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Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 5:04 pm
by Rupert Reynolds
Monday, February 27th, 2012
10:00 a.m.

“Again, your anger is expected. Your brother, your own flesh and blood locked you away… left you to rot away in this prison. I don’t blame you for feeling that way. Hostility is normal when one is betrayed by someone of their own family. Now…if you were given the chance to see him again, what would you tell him?” An eyebrow arched at Ezra, as Rupert was now hinting in his audible conversation what could happen if he chose to let Rupert help him escape.

Rupert held the parchment in his hand. It was a pardon from the Justicar. It was one of the hardest plea bargains he had to drive, and that wasn’t the half of it. Rupert was not a lawyer, he was a doctor. He only worked with alongside some of the public defenders in his day, not spoken as one. It had been a few weeks since he visited Ezra Whyatt in Azkaban, and shortly after that, he was called by Justicar Hector Von Grimm to speak to a panel of judges to state his case. It took two days-worth of convening to discuss the terms of his parole, but the end result was exactly what he was looking for.

It was another walk down the long, cold hallways of the prison. This time, his chest wasn’t as tight; he wasn’t tense as all hell, wondering if he would make it out without some sort of trauma, magical, physical or anything else that may have latched to him during his visit. This time, he was in the main area where he was to talk to Sark about the pardon. It shouldn’t take long, he figured. The paperwork was all he needed to take Ezra and get out of there unscathed.

When the Imperium Guard shut the door behind him, Rupert walked to the desk where there was one person waiting. The receptionist didn’t bother looking up from whatever it was they were pretending to busy themselves with, so Rupert cleared his throat.

“Name and purpose?” The receptionist finally spoke up.

“Doctor Rupert Reynolds. I’m here with an order from Justicar Von Grimm to release Prisoner 155—“

“Yeah yeah, let me see the papers.” Without looking up, the secretary attempted to swipe the paperwork from the doctor, but he quickly moved them away.

“I am on strict order to deliver this to your Warden and only the Warden, no one else.”

There was a silent exchange of aggravation between the doctor and the person manning the desk, but after a moment, there was a button that was pressed. Rupert assumed it was to summon the Warden. He hoped.

This was going to be a long process.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Wed Dec 03, 2014 9:24 pm
by Jen
Sark wandered down the row three in Cell Block B, whistling a tune. No one was here at present. This block had been sent for their little outdoorsy recess for good behavior, though what sort of reward was it, really? The treacherous terrain of the island hardly allowed for much of a court fenced in outside, and no matter what, you were sure to be sprayed by the ice-cold water as the waves crashed into their tiny island. It was cold and damp and rarely nice out. Today was no exception. The lot of them would be returning soon, and Sark was here to put the fear back in them. He knew full well what inmates discussed, if the dementors hadn't killed their spirits enough, and he wanted to make sure they didn't even think to try it. The dementors might do some work for him afterward, hovering over this particular cell block en masse after he was done, but he would be the one they feared.

The sound of his name being called made Sark groan. This was the one part of his job that he hated. People, normal, non-inmate people annoyed him beyond belief. They always had questions and/or tasks for him to delegate, sometimes to carry out himself. Usually it was the latter when he was called specifically rather than any guard. Still, Sark headed toward the office and arrived fairly soon afterward. Oh lookie here, the resident shrink. Sark rolled his eyes. "What d'you want?" he demanded.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Tue Dec 23, 2014 9:45 pm
by Rupert Reynolds
Sark irked the doctor, but he didn't let it show on his face. He had to maintain control over this situation, and any sort of suspicion raised would surely launch some sort of investigation. He observed Sark enough times to know that he would quite possibly (presumably) cause some sort of ruckus regarding Rupert's work. Rupert cleared his throat and presented the parchment to the prison's Warden. "Excuse me, Mr. Sark. I'm here with a notice for release from the Justicar in regards to the release of prisoner Ezra Whyatt as of today into my care."

This plan had to go without a hitch. He had gone over the variables in his head over and over again, figuring out what he was going to say or do in the event of any roadblocks set in his way. Rupert needed answers, however, and he refused to let Sark prevent him from obtaining those. Ezra was his only means of obtaining those answers desired, so that's why he was so adamant about assisting his release.

At this rate, he just hoped Sark wouldn't take a millennium to look over the paperwork. Rupert hoped he had all of it down pat; he had all of the clearance granted, all of the paperwork signed, dotted i's, crossed t's to make this happen.

Just breathe, maintain control.
He wasn't sure why he was so nervous to get this over with, since all of this was done legitimately. Of course, no one really liked being in Azkaban, even as many times as he had visited the prison, it made him uncomfortable. There was so much darkness there.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 10:07 am
by Jen
"And why would he release a known enemy?" Sark asked, eying the shrink suspiciously. It was no secret what Sark thought of him and his colleague...that Ike bloke. They were both bogus and a threat to the natural order. You couldn't rehabilitate an enemy, and even if you managed to make him a turncoat, he'd turn on you faster than you could blink your eye. No, it was better to imprison and eventually kill a known enemy. It brought the count down one and hopefully would prevent it from growing much more so long as you didn't kill 'em in any special way and make 'em a martyr. That had been mistake number one with that Order fellow.

Sark glanced at the paperwork, pulling out a magnifying glass to gain a closer look at the signature from the Supreme Mugwump of the Wizengamot. He then performed a series of fraud detection spells before he finally gave the paperwork a begrudging look. They were real. There were no two ways around that. Sark eyed Reynolds before setting the paperwork on the corner of his desk and standing up. "Follow me," he said. What more could he do? It had no signs of forgery, and Sark wasn't stupid. He had to be by the books if he wanted any chance to get this one back.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:25 pm
by Rupert Reynolds
"And why would he release a known enemy?"

Sark was known for his interrogative nature, being so straight edge he had to find the fine print and make sure every i was dotted and every t was crossed. Rupert didn't blame him. Working with the Law Enforcement for so long, he grew to know the lot who were straight as an arrow, and the others who were willing to let things slide. Sark was not the latter. He was the epitome of thorough. He didn't blame the man, but Rupert's hands started to get a little nervous with sweat as he waited for the man to finish his glance-over of the parchment.

The doctor cleared his throat: "Justicar Von Grimm has allowed this man out for release to my care for further psychiatric help. His good behavior has proven to work in his favor. Again, he will be my charge upon release. It's all there on the parchment, unless you'd like me to go on."

Rupert's words trailed off as Sark began his ritual of counterfeit sniffing. He was still nervous, but he knew his documents were legitimate. Justicar Von Grimm wasn't necessarily happy with his appeal, but he granted the permissions nonetheless. Perhaps the powdered-wigs weren't all pretentious after all. Once Sark gave him the go ahead and started to walk, Rupert felt a wave of relief in his chest. He exhaled.

Then, he proceeded to follow Sark into the depths of Azkaban one more time.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:06 pm
by Ezra Whyatt
It was sold for a February, although Ezra couldn't help but wonder if the cold was coming from inside him. He'd resisted for so long, fought the dark thoughts which had attempted to invade his head, but he was loosing. Ezra could feel it... The cold, clammy, tendrils of depression and despair slowly wrapped around his brain and clawed down toward his heart.
Ezra hated that he was loosing, but he knew he was. The battle, his defiance... How long until his mind followed? Surely it was just a matter of time.

You heard those who's minds had been stolen. Often silent during the day. those who'd sanity had been stolen in by the manic depression of this hellish place could be heard at night. The moans and cries made Ezra shudder. At first he had ignored them, but now he found himself rolling against the icy wall on his bunk, pressing his hands over his ears in an attempt to shut out the terrifying premonitions of what he would become.

Vaguely he was aware of doors clanking in the background, but he didn't so much as look up. His gaze just stayed, unfocused, against the brick wall as the world moved around them.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:49 pm
by Jen
It was Lord Williams' abdication, had to be. Everything had been going down the shitter since he'd abdicated. Granted, Williams had been around with that Order girl had been released with a tracker in her arm and spelled on her. The tracker had mainly been a distraction. Something physical to give a sense of peace when she got it out. Of course, it wouldn't be easy to do so, but they were counting on her doing things that would require it to be out, and this had been their way to ensure she didn't simply carry it as she pleased and do her business at night when they would think nothing of her being in the same spot not moving fora few hours.

But this Justicar? Was he acting on "Lord" MacTail's orders or was he working on his own or that funny little Minister of Magic fella Williams had instated before he'd vanished? Mighty suspicious, you ask Sark. Mind you, you wouldn't have to ask Sark if you ever spoke of that entire ordeal. Sark was none too shy with his opinions, no siree.

Having reached the inmate-in-question's cell, Sark stopped and pulled out the spelled key, inserted it in the lock, and turned. The Dementor hovered closer, eager for an excuse to unleash its kiss. "Now, boy," he said, looking to the defeated fellow before him, the door still closed and a bar held in Sark's hand to secure it against any feeble attempt the poor excuse for a human being might attempt make at this opportunity. This'un had been quite compliant, but you could never be too careful. He hung out with that O'Donnell fellow and Pangbourn. Interesting trio, that, but suspicious, mighty suspicious, you ask him.

"I need you to step back. No, you don't need t' go an' put yer hands together. Yer free, but that don't mean I can't change it around, you make one wrong move, hear?"

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 2:24 pm
by Rupert Reynolds
His heart was racing. As they descended, Rupert heard every name in the book, the moans and cries and screams from various prisoners going mad in their cells. As he'd been in Azkaban several times now, Rupert had gotten a lot better at keeping his composure; his face unchanging, his nerves not getting the best of him. He didn't turn to run, at least not yet, so that was a good sign. Rupert kept his eyes forward and tried his best to keep his ears shut to the heart and gut wrenching sounds of those locked away in the row of cells on either side of him.

He thought of his sister and his niece and the fresh air outside. Rupert thought about the dim sunshine along the Alley where his sister's shop was, and a fresh cup of tea he'd have as he read through another crime novel. Folks thought it silly to think of a doctor delving into a work of fiction, but it was his escape, a way to expect the unexpected, as fiction sometimes found its way into the realm of the living, carrying out events that he never thought possible in his lifetime.

Those relaxing thoughts were miles away, as he finally came to a halt at the door of his classmate, the prisoner Ezra Whyatt. It was becoming a reality now, a case he'd been working on for so long coming together to get Ezra out of Azkaban and under his employ, in a way. He thanked Merlin that Justicar Von Grimm was more reasonable than the rest. The hard part was over, at least—once they stepped through the threshold outside of this horrific prison once and for all.

The presence of a Dementor nearly erased his grasp on any sort of calm over his nerves, but Rupert kept still and stood back from the door to let them do their work.
Once Ezra was in sight, Rupert's face relaxed. He nodded, reassuringly.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 1:12 pm
by Ezra Whyatt
"Now Boy."

Was he Boy? Ezra wasn't sure. It was rare any of the guards used prisoners names. They were all 'Boy' or 'Inmate' or 'You'. It was as if they were all involved in a tactical effort to strip any and all humanity from those in their care. It was definietly working.
The numbness was back, cold and dripping from his heart and out to all his extrematies. Perhaps this was how the madness started...

The name was perhaps ambigous, but Ezra knew the sound of his cell being opened. Muscules tensed as he waited. What happened now? Another transfer? Another interigation? Ezra didn't know if he could cope with another round of tourture. It didn't seem to matter that he didn't actually have the information they were after, sometimes more like therapy for the guards. He was an easy target. Ezra knew that.

"I need you to step back..."
Something inside of Ezra felt like sighing. Did that mean he had to stand. He rolled over onto his side and swung his legs off his bunk. His feet hit the cold floor but he didn't flinch.
More shouting. More pain. That was his life now... Ezra accepted that as a fact of his new life. What else could he do?
He offered his our for the shackles, although froze at the guard's words.
He was free?
The word slammed into his body and shuddered through him with violent vibrations akin to standing mere feet from a muggle train as it tore through a station.
"I'm... I'm what?"

It was only then Ezra noticed Rupert, good old Rupert from all those years agom stood in the background. This was his doing. It had to be....

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Tue Dec 06, 2016 2:01 am
by Rupert Reynolds
You're free, he wanted to say. Rupert smiled, though he found it nearly difficult in the presence of such a shade. He also found it hard to smile with Sark so close to him as well, since that might raise more suspicion as he was trying to get out of there--with Ezra--without a hitch. Trying not to disturb the peace with the Dementor so close, he simply nodded at Ezra and waved his hand to gesture he was free to come through the doors. He expected the hesitation, the disbelief, and the slow-to-action attitude that accompanied such news. It was a well-known fact that guards often teased the prisoners, especially the "lifers" with jokes about their freedom to get their hopes up, if the Death Eaters, Guards or Dementors left them with anything of the sort.

“Mr. Ezra Whyatt is being treated in my care to stabilize his mind. Please understand that I’m looking out for his well-being as it is important that we ensure their safety and sanity as they undergo your…rigorous and savage testing here. You may have your methods of interrogation and protocol, but I swore an oath.” Rupert found himself going toe-to-toe with the a lot of prominent folks from time to time, but to save the time of being asked why he was even remotely interested in a prisoner like Whyatt, he spared the exchange of verbal blows.

It was the most confident he’d ever felt in a great while, confidence he hoped he wouldn’t lose as it was helping him gain momentum for his long-standing case. He couldn't disclose some of the information to Ezra while he was locked away here, but with him in his care, he would be able to explain the case fully and without the looming shadow over both of their heads.

Re: Beg Your Pardon - Ezra, Sark

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2016 5:49 pm
by Jen
"Free," Sark nearly snarled. He listened as the doctor gave his spiel, not too shy to roll his eyes in response as he looked down at the paperwork Rupert had handed him earlier, his eyes cynical. "Didn't ask, don't care," he said. "Get yer patient out of 'ere." Sark didn't even bother to look up from the paperwork as he said this. Something needed to be done about this, but he would first need to draw together a case. The Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot needed to be stopped. It was rather fishy this. Too fishy.

After a moment had passed, Sark looked up at Ezra. "Watch yer steps. You can guarantee we will. One false move an'...." Sark smirked.