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by: Jace Bryden
Continued from Drums of War
Note: Will be added to above thread if it picks up steam or treated as a normal thread if not.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012
12:00 p.m.

Screams. The screams were everywhere. Bodies scattered away from the garou and his unfortunate targets. The concussion grenade had landed right where Jace had aimed it and had taken out a small group of 4 guards and possibly killing the poor sap that had been nearest to the projectile when it went off. It was like music to the Spiral's ears.

Jace wasted no time and lowered the launcher, breaking it open to load in another grenade, this time of the shrapnel variety. While it had the potential to kill if anyone in the area got his with flying metal bits, it was more than likely the projectile would only cause injury, which was exactly the kind of thing Jace was looking for. Injury incited panic. Panic incited riot, and rioting stampeding sheep would slow down any reinforcements the guard could gather. A sharp click was the only indication that the weapon was loaded and ready to go and a few seconds later, the alpha had it raised again and aimed for the largest mass of people he could target. While it was true he'd promised Kara he wouldn't out right kill anyone, hurting and stirring up chaos was still on the board as far as he was concerened.


Once the shot was off Jace let the weapon fall to the side and around his back, the holster keeping it within easy reach for when he decided to fire of his third and final shot. His left hand reached for he pistol he'd tucked in the front waistband of his pants and unloaded 4 shots into the trio of Imperium Guard that had drawn wands and were about to turn them on him.

A flicker of movement to his left had the older man turning, right hand reaching up to his bandolier to grab a knife and just as he was about to throw a loud crack rent the air and the poor guard that had been closing in dropped, the victim of a .270 to the head. Jace turned his head in the direction he thought the shot had come from based on the way the guard had fallen and offered a thumbs up before reversing the grip on the blade and tucking it flat against his wrist, a huge grin on his face. Bree, no matter what anyone said, was one hell of a shot.

The excitement and bloodlust was rapidly growing as each second passed. the alpha let his head turn back so he could look over his shoulder to see where Kara and some of the Order had moved to before wading into the next unfortunate group of guard to come after him.
The ringing in her ears faded. Luckily the temporary loss of hearing wasn't enough to stop her from running, because her body sensed danger and the adrenaline made her keep moving. It was an instinct to fan out. Once the carnage had started, triggered by the first shot that rang out before the grenade blast, the shouting and chaos erupted in the otherwise placid square. Kara dashed to skirt the outer reach between her and Jace, running a flank near the side that had the most civilians, women and children to note, and she immediately drew her wand and cast an armor spell to keep them well-protected from harm, magical or physical alike. She grouped them up, shouting at one of the women to corral them into a safer area of the Alley, find some sort of safe transport to move them away from the battle, the Dementors, the Death Eaters and more importantly, the display of execution of those prisoners lined up on the platform.


Another gunshot came from behind her, thundering through the area. It made her heart jump. She'd been around gunfire before, and magical fire that was just as alarming, but as she'd been so far out of the game as an auror and a fighter that it was still rather foreign to her. Her bright eyes searched the crowd and she spotted Jace roughly twenty feet away from her, blades in hand. One of the guards was running at his back, his wand out and ready to fire but Kara was quick on the draw and aimed hers with a spell that flashed. "Expelliarmus!" She shouted, though her voice was lost in the sea of panicked cries and footsteps as everyone struggled to get away. "Everte Statum!" Was called out almost immediately, and a brilliant orange flash appeared, and the guard back-flipped through the air, landing several feet away from the Alpha.

The shuffling footsteps could be heard over her left shoulder and she pulled up her dagger, arming herself with it hilt first, and she twirled into a left-hook, landing the butt of the hilt right onto the jaw of the incoming assailant. The crack of his bones under hand fueled her for a moment, the adrenaline surging through her as she immediately sheathed her dagger and lurched forward with a kick to her attacker's sternum, gaining some distance from him before taking her march straight for the executioner's stage. She'd been here once. She'd seen friends lined up on this stage...they threatened her with certain death on this stage many times in her stay at Azkaban. There were obstacles between her and the gallows, but her intent today, unknown until she laid eyes on it when they arrived, was that she was going to set them ablaze.

"Aaaarrrggh!" The roar of one of the garou in her company didn't faze her. It was Rafe, who had run right into the fight, with his guns glistening in the daylight, even though there wasn't much on this gloomy afternoon. Two shots from his pistols meant he had her back for a time, until other attackers swept him away. She caught the glint of the chrome in the corner of her eye and it was enough to make her grin slightly as she kept her eyes up, fighting through the guards who were making their way through find and take care of them...their opposition.

She missed this. She missed the fight.
The sound of falling bodies had the alpha spinning, gun raised and a blade in his free hand cocked and ready to throw. A grin split his face when he realized any potential attackers had already been taken out and his grin widened when he saw her fight. There was a definite grace in her fighting form. The way Kara strung together wand and blade work was beautiful to the garou, and if Jace wasn't mistaken, Kara seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit.

A quick flick of the wrist sent his blade sailing over Kara's shoulder, embedding itself with a soft squishy thud into the attacker coming up behind the Order leader. He offered Kara a playful wink before turning his attention back to those in front of him as he pushed his way through the crowed. Civilians parted like waves from the alpha, fear driving the panicked masses. Jace fed off it. Thrived in it.

Shots rang out among the crowed and keen ears picked up on an excited yip that could only belong to Rafe. Another, louder shot let him know Bree was still working her angle. Another pocket of screams and a distinct flash indicated Mia and Tao had entered the fray. It was music to the alphas ears.

In the ensuing chaos, Jace took a hit from a stunner that was enough to knock him back a few steps. The older man let out a savage snarl and shook off the hit as if nothing had happened. His fist connected solidly with the face of the unfortunate wizard to cast on him. Whether it was a civilian or guard that cast, the alpha had no idea, but it felt good to pummel the unfortunate sap into the dirt.
Kara heard the blade sing as it sailed past her. Jace had precision in his throw, which was a relief; an inch to the side and she would have been the target instead. The blade flew through the air and quickly took down the man who was charging toward her at full speed and he landed on the ground with a slight skid. Kara leaned down to pull the fang from his flesh, bringing her eyes up just in time to see the grin and wink directed at her from Jace. She shook her head as she smiled back, knowing this was the Alpha in his element--he lived for the fight. She could see the excitement in those big, dark eyes of his, and for the first time, her gaze matched his.

The screams and panic grew louder all around them, which brought her attention back into the fight. She tucked Jace's knife into her belt, with the intent of returning it to him later. With Rafe at her side, Kara made her way to the edge of the street. Her garou bodyguard kept close and even weeded out the opposition with his guns and fists, while she fended them off with magic, and did her best to steer the innocent, unarmed civilians to safety.

Storefronts on either side of her had a swarm of patrons rushing in and out of the building. Another attacker ran for her. Kara did her best to pull the fight into an area that was a little less crowded...to no avail. He was armed with a wand and skilled as ever, using a combination of spells against her. Almost all of them were dodged or deflected as quickly as she could counter, but his casting was unrelenting. One of his blasts hit her in the shoulder, causing it to burn through her clothes but she quickly pat it down to snuff out the flame. She growled in pain and anger as ran, full speed to close the distance. She knew physical combat would be better to take him down instead. As soon as she was within striking distance, Kara lef with left and right punches, keeping her guard up in case he wanted to go for her face in between hits. She wasn't ready for the knee that caught her right in the stomach, the wind knocked out of her with the swift blow.

She coughed and stumbled, falling to a knee. She desperately gasped for air.

"Kara!" Rafe's eyes were noticeably red as he grunted and braced himself against his foe. He had been pulled away, fighting off others just a few feet away from Kara, alongside Shadow who was doing a number on the group that swarmed her.

Get up. Keep fighting... She urged. Kara fought to catch her breath, struggling to rise up from her kneeling position.
Jace systematically started to make his way to the edge of the street. Things were starting to clear out in the center which meant the alpha was losing his human cover. That was never good and Jace wasn't about to leave his back exposed if it could be avoided. In fact, he angled his path so he'd end up relatively close to where Kara and Rafe would end up. If anyone crossed the alphas path he took joy in removing them, though he did try to be somewhat more gentle with civilians.

Rafe's voice echo loudly over the din of screams and shouts and Jace found his head snapping in that direction. He seemed fine, as did Shadow, but when slightly red orbs landed on Kara, the alpha felt a protective surge of emotion and his rage roar. Nobody fucking touched his Kara! The older man charged, hollering out for Kara to stay down as he whipped two blades at her attacker and the launched into the air with more agility than a man his size should have. His boots connected hard with the back of Kara's attacker and sent the man sprawling ass-over-tea-kettle.

Jace was already scrambling to his feet and in true wolf fashion, pounced on the back of his sprawled out prey, put two clawed hands on the unfortunate wizards head and gave a savage twist. Cartilage snapped with the motion and brought a grin to the Spirals face. He was breathing hard when he turned his he'd to check on Kara, pushing himself to his feet before walking over to where she knelt, after retreaving the two blades he'd buried in his targets back.

He reached down, offering Kara a clawed hand up if she needed it, as eyes scanned their surroundings only to see Rafe dispatch his target. "You good sweetheart?" He was genuinely curious and if someone was looking for it they would have picked up on a note of concern.
"Rafe..." She whispered, the sound was barely audible as she called back to the gunslinger who'd been tied up by his own attackers. He was somewhere beside her, or behind her maybe? She didn't know...it was all just a blur at that point, as the kick made her see spots for a brief moment.


The noises of the battle faded out again as she heard the thumping of her heart in her ears. Kara was down on a knee, clutching her stomach in pain.

GET THE FUCK UP! She told herself. The kick wasn't going to be the one thing that brought her down and out. It was still early on in the fight. Surprise or not, she needed to dust herself off and carry on. The garou were on the line with her, watching her back, and there were so many lives at stake--ones here of her own crew and civilians alike, and the ones back home who were hoping to hear back that the attack had been a success. She didn't notice the man had fallen on his face with two blades in his back, and didn't see Jace until he spoke, either. She coughed again and turned her head to see him reaching down for her. Kara took his hand and leaped to her feet. "Yeah." She responded, a screech of a whisper on her throat like nails on a chalkboard.

She took two steps toward him until her body was pressed close and her arm was over his right shoulder with her wand armed and without any hesitation she launched a spell at two more who made it past Shadow and were well on their way to casting against the Alpha. This time, she skipped passed the disarming spell and dove right into the follow up which was show she wasn't screwing around with any minor spells that felt like a smack to the back of the hand. No, these were meant to hurt her intended targets...and it did. "Expulso!" She cried out, with a territorial fury that burned with such aggression in her brilliant sea green eyes. Her heart was racing, and there was no doubt about it, she could feel the Alpha garou's beating in time with hers, rampant and exhilarated just the same.

They were so close, she finally realized, but this was no time for that. No time to appreciate the heat of the battle getting to them. No time to feel how intense the fight riled them up. Kara stared into those blood-red eyes for a second and grinned. She'd only taken this defensive stance, pressed up against his body, to protect him...and there was more fighting to be had.
There was so much noise, screams and explosions and...gunshots?. Liam saw a flurry of movement in front of him, a sea of panicked people rushing to try and get away from the fight, civilian onlookers in the plaza, pushing against a group of people making their way towards him. He was so confused and his senses were going crazy! Why was there so much chaos? Was this part of the plan, all along? Fate, maybe, that he was brought out to face death, only for him to get another chance--but just barely? This was by-the-skin-of-his-teeth sort of luck, a pinch of leprechaun's favor to get things to go as swimmingly well as this.

The opposition was comprised of a handful of operatives who looked spread out as they all made their way through the guard and wizards armed to fight back with their own blades and wands. Who would do this? The resistance? No way... He'd been locked away for so long now that he had no idea about the state of the resistance. The only interaction he'd had with someone familiar was with Kara, after all. The night he saw her at home when he...well, there was no time to ask any other questions aside from what discussion, or rather argument, ensued.

His hands were still shackled but when he fell from the gallows he raised his hands up and the chains were broken. What the... Liam looked at them in awe, the metal bracelets now detached. It was the most liberating feeling and now all he had to do was run! When he found his legs again, Liam took off. He wanted to look for Bridget in that grouping, see if she was still around to maybe take her with him, find some safety and lay low for a while until this blew over--but the survivalist in him fought that instinct away, and he knew he had to get away...and fast. He ducked under a couple of physical swipes, swings from wizards he'd recognized as higher ranked guards. He'd come in too close to get hit with a spell and they clumsily fumbled just before he struck them down with the force of his shoulder.

When he turned, Liam ran into a woman who had the most unusual scents about her. Short. Raven-haired. That's all he was able to see when she launched herself at her with a growl that instinctively evoked one from him, low, rumbling from deep within his chest. He'd never seen her before, but something about her made his hairs stand on end. She snarled at him as she went in for strikes with her weapon, a staff it looked like, improvised from a piece of debris she picked up along the way. Who the hell was she, and why was she swiping at him? He was just a prisoner trying to get away. He defended himself against each blow, his reflexes maneuvering his arms faster than he could think. Left, right, down right, down left, right--the metal shackles hit with an echoing clang as he reached down to guard each section as she moved in to strike. She moved with an unmatched grace that made it difficult for him to move in, on the offense, so he could make a clean getaway without her on his tail. Liam blocked as much as he could as he waited for a window in between each twist and twirl, and when he found it, he made his move. He lunged and kicked her right in the chest, sending her flying back into the man wielding two chrome pistols and firing away at the crowd.

Shit! Liam panicked at the sight of the firepower here and he set off once again, this time turning and taking off at full speed to barrel through whoever was standing in his way...

The woman with auburn hair was almost unrecognizable in the chaos, and his green eyes were alight with an unusual rage when he looked upon her. He didn't even see her face when he got up close. Liam had charged at full speed towards her. Before he reached his intended target, she pushed the man she'd been locked with out of the way and raised her wand, and as quickly as she could defend herself, magically armed herself to brace against what felt like the strength of an enraged bull pushing against her.

Kara had an iron grip on her wand as she held her arms up in a defensive stance against her husband. She didn't even realize it was him until he got up close, and she felt the pressure of his strength on the balls of her feet as they were dragged along the dirt path, roughly twenty feet back by the looks of it. When she broke out, she readied herself against him, her eyes full of surprise and disgust to see him here. The cut across her chest, a phantom of the cutting curse, throbbed with a deep vengeance for what he did to her, and this was her chance. "Liam..." She breathed out, some of her voice had returned after being knocked down before.

Liam roared as he went in without giving it a second thought, taking a swing at the woman he'd hurt before. Everyone looked the same. Everything looked like prey...and he was hungry for a fight.
Jace didn't shirk back when Kara stepped in close enough for their bodies to touch. Her arm resting over his shoulder was the only indication he had that attackers were coming up from behind. The alpha could feel her excitement mixing with the ebb and flow of the battle, a rhythm that the garou was certain his heart was beating. The only pause in the dance was when Kara pulled back just enough to catch his gaze, wearing a wide grin that matched his own. And then he was being unceremoniously pushed out of the way.

The shove had been unexpected, but Jace was no stranger to a brawl of this caliber. He went with the motion rather than fight it, pivoting and drawing a blade as he planted his left foot to pivot and come up throwing if need be. What he saw caused his rage level to spike. Some jack ass was trying to take a swing at her and that was so, so not cool. He knew Kara could hold her own but still... the urge to fight was coursing through him.

The alpha snarled and charged himself, hoping to intercept, or at the very least knock the charging bastard over. Once close, Jace pivoted again, positioning himself so that he could compliment any attacks Kara wanted to throw of her own without interfering. His blade slashed out, the fine edge seeking out soft flesh and in the same motion, Jace unsheathed another blade with his free hand. This asshole was about to realize he was going to be in for a real bad day.
She knew his name?

He shook his head to try and clean up his sight, but there was something wrong. Shapes, lines, colors. He could see that, but he couldn't clearly see what was in front of him, therefore he didn't know who he was up against, but he knew she brought trouble and his senses told him he was going to be in some hot water here soon. The auburn-haired woman...she smelled familiar, she looked familiar too, but why couldn't he figure out who she was? Why was it taking so long for him to process anything that wasn't the danger that lurked behind him? Liam growled as he went in for an attack, lowering his closed fist with a burning fury that was met with the unseen force of a shield protruding from her wand. There was a sting of pain along his arm when she raised her off hand to slice, bringing the dagger, sharpened Damascus steel by the looks of it, across the length of his forearm. He seethed and pulled back, the tip of her weapon biting sharply into his flesh before removing itself completely.

"Fuck!" He uttered, as he staggered back, feeling the blood dripping from his fresh wound, seeping into the sleeve of his prison garb. Liam wound up and went in again, but this time he was interrupted by the slash at his back. He felt that spine-chilling sense again--that feeling of danger and hate coming from behind him. "Aaaahhh!" He turned around to face his new foe that had come to join the woman in some team effort to take him down. When he turned, he quickly balled his fist and tried to back hand the man behind him, an action that, if connected, his strike would have cracked over the man's cheek and jaw.

What the hell was happening? It was bad enough he couldn't see clearly but now he had two people fighting him, out of nowhere? Were these the resistance fighters? If so, why were they after him? He was trying to get away from the guard after all...wouldn't they think him a citizen worth saving? Nevermind that. The man with the knives and the witch with the Damascus steel dagger were trying to defeat him for some reason and he was only armed with the shackles around his wrists that would only work defensively. Shit! Liam knew he just needed to work off of his primal instinct of preservation to get away...alive.
It only took Jace a millisecond to release that if he took the hit to the face, Kara's attacker would have left his side open for a direct hit. The alpha flipped his blade easily into a reverse grip just as the man's backhand caught his cheek and jaw. Jace staggered slightly with the blow but inhuman agility had him using that momentum to strike out and plant the butt of his blade into exposed ribs. The intent was to injure not kill. This was Kara's kill if she wanted it. Fuckface had attacked her and Jace didn't want to overstep by stealing something that was rightfully hers.

His strike was rewarded with the sound of cracked ribs and the roar from the other man was like music to the garou's ears. Jace had expected the man to drop, to fold over like the rest of his kind. Instead it was as if the man had gone feral for lack of better wording. No one not in the Imperium Guard uniform had stood up to him so far. Everyone had run first chance they got. So when Kara's attacker lunged, Jace was caught by surprise.

Clawed hands gripped the collar of his jacket and tray as he might Jace couldn't keep his position. He'd still been slightly off balance from his earlier strike. The alpha grappled with his unknown opponent for a moment but eventually the was able to use his, what now Jace considered inhuman strength, to hurl the alpha through the nearest store front window.

Jace landed hard on the floor in a shower of wood and glass and once he got his bearings, the garou rolled to his hands and knees and cursed. "Motherfucker!" Where the hell had that come from?! The garou was working towards getting to his feet when he was hit across the shoulder blades with a blunt object , hard enough to almost cause him to face plant into the floor. With a savage snarl Jace spun and lashed out at his attacker with clawed hands. He was rewarded with a spray of blood and a strangled cry as whoever it was fell back. Red eyes landed on what Jace assumed was the shop keep and all it took to send the man high tailing it to who knew where was another snarl and a blade thrown to the side of his head.

Once the shop keep was no longer a threat Jace sought out the weapon that had been used against him. Much to his surprise, it was a simple baseball bat. Well, well, well... Jace picked it up and it was as if the weighted object was meant to be there. A sadistic grin spread across the alphas face as he got to his feet and gave the bat a couple of lazy swings. Oh yeah, this was going to work perfectly.

A few seconds later and the garou had hopped back out the broken window and sought out Kara, figuring her attacker would still be around. When his eyes settled on the inhuman jackass, Jace let out and excited yip, as he dashed toward the mans back.

"Hey asshole!" was the only warning Kara's attacker would have before the garou swung the bat with everything he had.
-Oof!- Liam grunted as the reversed blade struck him right in the gut. He could hear the crack of his lower ribs at the strike, filling his ears with the break. He tried to take a breath, and what a struggle that was with his new injury, but when he did so, the scent of the man who'd hit him caused his blood to feel like boiling lava as the rage coursed through him. He still couldn't clearly see who he was dealing with, only that he knew he'd come across a familiar woman with daggers he'd seen before, who fought with the same finesse as his wife... -Kara?-

The man, however? Liam had never been around the man in the leather jacket, and with his inhuman strength and expertise with a blade, he didn't know what he did to piss him off! All he knew was that he needed to take him down, and get the hell away. What was making him frustrated as hell, however, was the fact that he was so mad he couldn't see clearly...it was affecting his ability to fight. Still, this wouldn't stop him, since the animal instincts inside of him were burning for a fight.

"Rrraaaaah!!!" Liam shouted as he lunged forward at the man, used his shackles to dodge any other inbound strikes if he went for him again, and reached out with claw-like hands to grab him. If he connected, Liam would pick him up off of the ground and launch him several feet away, through a store window, and the sound of shattered glass was like music to his sensitive ears.

He thought to follow him over to the store to assess the damage, see the guy cut to shreds by the shards of glass, but instead, he turned around to re-set his sights on the woman. She would be open. Vulnerable. He blinked to try and clear his vision as he marched toward her, following her scent as best as he could.
When Jace and Liam took the fight elsewhere, Kara was swarmed. Two more men came after her, looking to cut her down with magic but she was ready to deflect every spell thrown at her, as quickly as she could. A couple of them got through, however. One was light enough to only cut through the material of her shirt, right at her abdomen, in a diagonal slash that would have hurt like hell if it cut deeper. The other one felt like a punch to her shoulder and she cried out when it pushed her back, but she set her stance firm and wound up. Her wand came forward with a spell shot to send out a powerful gust to throw them into a brick wall. The sound of breaking glass distracted her and for a second she gasped at the sight of Jace being the victim of that launch--only to be struck down by the assailant that she'd forgotten for a brief moment. He approached with a knife in hand, and the threat of the switch blade clicking to engage only made her smirk. "That all you got, big boy?" She taunted him, fetching one of her longblades, the Damascus dagger replacing her wand for a brief moment in her primary hand, to slash at his leg. He screeched at the injury and she forcefully kicked his midsection to get him as far away from her as possible.

Just then, she saw Jace reappear with the bat in hand, his eyes bright red as could be. Kara watched as he swing at Liam, aiming high for a strike to land square between his shoulders. It landed with a thundering crack that snapped in the air, a percussive sound of destruction that gave her a chill. Kara winced as she saw it land, but at the same time she was relieved when it did because there was something strange about him that didn't sit right. Liam was a strong man, physically, but Jace was notably stronger than most, and most of his blows and strikes would have cut down any mortal man to nothing...yet here he was, fighting back. She knew something was off about him at the house that night, but she couldn't figure out what it was...and even still, she didn't know what was the matter with him, only that it was going to take a lot to take him down.

The bat.

It would do wonders to create such a destructive weapon out of the simple wooden bat that would make it more to Jace's style than anything...But what could she do? She had an idea. Kara deviously grinned, and without warning, she pointed her wand at the chains she saw on the ground nearby. She flung them in the direction of the bat and whispered an incantation that caused the material to change in midair. From chrome-plated chain link into dark, twisted spines of menacing barbed wire, the length of it snaked around the tip of the bat and clung on tight, embedding itself into the creaking wood until it ultimately became a crude weapon suitable for use by the ruthless, mercenary Alpha.

"Go get 'em." She grinned at Jace with a nod, before another one approached to square off with her.
The resounding crack as the bat connected with the man's back was like sweet music to the alpha's ears. Jace wound up for another swing since his opponent was miraculously still standing, switching the angle into more of an overhead chop down on the asshole but the man had twisted faster than Jace could react and he missed his intended target. A swipe at his head with the iron shackles forced the garou to quickly back pedal to avoid having his skull caved in. Unfortunately that was all the asshole needed to create enough distance to make a break for it. Jace let out a savage snarl and made to chase after his escaping prey, when he felt something tug on his newly acquired bat.

All the older man could do was stare in awe as chains that were on the ground transformed themselves into barbed wire and snaked their way along the head of the bat. The twisted spins dug into the wood and once they were fully wrapped around the bat the alpha couldn't help but grin. He took a quick moment to appreciate the handy work before letting his gaze wander over in Kara's direction. All he needed to know about who had gifted him with his new and improved toy was the sight of Kara, standing with her wand pointed in his direction, covered in blood, and grinning like a mad woman.

Jace couldn't help but drink in the sight of her and let the growing elation and excitement was over him. He walked over to the Order leader with a grin to match hers, well aware that he was covered in blood, glass and dirt. Honestly he didn't care. The wolf was overjoyed with current events and was running in a highly emotional state. Jace closed the distance between the pair, wrapped Kara in a one armed hug so he could pull her close, and kissed her as passionately as she would allow. Once the moment was over and he pulled back for air he couldn't help the wide grin. "Thanks sweetheart!"

The alpha lingered a moment longer only to here Kara's encouraging words to "go get 'em." Fuck yeah! Damn straight he would! With a joyous howl the garou let go of Kara to reach up and grab a fang. With one last mischievous wink thrown in her direction the alpha was off and back into the fray, searching for anything and everything that was considered an enemy.

He was losing his footing, after being struck from behind and then attacked by several others who he'd realized were just trying to get away. His heart was pounding in his head like an incessant drumming that wouldn't stop. All he could feel was a white-hot rage inside his chest that he knew that he was in danger, but that was a fair assumption given danger was happening all around him. Destruction, chaos...screams of civilians and those participating in the fight molded together into a distracting mess of noise that was making him shake with an intense anxiety, need to get the hell out of there. Liam held his forehead as he wandered off, trying to get as far away from them as possible, as far away from the scent of the man who had taken his attention before he blacked out in anger.

He brought his arm across his chest as he hobbled away, his mind swimming with confusion and fear. He dropped to a knee, nearly getting trampled by a few groups of fighters moving along the way, but Liam pushed out of the mess and stood up again. The scent of the man he'd thrown down with earlier was wafting in and out of the area, the screams of the woman as she fought against her attackers ripping through the air, resounding in his head. What the hell was happening? Why couldn't he focus? He needed to keep moving, to get out of there...before the man with the bat came to find him.
Once her menacing creation was complete, she turned to throw a punch at a man who was significantly taller than her; She nearly lost her balance, already lightheaded from the strike earlier, as she twirled almost on her tip-toes just to land her fist on target. The brutish man was taken down by the unexpected blow, stumbling backward a couple of steps before falling onto his back, and she smiled.

Before she knew it, she felt and arm snake around her midsection, pulling her against a strong body, and taken by surprise with a kiss. At first, her eyes widened in shock, but then she went with it. Adrenaline and blood pumping fast, Kara let herself melt into the movement for a moment and placed a hand on his bloodied face with a dirt-and-blood-covered hand of her own, returning the kiss with the same, intense passion he'd given her. For a second, she didn't care who was watching, and was simply lost in the moment. It was so thrilling...

Kara didn't say anything when he thanked her, just smiled back at him, knowing that he could do some serious damage with that weapon, and it was simply fitting to his fighting style and personality. Even if it was a little more crude than she was accustomed to, she couldn't wait to see it in action.

It wasn't long after that he took off again. A guard took off at the Alpha's back, looking to get a shot in at him, but she stood tall, reached out and pointed with one graceful flourish and he was cast to the side before he could attack Jace. Her eyes searched the crowd for any familiar face, trying to spot anyone, the 7 or from their army, to assist.
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The place wasn't empty, but the lunch crowd in the[…]

Eben Rook

EBENEEZER WULFRIC ROOK 29. Half-Blood. Self.[…]


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