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by: Tabora
Honest to God, I will break your heart, tear you to pieces and rip you apart

April 20th, 8pm

She finished her shift and crouched, letting the scents and sounds of the city wash over her. The first Nagual on European soil...a grin split her heavy muzzle, letting the long ivories of her fangs taste the breeze. This steel and brick jungle was exciting! With eyes to see in the dark and nose to scent her prey, she was the apex predator and she had some hunting to do.

The anthromorphic jaguar stood to her full seven plus feet, flicked her wrist to extend her spear, and headed towards the muggles' apartment where she'd gotten her pride beaten out of her. It was time to fix that.

In addition to her own personal vendetta, Tabby had orders from Delilah. Poor little Matty fit the description of someone Del called the Devil. A mutant. Abomination, more like. Tabby only regretted that he was cute. But el diablo always came in a tempting form, didn't he?

Her prey hadn't been in the apartment. Klaus was there, but he was just a human. A trail, frequently used by the scent, exited Matt's window and up the side of the building, off the roof and on a chase. It was easy to follow because the poor boy didn't realize he wasn't the hunter tonight. Her tail lashed in excitement. Soon.

She was a quiet hunter. Wolves howled and yipped, Nagual slunk in like shadows. Before too long, a distant figure in black made himself known. There he was. Instinct would say pursue more quickly, but Experience said to slow down. Tabby resumed her crouch and began stalking.

Matty, Matty dressed in black, Tabby, Tabby dressed in fur. Our first real date!

The silliness of her thoughts was a direct result of the killing Hunger in her. All cats played with their prey and Nagual were no different. She waited until his back was to her, then leaped.

Claws versus fists, fangs versus boots, speed versus speed, spear versus...nothing. The advantage belonged to Tabora, yet she was having a hell of a time putting the killing blow on the mutant. He just refused to stay down even after he was shredded across his chest and back. Her own tail had gotten broken, he'd stomped her paw hard enough to break some toes, and now he had the audacity to try and kick her in the face!

She gave a yowl and jabbed with her spear. A blossom of blood perfumed the air while Matt sang out in pain. His leg was damaged. Good. He could stop with the damned kicks finally.

Except he didn't. What the hell was he that he could fight like a Garou? He was unnatural and terrible. It was exciting for Tabby, if she was being honest. Here was prey that fought back! He showed some teeth of his own! It was a worthy fight, to be sure.

Matt leaped and landed a hook across her face. Light and pain erupted from her jaw. He broke her jaw! What the hell!? Tabby whipped her spear through the air and caught him across the torso; she levered the shaft of the spear and sent him flying across the roof. A 'splat' sound satisfied her that he wouldn't be getting up ever again. Now was the time to slink back to her den and lick her wounds. What a hell of a fight...
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