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by: Coraline Larson
'May I kiss you again some time?'

Did those words really just come out if his mouth? Cora felt her cheeks warm in what she was certain was a deep blush at his cheeky request. And good lord, that grin...

She bit her lip absently and stared at him, struck dumb and mute by the odd attraction. An attraction she was realizing she just might share...
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by: Matthew Cox
She stared at him, biting her lip. What was that supposed to mean? Matt sat up and cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Hello? You bump your head when you fell from Heaven, angel? Why are you blushing?"

Well, he seemed to be careening from suave to obscenely blunt. Maybe it was better to not try and just follow his impulse.

Matt rolled off of his chair gracefully and moved over to her without a sound. He stood in front of her chair and bent down to her level and took a deep breath. She was enticed, attracted, aroused...

He planted his left hand on the back of her chair and kissed her again, pushing her back into the cushion. One knee came up beside her to steady himself as he deepened the kiss, fingers of his right hand entwined in her hair.

"Tell me to stop if I'm moving too fast, Cora..."

Probably was. Whatever. Live fast, live hard, die happy we're three lessons that Royals cleaved to. If he had to live here and he was attracted to her, he may as well enjoy his time, right?
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by: Coraline Larson
Angel?! Merlin's bloody beard the man was delirious. Or maybe just crazy. Maybe a little of both?

Her heart pounded in her chest as he stalked over to her chair and loomed over her. When he bent toward her she at least had the presence of mind left to put her tea down on the table next to her; last thing she needed was to ruin this by spilling hot tea on him. Whatever this was, she mused, both curious and a little afraid.

Her nervousness melted, however, when he kissed her again, trapping her in her chair. She brought her hands up tentatively as she returned the kiss, one resting on his chest while the other cupped the back of his head and held him firmly.
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by: Matthew Cox
Her heart was pounding, her pheromones were intoxicating, she was grabbing him in return...life became a hazy kind of blur for Matt as he let himself just sink into the moment.


A muffled groan at her touch prompted him to change posture as he brought his other knee up to the chair. While he was careful to not put too much weight on her, she was straddled and trapped underneath him. Matt brought both hands to cup her face, becoming more intoxicated by the second. She just smelled so good...
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by: Coraline Larson
His weight on top of her was heavy but enticing and arousing, his grip on her hair gentle but firm and possessive. It had been so long since she had been with anyone or had any sort of romance... She shifted her posture to draw him closer to her, the hand on his chest gripping his shirt tightly.

Cora deepened the kiss, nipping at his bottom lip to tease him as she pulled him tight against herself.

"Might... might be moving a little fast..." she panted between kisses. "...not sure I care..."
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by: Matthew Cox
She smelled so good, like jasmine...that was new. Normally she smelled of clean earth and cooking herbs...

"...that jasmine smell...suits you." he told her between kissing. When she told him she didn't care that they were moving too fast, tugged on his shirt, and writhed underneath him to draw him closer, Matt decided he didn't care either. A small keening sound came from him, eager and passionate.

He felt deliriously good. Her bite earned her a nip from him as well, but he didn't settle for just one; he ran his teeth down her jaw line to the hollow of her neck. A pocket of jasmine scent clung there, driving him wild. Matt's hands ran down her torso to her hips. Experimentally, he ground his hips against hers to gauge her reaction.
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by: Coraline Larson
"... jasmine? What're you-? Just shut up and kiss me..." she groaned, nipping his lip again more roughly.

She couldn't remember the last time she felt so good; it was almost euphoric. The scent he mentioned seemed to cling to him faintly as well, which seemed odd but she couldn't place quite why. The feeling of recognition quickly was overwhelmed by desire, however, as he scraped his teeth down her neck and ground his hips against her intimately. Cora shivered and let out a breathy moan, her hand twisting in his hair tighter. Her left hand let go of his shirt in favor of exploring the hard-muscled planes of his torso and chest instead.
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by: Matthew Cox
It was getting stiflingly hot. Matt sat back, flushed and panting. Without a word, he stripped his top off and threw it behind himself. He weaved slightly, dizzy for some reason or another.

"...'m hot...don't feel too good...ugh, but you're hot, too..."

Lust won out over being feverish, so Matt leaned back down over her and attacked her neck with kisses again. There was something powdery on her neck and it stuck to his lips. When he licked it off of himself, it was as if every pleasurable feeling tripled in intensity. He groaned and sank into the moment, wanting nothing more than to have sex with her.
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by: Coraline Larson
Cora groaned in annoyance when he pulled away, though his actions derailed any feelings of being upset once he pulled his shirt off. She ran her hands greedily over the chiseled abs he had exposed, sighing appreciatively when he leaned down to continue kissing and nipping at her.

Wait... a moment of clarity fought through the haze of lust. He felt hot? And had he been weaving a little there? He mentioned the smell of.... OH SHIT. She knew what was happening.

"Matt... stop... Need to... ugh..." she moaned at his deft attentions, not really wanting him to stop. "Mmm... no, Matt... need to... UGH... need to shower. Now."
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by: Matthew Cox
Stop? No. Don't wanna stop. You smell too good, feel too nice, taste too exquisite. I wanna have sex with you until neither one of us can feel our legs, then sleep, then do that again. I want to worship at the altar of your body an-holy shit what the hell was that?!

Matt's internal monologue was interrupted by a tendril creeping out from behind a book on the shelf behind the chair. Was his radar playing tricks on him? He couldn't sit up easily. Everything felt heavy and uncoordinated, so he tried to tell Cora. In a lilting, dazed voice, he slurred out the warning.

"Rodney...Rodney's in the bookcase...readin' Sherlock Holmes..."

He slumped forward, losing control of his muscle tone in his delirium with a groan.
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by: Coraline Larson

Definitely Cereus pollen... Now that she realized what the cause of her own lustful actions was Cora fought the euphoric desires off just in time for Matt to fully succumb. His full weight came down on her and she let out a groan of protest, trying to reach her wand on the floor.

"cac Naofa, meáigh tú an oiread agus is daimh!" she growled, her fingers just brushing the wand.

"Come on, Cox! You need to get the fuck up!"

(Holy shit, you weigh as much as an ox!)
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by: Matthew Cox

He whined and slurred his complaint, but did his best to push off of her. A look of surprised panic crossed his features when he overbalanced backwards and fell off the chair. His eyes rolled back in his head and he groaned, feeling cold now. His skin was still flushed and now had a sheen of sweat, but he started shivering, too delirious to grab his shirt and put it back on.
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by: Coraline Larson
"OH mo dhia i ndáiríre? For fucks sake..."

Cora rolled her eyes and snatched her wand from the floor, casting a spell to combat the fever and chills. Gently grabbing his jaw she sighed heavily when she saw the pollen still on his lips and smeared on his chin. Raising her wand she cast another spell to douse him with a gentle stream of water, careful to wipe the pollen off before it went into his mouth.

"Matt? Can you get up? You need a cold shower and I really don't wanna drag yer arse across the house..."

(Oh my God, really?)
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by: Matthew Cox
Waterboarding! But she was touching him. And drowning him!

Matt sputtered and sat up, still hazy with lust. Without a word to Cora, he reached out and caressed her stomach.

"You're so pretty..."

He sat there panting, grinning broadly at her telling him to go take a shower.

"You comin' with?"

The sentence barely was structured properly, but the idea of the two of them in the shower together? He was not opposed to that. Not a bit.
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by: Coraline Larson
For fucks sake...

"Will you st- knock it off!" she growled, swatting his hand away from her stomach. "And knock that bloody grin off or I'll do it for ya..."

Getting to her feet with a huff Cora unceremoniously shoved her wand into its holster on her thigh and tugged Matt to his feet. She staggered under his weight and groaned at the effort of keeping them both upright.

"Oh come on... help me at least a little, ya giant oaf!" She elbowed him in the side, trying to get him across the library and into her private bathroom. The shower was large enough she could easily dump him on the floor and just turn the water on to get the pollen off.
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