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by: Tabora
April 8, 6:45 am

London. London at last...

Tabora stood in the grassy patch of a round-about, ignoring the people honking at her and gesturing rudely. A traffic cop was trying to get through the cars to her, but something had caught the Nagual's attention away from the police officer. There was a scent of magic in the air. Well, not magic, per se, but the potioneering supplies, owl feathers, and spicy smoke from apparition was coming from someone nearby.

"Oi! Stop there, you!"

Tabby looked back at the officer and flashed a devil-may-care grin at him before bounding out of reach over a small car, up a short brick wall, and into a private garden. A fire escape zigzagged its way up the brick edifice, so the woman scaled that, too. She went hand over hand until she could swing over the railing and dart up the stairs to the roof. From there, the sprawl of London was before her. Even that weird merry-go round was peeking up in the distance. The morning breeze shifted and Tabora spun, wand out at whomever had come up after her.
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by: Delilah Chase
Things had been too quiet since Trevor and Cora had vanished to the underground world of this "Syndicate," and it was beyond frustrating. If there was anything that Delilah hated worse than darkness, it was feeling trapped. And that's precisely how she felt. She had no problem keeping an eye on Hunt. She had no problem doing her best to ensure everything ran as smoothly as possible topside. She had no problem dealing with muggles to try to control that situation.

At least she had Julian doing his best to back her up where he could, but with the runes, Delilah felt he had plenty to offer yet not enough to make her want to risk sending him out to anything too complicated. Such as trying to find and rescue the dynamic trio down below. And that's where her hands were tied. She couldn't go underground herself, and she didn't want to risk the only ally she had left that she felt she could remotely trust. None of the modern Death Eaters left her feeling they were in the least someone she could send out in the blink of an eye to do something of this magnitude, especially without knowing abilities and strengths and weaknesses of each.

Delilah was most alarmed about Teague's message he managed to get to her when it was already too late to stop his two rescuers. Perhaps she needed a way to escalate things, a way to get the Syndicate to come topside en masse, but what would do it? Delilah felt entirely too frustrated, and she needed outside. The only problem was that most people at least knew who she was in the wizarding world now, the one problem with being press secretary for Teague. So, Delilah had no choice but to venture out amongst muggles to clear her head, and so she left her home via the quick, jolting, uncomfortable, but ever-so-popular means of transportation best known as apparating.

Delilah found herself in an alleyway and simply began to walk after sending a quick little spell at a nearby homeless muggle. She found herself lost in thought until she saw a woman randomly running through town. It was odd, to say the least. She was most likely a thief of some sort, but Delilah began to ascend the stairs after her. She'd probably jump to another rooftop by the time she got up, she figured, and she could be alone up high away from everything and everyone, and it would be just what she needed.

Except she was met by the girl, who had a wand out. Delilah held her hands out in a, "Calm down. I'm not a threat," sort of way. "Oy! You trying to create more of a headache for me now?" she said. She'd had enough to deal with with the whole werewolf fiasco. She didn't need to deal with the Statute, much less be personally involved in its breaking.
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by: Tabora
The Nagual lowered her wand, but her eyes took a gold green cast as she evaluated the woman. Tabby flared her nostrils and tried to gauge the intent of this witch. The smell of floo powder and apparation clung to the fabric of her no nonsense outfit. The raised hands, however, were a surprise. Honesty was the Nagual's payment for the gesture. She spoke with an American accent touched with a Spanish twist.

"Maybe. I ain't from here and I have a mission I gotta do, but I need into the wizarding world and I need money, so what do you need to be willing to help me get that?"

Tabora wasn't scared of any human. Hell, even the ratty little Garou she'd met earlier wasn't up to her caliber. Sure, her change was more than a week past, so she shouldn't feel as giddy and aggressive as she did. Maybe it was the nearness of the spirits...Tabora was certain that they had guided this specific witch to her. That begged the question:

"Name's Tabora...who're you?"
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah's eyes followed the stranger's wand until she was sure it wasn't some sort of trick. The girl spoke, and Delilah's eyes returned to her face. The way she spoke was odd yet charming in some way despite the lazy way of speaking Americans seemed to have. The message was abrupt, too. She wanted into the wizarding world and thought she could get her in. Truth was, if there was anyone who would be able to get her in, it would be Delilah, and it was a rather interesting coincidence it was she who had happened upon this girl. Delilah gave none of her amusement away and merely raised a fine-lined brow and crossed her arms loosely.

At the girl's introduction, Delilah offered her hand out of mere habit. "Delilah," she replied. "But trust me, sweetie. What I need, you aren't likely to be able to provide."
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by: Tabora
Tabora grinned and snorted in laughter.

"You sure about that? Ab-so-lutely positive that you gotta task so big and mysterious that I can't even help with a bitty bitty bit? You seem like a woman fulla wisdom and cunning, so why you follow me up here to begin with? You curious? Good. We share that. So help me and I'll help you."

Tabby felt intense, powerful, graceful, and absolutely feline. The Hunger pounded through her bones and turned her grin sharp and predatory. The Nagual was sure this woman could give her what she needed. A way in, any way in, was worth nearly anything she'd be asked to do.
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by: Delilah Chase
"No offense," Delilah replied, "but I hardly think a one-girl team will be enough where a team of three wasn't." She was a bit harsher, perhaps, in her tone than she had meant, but the girl was young and a bit...well, she lacked the refinement of experience. Teague, Cora, and Trevor had all been experienced. Now, they were captured or dead or both. Teague was alive. Delilah knew this now, but his message had more than complicated matters. She was working toward addressing these complications and figuring out how to best arrange a rescue, but how did one arrange a rescue when shadow powder was not easily available and she had no idea who to contact to try to get more. She and her companions would be well known. Which... She looked at the girl curiously, but pride wouldn't have her backtrack so quickly, so Delilah pursued the obvious issue of blood paperwork. It gave her an opportunity to further observe the girl, to see if she even was an option for what she now had in mind.

"Besides, what I need also happens to involve a person who would surely notice and question my hand in the rush of paperwork for a young American witch of unknown origins. I might be able to get you in without personally, being who I am, but if you want to wander as you please and buy or sell, you'll be out of luck without it."
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by: Tabora
Tabora listened intently to the woman discount and underestimate her skills. The Hunger in her bones spiked as she grinned sharply. In direct contrast to the predatory expression, the girl sheathed her wand and relaxed her stance completely. A breeze played across the roof. Fruits, exhaust, people, and the Thames spiced the air. It was foreign in flavor and chill...Tabora closed her eyes and breathed deeply, savoring the differences of England.

"You're right..one human girl wouldn't be any use to you at all. But," she opened her eyes theatrically. The gold wasn't blazing like before, but Tabby knew the jaguar was looking at Delilah instead of the human.

"I ain't exactly human. I'm stronger, faster, and better...no offense." The predatory grin spread once more in all its toothy glory.

The problem of not having paperwork was laughable to an unashamed criminal such as herself. Still, it was apparently important to Delilah. And the subtext...'being who I am' meant that the Nagual had found someone important. The spirits were guiding her, for sure. All she had to do now was convince the woman to do what the spirits willed.

"You got tourism here? Seems ta me that you'd be able to move people in and out without whomever you trying to hide from noticing...tourists, after all, are here and gone...except when they ain't...and if they don't go but they owe you a favor...well, it seems to me that you're a woman who knows what to do with someone who owes you a favor."

Not everyone appreciated the sideways talk that a Nagual sometimes used, but hopefully she'd get the hint that the Mayan wasn't afraid of working for what she wanted.
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by: Delilah Chase
"Tourism?" Delilah repeated blankly. She vaguely remembered the word. Her father had used it once of a foreign couple they'd seen in Diagon Alley so many years ago. But they certainly didn't have much of that these days and hadn't had overmuch back in the day. She shook her head. "Afraid it's not that easy. Only way to ensure our policies work is to cut down on what little we had." Delilah didn't suppose it had made much difference in the general scheme of things. Immigration still occurred about as often as it had back in the day through a slightly longer process from what she remembered some bureaucrat or another mentioning once, but she couldn't really say they'd had much tourism. At least not in these parts. Unless muggle-borns counted.

"No, I'm afraid 'different' draws attention in this day and age, and you'd need papers and a proper process. Unless you truly want to be stuck in a cell somewhere or hidden in someone's house. And I doubt that's why you're here."
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by: Tabora
Tabora listened with a growing pain in her gut. Every path was blocked. The spirits weren't giving her the guidance she wanted right now and she felt lost. Cats don't whine like dogs, but if Tabora had her jaguar ears they'd have been flattened in dismay. She sighed and tried to make the human understand.

"I hear what you're saying, but I'm here for a crazy important reason. My people...we...I'm Mayan. The whole 'lost empire'? We been hiding out exactly for a time like this. Think like we were the natural order's secret weapon against evil in the world. Well, something bad is gonna happen. Something horrible where beasts from the evil realm are gonna split the ground and eat the world. It stats here and I was sent to set my spear in the heart of the one responsible for causing it so it don't happen. So, please...is there anything...ANYTHING... that'd get me in? A diplomatic pass? I could pose as," her face twisted in disgust at the concept she was trying to convey. "...as a slave or something, but the world is gonna end and I can't let it."
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah imagined this was how she had to have sounded to that human, Jones, with her talk of time travel and whatnot. All this talk of the end of the world and how their culture alone had foreseen it. "Beasts from the evil realm"... Could that be the mutants? Her eyes narrowed slightly. She was tempted to take this girl on her word, to utilize the slave front as a way to control her and keep her in her place, yet too many questions remained. One, what was she? If she was stronger and "better" than a human, then what was she? Two, what were these beasts? What did they look like? Were they the mutants? If so, this girl would do much better out here in the muggle world, pointed toward the group studying wizards, yet Delilah wouldn't want to simply hand her over to Jones and her people.

"I agree. It's the only reason I'm here," Delilah replied. "But as I've lived this future, as I've seen how it goes... I need you to describe these creatures, what you've seen. In specifics. My hands are somewhat tied, but that doesn't mean you have to be. Here," she held out her hand, "come with me." If Tabora grabbed her hand, they would go to Teague's office in Puxley.
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by: Tabora
Tabby gave a half hearted shrug. It hadn't been her vision after all. Still, there were details that the Nagual could provide.

"Hulking...immune to magic...one was supposedly made of lava and bones according to our priestess-Seer. They tore the world apart-probably means war. Nothing stopped them and they corrupted the whole world and plunged it into eternal night where all the evil things could feed forever."

Sure, it was melodramatic, but it was what she was told. Nagual didn't lie to each other. And to be fair, when had visions ever been straight forward to begin with?

The admission that Delilah was from the future didn't make Tabby blink. It would make sense, after all, thatthe spirits would send as many warriors as possible to prevent the ultimate evil. Taking it as a sign, Tabby grabbed the woman's hand. After all, what was the worst that could happen?
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by: Delilah Chase
As soon as they appeared in the office, Delilah set to casting a few spells to ensure no passer by could overhear and decide to listen in and that the door was as secure as possible before she walked over and sat in Teague's seat and motioned Tabora to the chair across from her. "Those 'beasts' sound like the mutants muggles sent to kill us," she said with a sigh. "And it means that muggle twit didn't listen to a word I said." They had effectively accomplished nothing as of yet in their quest to prevent the future, if this girl's "priestess-seer" people were seeing things like this. Great idea, Julian, if you're dealing with sensible people. Muggles clearly were quite the opposite. Afraid of some unknown threat, perhaps being spoon fed by people who disagreed with the current state of the government to fuel possibility of all-out war. They had proven thus far to be unable to accomplish much on their own, so they'd chosen to use misinformation leaked to muggles at will to try to accomplish something, leave their own hands clean. Sounded outright barbaric.

"But we can get back to that. First, I want to know: what are you?"
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by: Tabora
Apparition sucked. It wasn't common in the Empire and Tabora preferred walking to poofing. A journey was supposed to be enjoyed by her philosophy. But despite that, here she was in an office who knew where. The woman took some time to appreciate the small touches that made it a personal space. It smelled of a person who liked the woods. Whomever it was, Tabby liked them for that reason alone. Delilah muttered something about a twit. Tabby didn't get the referenced conversation, so she listened politely. She smirked slightly. Polite was out of character. Finally, Delilah asked The Question.

"Short version: I'm a Nagual. Since you probably ain't ever heard of us, I'll give you the long version free of charge. We be jaguar shape-shifters. You have Garou here? Like that, except spotty and feline instead of slobbery and wolfish. And we be badass hunters of anything...ANYTHING...that preys on humans."

There was talk in the empire of hunting down the more predatory humans. After all, perverts who preyed on kids and trafficked women deserved to be hunted like the animals they were. Since the council hadn't dropped a verdict yet, the law still was no intervention unless you saw an explicit act of predation.
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by: Delilah Chase
Delilah quirked a brow as the girl gave her the "short version." She resumed a more neutral facial expression as the girl went on to understand. The fact that she knew of Garou concerned Delilah to a certain degree. She was more than aware of how secretive the group of beings tried to be about their existence, but this girl had used the term twice. And casually at that. If Soren or any of his pack got wind, there'd be consequences for the girl.

Tabora's final sentence caused Delilah to snort despite herself. "Well, that's a relief." It was half-sarcastic. "But I do advise that if you wish to remain here to help against these beasts, you not mention the other beasties to anyone else. Garou are secretive in nature and prefer not to be discovered in these parts. I'd probably not mention your difference to others openly either. People here aren't quite so open to differences. The people I work directly enough could care less, but the majority of the population? Well, let's say they weren't protesting the concept of werewolf registration. Or wand registration or any other sort of registration which might keep them safe."

Delilah took a moment to move a small stack of paperwork from the center of the desk off slightly to the side so she could fold her arms on the desk. "That being said, I can procure slave paperwork for you, but we'll have to work out the details. You can't be seen simply wandering about willy nilly without a task from me and you most certainly cannot be caught using a wand in front of others. What freedoms will you need to complete your task?"
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by: Tabora
Tabora listened with conflict growing in her heart. No wonder the world broke here! These people were sheep...worse than sheep! The fracture was in their convictions if they looked to things like registrations to keep them safe. Safety over freedom, secrecy over truth...they had weird values here. She shook her head in wonder at these British lunatics.

"Ay, y'all are a weird, weird people...I won't say nothing to anybody about the Garou, not if they're gonna be pissy about it."

And then the question came back to the whole slavery charade. Tabby grimaced as she thought about it. What freedoms did she need? As many as possible. Still, she could get by without her wand for the most part. She needed to travel at night, needed access to wizarding and muggle areas, needed a place to hunt during the full moon, and she needed her spear.

"I need my freedom at night...it's when I hunt best and most stealthily...especially true during the new moon when I shift. I'll need my spear when I hunt. I need to be able to go across the battle lines before they get drawn...if I can kill the first demons, I may be able to top the rest from coming up from below. Better, if I can find who calls them and grants them access, I can keep that from happening in the first place. So, I'll need to know everything you know about them too."

No doubt, the next thing out of the human's mouth would be something about no, you can't have that many freedoms, blah blah blah...Tabby wasn't one for obedience anyway, so why not be a rebelling runaway slave on top of it all, right?
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