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March 23, 2012
4:20a.m. - Delilah's Flat

An extremely crinkled and disheveled origami bird appears in the early morning. A soft, thunk, thunk, thunk can be heard as it taps up against the window pane. By it's outward appearance it looks like it could have been sent anywhere from 3-5 days ago and that it's flight had been anything but easy. There are no spells that can be detected on it except for the spell that grants it flight and a simple location spell that has had its destination altered from it's original. Once unfolded a hastily disjointed message can be seen and on closer inspection the viewer will note it's been scrawled out in blood.

Don't got much time but don't send anyone to follow. Powder is not safe. Gate watched. Labyrinth probably changed. Hunt is Sullivan and runs Syndicate. 1000's of people, small army. Goblins Werewolves Vampires. Working gettin accurate numbers. Tortured but surviving, messed with my head. Good legilimens be careful. Gonna make Jake's life hell.

Slipped my watch dogs for the moment. Found Trev's kids. Isis and Winslow's involved in kidnapping but it went wrong and Sullivan never gave them up. Safe for now. Not sure of overall plan but just by listening there's rumors of an attack/takeover soon. Statute? Muggles? Instincts say related somehow. Gotta go, I can hear them coming. Will try and get another message out soon as possible.

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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah woke at the sound against her window. She opened her eyes, stared at the window, and grabbed her wand from beneath her pillow before she sat up slowly and walked toward it, her wand ready as she cast a spell on the window so she could see out but the unwanted visitor's view would remain obscured. Or the tree, Delilah thought dismissively. After all, things were much less exciting in this day and age. Aside from stressful disappearances, murders, and people who weren't who they seemed, things were pretty safe and mundane. Much to her surprise, it was a paper she saw. Still, she took caution to peer out in the distance as far as she could see for any signs of shadow or movement. Satisfied, she opened the window, let the paper in, then closed the window and locked it again.

Delilah snatched the folded paper off her bed as soon as that was settled and sat down, pulling the covers over her legs as she turned on a light and began to read. The scrawl belonged to Teague, she was sure of it, if only from the fact she had seen it several times while working as his press secretary. She had no idea it could possibly be any more disheveled looking, but the sight worried her even before she read, especially as she realized what sort of "ink" Teague had used. The first sentence caught her attention, and she quickly finished it and set it down beside her. She wanted to scream as she stared heatedly at the wall, but she didn't. She needed to be more proactive than that. After all, it was about a month too late to worry about the powder being unsafe. Teague's lack of knowledge of that fact only told Delilah they were keeping them separate.

Delilah swallowed and returned her gaze to the letter then stood. She didn't care if it was the middle of the night. She needed to find Soren and Julian and get to work. Hunt was their only link down below now, and he was an important one at that. She had to be smart about this, and step one in being smart was admitting she'd need help. The Garou and the surprise of rune use ought to be enough. As well as some Death Eater interaction, but first? First, she would meet with the two men. They needed a plan and solidarity. If she had the Garou she had once tortured into submission, she had part of the battle won.

Delilah walked with purpose to the closet, slid the panel door open, and grabbed out the first shirt and pants she found then her robe. Before she even had a chance to put them on, Delilah sent off her patronus to summon Julian with instructions on where to meet her: Garou territory. Be smart, she warned in the closing of the message. I'll tell them you're coming, but they won't be friendly.

It took a few moments longer to toss the clothes on over the boxers and tank top she had been sleeping in and just like that she was gone, reappearing in a dark field with nothing but her wand to light her way.
To be woken up at the ungodly hour of sometime after 4am was just plain cruel. Never mind the message said patronus had delivered had been anything but positive and was reason enough in itself to rouse the Death Eater from his dreamless sleep. Julian was supposed to meet Del in a field of all places with some rabid Garou... Fantastic. While she hadn't given him any information on why they were meeting, the fact that they were and that the summons was urgent was enough and his mind was racing down all possible reasons as he quickly got dressed. Had Hunt made a move? Was it the muggles?

Julian took a moment to prepare a few quick runes in addition to the ones he always wore (bracelets/wrist bands/necklaces) grabbed a cloak and quickly hopped out the window. He was certain most of the residents of the safe house knew he was always coming and going but fact of the matter was he was so used to sneaking out it was just second nature. It also had the perk of not having to deal with anyone brave enough to ask questions. That and sneaking off at 4 in the morning wasn't bound to raise suspicion.

Once outside the boundaries of the safe house, Jules tapped two runes on his wrist bands and the air in front of him shimmered. While he wasn't confident enough in his wand work to risk an apperation, the location Delilah had told him about was well known to anyone who'd ever traveled through Scotland. A deep breath to calm his mind enough to picture the area he wanted to go to, and Jules stepped though the shimmering air into a field just outside of a heavily forested area. It happened in a blink, as if he had walked through nothing more than an open door. Delilah would be around somewhere and hopefully he hadn't missed the mark with his modified apperation. Jules drew his wand as a precaution just in case he needed to stab anyone or any furry creatures with it and began the search for his fellow Death Eater.
The Spiral sat in the tall grass that inhabited an area around the this forest, the cool breeze bring various scents and sounds to an ever aware predator. Why the hell he had agreed to meet that Death Eater woman he had no idea. Perhaps it was the quip about not eating her fellow companion that did it. The last time he had spoken with her it had cost him and eye and almost his life and that wasn't something the human nor the wolf would easily forget. Perhaps it was some weird sense of pack loyalty that had Soren not returned Delilah's letter with a giant "screw you" and instead had given her directions to find their real home. Or maybe it was because even though his wolf wanted to rip her throat out he respected her. She hadn't turned him in at Hogwarts and she'd gone out of her way to make sure he hadn't died due to silver poisoning... In the long run the reason didn't matter, only that she was coming for a visit with another Death Eater and for whatever reason wanted the pack there... which was odd in itself. She had to know being here and by lettering her into their home, it would be that Alpha she'd be dealing with.

Soren cocked his head to the side as the crunch of grass made itself known. A few moments was all the Garou needed to pin point two sets of footsteps in differing directions. Right on time it seemed. A slightly sinister looking grin crept onto his face as he turned to his own companion and whispered low enough so that only she could hear. "Want to have a bit of fun?" He knew she'd understand what he meant. Humans were such skittish creatures after all and sometimes it was just fun to scare them. It wouldn't even take much. With the way the grass was crunching and the dirt moving it was like a heard of something was rampaging through the field, so odds were good both Death Eaters weren't far. Plus it would be a great way to exercise his tracking and stalking skills. Let them think they could wander right in... It was a good thing that he'd mentioned the visitors to the scouts on the nightshift. LAst thing he wanted to do was wake Corc at this hour if it wasn't necessary. Soren waited for Aishe to give him some sort of signal that she would follow or circle around before heading out toward his intended targets, moving through the shadows as if he was part of them.
The sun sank into the soil and encouraged the grass to grow. Aishe felt that it likewise sank into her being and encouraged her soul to flourish. Like the grass and forest around her, the internal world of her mind and heart had taken in a seasonal shift and a new pattern of growth. Being around the Black Spirals had caused a more savage edge to flourish in her being. Had she, before meeting Soren, not ever really experienced rage? Yet now it was a familiar friend to her. The burning ache in her bones was like a warm campfire in a cold night. It had become a vital part of her being.

A crunch of grass and whisper of fabric against stems caught her attention. Someone was coming. Blundering, more like, but the intent was the same. Aishe slowly opened her eyes and grinned at Soren's suggestion. He didn't need to expand on his idea for the woman to slowly stand and begin stalking the human. As any pairing hunted, she circled opposite of Soren so that their prey would be caught crosswise between them. This would be good fun, especially if it was that Delilah witch.
Delilah didn't even attempt to mask her footsteps. She had no intent to ambush the pack, and she'd rather they hear her than not. There was more chance she could be recognized by the sound of her footfall. Likewise, she had every intention of announcing her presence vocally once she got there. Wouldn't stop them from being ready to defend should they need to, but at least it could help prevent the likelihood of an outright attack. Maybe. It was the only reason she hadn't apparated directly into the middle of the Black Spiral homestead.

Once she reached the outskirts of the Black Spiral homestead, she stopped and held her lit wand out, looking and listening for sign of anyone. "Lumos maxima, " she said, and her wand glowed brighter.
It didn't take him more than a handful of minutes to located what he had assumed was the other Death Eater that was meant to meet up with them. Julian by the looks of the figures stature. It was easy enough for the Garou to striking distance and mask his own footfalls with all the noise the other man was making, never mind the glowing beacon that was his wand that was litteraly screaming out "Come eat me," to any of the predators that called the Loch their home. Soren shook his head. Idiots the lot of them.

One step, two step, and sprint. Soren slinked up behind the man and quick as a flash had on clawed hand gripping the mans wand arm and the other wrapping around his mouth so the scream (judging by the way the man nearly jumped out of his skin when grabbed) was nothing more than a bunch of muffled sound. Before Julian could even begin to struggled, Soren quickly kicked out his knee, forcing the Death Eater to drop to one knee and into a position that was much easier to control. Last thing he needed was to get hit by a spell or some such nonsense.

"You're noisy Winslow, and if you want to make it through the night you need to do better." The words were soft spoken but they carried a sense of authority. It took a few minutes for the words to sink in but eventually Soren felt Winslow relax and once the Spiral was sure there would be no retaliation he let the man go.

"Shepard? Bloody hell was that necessary? Delilah told you I was coming didn't she?" The question was spat out and it was clear the man was irate but he complied and killed the light coming from his wand as soon as he was standing again.

"Yeah it was. You're playing a dangerous game coming here and doubly lucky for you I told the scouts to let you pass or you would have been picked off the moment you apperated in." He gave Winlsow a moment to let that tid-bit sink in before adding with a devious smirk, "Besides, you're going the wrong way. Come on, if we're quick you'll get to see a bit of a show. Aishe is on Chase's tail."

The Spiral didn't waste any more time on the man, it would be up to him if he chose to follow or not, and set of at a fairly brisk face through the grass and into the tree line. Eventually they stopped at the edge of a clearing and crouched down along the tree line, signaling Julian should do the same. The pair didn't have to wait long before the other Death Eater made her appearance... and a stupid one at that. A flash of fear washed over Soren before he was able to push it away. What the hell made her think walking into a Garou den at this hour with the brightest light she could muster was a good idea? That was just asking to wake the pack.... and hell, if Delilah had though he was temperamental wait until she met a tired and sleepy Alpha.

With that though firmly in mind he told himself he'd give Aishe a few minutes to take out her target, and if she hadn't moved by then he would. He didn't want to wake the pack until he knew it was worth it for obvious reasons.
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Stalking through a forest may as well have been a picnic for Aishe. The scent of spring was fresh and vibrant. Soon, the forest would be alive and full of the sounds of the plentiful seasons. The early light filtered through the trees. It alone was enough for anyone used to living outside. The pastoral tranquility was marred by a spotlight, however. The beacon was an obviously man-made intrusion into the otherwise natural scene. It could mean only one thing: One of the humans that Soren was expecting. Aishe increased her pace without compromising her stealth.

Like her Owl patron, Aishe moved silently and swiftly to her prey. Ahh, the Chase woman...this would be a good lesson to her about her place in the natural order...

Aishe readied her twin daggers and advanced quickly to intercept the woman. There was a slight hint of malice in her eyes as she stepped out from behind a tree and wrapped an arm around Delilah's neck, lightly touching a blade to the woman's throat and another to her ribs. The Garou whispered into the witch's ear [b]"Dead, if Soren didn't wish otherwise...don't forget it."

A grin stole across Aishe's face as she spotted Soren and the other human watching. She shoved Delilah away and sheathed her daggers, brushing past the woman as if she didn't matter. She didn't...at least not to the Silent Strider. Only the fact that Soren considered her pack had stayed the blades Aishe carried with her. If and when Soren decided to stop playing with humans, Aishe would stop playing as well, with deadly consequences.
Delilah had expected someone to come, though she had not expected a blade at more than one spot. Still, that fact alone was enough to show lack of intent. All Delilah would have to do was flick her wand, and perhaps she would have died with the Garou if she couldn't catch enough of the other's weight to prevent the blades from going deep enough, but at least she would not have died alone. She said nothing and made care to keep her breathing steady despite the jump in heart rate caused by the unexpected attack from behind and used the momentum of the Garou's shove to turn and gave a click flick of her wand as she did so. Green sparks came out in a non-verbal spell. It was a merely visual, something children delighted in, but hopefully got the point across. "Dead, if I didn't wish otherwise, and don't you forget it." This wasn't Delilah's first rodeo. Living in a world of darkness, listening had become habitual, though she had no exercised that here. Others had tried to best her, and they had failed. It would have taken entirely different circumstances and behaviors on her own part for the woman's pride to at all be shaken.

"Enough of the games, though. We have far more serious matters to discuss."
What originally had been sly grin quickly turned into one of horror when he saw the wand and the green light it was emitting. The only times he had ever saw a wand do that its target has ended up dead. The horror was quickly replaced with white hot rage and a fairly savage snarl thinking that Delilah had just taken the life of someone he cared deeply for. If Del had struck a mortal blow Soren decided he'd break Winslow's neck and then proceed to rip out Delilah's spine. But what was this? Aishe was still alive? His rage intensified once he realized it had been faked. Did she seriously have a death wish? Soren stalked toward Delilah with a purpose and a barely controlled rage and swatted at her wand arm hard even as Winslow ran after in what was a presumed attempt to stop the Garou. A red eyed glare had the man stopping in his tracks and that was all that was needed for Soren to turn his full attention to the woman.

"Put that away and shut up before you get us all killed!" He barked it out in a harshly snarled whisper. "How stupid are you?! You wake the pack and the Alpha and you're both dead. I may owe you a favor but I can't protect you here!"

Soren already knew he was talking a huge risk by allowing the Death Eaters into their den without getting the Alpha's permission. Once he was certain Delilah was going to comply he stalked off toward a smaller sheltered area away from the main cabin. They could discuss whatever the hell it was outside until he was certain whatever it was warranted any further attention.
The gypsy girl bared her teeth in a grin at her adversary. The challenge was clear and Aishe felt herself the winner of the small tussle. After all, true bravery was being willing to die for the betterment of the pack and Aishe knew that Soren'a life would be better in all ways when he stopped being pack with this woman. She believed it strongly enough to die for, so the show of sparks and light held no meaning for her.

Being in Spiral territory, Aishe kept her daggers out in a show of not-being-prey. That was the most important thing to remember when dealing with Spirals. They valued courage just as much as they craved the kill. If you could be interesting enough to them to not kill, your first step was accomplished. Granted, Soren was interested in these humans for his own reasons and that gave them value to the pack, so the Strider couldn't outright defy him by driving them off or getting the alpha to hate them. She didn't have to like the pair, though.
Delilah kept her eye on the other woman even as Soren shouted at her. Then, she closed her eyes to make the transition a little less incapacitating. "Nox," she said, and her wand light went out, but she did not sheath her wand. She did, however, drop her wand hand to her side. She had no intention to use it on either garou (much as she might like to off the prideful bitch), but she was not about to be a sitting duck should anyone get any ideas. She followed Soren's form in the dark to the sheltered area he led the group to and waited for everyone to be situated before she said her next words.

"I heard from Teague." The sentence was matter-of-fact and left hanging there a moment to let it sink in. Anyone here ought to know why it was a big deal. Even Aishe, whom she had no doubt knew just about everything that had been going on as she was still here with Soren despite the fact he was obviously healed from his injuries--as healed as he could be, at least. That had to mean something in a pack-based creature. An alliance? Delilah didn't like that idea as much as the other woman didn't like her. The feeling was mutual, but that didn't help in the grand scheme of things.

"He's still alive, and he's found out more for us. Before going down, he left us letters and notes on this group called the Syndicate, which he suspected was behind the kidnapping of the Williams' girls. He was right. He left a name--Sullivan. The leader. The message he managed to get out confirmed our worst suspicions were true. Hunt is no friend of the regime. Hunt is Sullivan."
He listened attentively, thankful that Delilah got on with things without the normal preamble. Whatever Soren had been thinking this was about, Teague being alive and apparently well enough to make contact was not it. The Spiral had known the man had been looking for someone or something... the garou had been recruited on a few occasions to track down a few people and mark locations... pretty much run of the mill stuff. It also hadn't been hard to figure out the man had been missing for the better part of the month. Soren had "saw" him on occasion from a distance but something had always seemed off. And if there was one thing he had learned early as a pup was that eyes alone couldn't be trusted. He'd never pushed the issue or brought it up... he'd had other things to worry about such as getting back into fighting condition.

Winslow it seemed hadn't been expecting the news either by the look on his face though he chose to remain silent for the time being. Soren knew Teague had asked Winlsow to help on some missions but again it hadn't been much and the tracker had always been careful never to give them more information than they would need to finish their tasks. He cast a glance at the man on the off chance he knew what this Syndicate was but his glance was only returned with a shrug.

Soren continued to mull over what was being said though the mention of Sullivan. His head snapped up to meet Delilah's gaze. "You sure the name is Sullivan? Like Jacob Sullivan?" He struggled to fight back a snarl. He'd kill Cedric the next time they met. Turning to Aishe he asked quietly enough so that their human companions wouldn't hear unless they were paying attention, "The Nos we met that one night... that little pipsqueak said that was the guy both them and Ced worked for wasn't it?"

While Soren was busy chatting with Aishe, Julian turned to Del. "Well that certainly explains some things doesn't it. How in the bloody hell could Trevor have missed that? Better question: You sure this is a letter we can trust? The man's been MIA for the better part of a month... it wouldn't be out of the question for someone to fake something to draw us out..."

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Aishe listened with grim attentiveness to the information that Delilah had. Perhaps humans could be useful as information gatherers. Certainly, Delilah and this other human had information aplenty, but what did that have to do with the Garou?

Like her counterpart, Aishe perked at the name of Sullivan. There was a human with his hand in quite a few pies...he had a leash on the Nosferstu, a muzzle on the half-blood, and a cattle prod on the government. In a way, Aishe had to admire this foe of Delilah's. He was successful and dangerous for a human. Maybe even dangerous to the Nation. She turned to Soren just as he turned to her. She waited for him to speak first, then replied just as softly.

"It is indeed the one and the same. He is likewise the adopted father of that Spiral-raised human Sam Sullivan, is he not? Could that compromise the pack?"

It was unlikely. The pack held themselves stable whatever the cost, usually extracted from their foes. Sam was not going to be used as a pawn, she hoped, but the option was there...
"Perhaps," Delilah said with a slight shrug. She tried to listen as Soren turned to talk to Aishe, but Julian, in typical Julian fashion, spoke. As much as she wanted to simply tune him out and step forward, his proximity threw her focus off enough she had to start listening. "I'd know his writing anywhere," Delilah replied. "Even hurried and written in blood, you could still see it was his." She glanced at the two Garou for a moment before digging the letter out of her pocket and holding it out as she took a couple steps toward the pair. "Winslow brings up a good point. If it's truly his blood, you'd know, wouldn't you?" Maybe. And hopefully that speculation wasn't insulting, but she needed to know. She was certain enough to act, but if there was any way to confirm and take away any doubt that anyone might have, it would be far easier to get others to act.

And she needed others to be willing to act. Teague had been gone for so long. They had to figure out how to get him out and fast.
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