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by: Tristan Viridian
8 April 2012
Approximately 4 p.m., BST

"Just remember, I love you, son..."

He rubbed the jewel of his titanium ring, tracing every flat part of it with his fingertips. Tristan always hated flying, by plane that is. He never minded the broom, because he felt freer up there, and he had control. Being thousands of miles up in the air going hundreds of miles per hour (or however the American's measured it), was never something he got used to, but he adapted. The Marines traveled often and even after his discharge, he traveled from place to place, mostly between Salem and London to visit with one of his old corp buddies and then back. This time he was heading out, heading home from Massachusetts.

He didn't have much to return to, except for his private flat. It was more extravagant than his mother's old place, a childhood home he sold rather than kept. Too many memories there for him to hang onto that place.

"Do you need anything more, Mr. Viridian?"

When he looked up, a gorgeous flight attendant with her gorgeous smile, full red lips was batting her eyelashes at him, as she wheeled through the aisle with the cart of beverages. It had been a while since anyone addressed him by that name, since he had used his mother's surname since he was born. He smiled back at her and shook his head. "No. Thank you." But he couldn't help himself as he watched her walk away, capturing a good view of her form as she pushed the cart further down the aisle for anyone in first class requesting a drink. He had to clear his mind, though, because there was enough paperwork in front of him on his private little desk tray that needed his focus.

He'd received a parcel at his buddy's place, private courier so it was harder to trace it's origin. Within that package was a stack of photos and a listing of an organization known as the Order of the Phoenix. Three photographs he deemed more important out of the lot, pictures from surveillance on three different people in three different places. He stared at their faces with such a red hot rage he wanted to scratch their eyes out. But he couldn't. They were the only copies he had, he didn't want to let the immaturity of his adolescent jealousy or blinding vengeance get in the way of this now. His step-sister was the key to getting to her partner, Jonathan. With his luck he would be able to track down their father if he was still in contact with her too.

Jonathan Partridge.
Kara Viridian (O'Donnell).
Nicholas Viridian, also known as: Fierro Darque

I look forward to working with you, Mr. Viridian. The note said. No return address, and the courier wasn't any help either, even though he tried to track him down, scold his company and beat him for information. There was no clue as to who this parcel came from, and why. It's not that Tristan minded...it was valuable information after all.

He yawned.

What started as a 5 a.m. flight from Boston turned into a twelve hour excursion, thanks to bloody time-zones.
Tristan hated flying.
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