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The only special thing he could do was lure out the “Vampire”? Severe consequences for giving the humans a fighting chance if he lost it would be severe?! Who in the bloody hell did she think she was dealing with. A low rumbling growl almost imperceptible to human ears emanated from the Spiral as he fought to keep control. Did Delilah truly think she help the upper hand in this and that he, a Beta of the most ruthless of Garou tribes was nothing more than a puppy to be kick when it disobeyed? If not for his kind Soren doubted they would ever get rid of the Nosferatu. Perhaps he should teach them all a lesson in respect…

Clawed hands clenched into fists so tightly that they began to bleed and the slow drip, drip, drip was all Soren focused on. It had a calming effect on the Garou, one he was certain his pack mate would pick up on. Absently he let his senses wander in hopes of picking up their nocturnal friend and at least getting a start. He doubted the rag tag crew Delilah had just introduced them to would be of any use at all other that getting in the way and then feeding the worms when his wolf wasn’t up to dealing with the idiots.

Markus watched the Ministry’s pet dog and had to wonder how the hell it was supposed to do them any good. Everything he’d ever learned about werewolves said they would lose their minds and kill anything they could. And perhaps the more important question: if the god damn ministry had known this werewolf could have taken care of the problem why in the fucking hell had they not sent it sooner?! If they had maybe his kids would still be alive, maybe more of the students, the Herbology teacher, hell, maybe they’d all still be alive!

He stalked off behind the woman how was apparently in charge, wishing with every fiber of his being that he wasn’t stuck in this god forsaken school. The only thing even remotely appealing about it was that he might get a second chance at killing the murdering freak himself. He waited as patiently as he could while Delilah cast her spells so he presumed they could speak about whatever plan she had in mind for keeping them all alive. The questions his guard had asked and the professors were the same as the one’s the Captain wanted to ask and have answers to. ”What’s your plan then?”
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by: Aishe

The woman would not stop when it was wise for her to do so. Did she not know that her very humanity made her fragile? They talked big, these humans...funny then that they still had an inborn genetic fear of things whose eyes glowed in the dark, whose claws were quick to shred, whose fangs thirsted for blood.

Aishe's own claws scraped the stone flags of the floor in a cat-like agitation. Delilah Chase was an idiot if she thought she'd insult the Garou this way. Werewolves? Filthy half-breeds? She was sorely overestimating the history she had with Soren and the torture spell she used upon him. Perhaps they should abandon the castle to the Nosferatu after all... but no, honor came before pride if the choice had to be made. Better to temporarily endure this human's words and destroy the evil beast she was too weak to kill than allow evil to flourish because of the poor language this human used.

Were it not for the Litany perscribing her to not lift the Veil, Aishe would have rose to her standing height of six feet, three inches for intimidation's sake. The dripping of Soren's blood distracted her. She cocked her head to look at Soren's clenched jaw and red eyes. He was that enraged? Good. He would need that to fight with. For now, the humans needed to shut up and let him shift. A yip and whine escaped her muzzle to encourage Soren. Soon was the promise she spoke in wolfish tones. Soon, he could hunt and fight and flay and kill. Soon, they could quit this nest of humanity and return to their true homes.
This was the interaction Delilah had been dreading most. It was easy to put on false bravado and talk down on the Garou like they were just dogs to improve the Guard's morale and boost their egos despite their piss poor performance. From the way Soren looked now, she must have been convincing. That or his wolf-y rage was that bad right now. It was probably more the latter, but she hadn't seen too many Guards complaining about her words and mostly-empty promises. There would be consequences if the Garou failed and the Nosferatu went postal on the entirety of Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley. That wasn't an empty promise or threat. But she wasn't foolish enough to believe Soren or his little friend couldn't rip her head off on a moments' notice tonight. She wasn't foolish enough to think they would have total control over either Garou. These things were just precautions but not sure things.

The Captain of the Guard was smart from everything she'd heard of him, and Delilah doubted that even blinded by emotions he would be truly blind. He surely recognized false bravado, had probably used it on his guard many a time since arriving here in December. There would be no fooling him, so Delilah wasn't even going to try. Delilah met the captain's eyes after a few moments' thought that served only the purpose of saying what she had to say in as cohesive a fashion as possible. "Honestly, Captain? Keeping the children safe in any way we can and keeping the Guard's morale up to ensure that they don't try to run for their own lives. You know as well as I that we're all in danger, and if things go south, there's no getting out of this alive."
Markus was hard pressed not to laugh in her face and it was only by some miracle he was able to keep his air of professionalism. There was no plan ‘B’, hell there wasn’t even a plan ‘A’ if that was even what this could be called. At least the woman was being straight with him and not trying to feed him some crap about everything turning out all right. He looked back to the guards who were still milling about and let out a soft sigh. ”Guess we better make sure things don’t go south then,” was all he offered to her explanation.

Keeping the kids alive… what a fine job they’d all done of that already… Markus felt his chest tighten at that thought and forcefully pushed those feelings aside. They didn’t have time for that now, none of them did. He could grieve later… if there was a later.

”If your wolf is going to be a wild card we need to get out of the open then, find someplace we can defend if things go to-”

He didn’t get to finish as a blood curdling cry echoed through the hall.

Blood pounded in his ears as he felt himself losing control. There would be no more holding back. The moon was all but singing and his wolf wanted out. Breaths came in short gasps as pain surged though his body and he barely managed to cry out in a strangled voice “GET OUT,” to everyone in the room. If they ran now they would have a chance, if they stayed they might survive provided watching the shift didn’t traumatize them and cause the humans to flee like scared little rabbits.

It was a mad scramble to shed the trappings normal clothing provided. Soren managed to get his jacket and shoes before a loud crack, signaling a spine was breaking and lengthening, was followed by an in human scream. It literally felt like someone was trying to rip his spine out. The Garou dropped to all fours as fingers lengthens and merged together to form paws, knees broke and reformed into powerful hind legs, nose and mouth elongating into a fang filled muzzle. Scares and battle wounds that looked out of place on a human now resided proudly in their natural place.

All in all it probably only took a little over a minute for Soren to fully shift, but to the young Spiral it felt like an eternity. Then, almost as quickly as the pain had started, it was gone and left in the place of a man was the real Soren, a monster to most. Standing at 5’5” at the shoulder the Garou radiated power and presence. It took a moment for the Spiral’s animal instincts to adjust but when they did he let out a long howl of pure ecstasy. He could feel the thrum of the earth under his paws, the caress of the wind as it drifted lazily through snow white fur. Ears swivel attentively as they sought out the song of the world his kind was meant to protect. Scents and sounds assaulted him from all sides though none were as prevalent as the scent of fear and the scent of Nosferatu.

A savage snarl rent the air as his red gaze looked over the room, eventually settling on Delilah. The same bitch that had tried to exert her authority over him before. He padded forward a few feet in her direction with the intent to put her in her place but stopped when the sounds of fleeing prey caught his ears.
For a moment, Delilah thought she was going to have to remind Captain von Wolfram of the importance of staying focused, but the man had better self control than that. He quickly shoved aside his emotions and brought himself back to the present conversation. She could commend him for it, but there was no chance. The scream that filled the hall left the hairs on her neck standing on end, and she shivered despite herself as she looked over to see the source. She wasn't surprised. There was no other potential source than a shifting Garou. Delilah watched, unable to look away, as Soren shifted into the beastly creature that was within. He had warned her that it wasn't a pretty sight. He had told her to try to get as many people away from him as possible by the time he had shifted. She had been trying, but the debriefings had outlasted Soren's ability to control himself and keep from shifting. Shit.

Delilah felt the beast's eyes on her as she turned her head to look at von Wolfram and quickly looked back at the creature, her eyes wide as she took a step back. "Get them out of here!" she yelled to Markus. She didn't care where, though she hoped von Wolfram would have enough sense to send half to the top floors to find and defend the Ravenclaw and Gryffindor common rooms and the other half to the dungeons to defend Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw should the need arise. As for herself, she had no idea where to go, but right now, she needed to tame the beast...as much as a beast could be tamed and stay alive.

Delilah had never wished more for the Nosferatu killer to be a reality than in this moment. Perfect timing on his part would save them right now, save her. "Soren!" Delilah called. She grasped the stick device he had given her firmly in hand as she kept her wary eyes trained on the beast. Holding the stick was the only thing keeping her hands and arms steady. But there was no need. Soren's attention was already on the others. "Shit," she muttered. Was she seriously going to have to play the hero? She wanted nothing more than to run right now, but her own determination and nature would not allow her to. No, she needed to give the guard a chance to get to their stations without being eaten. "OVER HERE! SOREN!"
Delilah’s shout pulled Markus from the horrific event taking place right in front of them. Even with the events of the past few days it was hard to hold back the revulsion and fear that accompanied the sight of a werewolf shifting. The tortured cry sent shivers racing down his spine. Thankfully when the wolf turned its attention to one of his fleeing guards the captain’s training took over.

”Don’t run you idiots! You’ll only draw its attention! Back out slowly and regroup in the foyer, no sudden movements, or loud noises.” Delilah’s first call to the wolf did nothing and the captain watched in horror as the wolf took down the fleeing guard and a sense of helplessness filled him when he realized there was nothing he could do without risking the lives of everyone else here. Their only hope was that the woman could distract the wolf long enough for them to get out into the foyer. Once out of the current chaos it would be a simple manner of getting everyone to calm down and divided and to the student common rooms. The trick was to get them out. Hopefully the woman would live long enough to prove she hadn’t just signed their death warrants by bringing in an uncontrollable monster.

The Spiral crouched down, hackles raised, and fangs bared as he prepared to pounce on the fleeing prey. He could taste the fear; sense the excitement of the chase and the overwhelming desire to kill as he leapt forward with a powerful bound. Three long strides and he would have his target. One leap could crush the human’s spine and jaws would lock around the back of the neck. One bite and a life would end.


At first the Garou simply ignored the call, there was no power behind it and his prey was far to tantalizing to simply ignore. He was only a few strides away and Soren let out and excited yip. This was what it was like to be free, what it was like to be a Black Spiral Dancer! He leapt, taking down his target with uncanny precision. The guards cry was enough to spur on the excited Garou and Soren sought out the back of the neck for a quick kill. The man however managed to turn last second and get an arm in the way. Rage flashed through the Spiral and jaws closed on the arm like a spring loaded trap and the Soren shook the man as if he were no more than a rag doll, intent on ripping the offending limb right off.


A barrage of emotions hit the Spiral like a wall and he staggered slightly. Shaking his head Soren dropped the still screaming guard and looked back to Delilah, jaws dripping with fresh blood. His lips curled back in a snarl as he bared his fangs in warning to her. Who was she to deny him a kill? Was she challenging him in the open? If he had the capacity to laugh he would have. She didn’t stand a chance while he was in his true form. None of them did. Soren stalked slowly toward her. She would learn her place or if fought back and wanted to die so badly he’d be more than happy to oblige her.
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by: Aishe
Uh oh.

Aishe had stepped back from Soren as he had transformed. Who but a Garou would know how ill tempered one could be right after changing? Unfortunately, that act removed her from his immediate attention, letting the stupid humans distract him from his job. She yipped at him, pranced to his side, bumped him...all to no avail. He WAS a supreme hunter, she noted with grim satisfaction. Unfortunately for the humans, they were and always would be prey.

Far Runner knew better than to try to stop Soren from killing; it was the right of the strong to destroy the weak. She did, however, want to distract him from the woman whom he had given means to subdue him. Aishe would not let him be humiliated that way, nor would she allow him to be weakened for the bloodsucker to take advantage of. For all they knew, the damnable monster set this up to distract Soren from the real hunt!

With a springing hop, the coyote brown Garou slithered under the belly of the white monster, placing herself dangerously under and in front of his open jaws. My head would fit between his teeth and not touch a molar on either side... She realized this dismaying fact after she had rolled to her back and presented her stomach and neck to the dominant wolf. She prayed her presence would be enough to remind him of the true fight and the proper hunt. There were more glorious things than humans to kill tonight!
Delilah's face twisted into a look of disgust as the wolf she knew to be Soren bit into the guard, but she quickly forced her face back into a blanker slate, her determination shining through. If she hoped to tame the beast at least long enough to let the guard get to their positions away from the potential heart of the battle, she had to look the part. She had to be demanding, commanding. She had to stand unwavering despite the fear that threatened to seize her body as the wolf's attention turned her way. She knew he was pissed. If any connection remained to his human self, surely he remembered what she had done to subdue him and control him before. He wouldn't want to allow it to happen now, not now that he had the obvious physical edge over her.

Delilah held onto the rod Soren had given her and kept her eyes squared on Soren. She wasn't going to bow her head in submission. That wouldn't hold his attention. That wouldn't be demanding enough of his attention in this form--not when there were others running around, just begging for his attention. "Yeah, that's right! Over here!" Delilah said after allowing herself a very brief moment to resolve herself to whatever might come. Her wand was within easy grasp if need be. She could make herself blend into the surroundings long enough to confuse the wolf and get away. She knew better than to actually challenge him with spells. It would only build the rage more if she outright attacked him, and she didn't have a death wish even though it might seem contrary to what her actions were blatantly stating.

"Get your arse over here, Soren! It's me you have a problem with--not them!"

Here, killer, killer, killer, she thought, what little remained of her sense of humor rushing to her mind in a rather twisted way. Swooping in right about now would be nice.
The pint sized human’s words stirred more rage within the young Spiral and he snarled in response. If it was a challenge she wanted then who was he to back down? Delilah was nothing more than a bite sized snack and it would fill the wolf with great joy as he tore her limb from limb. Perhaps then she’d finally learn her place within the world’s natural order.

Soren continued to move forward, slow and menacing. Even though she was nothing but a mere human, she had earned at least a bit of respect and caution. Even rabbits had teeth and claws. Delilah had been able to best him once, albeit he had been caught off guard and in his weaker form, and she still had that infernal stick and her wand. Soren hadn’t made the rank of beta at such a young age by being stupid and the Spiral retained enough of his human self to recognize a weapon when he saw one. Even then he knew he still held the advantage. The fear that was radiating off her was tantalizing.

"Get your arse over here, Soren! It's me you have a problem with--not them!"

Her words tasted of a challenge she didn’t realize she was issuing and Soren crouched in preparation to spring, when something small and brown slithered under his belly. A rage induced howl mixed with a savage snarl ripped from the white monster and his jaws instinctively sought the throat that was carelessly left open. Teeth clamped down hard enough to draw blood and more than likely leave scars before something stopped the Spiral from continuing through with the killing blow. Perhaps it was the mouthful of fur, the submissive gesture, or the familiar scent of a strider… Aishe! The name filtered through the red haze that was a Black Spirals rage and the hard bite turned into more of a gumming of the throat and a friendly yip and nuzzle before Soren backed off slightly, red eyes moving between the wolf on the ground and the human in front of them. He was still of mind to put Delilah in her place though that had been somewhat tempered by Aishe’s act of total submission. Perhaps she should take a page from Aishe’s book. A snort was the only sound the Spiral made to give any indication to his train of thought, though if Del was currently holding the totem he’d given here she would pick up on his uneasiness.

It happened without conscious thought when the scent of death grew stronger. Soren snarled before going completely silent, fangs bared, and ear flat against his head. Human memories flooded back about the Nosferatu that had been roaming the castle. The Lord of Death he was called. Lord of the soon to be dead was more like it. As the undead presence grew the spiral crouched lower and his ears perked up in an attempt to locate the more important prey.
It was done. The ancient nosferatu, in reality just now seeing the twilight of his middle age, had passed on his knowledge and created what was considered an abomination. His child, a receptacle for his memories and even a trace of his personality. Charon knew what waited for him in he castle and refused to go silently into the dawn. Humans had a similar spell, the horcrux. Nosferatu did not create such thing, but the potential was there with the blood magic, confirmed tonight.

Speed away, my son...live. Live!

He silently urged Samael onward before slipping a bone pendant on a cord over his head. The imbued charm settled over Charon as he became, to all appearance, the mute slave boy so long forgotten in the rush of blood and death. This trinket had been crafted by Hebron's hand. Hebron...the professor was the slave and the slave was the master.v a fitting irony. The humans only too late looked towards the killer. Blow, however, it was going to be his only cover.

The Nosferatu slipped through the dark night and into the entrance of the stone building. People were running, jabbering, panicked. Janus' pale eyes narrowed in suspicion. They weren't running from him. Had the mangy mongrel already transformed? He edged towards the Great Hall and peered into the open door. Two of them.

The great white one had its back to him, the small brown one pushing itself off the floor was looking right at him and snarled. There was already blood about its neck. Janus pulled out of the doorway and fled, melting into the darkness of the hallway. One, he could have possibly survived. Two? Suicide.

In his flight. He ripped off the disguise and threw it down a corridor as he passed. Let that be a false trail, he hoped. Portraits yelled at him as he ran, too late he remembered to meld into the shadows. Luck was not with him tonight.
In an instant, Delilah saw her life flash before her eyes--all the had beens, the should have beens, and the never would bes--yet Delilah didn't falter. She had to keep Soren away from the guard, away from the children. She had to keep him here, even if it meant her own end. And death? What was it but another adventure, an escape even, from the hell she had known for years here on this earth? She had nothing to fear in death but everything to fear in life. Her eyes narrowed in determination, determination not to let the racing of her heart or the drumming of blood in her ears and the feelings they indicated take over. She would not die afraid and helpless. She would not die without a fight. She lowered her stance, prepared to flee at the first sign Soren was set in his current path to leap.

That was when it happened. Soren had lowered to pounce, ready in his attack. She had begun to throw herself out of the way, and then, suddenly, the smaller wolf had stopped Soren. Wide-eyed, Delilah watched, afraid that Soren might kill the other wolf in his rage, yet Soren's whole stance changed in the moments that followed. The rage was no longer his master. Something else was. He had sensed something, a change.

Was this it? Had the killer come?

Yet nothing happened. There was no lunging nosferatu. What was she to think? What was she to do?

Delilah wasn't about to interfere. Confused though she was at the change in Soren, it could mean only one thing. The end was near. One way or another, events had been set in motion which would determine everyone's fate. She could only hope they ended in their favor.
His ears alerted him to the newest arrival and Aishe's reaction only confirmed that his real prey had finally showed up. Soren spun around with more agility than a creature of his size could possibly have and caught the flicker of movement as whomever was at the door turned to flee.

The sound of claws scratching the floors surface was all the warning anyone had as the giant white wolf scrambled after his now fleeing prey. Soren pulled up short in the main foyer amidst the terrifying screams of staff, students, and guard that had been to slow in getting themselves to safety. Ears swiveled back and forth and his nose sniffed the air in an attempt to gauge the direction the Nosferatu had chosen to run. It didn't take long to pinpoint. Not more than a few seconds before Soren had the trail and woe be it to anyone that had been unfortunate enough to be in his chosen path. Carnage would be an apt description of the chaos the Garou left behind.

The hunter honed in on his prey and his stride lengthened with each powerful bound, his nose leading the way. The scent was far to strong and tantalizing to allow any thoughts about deviating or getting side tracked. He let out a excited howl as he continued down the corridor, both as a mechanism for frightening his prey and for alerting Aishe to his general location.
Charon's thin chest heaved. He was too old for this...and yet he felt so alive! The grimace of effort melded with a grin of feral delight. He felt ALIVE! For once it did not come from the death and toying of another soul, but the dance of the monsters in their perilous struggle. He was in the shadows, sure. The beast, however, could scent him out. Fine, then let him scent the trails of his old hauntings. The walls and ceilings and corridors were borad here and it would slow the wolf down to try and scent him. Perhaps, if he could get enough of a lead, he could lay a trap.

Charon weaved through the hallway to create a zig-zag pattern of scent. He leaped and used the walls to create as difficult a scent to follow as possible. finally, his best piece of confounding: The moving staircases. His superior agility allowed him to lay a track on every stair case as they ground passed the floor. He rode one finally upwards, snagging a tapestry as a perch on the wall. Carefully, he transferred his magical grip to the stone wall itself and waited. From here, he could pounce on the white monster and deliver a fell blow.
As much as Anne still felt stressed, there was a relief as the wolves bounded from the Great Hall. A few students and some staff were out in the foyer, but most who were not already in their common rooms were in here with them. Anne didn't waste a moment to come out of her place by the sidelines. "Everyone inside!" she shouted as she moved toward the towering doorway into the Great Hall. She would have to use magic to close the doors, but she needed to be heard. "Quickly now! Quickly!"

Her attention turned to the dark-haired woman with the big stick. "Are they set to lock down the commons?"

The woman nodded, still staring where the beasts had last stood.

Anne sighed, trying to relieve the tension she felt in her chest and her throat. She put her wand to her throat and cast the spell to make sure her voice was heard. "All commons are on lock down. If you are not in the Great Hall in two minutes, Merlin help you!"

It was unfortunate, but they could not risk the lives of any guards or staff to go search for wayward people. They had worked hard all day since the owl from the Ministry to ensure all students and staff were either in their commons or down here, that everyone was accounted for and monitored. That was all they could be expected to do given such short notice.

Anne looked back into the Great Hall hoping to catch sight of Markus. She needed something to steady her nerves.
As the corridors began to widen the Spiral slowed his pace. The intense scent trail he had been following was starting to weaken indicating that he was either coming up to a crossroad in the hall or coming up to an open area. Either or, survival instincts were beginning to over rule the hunters mindset. As a Hunter for his pack, it wasn't just enough to be able to track and take down prey. You also had to be smarter than what you were tracking, and in the case of something like a Nosferatu one also had to be wary of having the tables turned and the hunter becoming the hunted.

Eventually Soren entered the wide open area that housed all the moveable staircases cautiously and slowed to a halt. The trail had seemingly gone cold. Old scents were crossed with new fresher ones but nothing that would give a clear indication of what direction had headed. Nose to the floor he snuffled about, picking up what he thought was the trail as it moved from the floor to a wall and upward. A low growl emitted from the Garou as he stood to his full 11' height and he followed the trail from the wall, through the air and towards the first flight of stairs, ears swiveling like little satellite dishes in hopes of hearing anything form heavy breathing to a heart beat. Dropping back to all fours Soren bounded up the stairs before sitting back on his haunches to catch the scent when it seemed like it hopped to a different set of stairs. After another small pause the large wolf continued to make his way upwards.

As much as Markus wanted to feel happy that the white beast was gone form the hall, the terrified screams coming from the main foyer had the man praying to any god that would listen that no one else would get caught in the wolfs path. Everything was moving so quickly and he had never felt so small and insignificant. In fact, this case was the only time he'd ever felt truly helpless and not in control. Anne's voice shook him out of the dark path his thoughts were rapidly descending down and he moved to help usher the rest of the stragglers back into the hall. If anyone else was left outside it would sadly have to be considered collateral damage. even then they couldn't just have a rampaging werewolf running through the school with no one keeping tabs on it.

Markus made his way through the crowd towards Delilah, flashing Anne a small smile when he caught a glimpse of her. Once over by the Death Eater he asked, "So what now? Do you have anyway of keeping tabs on that wolf of yours or do we need to set up a team? I can't just let that thing run loose through the school without knowing where it is." He had framed it as a series of questions but in the Captain's mind he wasn't really asking as more than stating he was going to keep tabs on the wolf with or without the Death Eater.
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