying we need to talk like serious, saying she'd explain everything." Another sigh and a slight frown followed though the trackers face brightened considerably at the prospect of food and a bottle of whiskey between the pair.

"Sounds like the best plan I've heard all day,"he quipped back and didn't waste any time in flagging down one of the wait staff and after a bit of general goof-offery between him and Dru, the pair had a good selection of appetizers picked out to start. Once the order was in, it didn't take long for a good bottle of whiskey to show up at the table. The tracker made a mental note to tip well at the end of the night, and promptly went and refilled his glass, topping of Dru's if she wanted him to as well.

"Like how do you deal with it lass. Someone like that you know, you think you got this thing with and then find out it's not there. I know I probably should have seen it comin' considering it was Cora and all that.... she's never really been the emotional type, or at least never was, no idea what she's like now with her new boy toy...." Teague ran a hand through his hair and let out an amused huff of air. He wasn't jealous was he? No. No bloody way. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph... listen to me, I sound like a bloody idiot."
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By Dru Windsor
At least she'd come up with a good idea--or so it seemed. His eyes lit up like Christmas Day, and he still had an appetite which was good. It meant he hadn't fallen into the drunken stupor before Dru arrived, but if she knew like Teague like she remembered her beloved Tracker Boy, he'd want to get pretty shit-faced with her, to ease his mind. She nodded, a tip of the hat so to speak, when he refilled her glass and accepted the fresh round of whisky. She held it tightly and clinked it against his before she took a good-sized sip of the delicious liquor and set her glass down, her green eyes fixed across the way on the Dark Lord. It was still so weird for her to see that her best mate became the Lord of the Regime, but she'd touch on that later.

"Deal with it?" She chuckled, "It's just that, love. Dealing with it. Granted I don't generally get my heart trampled on. I do the trampling." She raised an eyebrow. Dru had one bad experience in Hogwarts before she took up post as Teague's friend and girlfriend-screener. Prior to her marriage--that she doesn't like to talk about, she mostly got involved with men briefly, and even one woman at a time. They were nothing more than flings, one-nighters that would come around trying for a round two but she'd either head back to her little fishing-town haven and hide out or just shut that down altogether. No need getting involved with someone who felt no need for the investment. She was still mourning...but she wouldn't say it out loud.

Dru didn't realize it, but she was scratching the inside of her finger...her ring finger. She shrugged. "You're not an idiot, Teague. You're human. Witch, wizard...we're still bloody humans and you thought you had something with her. It's normal." She took another drink, "Not Teague normal, mind you...but still."

Her eyebrows raised again. She had a feeling she'd be doing that a lot tonight. "New boy toy?" That sparked the old fury in her, the same one she had when she would push away those waste-of-time girls at school. No one walked all over Teague and got away with it. "A year she vanishes and once she surfaces she's got someone new." She echoed, reordering his words to understand it clearly. It was a struggle to keep her protective tone neutral, but Dru was quite upset already. "Jesus..."
Not an idiot? Well there we're three words the tracker never heard. And if he wasn't an idiot why did he currently feel like the biggest sucker on earth?

Because you didn't listen to me MacTail.

The words of his former master rang out like a homing beacon. For as much bullshit as the former Dark Lord had put everything through he was definitely right in this respect. Teague knew he'd got to close for his own good and this fallout served him right for not listening to Voldemort's teachings. Still Dru was doing wonders to stop him from sinking totally into a pit of complete despair. Her quip about his feelings being normal but not normal brought an easy going laugh to the tracker.

"Yeah tell me about it," he replied back, taking a long pull of his drink as he gathered his thoughts about it. "Was kind of a kick to the feels if you catch my drift. I mean I should've probably known better after the first time she up and left for a mission without saying anything, but a year and someone new...." He could tell by Dru's tone that protective mode was coming out and even with all the doom and gloom chatter Teague found himself highly amused. It was just like being back at Hogwarts.

"Relax Dru, I consider this little venture a lesson well learned. Ain't about to repeat it. Got enough stuff on my plate as is without needing more of the whatever the hell this is added to it."
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By Dru Windsor
His laugh was like music, a melodic chorus between stanzas of his accented, baritone speech, and she laughed along with him. It was nice. "Well, you're laughing so that's a good sign. You'll be eating here in a bit so that's good too. Means I haven't lost you. Otherwise, I would really have to track her down and show her what happens when you break my best mate's heart, eh?" Her words weren't as empty as one would take them--because Dru was rather protective when it came to her close pals. Teague was really the only one left, other than a contact she had in Aldergrove. Fisherman's son, Jordan. He was a few years younger than her, had a pretty face and was built like a bloody ox. She hadn't pursued him but he'd made his advances--until he learned right quick she could forge and use a blade to fend off any unwanted company.

"Look...I'll spare you the cliche'd bits of Oh, there's somebody else out there for you, mate-- or I guess it just wasn't meant to be!" She rolled her eyes and shrugged. "I mean...that's love for you, Teague. Can't live without it--but when it kicks you right in the bollocks you fall on your face, cry a little, get back up again. Guess what I mean to say is: If she was foolish enough to let you go, then she was no good." Dru was already down to the bottom of her second glass when the food arrived. She moved the glasses and bottle aside to let the waitress set the appetizers down, before filling up her drink once again and even topping off Teague's.

"Mm-speaking of? How is that plate of yours then, love? Loving the life of all that politics and nonsense?" Dru asked, as she picked out a fresh and piping hot chip from the basket. She was eager and anxious, as she'd been waiting to ask him that since she first sat down. "Word on the street is something terrible gone down about a week ago...I barely heard of course, since the village doesn't keep up much with our news."
It was hard not to grin at Dru's choice of words. A fight between her and Cora would definetly be one for the ages but the tracker knew that's not exactly what she meant. There was more to her words than met the eye, and if he hadn't been friends with her previously he probably would have missed the sincerity in them. While he knew she wouldn't really go toe to toe with the Dark Lady it was the thought that really counted.

When the food arrived, Teague took a moment to down the rest of his drink and when Dru went to pour a refill he gladly took it. Since he'd started drinking on an empty stomach he could already feel a nice buzz starting to take effect. Perfect. The tracker started in on a couple wings, not having realized how hungry he'd actually been until now.

"Plate is pretty damn wobbly all things considered, though between us the politics and paperwork can die in a fire." He looked up at Dru with look of amusement as he took a moment to lick some of the flavoring from his fingers. He didn't miss her delicate use of we in the fishing attempt, and his grin widened.

"You mean your lovely little town doesn't get the Prophet? Figured everyone at least herad about the terrorist attack on the alleys. But our news eh? Does this men ya gave my job offerin' some thought?" He wasn't above playing around and quite honestly he was as curious as hell to know if Dru really had given his offer some thought. Hell if she decided to play ball that would give him one hell of an alley in a world where he constantly felt like he was drowning.
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By Dru Windsor
She chomped on another chip and chuckled. "Still blows me away you're the bloody Dark Lord and yet you find time to sit here, drink and eat with me. A commoner. In a muggle pub, no less." Dru giggled. On their last outing, she was told he didn't like all of the titles and fancy treatment, but she also broke it to him that those titles and the treatment would come with his seat in power, regardless of what he wanted. It was tradition and had been their way for years. "You still out of a budget for bodyguards then?" She teased.

To his secondary quip, she practically snorted. "Can't say we do, love. Been trying to stay out of our affairs, remember? I snag a copy when I hit up my usual place in Belfast--but I was surprised to see you've got a bit of a pest problem rising up again."

Order. There was a nasty little spin in the Prophet about the Order of the Phoenix exploding back into action--and all of the casualties and injuries involved with it. They were referred to as terrorists. Dru was smarter than most and figured the spin embellished on the details to the detriment of the Order but benefit of the Regime--but she understood the severity of their uprising meant added security was needed for the Dark Lord himself, and his minions of course. "Nice touch, by the by--but what's this job you're talking about? I must have lost the description around the time you cleaned me out, which I'm still convinced you were cheating."

Dru took another drink, and this time she felt the warmth in her cheeks, which only meant she was well on her way to a jolly good time.
Things had been different since the rescue. In some ways, Delilah felt calmer and better about things. In other ways, she felt like she was losing her grip. Though she hated to admit it, she had become used to the autonomy she had acquired while Teague and Trevor were missing even if she'd had to deal with feelings of concern. But those feelings had been easier to bury when they were out of sight and out of mind. Trevor had yet to make a move to try to become re-involved with the government or the Death Eaters, but he was always in the back of her mind. He would become tired of the familial life soon enough, when he felt his girls were feeling safer and he had some way in mind to ensure they continued to be safe. How long that would be with his paranoid mind was the unknown variable that haunted her. In some way, the paranoia was founded. There had been an attempted kidnapping on Katya prior to the one the Syndicate had executed. It would be unwise to pretend the possibility wouldn't exist. He was away on holiday with the girls near somewhere in Eastern Europe--some holiday that was likely to be depending exactly which part that was, but it did keep him out of her hair a little while. She just wished he would write. But that would put him at risk of being tracked, so there was no way she would expect it.

And then there was Teague. He had been below with the Syndicate for much longer and had resumed duties much sooner than she had thought was wise. She'd wanted him to take a little longer to himself. It would have allowed her space to breathe, to get used to having him near again, and to bury the feelings that had come up during his disappearance and then the reunion. It would have allowed her to avoid talking about the running hug, the joy in her eyes at the sight of him unharmed and better off than she'd imagined. Julian wouldn't have liked it if Teague had taken longer to return, but it would have made her overjoyed. Being close to Teague lately did nothing for her nerves. There was no denying she felt a great degree of responsibility for his well-being and, although she hated to admit it even to herself, a bit too much of the butterflies in the stomach feeling, too much of a racing heart just to hear his voice or his laugh. She hated it. In her experience, such connections either led to unwanted consequences or betrayal when it really mattered, and she refused to give in again. If only it was easy to remove herself from her emotions. Things had been so much easier in some ways in the future she was trying to prevent. This was one of them.

It certainly did nothing for her nerves knowing what little she did of his imprisonment. He'd told her Sullivan had fucked him up a bit, that he'd had a run-in with the type of creature that had been responsible for the Hogwarts murders, and that he'd been allowed to wander somewhat free with his own wand. But he hadn't elaborated and she hadn't pushed with questions regarding that vein. She'd made some offhanded comment about whether she should be worried and had hoped he'd take it as meaning some sort of sleeper agent or brainwashing or whatever else it could mean, not that she meant anything about him or being concerned. That had been awkward, and she had tried to quickly turn the conversation to intel to avoid the awkwardness. She still didn't know what to think about any of it.

Today had brought another wrench into the Teague equation. He'd mentioned needing to meet with Cora, though Delilah wasn't entirely certain he had realized it. And while she didn't know for sure, Delilah had suspicions about the two of them. Things Cora and Trevor had hinted at during their meeting before Trevor impulsively took the powder and disappeared and the way Teague had acted at the sight of Cora made her wonder if there wasn't a history and if things were still going on or not. She'd felt a mixture of concern and jealousy, and while she had attempted to follow him when he'd left the office for the day, she hadn't been successful. She'd waited a while before doing something she considered entirely stupid and began going to a few of his haunts. The Abbey had been last on the list, and even as she walked in, she was still trying to convince herself she was doing this because it was her job to make sure Teague's head was fully in the game and he didn't do anything to compromise the work she and Julian had put in over the past while.

When she entered the pub, Delilah contemplated turning around. He wasn't at the bar or any of the tables she saw immediately, but she took a few more steps and spotted him sitting with some female. Dark-hared, for sure, but she didn't match her memory of Cora from this viewpoint. Who was it?

"I should just go," she murmured to herself. This whole venture was stupid. Teague was fine. Look at him, grinning there at something the woman had said, talking freely. She shouldn't interfere.
"Lass, no offense but there is...err was, only one Dark Lord and he ain't me." It irked the tracker to no end that Dru continued to drop that title seemingly every chance she got and the worst part was, he couldn't stop his disdain from showing. That stupid title was able to get a rise out of him when it shouldn't. Dru's giggle was about the only thing that made it even remotely tolerable as Teague let out a soft sigh and took a good long pull of his drink, before grabbing a few chips. If this was how the night was going to go they were going to need a second bottle.

Teague took the rest of the teasing in stride and nodded at the mention of a pest problem. Damn Order was like roaches, but the tracker figured they'd done a damn fine job at spinning the attacks in the regimes favor. Dru's playful teasing about forgetting the offer he'd dropped on their last outing drew a chuckle from the man. "Awwww c'mon now Dru, it's only cheating if ya get caught and I don't remember getting caught." Her grin was infectious and Teague found himself mirroring it with ease. It was clear she wanted him to elaborate a bit more so the tracker took a moment to wipe his hands on his jeans before quickly, and covertly grabbed his wand and cast a slightly modified muffliato to keep the conversation to the booth.

"Since ya seem hell bent on having me say it, yes I need a friend, someone to watch my back that I can trust won't try and put me in the ground prematurely if ya catch my drift. Also need someone with a skill set similar to mine. I can't wander and track as freely as I used to thanks to this cursed position... you got the skills. The Order is moving and reformed with more numbers than I would have expected and attacks like what happened with the allies can't happen again. There's more, a hell of a lot more but we can chat on that later. Job wise I mean, only if you think yer up to it. Don't want to drag ya back into the life if you truly want to stay out."

Teague continued to work his way though the assortment of apps that were on the table while still keeping an ear out for Dru's response, while letting his eyes scan the crowd out of habit. His eyes widened in slight surprise when the settled on one Delilah Chase. Now this was unexpected. The tracker was already flagging the younger woman over with enthusiasm. Things had been all sorts of weird between the pair since they'd returned topside in the tracker's opinion, though he couldn't deny that he felt happy when she was around. Hopefully Del would join Dru and himself. It would be a good time to introduce the pair anyway.

"Hey luv, fancy seeing you here. Got room if ya wanna knock back a pint or three," he said with a chuckle and a warm grin. "Del, Dru. Dru, Del." It was a poor introduction but Teague figured he'd done good by getting that far with the pleasent buzz he was starting to feel.
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By Dru Windsor
"Tch. Fine." She rolled her eyes, though playfully. He was Dark Lord whether he wanted to believe it or not, and she wouldn't take that title away from him, at least not fully. This was going to be fun, wasn't it? Dru knew her limits, though. Teague had a certain way about swiping away his annoyances and when she saw that look in his eye or heard the sharp cut in his tone, she knew it was quitting time, to ease up and give him a little time to cool down before poking fun again. She playfully glared at his response to whether or not he cheated her at the game when they last met, and just took a couple more chips to devour.

She wasn't lost on his spell casting but it didn't make her flinch. Had to be for privacy, because the words that followed were his pitch to get her back into the life she left behind. Officially this time, it seemed. "So you need a bodyguard..." She grinned, teasingly, but it wasn't as bad as when she teased him earlier. She nodded along. "Alright." It needed a moment to stew, simmer, settle. Dru walked away for a reason, and she'd been out of the game for a while that she wanted to really be sure this time what she wanted this, especially given the new leader. It was Teague, her oldest and best friend, and she didn't want to let him down. Second to helping out her friend, the attacks were what concerned her too.

However, before she could answer, a woman appeared. She'd only seen her before, known of her. It was the regime's appointed Press Secretary, but never met her. She was a lot prettier in person. Fair. Petite. Beautiful. She gave an impressed look to Teague before turning toward her. "Charmed." Drusilla pursed her lips in a tight, forced smile at the new company, and held out a hand to shake as not to seem rude in front of Teague's unexpected arrival. If accepted, she'd give 'Del' a fair handshake, firm but not enough to showcase her true strength. If she didn't, well, she'd pull back with that smile faded, a brief flicker of a glower in her green eyes as she looked at Teague with a smirk. "You know, Teague. If you told me we were expecting company, I might have made myself more...presentable." It was a joke, but still partially true. She was dressy casual in her tunic, pants and boots, but knew she could have upped her game when it came to visiting with her friend and socializing with a new person.

"But yes, it would just be lovely if you could join us." The curiosity about this woman outweighed her frustration that their meeting had been interrupted, but the sarcasm might have been caught by someone like Teague who was accustomed to her tone. She waved over Seamus to signal he bring over a third glass, then gestured at the seat to her side or Teague's with a smirk. "Oh please! do have a seat. Next round's on me."

Whether or not she'd take the offer had yet to be seen, and on the inside, her instincts kicked in to initiate her screening process of her old friend's colleague...as if this were any other day at Hogwarts.

Like old times, indeed...
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