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by: Matthew Cox
Matt did his best to help her, submissive under the effects of the lust inducing pollen. He just wanted to touch her, make love to her, enjoy her...but she apparently wanted him to move. Cora kept prodding him off of her, elbowing him hard when he stopped moving in the direction of...her room?

Even in his addled state, he mulishly stopped in the hall outside of her bedroom.

"Can't. Need you to lift the block or I can't go in."

No doubt she'd be pissy at his stubbornness, but whose fault was it really? And she was so cute when she was flustered...
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by: Coraline Larson
She let out a grunt of effort when he stopped stubbornly. "Oof.. I already did, ya bloody git! Come on... Shower. Now."

Cora tugged and half-dragged the lust-soaked man across the plush carpet of her bedroom and toward the luxurious bathroom. A large marble-tiled glass shower stall next to the vanity was her destination. She used her hip to push the door open and wrestled Matt into the shower, huffing in annoyance at the whole situation.
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by: Matthew Cox
As Cora opened the shower, Matt wrapped himself around her again, breathing in that beautiful jasmine-at-midnight scent on her. It only served to enflame him more, so he pushed her up against the tile wall of the shower and began resuming the make-out session that had been interrupted in the library. He grabbed her hips and pulled them to his, lost again in a wash of need and desire.

His thumbs hooked into the top of her pants, but Matt didn't act any farther than that. As soon as the water from the shower hit them, he was beginning to regain some of his self control. He put his forehead to hers and panted with lust.

"I want you."

He held them both there against the wall, grinding still but not pushing them beyond that. He'd started to resist the effects of the pollen, but the flower alone wasn't to blame for his desire.

He really did want her, his clearing mind recognized.

He tilted his head and kissed her, more gentle and less demanding than he had been.
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by: Coraline Larson
"Cox! No, let go of mmmph- !"

Cora squeaked as she found herself manhandled into the shower with him and pinned against the wall. Her right hand blindly found the faucet and managed to turn it on, the cold spray quickly soaking them both. Still in the throes of the Cereus pollen Matt kissed her passionately and pulled her hips against his so she could feel his arousal, only inflaming her own desire once more as well.

She pushed against his chest to shove him away but her protests were weak and quickly succumbing to the maddening passion between them. She knew it was just the effect of the plant's pollen that had gotten onto both of them and tried harder to resist him, praying the water would do its job quickly and wash the stuff off.

"N-no... no you don't," she mumbled in response to his lustful declaration. "S'just the pollen..."
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by: Matthew Cox
The cold water did its intended job, killing his amorous mood. Matt felt like he was back in control of himself after several seconds under the spray. He continued to kiss her gently, becoming less and less demanding. Her hands on his chest felt nice...

Matt pulled his hands away from her hips and stopped grinding against her. Instead, his back arched, pulling body contact away from her. He put his forehead to hers once more, sodden hair hanging limp over his brow.

"Told you earlier I wasn't going to lie to you...I do want you, but I also think this is moving way too fast."

Matt kissed her in the nose and gave her an enigmatic smile. He reached over and turned the water off, then stepped back and out of the shower. His hand traced the cupboards idly until he found the towels. Matt pulled out one for himself and one for Cora, adding nothing further to the conversation unprompted. His plan was to go change into dry clothes and then hide in his room, maybe die of shame, maybe marvel over the very physical twist in the relationship, and try to figure out what it all meant.
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by: Coraline Larson
The cold water was starting to get to her, shivers from the frigid temperature trembling through her lithe frame. His kisses were becoming less madly passionate and more controlled and even gentle, though still more than enjoyable, she reasoned idly with herself.

When Matt finally pulled away and put some space between their bodies, Cora panted lightly, a bit breathless from his amorous attentions. She shook her head slightly at his answer.

"Cereus pollen. It got all over us when you knocked the basket out of my hands in the greenhouse. I use it for poisons; its main use is love potions," she explained quietly, her cheeks flushing as she took the towel from him. "Causes uncontrollable lust, and the symptoms of ingesting it are fevers, chills, and hallucinations. All of which you exhibited."

She stepped out of the shower and stalked into her bedroom, going into her walk-in closet for dry clothes. She couldn't believe she had been so stupid as to actually think he was attracted to her. Maybe she would just get changed, go clean up the library, and hide in her workspace the rest of the night.
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by: Matthew Cox
Interesting...Matt toweled himself off, inadvertently spiking his hair up in a damp crest. He wrapped the towel around himself, skin prickled with goosebumps still from the cold.

"Well, thank you for treating me. Maybe next time we can skip the pollen all together...might be a better ending than a cold shower."

Did he just-? Matt gave Cora a cheeky grin and fled her bathroom. She didn't want to hear him mouthing off like that. Hell, she probably was only into the kissing and groping because of the pollen herself.

This was twice now in less than twenty four hours that he'd pushed himself and his lusts on her. He needed to control himself better...also, figure out what the hell was going on with his attractions. Why was he so drawn to her? She was, was...magnetic. Enigmatic. He loved the mystery of her.

Matt shook his head and retreated to his room. He closed the door and leaned against it with a sigh. Damn, but she tasted good...He bit his lip and grinned.
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