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by: Jace Bryden
Jace laughed. No shit it wasn't Fierro. If it had been the alpha was sure there wouldn't be anything left of the man or the building they were currently holed up in. What was even more amusing was how much he'd gotten into Diana's head. Even though nothing was ever going to come of it the garou enjoyed toying with human emotions, especially when it was made clear he'd got under her skin that easily. Humans were definitely funny when it came to their own modesty.

The alpha nodded. Jace was certain the investigation Jaleth was conducting had to do with the poison. the man had said as much when they'd crossed paths on his way out of the box they'd locked him in when he'd lost it. That was another thing the alpha added to his mental list of things to do once he was back in the land of the living. Jaleth had seemed ok around him so maybe the professor wouldn't mind a chat about his findings... hell maybe the pack could help him track down leads.

The mention of Shadow had his gaze turning back to Kara from where they had unintentionally settled on the food tray. The grin he shot Kara was full of amusement. "I wouldn't count Shadow out sweetheart. There's a reason she's known as my shadow. She'll be close by even if you don't see her. Honestly wouldn't be surprised if she set the pack make work tasks to keep them busy while she settled in to keep an eye on us."

His eyes tracked Kara's movements as she popped the grape into her mouth. He dropped his gaze almost instantly and caught himself just before he turned into a drooling mess. Fucking hell, that would have been more embarrassment than man or wolf could handle at the moment. Hands on his thighs brought that chocolate brown gaze back up to her and desire and hunger fought for attention. The massage was just enough to be infuriatingly teasing, but the quip she offered, combined with the smell off food was proving to be slightly more distracting.

Jace let his head fall back with a laugh before looking back at Kara as she finished dragging her fingers on his legs, a devilish grin of his own playing on his face. "Food, right.... just means I get you for desert." Jace pushed himself up, leaning forward as if he was going to give her a kiss, but pulled back just before their lips could touch, a mischievous glint in his eyes. Instead he reached out toward the tray and grabbed anther hunk of the sliced meat and proceeded to snack on it while resting the urge to wolf down whatever he could as fast as he could.
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by: Kara Viridian
Embarrassment flushed her cheeks briefly at the remark about his shadow. If she was nearby and had his caliber of hearing? Or what if it was one of the others...they'd hear everything, wouldn't they? She just chuckled. They were all adults there, just as sure as Diana was an adult as well, dealing with some adult imagery, and now Kara had to worry if she was putting on a show for outside listeners.

Oh, dear.

"Entertaining listeners. Got it." She chuckled. That was their prerogative if they wanted to tune in. As far as Kara was concerned, she and Jace were all alone. If only.

His reactions to her gentle massage made her raise a brow, though she was not about to get in his way if he needed to take a break for food, and when he declared she would be his desert, her face lit up when he went to kiss her. "Only if you're good..." Kara whispered in a low voice. She leaned in close, but was teased when he pulled back and by the looks of it was already chomping on another piece of meat from the tray. She smirked.

"You brat..." She narrowed her eyes and shook her head as she backed away from the bed.

"Then maybe I'll just put this old thing back on later..." She slid out of the jacket and tossed it aside, where it landed perfectly on the seat of the chair. She slowly pulled down on the waistband of her lacy undies, bringing them down the length of her legs until they hit the floor. She picked them up and held them up with her finger as she trotted over to her closet. Kara was completely naked and she swayed her hips as as she strolled away. She made sure to give her Alpha a nice show of her bare form as she stepped away, looking over her shoulder to make sure he was watching.

Kara emerged a few moments later in her robe again, the thin material draped over every single curve of her bare body underneath.
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by: Jace Bryden
"Don't worry sweetheart. If any of them wanted to catch a show it would just leave them jealous as hell that I get you and they don't."

He smirked when she called him a brat, though he supposed he deserved it for that fake out on the kiss as entertaining as it was to pull that reaction from her. He could be good if he needed to. Jace was half way through the slice of meat when Kara backed away but he was wholly unprepared for her counter to his tease earlier. His eyes shot open in surprise and he almost dropped the small morsel of food he'd been nibbling on when Kara slipped out of the jacket leaving herself fully exposed. Had his reflexes been anything other than garou he was certain his food would have hit the floor.

His eyes followed her as she headed to her closet, moving in all the right ways to keep his attention focused solely on her. "Awoo Awoo," the cat call, low howl was let loose along with one hell of a wide grin. Such a fucking tease. Jace left out a slight huff and shook his head when his love stepped back out of the closet, body now covered in her robe. Her robe that only seemed to accentuate all her lovely curves. Fuck him, Kara was going to drive him crazy at this rate.

When his stomach let out a slightly audible roar though the alpha had the decency to look at least a little bit sheepish and mouthed a silent "sorry but not sorry," and went back to chowing down. It didn't take long for what was in front of him to disappear. One downfall about being a garou was that the instinct to inhale food was always there. Never knew when some sly bastard would slink in to try and get your share. Still he tried to slow down at least a bit and keep a bit of civility even if he knew Kara would see right through it.

He patted the bed beside him as he chewed on a tougher piece of meat and if Kara chose to sit he'd move the try down so that she could get at the fruit things if she wanted. "Plans for the rest of the day" he asked when he was able to grab enough air between bites to get the words out. Normally he hated the small talk shit but for some reason with Kara it seemed tolerable.
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by: Kara Viridian
Make them jealous? She blushed. Sure.

She watched him eat for a moment and was rather amused at his appetite. Not in a mocking manner, it was just interesting to see him outside of his natural element. Kara had been doing that a lot, peeling him out of the animalistic, aggressive, angry, snide version of him, and instead, just replacing the anger with a sweet side, and everything else stayed the same. He was still snide with some of his quips, but not at her expense. He was also still animalistic and aggressive, but that was all between the sheets and she was quite fine with that.

Still, she wanted to tell him he didn't have to rush through his meal because she wasn't going to have any, but he was already clearing the way through the tray on his own, so she stayed quiet.

Jace had a different side to him, one he swears to his Gods, or totems, as she learned that no one on this green earth gets to see. At least, not often. She could see why. The way the garou were, the way they lived and whatnot, Kara saw that having a softer side may be seen as a weakness. Perhaps why he would give her trouble when she led with her heart more than her head or let her hesitation or anxiety get in the way. He was all instinct...and it had gotten him this far.

When he pat the bed, Kara sat down beside him and grabbed a couple more grapes from their vine and ate them, one at a time. They were so sweet, her favorite, she savored them. She tilted her head and shrugged. "No plans." It felt good to say that, since she'd been slammed with some terrible occurrences the last couple of weeks.

It was late enough in the evening that the sun was set now. She would turn on her lights soon, maybe light some candles for added, romantic, ambiance. She was already quite comfortable having dressed down and already knew she didnt want to leave the room.

Talking with the inner circle could wait. She already heard what she wanted from Diana--Jaleth was still investigating. Good. That meant she had a bit of time to kill, and she would rather stay locked up in her tower of sorts with her Alpha. "Business can wait until at least tomorrow. What are you thinking?"

Kara lie back and put a hand behind her head as she stretched. She crossed one ankle over the other and brought her gaze over to him, and she offered him a slight smile.
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by: Jace Bryden
He'd eaten his fill in no time flat and quite honestly, if the alpha had thought he'd been feeling good before he was doubly so now that he'd been fed. Jace licked the remains of his meal off his fingers before moving the tray back to the end table it had been set on previously and then proceeded to brush his hands off on his pants, tongue running absently over his teeth to catch anything that might have been left behind.

Jace turned to Kara as he lie back and couldn't stop the grin from forming on his face. No plans was it? That suited the alpha just fine. As much as he wanted to check in on the pack he knew they could wait it out at least one more night. Besides, if something was going to go down Shadow would let him know. Jace let his eyes linger on Kara's stretched out form.

"What am I thinking?" Jace flopped over on his side so he could slide up beside Kara, a clawed finger slowly working its way teasingly up her leg, along the outside of her thigh, before pulling away. "I'm thinking shit can wait until tomorrow. I'm liking this little get away of ours."

And he was. There was something to be said about being alone, but then there was something also to be said about being alone with the person you cared about. Add the bonus of not having to deal with life and it made for a perfect scenario, a moment in time that could just be theirs.
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by: Kara Viridian
Once he'd finished eating, she felt the mattress shift and the heat of his body was close. She gasped softly when she felt his fingers trail up her leg, and she gently bit her lip. When he pulled away, she opened her eyes enough to look over at him and gave him a playful glare at his efforts to tease her...which were completely successful. "Hm." She pouted, but all in good fun, as they'd been teasing each other quite a bit since he'd awoken from his much needed rest. She nodded. "Tomorrow it is. Or, maybe the next day...or the next..." She turned to her side to face him, and she placed her hand on his hip, giving it a squeeze as she nuzzled his nose.

"It's no private moment by the creek like we've wanted, but I think being shut in here with you is a damn good plan... But what could we possibly do to pass the time?" She raised an eyebrow, trailing her fingertips along his lower back until her hand eventually rested on his backside. A few days ago, being shut in with him was one of the stupidest, most dangerous things she'd ever done in her entire life, but if she was going to end up here, in pain but happy, she would do it again.

If she had it her way, she would take even longer than just a day or so, to remain hidden on their private getaway. She'd use the excuse of much needed recovery time to simply have her Alpha all to herself. In a perfect world, that might have been possible too--but the reality that awaited them on the other side of the door was anything but perfect. He had a pack to get back to, eventually. Kara didn't hear a damage report so she wasn't sure how their dynamics were faring, but she hoped things were alright, for Jace's sake. No, for all their sakes, because if it was a total shitstorm when he got back, that just meant he had his work cut out for him. She had to speak with her family. Fierro. Jon. Jaleth. Diana now too, since she'd been privy to everything else that had occurred and was working as the attending healer for their cases. She had a laundry list of things to discuss with them, and that was just a piece of the jacked up puzzle she had out in front of her.

But no, far more important thoughts were to be had. That was to throw all of the stressers out of the window for now, and to focus on the sexy wolf man in front of her.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace took a moment shift a bit before propping his head up lazily with his arm, his eyes searching out hers as she also rolled to her side. His grin widened when she leaned in to nuzzle his nose and when her hand settled on his hip it was natural, almost as if it belonged there. A soft chuckle broke out at Kara's quip. She'd been pushing to spend some alone time at the creek and Jace made a mental note to make it happen sooner rather than later. Sure they'd technically been there already even if they'd both ended up in the small sanctuary by pure coincidence, but it wasn't what he'd had in mind when he'd first told Kara about the place.

The alpha was intimately aware of fingertips working their way along his lower back before eventually stopping their slow teasing crawl on his back side. Jace absently let a canine run along his lower lip before leaning in far enough so that his lips were mere millimeters from her ear. "Pretty sure I could figure out something for us to do." His voice was barely above a whisper but chalk full of desire and playfulness. There would be time enough to fix the world, but right now? Right now Jace just wanted to live in the moment.

Jace pulled his head back slowly letting his nose ghost along her cheek, before settling against Kara's nose, returning the nuzzle from earlier before closing the small distance to steal a kiss. As the kiss deepened, the alpha slid his right hand over her hip and then up toward the small of her back, to the spot Kara seemed to like, a slow teasing swirl.
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by: Kara Viridian
His voice in her ear rumbled low and gave her a chill. A smile blossomed on her face and she hummed softly, as a chill ran down her spine.

"Mm...really?" Kara tilted her head to the side, and it exposed the bare flesh of her neck open for him too. Her robe slipped open and her flesh met the cool air. "Show me."

That grin of his drove her wild and she scrunched her nose against his soft nuzzle before he kissed her and she returned it, with a desire that matched his. The hand that resided at his back was pulled up to rest on his jaw and cheek as she lost herself in the kiss.

The teasing swirl at the base of her spine made her pull in a breath in surprise, and she arched her back, bring her leg over his, tangling with his legs and melting into him. Kara moaned against his lips as she let her tongue explore, parting with him only break for air and lean in to give a trail of gentle nips against his jaw and neck. When he hit another sensitive spot, Kara flexed her fingers and dragged her fingernails down his shoulder. Another breathy moaned escaped her as she returned her lips to his, and bit his bottom lip with the burning passion that yearned desperately for a release.

Kara pulled him on top of her. She tightly wrapped her legs around his waist and deepened the kiss, as her mind faded into ecstasy...
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