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by: Kara Viridian
4 June 2012 || 14:30
Tutaminis Manor Grounds

It was a bright afternoon at the manor. The sun was high and relentless, beating down on the open areas, illuminating it with its intense brilliance. Kara was out and about for the afternoon, having come out of a meeting with some of the members who had questions about recovery and what things needed to be done after their stint in the Alley and at the Ministry against the Regime just days ago. She still had a few minor cuts and bruises in some places but they weren't enough to keep her out of the game. It was nice to stretch her legs every once in a while, as she disliked being behind the desk so much, as she felt like she was chained to the damn thing for the last few weeks.

She hadn't seen Jace for a while, since their shift was supposed to be tonight. He took the wolves far away from Order, making good on his agreement to make sure none of her people were harmed because of their aggressive natures and the shift in general. As much as she needed him right now, she knew he needed to be away, so she had to let him go for a while. She didn't fully understand the full nature of a garou, as she was still struggling to tell them apart from werewolves, but no way in hell was she going to say that out loud to the Alpha as he already made it clear he had a major distaste for weres and anything unnatural.

As she made her way around the fountain, Kara had a brief flashback. She relived the scene in fast forward. The night where everything fell apart was the night everything sort of toppled over. Casey arrived to talk about the organization overseas, Jaleth and Diana appeared, a broken and battered mess from captivity, followed by Jace and his crew with the injured Fierro. No one anticipated the sort of deal that would be brokered that night. Morale was shaken. Yet, it brought the man she once loathed and turned him into something...someone...completely different. Jace hadn't changed too much since they met, so... had she changed? It was as if he'd opened her eyes to the same world she'd been living in all this time, but she was seeing everything differently. She felt stronger, fighting alongside someone who supported her no matter what--someone who cut the bollocks out of everything--someone who didn't sugar coat anything.

Everything with Casey...losing him all over again... it happened so fast. One minute, they're fighting to make things work between them, the next she's near-death and he's nowhere to be found. Nowhere accessible to come to her aid when Liam attacked her. Who was there for her, that day? Who stayed with her to make sure she made it through the night? And the nights after?


Kara idly reached for the pendant around her neck and held it tightly. Her mother's pendant. In the time's of pain and doubt she clung to that thing and never let it go until she felt safe again. She didn't need it much when Jace was around but right now she needed something to keep her grounded since she knew she couldn't speak to Casey about anything. Jon was busy with the new healers in training, Jaleth was working up a curriculum to teach his new batch of students and Fierro was trying his best to help out as well so without Jace, Kara was alone. While peace and quiet was necessary, the loneliness was still present. It had been days since she and Casey split, and while she had clearly moved on, she was still reeling. Was there something she could have done differently? Yes. She could have stopped herself from acting on an urge to be with someone she clearly cared for. She could have talked to him and made the separation easier on herself, easier on him, but this was partially her fault. Or was it? After everything that was said, she felt like it had been a long time coming. They fought so hard to be together and in the end, was it worth it? Fighting an uphill battle?

She didn't remember taking a seat under the shade of a tall-standing trees, but she did. Kara stared across the way at the fountain in the center of the courtyard as she continued to ponder everything that led her to this very moment.
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by: Julian Winslow
The past few months had been some of the worst the Death Eater could remember. They also happened to be some of the best and most productive regarding their mission to prevent his future from happening.

The time spent masquerading as MacTail had been an eye opener and had served to force the jaded Death Eater to grow up in a way he never thought possible. Working with Delilah to run the government was not at all what he'd expected they'd be doing when they'd traveled from the hell hole that was their future. But somehow they'd done it. Delilah mostly, but the Death Eaters we're still in power, Teague was back, and Trevor wasn't insane...or at least that didn't appear to be the case even though he'd taken his kids and buggered off to who the hell knew where. Julian still wasn't sure how he felt about that one. After that things had sort of returned to normal, or as normal as they'd ever been up until the god damn Order decided to show its face again.

Jules let out a soft sigh as he tucked his hands in his jacket pockets and made his way toward the manor after exiting the lame ass maze that counted for the places defenses. The Order was the main reason he'd been in and out of the safe house more often that not the past few days. It still galled him to no end that he'd missed the signs of an attack. They'd known it was coming, Casey had all but confirmed that months ago before going awol again, but the Death Eater had never been able to figure out the when, so to say they'd all been caught off guard was an understatement. At least Delilah and Teague had been quick on the ball and spun a rather convincing scenario to paint the Order as believable enemies. Not to hard when it was always civilians being caught in the crossfire.

The younger man felt a smirk tug at the corner of his mouth as his path lead him toward the fountain. That would be another place to leave a fast travel rune if he could without being spotted. That was the main reason he was here after all. The Order had been a thorn in the side of the Death Eaters for far to long and it was about god damn time they we're going to finally do something about it. Whatever had happened to Teague underground and the proceeding month seemed to be enough to flip a switch in the tracker turned Lord.

The plan itself was straightforward, but the details laid out to what Julian would consider the inner circle, were anything but. Everyone had been given a specific task to handle and things would need to come together like clock work. While planning and tactics wasn't what he'd consider his forte, Jules had something just as valuable to offer. He would be their way into the Order safe house. Undetected, unexpected... no magic to trip the wards or mazes to get lost in. No. In the future he was well know for being able to move groups of people without needing a wand. It was probably the best trick he'd picked up over the years he'd been studying and developing runes. The real challenge was getting the runes in a location he could bring people and not be found out.

As Julian neared the fountain he slowed his pace and took a seat on the bench. He sat there a awhile just listening to the water. It could be considered a weird thing to do but quite frankly the younger man didn't care and most people that knew him stayed away, which was perfectly fine in his opinion. Julian was about to reach into his pocket and pull out a stick of chalk when he noticed someone sitting across from him under a tree. Kara. It was hard not to outright glare at the woman who had, in his mined, contributed to his ruined life, but the Death Eater managed to keep his face impassive. Damn it. If she was here that meant rune marking would have to happen at another time. Great.

On a whim the younger man offered Kara what could have passed for a small wave. As much as he didn't want to chat with her, she was the Orders current leader. Since Casey was, surprise surprise not around -or hopefully not around to out him- Kara would be his best hope at figuring out the current goings on of the newly risen resistance group.
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by: Kara Viridian
What time was it, again? Kara remembered as she'd left the room that the clock said sometime after two, but she wasn't sure how long she'd been sitting there. A couple of children ran past her, pulling her out of her thoughts, and she noticed a young man standing across the way. Her back straightened against the bench and she sat up straight, squaring her shoulders some as she realized she must have looked sloppy sitting there like that, in a daze. Jace might have laughed at her for trying to be so god-damn formal all the time, (as he would say), but in the back of her mind she also heard Fierro trying to scold her with his fatherly voice. Prim. Proper. Poised. Everything a leader should be, in his opinion of course.

But it was just Julian.

No. It was because it was Julian that she had to straighten herself out. There was no love lost there. The two of them had an unusual relationship, if one could call it that. She'd always felt so awkward around Casey's son in his younger years, and now that he was grown, she was even more on eggshells around him. While they never expressed their enmity for one another, they feigned a sort of cordiality for the sake of keeping the peace and sparing Casey the headache. Of course she'd forever be the bad guy for taking interest in a man who had already established a life with someone, had a family, a marriage, the whole nine...but it wasn't her fault things crumbled the way they did prior to her involvement. She wasn't really the one who broke the home that was already broken...right?

Still, if he was walking by and she'd already made the move of making direct eye-contact with him, she'd do the Kara thing and say hello. It was what came natural to her, even if he hated her with every fiber of his being. It slightly surprised her when he waved, so she took that as a sign that it was okay to address him. "Oh...Hi, Julian." Gesturing to the empty seat beside her, she offered it to him and gave a light smile. "You can have a seat if you like."

Would he sit down, though? If he didn't, she wouldn't be offended. She would let him walk off. Kara wouldn't mind speaking with him, even if it was to clear the air about certain things, have a candid conversation with him, and be completely honest and upfront if he wanted to know what was going on between her and his father.
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian inwardly sighed when Kara took his small gesture as wanting to talk. He supposed that was nothing new. While there wasn't much he could honestly say he liked about her, the Order leader was at least civil toward him which was more than could be said for a lot of the others. How much of the cordiality was for real and how much was for show he had no idea, but for the sake of keeping up appearances he stood up, straightened himself out and moved to take up the offered seat beside Kara.

"Hey," he stated simply as he took a seat. "How goes? Didn't expect to run into you of all people. Don't you have plans and things to do to ruin the governments day?"

It was hard to simply strike up a conversation with a person that had contributed to a ruined family and childhood. Now that he was older he understood that it wasn't really Kara's fault, Casey still held the lion's share of the blame for that, but it was still hard to simply accept what had happened and move on. Maybe it was a byproduct of being continuously abandoned by everyone that was supposed to care about him, or maybe he just didn't have the ability to feel empathy for people he considered an enemy... The Death Eaters rolled his shoulders and slouched back slightly on the bench before reaching up to take off his trade mark fedora momentarily, run a hand through his hair and replace the hat. Once the calming motion was done, Julian turned his head just enough to catch Kara's gaze and make it look like he was at least partially invested in any conversation that might happen. Honestly for all he knew she was going to just up and leave.
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by: Kara Viridian
He took the seat offered and she was shocked, to say the least. Kara half-expected Julian to keep walking or even ignore her, so this was refreshing.

"It...It goes." She said with a light chuckle. Ruining the government's day was one way of putting it, though she was more prone to thinking that it was the resistance uprising for the better of the people than being a nuisance for the Regime. "Just came out for some air. Stretch my legs a bit. Office isn't that small but sometimes if you're in there for long enough it feels like... well, it feels a bit like Azkban." There were no secrets when it came to Kara's incarceration, and at least she was at a point now where she could joke, make light of that dark period of her life.

Since she was still fairly new to any conversations with Julian, it was hard to sort out what she could say that would be considered outside of the realm of small talk. She turned slightly to face him, putting her arm on the back of the bench as she made eye-contact with him for the first time at this distance since she'd last seen his younger form. There was a striking resemblance to both of his parents, eerie enough to make her a bit uncomfortable but not so much that she'd look away.
He was a resident of the safehouse for now, so she wanted to get used to this sort of thing, even if he had no intention of sticking around. "And how are you? How's everything with you?"
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian let out a soft snort of amusement at the comparison to Azkaban. It was much along the same lines as to what he felt about being stuck in the safe house. In fact, if teh Death Eater thought back to his younger days he honestly would have preferred the wizarding prison. At least then he would have had to deal with being the reject kid of a failed marriage.

"Yeah, I get you. Never really pegged you for a desk person so I imagine the office can get a bit... annoying."

Ugh, this was so awkward. Thankfully not as bad as with Casey but awkward non the less. Why was he even doing this anyway? Right, to appear normal. To make sure no one knew his anterior motive for being here. When Kara turned the tables and flipped the question back at him, Jules quirked a half smile.

"Oh, you know, it goes." It was a bit flippant in the delivery and he winced accordingly, giving himself a mental slap to remind himself to play nice. "Seriously though, trying to track down leads, figure out what trigger the fall of our world, you know, fun stuff. Just figured I'd pop by and grab a few things and grab a bit of shut eye before heading back out."
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by: Kara Viridian
"Annoying's one way of putting it." Kara chuckled as she put her hands on her thighs, smoothing the bottom part of her tunic to busy herself. A nervous fidget as one would see it, as she was still trying to feel out this unusual meeting. She wondered if that strange feeling would go away; She didn't necessarily think that Julian had to like her because if he still had a negative opinion of her, then that wasn't her place to force him to change that. "I'd say it's a lousy job and someone's gotta do it, but it hasn't been so bad...at least so far."

That is if she didn't count the casualty reports from the Alley attack, or the fact that she'd been betrayed by her own ex-husband in this compound which caused a frenzy with the wolves endangering the lives of the innocents on site. She wouldn't bring any of those points up. While they weren't kept under wraps, if Julian was around he would have something to say about those occurrences, but it would be best not to stir up any sort of animosity or fear over those matters if he happened to be away during those times.

She nodded when he made the shrug-off sort of comment about 'knowing how it goes'. Even though she didn't quite know what he was up to at all times, Kara knew what it was like to be young and live the nomadic lifestyle. She'd been grounded for a few years in London after moving about from time to time, and sometimes she missed it. Perhaps at one point she'd ask Jace if he'd like to leave town for a while--if he was interested, of course. Part of her wasn't sure how long he could be away from his pack, but the other part of her hoped that he would go for it. "Of course. You're always welcome back and stay as long as you need to."

When he mentioned the fall of his world, her eyebrow crooked slightly, and then relaxed. She didn't know too much about that, other than knowing that the time he'd come from was desolate and seemingly in some disrepair, but she was curious. "The world and its fall...I know this might sound silly, but what was it all like there? Your...time?" It was strange to word, but she just spit out her thought as it came. Julian was proof that one could venture backward, but she was still trying to wrap her head around it all. But just how bad was it out there that he had the need to come back?
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by: Julian Winslow
He listened as Kara chimed in. Seemed he'd been bang on when he'd called her job at the desk annoying. Even more so by her reaction to it. The Death Eater wasn't going to push to have the older woman elaborate on anything. He already knew of the attacks and the fallout. heck, he'd been there when Teague and Delilah spun it as terrorist attacks.

Jules gave her a noncommittal shrug as a response when she said he was welcome here whenever he needed. Heh, any trip here to the compound would be nothing more than the bear minimum to either restock or grab a few things he'd stashed in his younger selves room. If only she knew his real reason for being back. It was hard not to laugh at that. the look on Kara's face, the Order's faces when the Death Eaters struck... it was enough to leave the younger man in a much better mood.

The Death Eater didn't miss the way Kara's brow crooked slightly at his mention of the future he'd come from, and a small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. Was she asking in some misguided sense of pity? Or was Kara being genuine? Absently Julian let his hands come together so he could fiddle with one of the many charm laced leather bands he wore around his wrists. It was a nervous tick if anything, but one that also had a calming feeling to it. Everyone always expected wands to be drawn when magic was involved, so to have the runes right there under his finger tips, a single trigger word away from activating.... it gave him and edge, reminded him that he was safe and that he could take care of himself.

"It's cold, dark... some sort of nuclear fallout from what I little I understand about muggle weaponry. It's pretty much a desolate wasteland devoid of life. Like I said before it's dark, like a permanent night. The only light to be had is what you can generate with spells or a fire, if you're willing to risk your life for it. Light draws attention and that isn't a good thing... you kill people for a warm spot at the fire, fight like animals for a single scrap of food since nothing grows anymore, do whatever it takes to make it to the next day. And that's just the tip of the iceberg too. Gotta be desperate as hell to risk traveling back this far with a time turner right?"
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by: Kara Viridian
Julian actually answered her, without scoffing, rolling his eyes or even getting up to walk away. In all honesty, she didn't think he would give her at much as he did. Kara expected him to shut her out and tell her a cold one-liner about how it was probably her fault, but that was the worst case scenario...not that the other scenarios were any better. Nevertheless, she appreciated the tidbit of information, even if it was difficult to fathom. She took a deep breath and shifted in her seat on the bench. The old wood creaked beneath her, and once she was settled, she nodded.

"I see...that sounds...awful. I couldn't even imagine having to live that way. And yet, you don't know why or what caused the fallout, then?" She was familiar enough to muggle terms like nukes and the destruction they brought in their wake. If it was anything like the photographs she'd seen in an old history book Liam kept around in the muggle home in London, she truly felt for the young man. While times were hard here in the present with history repeating itself in the segregation and somewhat of a caste system--muggle-born vs. purebloods--it was a cakewalk compared to having the entire world literally falling apart around oneself. Not to mention, having to fiend and fend for themselves like that? That was intense. Savage. Brutal. She didn't blame him for having come back, and now that she thought about it, her question seemed foolish. If they knew the root cause, wouldn't he have discovered it or sorted it all out, maybe go back to his original time if the mystery was solved?

There was no taking it back, so for now she waited to see what he would say in response. Even though this wasn't a conversation among friends, she didn't feel like he was treating her like any enemy, so Kara was willing to sit here and chat for as long as he wanted.
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by: Julian Winslow
Julian let out a laugh. Did she honestly think he'd still be here if he knew what had triggered the fallout? Of course they'd had their suspicions and it had all seemed to go to hell and a hand basket about the time Trevor decided to join the loony bin. But as to the specific trigger? Julian was honestly starting to believe there wasn't one, just a whole series of fuck ups that lead to a really big fallout at some point.

"You really think I'd still be here if I knew what had gone wrong?" He hadn't really meant to be snarky with his response but it come out that way all the same. Julian brought his hands up to rub his face and drew in a long deep breath before letting it out slowly. He dropped his hands after a moment and turned his attention back to Kara.

"Sorry. It's just been frustrating. We pieced together enough information to get a rough estimate of how far back we needed to go.. but it's just that, a best guess. For I'll I know I'm to far back, or not far enough... or by simply being here, Del and I have altered things enough that maybe things aren't how we remember them. People we thought would help don't trust us enough to try. Hell I'd be hard pressed to believe anything I was spouting if our positions were reversed. Thought Casey would help but as always he's never around when you need him... he's to busy with-"

Julian stopped abruptly. Last he knew Casey and Kara were still together and he did not want to dive down that rabbit hole right now. This wasn't meant to be a venting session, or a yell-a-thon and one of the people he credited with ruining his life. He had a task to complete and he needed his head to be fully in the game to do it.
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by: Kara Viridian
His laugh and seemingly snippy query made her raise her eyebrows, though not too bad as she'd already called herself out on being silly for asking. What a strange concept, having to time-travel. Time-turners were understandable, a relic of long before her time, but she'd never met anyone who had traveled farther back than a few weeks or months if that, and that was only brief, when she was working for the old Ministry. Julian had come back, years in the past, to undo something that hadn't occurred yet. She had no idea where to even begin on that search.

Kara shook her head when he apologized out of his slight outburst of frustration from her question. "No, don't be." She uttered, as he continued on. She nodded at the concept of possibly altering things that might have already changed the outcome, as that was always a possibility. The butterfly effect. She was familiar with it, but never thought it'd happen in her days, to someone she knew...or rather, knew of, since she and Julian were hardly friends, or even acquaintances. Just...two people with a mutual contact, having to coexist in a dark time.

She quirked an eyebrow at the name-drop of "Del". She'd earmark that for later because as he explained further, Julian cut himself off abruptly when he brought up his father, which made her heart nearly stop. She didn't want to bring him up, but as the common ground between them, it was inevitable.

Kara's eyes were instantly up at the mention, but then drawn to the ground when she realized where his sentence was going. Her face might have flushed red slightly as the heat rushed to her cheeks. It wasn't embarrassment out of sheepish nature or an enamored state. No, this was her being flustered because it was clear that Julian wasn't aware of the recent break. She cleared her throat, shook her head and then brought her blue-green eyes, glistening with the glaze of tears. They weren't mournful tears, just ones borne of her own frustration on how things ended. They just sat in her eyes, too, as she had run out of any tears to let fall.

"Oh...I suppose you haven't heard then. Casey and I aren't..." Why was this so difficult to say? Wouldn't this be music to his ears? Kara huffed. "We're not together anymore." She shifted on the bench, a noticeable discomfort in her face and actions as she did, but she wasn't going anywhere. Maybe this meetup was a long-time coming. Maybe she was prepared for a verbal onslaught from the son of the man she'd just ended things with. Kara was done running away from things like this, and if it was anything Jace had taught her in the recent months it was to stand her ground and face this shit head on, otherwise she was going to be seen as weak. There was no use hiding something like that, especially from someone who would be excited to hear the news. "But I am sorry he hasn't made himself available to help you. That..." She sighed and decided not to hold back her next statement. "That seems to be the running trend."
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by: Julian Winslow
He could tell he put her off but the last little bit regarding Casey. Not surprising really considering their history. It was no secret that he didn't hold her in high regard and it was a safe bet to figure his younger self felt the same way but what Kara said in response to his unintentional jab floored him. Julian's head snapped up and his gaze hardened slightly as he tried to get a read on the woman sitting across form him. Was she being serious? Her and Casey weren't a thing anymore? Granted that in itself wasn't surprising... Julian recalled the pair being on again off again more than not so maybe this was just another one of their cold spells. Honestly he wanted to roll his eyes but there was something in the way she said it that had a note of finality. Well wasn't that interesting... trouble in paradise.

"Don't be sorry. I've learned to expect disappointment throughout my life, especially where he's concerned." Julian took a moment to turn his body so he was more facing Kara than not, his back tucked into the corner that was formed by the arm of the bench and the back, and bringing his left leg up to rest on the wooden slats that made the seat. He then let his left arm drape over the back of the bench, giving off the vibes that he was giving the Order leader his full attention.

"So wha'd he do? Ditch you for Evie? Another woman? Trevor? or maybe you just didn't fit into his plans anymore. Heh, well if it's any consolation welcome to the reject bin." The Death Eater was being mostly serious in what he was saying and even though he truly didn't care about hurt feelings and all that jazz, the younger man couldn't deny that he was curious. Maybe he was out of line with the questions but they did seem like the most plausible. Unless of course it was Kara that did the walking and perhaps found another sap to latch onto, one that might actually give her the time of day.
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by: Kara Viridian
The young man turned and seemed to be intent on sticking around. Well, that was something. Though, she couldn't help but feel a bit of pity tug at her heart when he mentioned being used to disappointment. Kara softly huffed, as if she was agreeing, silently stating that she completely understood, as she felt quite the same about a lot of things. Disappointed in her family, disappointed in how things turned out with Casey, disappointed in...well, herself. It took a lot of nerve to be capable of self-disappointment, but as she was quite a few years Julian's senior, she almost wanted to let him know that he should maybe re-evaluate himself and the company he kept and only then, perhaps, he would see the world a bit differently. No, the latter would remain unsaid, as she didn't want to break what was happening now. This conversation felt natural, but it was unusual all the same.

Kara slightly turned to give him the same courtesy, although she opted not to sit like him as she didn't want to seem too informal in the public setting. She put her arm on the back of the bench and faced Julian, looking at him straight on when she talked. "In a way, yes." She answered his first query, the one regarding Casey's ex-wife. "Your father and I... we were great friends, and became more than that but always had a ghost between us, even if that woman really is still alive." Kara's tone was rather mournful, as it was somehow difficult to talk about her separation from her long-running, on-again-off-again beau. Perhaps it was difficult because this was touchy subject matter being discussed with his kin who had no intentions of hiding his dislike for her. Then again...the words poured out before she could stop them "But in a way, I feel like...you're right. Like I didn't fit into his plans anymore, and quite frankly it seemed as if he didn't fit into mine. We always wanted different things and we were forcing something that just...that maybe just wasn't meant to be. I rarely saw him. Every time I asked for answers, there was always this cloak and dagger about everything, and I mean everything. Personal affairs became work affairs, and we could never separate the two."

Kara stopped. Was she saying too much? Did he even care? She wondered why he stuck around, if not to gather the latest gossip on his father's failed love life to maybe twist the knife if he ever saw him again? She bit her tongue when it came to talking about Jace. Most of the compound already knew of her affair with the Alpha, but she would only disclose that information to Julian if he cared to ask. She didn't want to hide their relationship, necessarily, but given what had happened with Liam having abused her and leaving her for dead being public knowledge and now the breakup with Casey...well, she wanted to leave a little mystery around her private life.

"Sorry, I suppose that might be a little too much information for you... but the wound's still a little fresh, I guess."
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by: Julian Winslow
"Actually it's probably the most anyone has ever told me about anything. But yeah totally get you on the cloak and dagger stuff. It was always secrets and half truths, like everything was need to know only you never were the one that needed to know. He was probably to busy chasing ghosts and his," Julian threw up a pair of air quotes for effect as he followed up with the word "Cause." He let his arms drop again, the left resting easily on the back of the bench while his right rested in his lap. Hell, the Death Eater didn't even know what constituted a "cause" anymore with the way everyone seemed to flip flop sides and agendas and it was so different from what he was used to in the future. No on had a cause there except to stay alive long enough to survive another day.

"Though what that is these days... I'd be surprised if he even knew. Sure doesn't seem like he's keen on working with you if well... wounds are as fresh as you say. So did he crush your heart before or after he turned you guys into a group of terrorists? It was clear from Kara's tone that she was taking it harder than perhaps she should have been but all Julian could offer in response to it was a shrug on indifference. Mustering up sympathy for people he actually cared about was hard enough, never mind for someone he still held accountable for ripping his family further apart than it had already been. "Smart to attack the alley's when you did. Caught the guard with its pants down that's for sure. You made quite the first showing rising from the ashes or whatever you want to call it."

Julian let out a laugh at that. The younger man remembered the looks on everyone's faces when news that the Order was attacking broke. With the missing duo just returned and everyone settling back into a reasonable working rhythm no one had expected any groups to be making a move, especially with the recent downfall of SAVIOR. Still he was curious to know if Casey was now in the business of throwing other resistance groups under the bus to further the cause of what was left of Isis. If that ended up being true it would certainly make things easier on the Death Eaters. Let each group fight it out and when all were sufficiently distracted the regime could move in for the kill.
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by: Kara Viridian
Julian's words truly hit home. Kara remained quiet, as her gaze drifted from the young man beside her to the trees beyond him. She was giving what he'd said a bit of thought, mostly because he had a point. The obscurity, the secrecy, the fact that she and Casey intended on being on the same page--yet, never were, was something she'd been dealing with for quite some time, and to have someone on the outside of their relationship agree and take part in the commiseration, it was somewhat of a relief. The mere mention of 'chasing ghosts' made her huff through her nostrils, a smirk forming on her lips. The brief pause as he mentioned the 'cause' in such a way that seemed sarcastic and somewhat disparaging, and even that, was relatable.

"He came to me initially, prior to making the alliance with the mercenaries--asking me for assistance. He wanted to unify our factions, made plans and arrangements to synchronize everything. He made a point of telling me that communication was all we needed to make things work. Then when my husband attacked me, I sent for him, Jon sent for him," Kara raised her hand to where the sectumsempra had cut her along her collarbone, her fingertips absently running over the fabric of her blouse and she sighed, "He was nowhere to be found. I feel like the harder I tried, I still couldn't reach him. I couldn't figure him out after all this time." There was a solemnity to her voice; A grief that after the whole time they'd spent fighting to be together, seemed like it was all for naught. She raised her brow, at the mention of terrorism. Sure, that irked her to no end. Jon was rather upset about it, Fierro too--even though he'd become used to being marked as the Regime's enemy after he'd defected. Jaleth and Gabe seemed to understand this might be the outcome and were optimistic about turning it around, so there was at least that hope. "It wasn't just that one time, either. I bounced back, recovered without him, and that just seems to be the going trend..." She said, with a bit of listlessness in her voice. Casey's tendency to vanish at inconvenient times without any notice of where he might be or showing any concern for any aftermath of any event seemed to be a recurring issue.

"Heart's been crushed a few times in my day, but I... I dunno. We just wanted different things, in the end, and I suppose we just went our separate ways." It was no secret that she would never live up to the standards of being the only one in his heart. The phantom agony over losing his wife and effectively losing his family would always make Kara feel like Casey would resent her for it, if things turned out differently and they remained together. She didn't regret having been with Jace, nor did she fear what the future might hold as she explored that avenue. As strange as that union might be, she felt more secure with someone like the Alpha than anyone else in her life, but she stopped herself along that trail of thought as she didn't want to get her hopes up, and get ahead of herself. Nevertheless, she was definitely curious to see how that would turn out.

There was a brief pause before he spoke again, this time commending the choice to attack the alleys, in his own way. She slightly grinned and nodded at that. "It was a difficult call to make, and as you've said it's now put us back in the running. Regime is probably planning their retaliation as we speak, and for that I know we need to keep ahead of the game and prepare for any backlash." That had already been in the works. She was going to speak with Gabe and her council as soon as possible, and she knew she wanted to wait until Jace made his return to include him on the planning.

This was still somewhat of a strange exchange, but Kara seemed more than okay with speaking to Julian. For the first time ever, she was able to talk to him without walking on eggshells, but the nerves were still somewhat present. Never in a million years did she think she'd be sitting here discussing things like Casey and the happenings of their faction with him, and while it was different, it seemed to be going alright.
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