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by: Jace Bryden
He took her nod as confirmation that this was what she wanted even though that strange feeling was still there. Try as he might, the animal inside him was far to awake and far to in charge right now for Jace to pause and consider that there might be something deeper to Kara's actions. If she wanted to stop all she had to do was say so and he'd stop but all her actions, major emotions and feelings...

When Kara pulled him in for another kiss his hands slid down her back, pulling her close. The passion and fire that was behind the moment was mind numbing. Her scent was intoxicating, her taste as their tongues danced... A low hum rose from the back of his throat as his desire for her rose with each passing second. Clothes were now an obstacle and Jace teasingly let clawed hands trace over her hips and down to the front of pants, pawing at the button. He the hooked a clawed finger over the waste band as his other hand dropped to undo his own belt, all the while deepening the kiss she'd started.
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by: Kara Viridian
There was no denying that she wanted him, that she needed him at that moment. The sorrow wasn't enough to keep her from that, but it lurked still. Kara forced herself to forget the past for now and give herself to him and this night and despite its efforts to stick around, she pushed the sadness away and let her desire take over.

She didn't mind that they were outdoors; The room was high enough with an enclosed balcony to keep any unwanted eyes out. What meant the most to her was that they were in the night air, out in the open, under the canopy of the beautiful brilliance of the starlight above. It wasn't the same scene as they'd longed for earlier, however. It wasn't the same as a roll or tumble in the grass, or bare bodies in the dirt near the creek with only the shade of the forest to cover them...but still, Kara was just as content being out here with him, and getting to experience his body no matter the locale.

The heat between them rose as she lost herself in his intoxicating kiss and his gentle caress as he pulled her closer. She softly moaned again against his lips as she moved her hips against him again. She knew he seemed to like that, and wouldn't stop unless he told her to...or rather, unless that prompted something further. When she felt him tugging at her waistband again, she knew that was her cue. Kara smiled against his lips and started undoing that to assist in the removal of those garments, and even fiddled with his pants once the belt came undone. She emitted a faint giggle as she briefly broke their intense, impassioned kiss to clasp the zipper of his hoodie with her teeth and she dragged it downward. She felt silly doing so and she just chuckled as she trailed up his chest with light kisses before sitting back up to slip out of her sleeveless top. It wasn't long after that she returned find his lips.

It took a little bit of maneuvering to fully disrobe both of them, but once successful, Kara felt his bare skin touching hers and she gasped slightly. Another gentle breeze came through making her entire body shiver against him. Kara gently nibbled at his neck as she trailed her hands over his chest and down his arms until she reached his hands and she tangled her fingers with his.

Now fully awakened by her Alpha, she gave in to her hunger for him...


Kara rested in the nook of Jace's arm, and she snuggled against his shoulder. She used the sheet she had set out earlier to pull over them and provide a little bit of a shield to the elements, even if it did feel good after their moment of heated passion. Even in the cool air of the night as the breeze rolled through intermittently, they were both still warm, their skin hot and run over with sweat. Her breathing had calmed down at least, and her heartbeat too, before she gently pressed her lips against his shoulder. "Hm. Maybe we have a thing for couches?" Kara chuckled, keeping her eyes closed as she traced her hand over his chest once more, this time not obstructed by the material of the hoodie like before. "I have a bed just ten feet away from here."
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace focused on the rise and fall of Kara's chest, feeling each breath as she settled into a more relaxed state from the fun of moments ago. He was vaguely aware of his own breathing and heart beat were returning to their normal rhythms. Her body was pressed up against his, still warm and slick with sweat... The alpha let his eyes slip shut, content just to have Kara tucked into his arm. If he hadn't been overly tired before he certainly was now and Jace let out a soft chuckle, though he was certain Kara would mistake it for him laughing at her observation of avoiding beds, which in itself was also amusing.

"Well, couches do have a history for being fun and yours seem to be located in all the best spots. I mean look just at this view." Jace cracked an eye and from the way he smirked and gave Kara a one over it was clear he wasn't just talking about the night sky. "Or you know if you think your bed is feelin' lonely we could always do something about that." Amusement danced in half hooded eyes and his words hinted at a humorous undertone, while at the same time conveying that he would be more than ok with a round two.

But as much fun as that would be he was also quite content to stay where the were. It was warm enough with the sheet and their combined body heat (at least for him). Jace took a moment and rolled himself onto his side so he was facing Kara, cuddling up to her as best he could in the small space.
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by: Kara Viridian
She shuddered again as a breeze kissed her skin, but it soon diminished with the warmth provided between their naked forms.

Kara laughed softly at his quip about the couch, though she bashfully bit her lip when he lazily peeked at her. They were both exhausted, but she wouldn't complain if he wanted another go. "Well..." She raised a devious brow, "I think it might be a little jealous, so we might have to fix that later." Kara was comfortable where she lie currently, and being under the stars with her Alpha was her happy place. He already stated He would be staying over for the night, so she wasn't in any real hurry.

He turned onto his side to face her and she scooted in closer, pulling her leg over his hip. She propped her head up on her elbow to get a good look at him and with her free hand, lightly trailed her fingertips over his forearm, up to his bicep, until she found his shoulder and then she traced it back down again. She didn't even hesitate when she found the ridges of scars that lined his skin, because she found she'd rather enjoyed that about him, just as he had mentioned that he admired hers.

"Then again, if you've changed your mind about staying... there's still time escape." Kara teased with a laugh, but her body language said otherwise. She squeezed him with her leg and grinned, leaning forward to steal a kiss before pulling away again to find his dark gaze.
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by: Jace Bryden
Her fingers moved as if they were in a slow dance, tracing delicate lines up his forearm, to shoulder and then along the old scars that resided there. Her leg hooked lazily over his hip, pulling them closer together. Jace continued to watch her and felt his grin widen slightly at her apparent bashfulness as he gave her the lazy one over. What Kara had to be bashful over the alpha had no idea... all he saw was a beautiful, strong woman in front of him.

A soft chuckle broke out at her playful banter. "Escape?" Jace raised a brow and felt his grin widening. Kara's body language and action was indicating that she wanted him to go no where any time soon and he was more than happy to stay. Jace made a weak show of trying to roll back but was caught by the leg she'd hooked over his hip earlier. He grin was intoxicating and he found his own matching hers as she leaned in to steal a kiss.

"Mmmm I don't think there's much opportunity for escapin' sweetheart. You've worked some magic here and I seem to be trapped...."
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by: Kara Viridian
Just being there, wrapped in his arms, tangled with him, and her leg pulled over his hip was lovely. Anytime she'd been snuggled up against him made her smile and she was doing plenty of that right now. His lazy eyes were adorable, the exhaustion starting to kick in for him since he had a relatively long week.

Kara trailed her hand up his arm and she squeezes his shoulder gently as he leaned in for a kiss and she happily returned it. She nuzzled her nose against his before pulling back. Kara started to wind down, but with that, reality settled in and the dread of the following day, paired with some curiosities and doubts of moments before popped up. Something came to mind she thought she might ask now.

She hesitated... but she figured it'd been enough time since the last time she'd asked, so this was another chance to see if she had earned that trust with him. "Darling..." Kara looked across from her, right into that handsome face, and searched his eyes. "Tell me about your family..."

Of course, she meant the family other than the Lucky 7. Jace often referred to his pack as the only living family he had, other than the uncle that allegedly left him with the vicious scarring on his body, orders to rid the world of the rage-fueled Spiral that was none other than Jace.

"You Don't have to if you would rather not I just...I just wanted to..." She trailed off. Shit. Maybe she should have kept her mouth shut.
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by: Jace Bryden
The silence that followed was a comfortable one and the alpha felt his thoughts start to drift, a sure fire sign he was losing the battle with exhaustion. Kara's use of a pet name brought him the alpha brought his eyes up to match hers, a brow slightly raised to indicate his curiosity and that he was listening. Her question had a huff of air that might have been amusement escaping and Jace forced a grin... a defense mechanism if there ever was one. "Why so curious?"

Family. What a loaded question. Jace got the feeling she'd asked more out of innocent curiosity and desire to know more about the animal she'd slept with...but it was hard to tamp down on that little voice that said she was fishing for information to hurt him. He'd never opened up to anyone before and the 7...well the 7 grew up in the same original pack so they knew everything about each other.... Jace stayed quiet for a long while even though he could sense Kara's discomfort as she backtracked to give him an out if he wanted it. Ultimately Jace knew if this thing they had went anywhere even remotely serious he was going to have to fill her in on a whole lot more than just his particular brand of family issues...

He brought his eyes back up to search out the depths of the sea green across from him. "I meant what I said before... about the 7 being the only family I have." Jace sighed and mentally prepped himself for the question she was sure were going to follow once this can of decaying worms was open. "But... like everyone I had a mom and dad. Both are dead, dear old dad by my claws, and mom from one of the 7. Don't know who landed that blow and I don't care. The result was all that mattered. You've already heard about my wonderful uncle, Lachlann McTavish. Mean son-of-a-bitch. Wants me dead. Had an aunt, but your guess is as good as mine to whether or not she's still breathing."

Jace paused a moment as he mulled over telling Kara about Kenzie. That was one bridge that went up in a raging inferno the day he ran and quite honestly Jace wanted to keep it that way. Eventually he decided that telling Kara wasn't going to hurt much of anything.

"I also had- have," there was a slight pause before he continued, "Well least I think I still have younger sister. Kenzie.... McTavish's fucking protege..." Jace tried to keep the anger at that thought buried but he wasn't exactly sure he was succeeding and he hoped that Kara would understand the feeling wasn't directed at her.
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by: Kara Viridian
Kara raised her eyebrows. She was stunned. Honestly, she didn't think he would tell her anything this time, as she blindly posed the question. He avoided telling her anything that had to do with family that wasn't the 7, and now it was all there, all out in the open. His parents. His sister. The uncle, she already knew about but now she had a name. This information was vital, things known only to him and his people, she was sure if it, but she would keep it close because he trusted her enough to tell her.

She could partially relate to parents who had passed--both of them were killed, fighting for this very cause she stood for now. She still had Fierro, and for all intents and purposes called him father since he'd raised her, but Kara did understand the pain of knowing that her birthparents were long gone.

"I see..." She was still a bit stunned, and didn't know what to say. It was quite a bit to hear, and took a moment to comprehend. Not to mention she'd vaulted a barrier just to get him to speak, and it made her feel a little bit better about this relationship they were exploring--if he trusted her this much. "So they're both out there somewhere, and they want you dead, is what I gather?" It was a sad and scary thought, but it was very real and it tugged at her heart that he was in that danger. Of course, he was also a mercenary, so that loomed overhead with certain heft she wasn't prepared to face.
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by: Jace Bryden
He could tell she wasn't expecting that level of honesty, or for him to simply just brush off her question. Jace knew he probably should have, but he also felt safe enough around Kara, and trusted her enough to shard that bit with her.

"Yup." His uncle probably wanted him so dead at this point there probably wouldn't be anything left for the totems to take to the next life. Jace thought back to the meeting the 7 had crashed on the moors. He'd given McTavish more than a black eye in that meeting when he spoke to the Silver Fang on his uncles behalf. Hell, he'd probably pissed off most of the Spiral leaders. "But it ain't that simple. He contracted a lot of other packs and tribes to try and take me out and the 7 killed a good deal of our own kind, which doesn't exactly sit well with most of the Nation's leadership. There's a standing kill order nation wide for anyone suicidal enough to try at take out the 7, but we've gone out of our way to... convince a good deal of packs we're not worth the effort and more valuable alive."

He'd probably put her off with that explanation but Jace didn't know how to be anything but blunt. The alpha never saw any value in playing the diplomatic bullshit game outside of annoying the shit out of everyone. And as far as Jace was concerned the 7 were his family and if the chance ever presented itself he'd kill both McTavish and Kenzie and not shed a tear for either.
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by: Kara Viridian
Normalcy. Well, that was out the window. Kara thought her family tree and all of the bollocks surrounding her place with the Order made things complicated... Jace's family, his blood family, had been out to kill him and he'd lived the nomadic life of a Spiral garou, something she had yet to fully understand. The two remaining factors were still at large and that just put a pretty bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. It gave her some comfort to know that he'd evaded their attempts thus far, and the people he did consider family, The 7, were loyal, strong and had his back after all these years. Kara accepted what he'd told her for what it was and knew that there were things she couldn't bypass or even change for that matter. She would just have to watch herself, in case their relationship leapt from a fun and casual to one-hundred-percent serious...then things might need to be a little more transparent. She had a feeling things were steering in that direction, though...

For the time being, she was safe, snuggled against her Alpha and she cherished that.

"Sweetie..." Kara continued tracing her finger along his skin. "You know you can trust me... right?" Even though Jace had been so quick to tell her what she wanted to know, she sensed a little discomfort when it came to actually exposing that part of him. "It means a lot to me that you answered me without telling me to fuck off, in a nice way, of course--because you're so charming..." Kara did her best gravelly-Jace voice as she used one of his more favored phrases when speaking to, well, anyone. She couldn't help but chuckle when she took a jab at his charm, even though she did find him to be just that. "I just want you to know you don't have to say anything more, if you don't want to. I know you prefer secrecy when it come to certain things, and I respect that. I don't want to trouble you, and I also don't want you to get into trouble for telling me things I probably shouldn't know."

Her hand landed right over his and she pulled it up to her lips for a quick kiss on his palm, then to his fingers, then over onto his knuckles before she returned it to where it was. Her leg pulled him a bit closer as it squeezed his hip and her blue-green gaze locked into his as she awaited his response.
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by: Jace Bryden
He let his arm drape over her side and offered Kara a, hopefully reassuring squeeze. Jace hadn't meant for the moment they'd been sharing to take such a serious note but with Kara asking questions he wasn't sure how else to deal with it. The alpha remained quiet as Kara stated she could trust him. He did, or at least that's what he told himself...It wasn't like he was intentionally hiding things from her either.... but it was some mighty deep and dangerous ground they were currently flirting with and trust didn't come easy for the older man.

Her imitation of his "charm" evoked a laugh from the garou. It was spot on and highly accurate. Her touches and small gestures did a lot to ease his nerves, and while the older man appreciated the out she was giving him, Jace knew that if this thing they had was going to go anywhere even remotely serious, talking about his "family" was going to be the least of it.

"Kara it's..." Jace paused a moment as he tried to figure out how to soften the bluntness of what was to come but eventually decided it wasn't going to be possible. Sugar coating it would just make it worse down the line and he really needed Kara to understand what she was asking.

"It's not that I don't trust you... I mean I'm not trying to hide things per se... it's just Spirals in particular don't exactly have the most normal upbringing and I've always had it rough, so trust is a hard thing for me... I can't help it. And if this thing we have turns into something more... I"ll have to tell you some stuff but there's be things I can't. And it's not because I'm worried about trouble. Nation's been trying to kill more for just shy 40 years... I'm more worried about what they'll do to you if they think you are a risk to our kind being exposed. Garou aren't well know for a reason and the nation works hard to keep it that way...so anything I tell you stays between us a'right?"
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by: Kara Viridian
So, normal was out and apparently, safety was too. Kara had skated along the lines of danger, being born to an auror and a Minister of Magic and furthermore being an auror herself and an Order member to boot. Running. Prison. Magic... So many factors out there already put her life on the line, and what was one other? The takeaway was this: Jace had been running for longer than she'd been alive--and he'd survived. But, would she? She gulped, softly and nodded as she took in this rather somber news. Another risk for the big reward. Reward, of course, was getting to be with her Alpha, but the risk was her life. As expected. Nothing in her life lined up that easily, and their blossoming relationship had been unexpected and already had its speedbumps to worry about. Kara nodded to his question about secrecy. "Of course, darling." She whispered. "I can't say I fully understand but it's all new to me. I only asked because all of that is part of you, and I'd like to get to know it, so I can at least try to make sense of it all..." Kara was making an effort to make this work, because she wanted it to work so badly.

"I don't want to screw this up..."

The masquerade portion of it, she meant, but the response was also a double for how she felt about him. He already knew a lot about her life and past mess-ups, including her marriage and the unknowing 'betrayal' that lead to her attack. He knew that she'd been belittled, berated, betrayed, and physically harmed by people she fell in love with. It was all because she was so fast to trust someone. Jace was different, though. They started off at the bottom of an impossibly steep hill, it seemed, but the climb made this moment worth it. So no, she didn't want to screw this up. She didn't want to lose her Alpha over something ridiculous, because the desire and the genuine care she had for him in her heart burned brighter and stronger than she'd ever felt for anyone before.

The fact that he accepted her at all, given that rocky, uphill battle, meant the world to her.

Kara's blue-green eyes drifted away from Jace's face for a moment and she looked like she'd been struck hard with a terrible thought. Her fingers had linked with his just then, and she held onto him for a while.

"You think they'll try to come after me then?" The severity of what he'd said made that bad feeling in the pit of her stomach linger for a little longer than she liked. The thought of her being some sort of bait or liability made her uneasy. She'd been through situations like that before, not necessarily with a romantic link, but there was always someone out there waiting to take her head. Kara had no intentions of using whatever information he provided against him, she was legitimately curious and would respect every word.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace nodded slowly in understanding. It only made sense that Kara would want to know more about the man she was currently sleeping with. Hell, he probably knew more about her than she wanted him to ever know at this point in time so he supposed it was just a natural feeling and possible step to getting... well, getting closer.

He knew she was unsettled by what he'd told her. He could feel it and the way her hand sought out his only confirmed it. Jace gave her hand a soft squeeze to let her know he was still here, with her. "You ain't going to screw anything up sweetheart." The alpha wasn't sure if his words were going to help anything. Honestly if their situations had been reversed Jace was certain he would have taken it as fluff nonsense that was meant to distract from the greater picture. Still, some small part of him hoped it would help settle Kara.

He mulled over her last question and offered what he hoped was a reassuring grin, shaking his head even before Kara had finished speaking.

"Naw. Not unless you give them reason to. And you'd have to make one hell of a ruckus to draw that kind of attention. You'd probably have a better shot of getting caught by your Death Eater friends than run into trouble with my kind." Jace purposefully left out the bit about them still wanting him dead. Then there was the possibility that he'd pissed someone off over the course of his years as a mercenary... it was just something that had become part of his life. Looking over your shoulder was just how the pack functioned, how he functioned.

"But if you have questions, want to understand, I'll tell you what I can... and if anyone gives you hell for it me and the 7 will kill them." Jace slid his hand around her hip and snuggled in as close as he could get. He'd meant what he said about protecting her. As lame as it sounded when said out loud the desire to do so was anything but.
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by: Kara Viridian
Her body was so tense, it relaxed some more when he squeezed her hand to ease that worry. His words were verification enough for her to know he was genuine, as well. Kara needed to hear it out loud, even though the fact that he stuck around and had been so loyal to her after everything they'd been through so far meant the world to her. She nodded.

Death eaters finding Her? That was a familiar thought. Even though they'd attacked two vital points for the Regime, Kara hadn't thought too much on that other than needing to watch her back and potentially strategize her next move but she truly needed to press forth beyond what was going to happen tomorrow before shifting the focus. Still, that gave her some relief, and she would do her best to stay low on that radar. However, as close as she and Jace were becoming, the gap was starting to close.

Kara nodded again. He said if she had more questions, she could ask, but she's been a bit flustered by his information spill for now that she felt like she had gotten her fill. So much to ponder, and so much to process. While she was grateful, she knew she would need a little more time to figure it out.

As he snuggled closer, it drew a smile from her and she sighed. She felt safe with him, and she liked that. "I think that's everything for now, darling." Kara squeezed his hand and she looked up into those gorgeous brown eyes. She leaned in and kissed his chest, then once on his chin and the scruff of his beard tickled her lips. Kara chuckled softly at that before pressing her lips to his in a tender kiss.
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by: Jace Bryden
Jace chose to remain quiet when Kara clarified she had nothing else to ask at the moment. It wasn't surprising. He'd given her a fair bit to chew on and wrap her head around and it would be hard enough for any human to wrap their head around never mind a human that he was emotionally involved with. He was picking up general feeling of confusion and apprehension.... a touch of fear.... but Kara seemed like she was trying to tamp them down as best she could.

He felt her hand seek out and link with his, and didn't let go when she leaned into put those perfect lips on his chest, then chin. He caught her sea green gaze as she lifted her head to look and him and when her lips pressed against his, Jace let his eyes slip shut and focused on the feeling the intimate moment was eliciting. He let the moment last as long as he could until the need for air was becoming a slight issue. Jace back and offered a warm smile. The alpha shifted so Kara could cuddle in closer if she desired and he chose to rest his head near the top of hers, taking in her scent as he did.

The soft ambiance of the night brought the sounds of its creatures to keen hearing, as if lulling the garou into a state of pure relaxation. Hopefully Kara would pick up on the feeling and his relaxed state would help her sort through her own emotions. Eventually the siren call of slumber proved to be to much for the alpha and Jae found himself drifting off into the wonderful abyss known as sleep.

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