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by: AC
January 5, 2012
5:23 a.m.

Tonight had definitely not been SAVIOR’s night. It was supposed to be a routine extraction. Go in, grab the kid and disappear. Too bad no one had informed the nut case pureblood supremacists that they were supposed to going out to a friend’s place like they normally did every Thursday for the past 2 months, rather than having their friends come over instead. By the time his fellow agents had figured out their intel was bad, Cesare was already inside, a 12 year old on his back, and wand to wand with one of the houses better duelists who had recognized him as an undesirable.

Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how one looked at it, the pair managed an escape by bailing out of an open second story window. However, since Ces had been trying to keep the pair from being Advada Kedavra’d, he wasn’t concentrating on a safe landing. The kid had ended up with a broken leg, and he was pretty sure he either popped his shoulder out or at the very least, twisted it bad enough he could hardly feel his fingers on his left hand. Injuries, though, were the last thing on his mind. Injured as they were, he could at least still run. And run he did, kid hanging on in some mockery of a piggy back ride until he reached the boundary that marked the extent of the anti-apperation ward. It wasn’t pretty, but Ces first apperation had landed them 30 miles or so from the houses location and gave him some much needed breathing room and time to figure out a plan.

Cesare knew he didn’t have much time. The kid was obviously in a lot of pain what with the death grip he currently had around Ces’ shoulders and neck; though he had to give the boy credit as the kid tried to hold back the sobs and settled for silent tears for the time being. Ces looked over his should and tried to catch the boys eyes. ”It’ll be alright MIkey. One more apperation and we can get you fixed up alright. Then we can find your mum and dad.” The kids silent nod and whispered ‘ok’ was enough to let the SAVIOR agent know he’d be alright for the time being. With any luck his words would prove true and everything would work out in the end and the other agents he had started the mission with had got the kids parents out.

But what to do now? He couldn’t risk returning to London or the Riordan’s safe house for the next few days. Surely the Imperium Guards would be extra critical of those coming through the check points. Sezja was right out since her place had been compromised a while ago…. He couldn’t take the boy to the Order safe house… So where could they hole up for a day or two? After a moment of thought, a slight smirk made its way onto his face. There was one place he could try… hopefully she was still holing up in Glasgow.

One quick apperation later had him standing in front of a familiar looking house… or at least what he thought looked familiar. A quick glance around, showed the street to be empty and he took another deep breath and apperated them inside to where he prayed the living room was and that the feisty part veela wouldn’t kill him with a spell (if she got a hold of a wand) or something more muggle. Last time he had been here that was the only way to get in according to Bri. ”Bri? Bri, are you here? I need your help”
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by: Brigita Litvak
Why hadn't he come back? Once Christmas day was over Ianto had departed. He'd left with promises of visits soon, but it been weeks, weeks and nothing. Not a visit, not an owl, or even a note... There was nothing.
Brigita had found herself gazing out the window, just in case. But there was nothing, no sign. It was like he'd just disappeared. The weeks were stretching without anything to really do. She went pick pocketing a few times, but it had been slim findings. Everyone seemed to be skint after Christmas.

There was just nothing to do, just hours of nothing, absolutely nothing.

The crack of the aperation made Brigita start awake. Her Heat did a kind of squeezy leap thing.

"Bri? Bri, are you here?"
No, not with that accent.

The young witch grabbed her wand and rolled of the sofa. The instrument pointed straight at Cesare and the bundle on his back. Her face went from one of hardened determination to surprise.
"Cesare, w-what?" After a moment she realised what she was doing and lowered her wand.
"The door works you troll! " She wasn't meaning to be rude, but she was just surprised.
"What, what's going on?"
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by: AC
He froze when her wand was turned on him, not that he had expected anything less considering what he had just done was the equivalent to breaking and entering. When her wand finally lowered the SAVIOR agent let out a sigh of relief and when she began to chew him out for not using the door he cracked Bri a smile, though it was devoid of the warmth usually associated with the gesture.

”Hey, sorry but last time I was here the front door wasn’t an option… Any I need, we,” he nodded toward the kid that was still clinging onto his shoulders and neck with a death grip, ”The kid here is hurt pretty bad. There were complications getting him out, he’s got a broken leg and I can’t get him to a safe house for a few days. Can we hole up here for a few days? Or at least the kid here? I know it’s asking a lot but I don’t have anywhere else I can take him.”

He shifted the kids weight slightly in an attempt to get a bit more comfortable. Ces was bone tired and ready to drop now that the adrenaline rush was starting to wear off. He didn’t want to put the kid down though on the off chance Bri would kick them out for fear he wouldn’t be able to pick him up again.
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by: Brigita Litvak
Surely Cesare wouldn't be surprised at Brigita's suspicion! He'd effectively just broken into her home. Well, she had broken into it as well - but that wasn't the point! He'd, he's just apperated straight in, what was she supposed to make of that?!

Wait, wait. The bundle on his back was a kid? Shit. What the hell had Cesare been doing? Had this been a rescue? Oh Cesare, for Merlin's sake...
"Put the kid on the sofa... Jesus, Cesare... Nothing but surprises from you is there..."

Or was this Cesare? She blinked for a moment, before the shutters came down over her face. Ianto was gone. What if her cover was blown. What if... Too many what ifs...
Her wand was suddenly back in her hand and pointed straight between the older man's eyes.
" I gave you a letter to deliver for me when we first met. Who was it for?" No... That wasn't a good enough question.
"Which clause of the Code of Wand use did I apparently break causing my arrest?" No, that one was even worse... Shit she needed a good one, only Cesare would know.
"What item did you charm when you were first here to give of heat?"
There! Only the real Cesare would know that. Now she'd be able to see if it was really him.
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by: AC
The SAVIOR agent nodded when he was told to set the kid down on the couch. Gently he lowered the boy down, trying not to jostle the kids broken leg any more than he had to until he could get a hold of some skele-grow and a strong pain potion; a feat that was harder than it should have been considering he could barely feel his left arm. As he was doing so he couldn’t help but chuckle at Bri’s choice of words. Nothing but surprises was an apt way to describe his life as of late.

”You don’t know the half of it,” he started, leaning up only to have a wand tip placed right between his eyes. Ces froze, unsure of what was going on. ”Bri, what are you…” He was cut off by her question before he could even finish and was clearly caught off guard. The agent barely got his answer of ”Sezja,” out before he was hit with another question; a question he was having a harder time coming up with an answer for. He managed an unsure ”something about half-breeds?” as another question followed on the heels of the last and he had to wrack his tired brain for an answer for that as well.

”A… a muggle kettle…. It’s me, Ceasare. I’m not here to hurt you.” Even as he tried to convince her it was him, the agent slowly moved his hand to where his wand was concealed in his back pocket. Usually it was tucked safely up his sleeve but in an amongst all the running and apperating with the kid, his back pocket seemed the most logical place to put it at the time.
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by: Brigita Litvak
Brigita's wand didn't budge from the older man's forehead until all three questions had been answered. Okay... He'd proven himself right? The Veela took a shaky breath and dropped her wand. Her eyes narrowed slightly, it was clear he was going for his too. Why, it had been Cesare who apperated into her living room with a kid on his back - jeez....
"Don't even bother pulling that thing out, Cesare..." She turned from him without a word of apology and bent down to the young boy. He was such a tiny thing, couldn't be much more than 11 or 12.
"Hi there..." Brigita smiled gently, her hand gently moving to stroke the young child's hair, "My name's Brigita. My friend Cesare here brought you were because he wanted you to be safe. And you are, you'll be completely safe here, alright? We're going to help you get better..."

The ex-slave looked back for the first to Cesare, giving him a look translating to you better back me up. They needed to work together. Cesare had stormed in with this kid on his back and plonked him into her life. Now they had to work together - there wasn't time to bicker.
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by: AC
Cesare let out a huge sigh of relief when the wand tip was removed from between his eyes and he had to consciously remind himself not to follow through with drawing his wand. It wasn’t the part-veela’s fault. He had just apperated in un-announced and she didn’t really have any other way to make sure he wasn’t just some Imperium Guard or Death Eater in disguise. Had their positions been reversed there would have been no doubt that Ceasre would have cursed first and figured out the rest later.

He watched her warily as she turned her attention back to the boy, her mood seeming to do a complete 180 as she introduced herself. Even with his heart still hammering in his chest and his should screaming that it needed some serious attention, the SAVIOR agent couldn’t help but crack a soft smile as Bri went on to reassure the boy he’d be safe. When she turned to glare at him, as if daring him to contradict what she was saying, Ces raised a brow in slight disbelief. He had brought the boy here because he thought it would be safe and that Bri could handle it otherwise he never would have come in the first place. Besides, the kid seemed like he was warming up to the young woman rather quickly.

”Hi Brigita. I’m Mikey,” the kid started, an innocent smirk plastered on his face even in light of his unfortunate situation. ”Ces is your friend too? He said he’s going to fix me up and then take me to mom and dad. Are they coming here?”

Ces couldn’t help the soft chuckle at the kid’s innocence. Still too young to truly understand what had happened. The agent took a moment to fish through his jacket in hopes that he still had a numbing potion tucked away. Unfortunately the only vile he had was in pieces and its contents were currently soaking his side. It apparently hadn’t survived the two story drop. ”Damn it…” he mumbled under his breath before turning his attention to Bri. ”Hey Bri, do you know of anyone in the area that sells potions under the table? We’re going to need some skele-gro, a couple pain potions and some healing droughts…”
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by: Brigita Litvak
Mickey... Oh Lord... He was so young. Brigita had seen plenty of teenagers put into slavery, adults to, but Mickey was a child. He was a kid! Hell he couldn't have even been at the school when the new regime took over.

Brigita gently brushed the child's hair out of his face, smiling gently despite how nervous she was. She really did need to fake it right now.
"Yes, Cesare is my friend... Don't worry we're going to both keep you safe..." As for his parents? Brigita's smile faultered ever so slightly.
"We can talk about all that once we have you all fixed up... What we need to focus on now is fixing you up okay?"

"Hey Bri, do you know of anyone in the area that sells potions under the table?"

Brigita turned, frowning.
"Maybe Great Western road, there is a market their most nights - they're pretty lacks about asking for papers. Just keep your head down..." And with that the Veela turned away, clearly the conversation was over.

"Do you want anything to drink, Mickey?"
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by: AC
Her frown was anything but reassuring to the man but he took it with a grain of salt. At least she had given him an answer, short and clipped though it was. The last thing he wanted to do was go back out but considering they needed supplies he really had no choice and he wasn’t about to ask Bri to go do it. ”Right, I’ll ah, I’ll be right back…” He left the ‘hopefully’ off the end of his sentence just in case, not wanting to worry the young veela . Ces didn’t waste any more on words and walked to the door, opting to do the more ‘normal’ thing since Bri wasn’t thrilled with his first appearance. Hopefully finding this Great west road wouldn’t be too complicated as he had no intention of being seen by anyone.

Mikey eyed the door warily as the SAVIOR agent walked out, completely missing Brigita’s comforting words though he did let out kind of a laugh when she called him Mickey rather than Mikey. ”It’s Mikey you know, short for Michael, not that anyone ever calls me that. Mum does when she’s mad so I don’t like to be called that any way. But how are you going to fix me up and is that guy coming back?”

The questions rolled off the boys tongue quicker than ever and he couldn’t help himself. His mum always said talking this much wasn’t healthy but it had been so long since he had got to talk to anyone. The people at the house he came from always wanted him to be quiet. The inquisitive look that was plastered all over the boy’s face disappeared and was one replaced with worry when Bri went to ask him if he wanted anything to drink. He swallowed hard and shook his head rapidly in the negative. He knew better. If he said yes he would get hurt and he didn’t want to get hurt any more than he already had.

About 45 minutes later a knock was heard on the door before it opened and Cesare stepped in. His quick trip had been reasonably successful and he had come away from it with a couple healing potions, a dreamless sleep potion and a small vile of skele-gro. The four potions had cost him a pretty galleon but such was life when dealing with open markets, plus he had been in a hurry. ”Hey kid, Bri… Got us a few things to work with here,” he started as he handed everything over to Brigita except for one healing potion which he planned on downing later. ”Is he ok here or do you want me to move him somewhere else/ I’d like to give him the dreamless sleep once the skele-gro has been taken so he’ll sleep through the worst of it…”
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by: Brigita Litvak
As Cesare exited the tiny flat the young fugative turned back to the small boy on her sofa, a nervous smile painted across her features.
"Sorry, about that, Mikey... And don't you worry, Cesare will be back and we'll fix you up so you're better than new." Brigita didn't have the same worry as Cesare, she just wanted to reassure the young boy that this was a safe place.

It broke Brigita's heart to see the boy slip from a inquisitive child to a scared slave. What a world they lived in.
She tried her best to keep the distress of her face and plaster a smile instead.
"Well I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to have some chocolate milk in the evenings. I'm going to make some for me, but I always make to much... If you change your mind I think you'll enjoy it."


By the time Cesare returned Mikey was propped up on conjured pillows with a glass of chocolate milk, complete with brown moustache.
Bri stood up was the someone knocked at the door, good boy...

Once he was inside Brigita took the viles and carefully set them on the side as not to break them.
"Mikey can have the sofa, it's the only comfortable place in the house. He needs it..."
She nodded, running a hand through her hair. This was way above her ability level, she hadn't even finished school for Merlin's sake... But if Cesare needed her help, and more so Mikey, she'd do it...

Carefully Brigita took the two viles labelled with the symbols for Skele-gro and sleeping drafts and knelt down beside the boy. Gently she took the mostly empty glass from the small boy and settled her free hand on his good knee.
"Mikey, Cesare brought some potions to fix your leg and help you sleep. Is that okay? I'd really like you to take them, I promise to keep you safe while you're asleep and when you wake up you'll feel as good as new..."
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by: AC
Ces smiled when Bri said the kid could stay where he was for the time being. And really, with the milk mustache looking at the pair of them with a lopsided grin, the agent doubted he would have had the heart to put him through more pain and move him. He watched with a critical eye as she took the two potions and knelt down beside the boy, telling him exactly what was going to happen. As the kid turned a questioning gaze on the man, Cesare nodded before joining Bri, kneeling down to be eye level with the boy as he pulled out his wand.

”I’m going to do some cool magic for you ok kid? It’s going to stop your leg from hurting and make it feel kind of weird.” He waited for Mikey’s hesitant nod before vanishing the broken bone from the leg in question and couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the kid’s excited and surprised exclamation that the pain was gone. Honestly the skele-gro was the last option he would have chosen for the kid, but the man had never been good with healing spells and he certainly didn’t know any bone mending spells. He also doubted Brigita knew much along the lines of healing spells either since she had never finished school.

”Alright, now I need you to be brave one more time for me. You need to take this potion,” he took the skele-gro from Bri and handed it to Mikey, ”This is going to taste pretty horrible but I need you to drink all of it ok? You can chase it with your chocolate milk if you need to.” He waited for the boy to do as he was told and surprising enough the kid took everything without much fuss, though Ces didn’t blame the boy for making a face after downing the skele-gro. ”Now I need you to take this one, it’s going to help you sleep.”

Again the boy surprised the agent by doing as he was told and within 15 minutes the boy was out cold as the skele-gro began its work. Thank Merlin. With a tired sigh of relief, Ces turned himself so he could lean with his back to the couch. ”Thanks Bri, for everything… and sorry to spring this on you like that.” Absently he tried to tug his jacket off, but after a soft hiss and a stab of pain through his left shoulder he decided it wasn’t worth it and he could deal with it in the morning.
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by: Brigita Litvak
Cesare seemed more equipped for this than Brigita herself, so she moved over and allowed the man to do his work. She watched intently as he worked on the young boy, learning the steps so next time she would be more useful. After the man was finished up Brigita stayed at Mickey's side and stroked his hair until he fell asleep.

After his eyes were firmly shut Brigita sat back on against the newly magiced coffee table and ran a hand through her hair. What had just happened?

”Thanks Bri, for everything… and sorry to spring this on you like that.”

Her head turned and watch the man attempt, hiss and fail at taking of his jacket... Oh dear...
Bri reached up and and gently took hold of the collar of his jacket and eased it of.
"Here, let me... Just don't move to much..." The young woman swallowed and concentrated on the arm problem instead of looking at the man.
Bah... Men... Brigita didn't want men near her for a long time. They were all the same, Ianto had promised to keep her safe, to always be there, and now he'd run a mile. He'd got what he wanted and now was gone. Why should she be surprised?
Her eyes hardened as her man slipped back into that dark place. She shook her head hard, trying to think of anything else.
"So what happened tonight?"
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by: AC
Cesare tensed slightly when unexpected hands reached up for the collar of his jacket, though he tried to force himself to relax. Normally he wasn’t this wary around people he knew, but after his limited yet interesting dealings with half veela and their charms, he wasn’t about to allow himself to fall under their spell again. ”Try not to,” he quipped when Bri told him not to move too much. It took a bit of maneuvering on his part but after a moment his arm was free and seconds later the other followed. Leaning back against the couch again he couldn’t help but notice the young Veela seemed rather distracted. She wasn’t making eye contact and that left the man wondering if perhaps he wasn’t the cause.

”So what happened tonight?"

What happened? Now there was a good question. Ces looked over at his shoulder (his black tank left the area in question exposed) as he mulled over her question. It was bruised, swollen, and definitely dislocated, but at least he’d live. ”The better question would be what didn’t happen…” He let out a tension relieving laugh. ”Was sent in with a four man team to get the boy and his parents out. Intel was gold and we thought this would be an easy extraction… hell we had an agent watching the place for a week. Owners were, as per usual, supposed to head out to a friend’s for the night. Didn’t know they had changed plans and were staying home until it was too late and by that time, my partner and I were already inside and I came face to wand point.

Hell of a fight ensued and I took the kid and we bailed out of a second story window. The landing was all wrong though since I was trying not to get Avada Kedavrad, hence the kids broken leg and my shoulder. I don’t even know if my partner or the kids parents made it out… I’ll have to find an owl later if I remember and find out if the kid is going to have anyone to go home to… anyway, how have you been?”
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by: Brigita Litvak
Well. It sounded like the plan had gone more than a little tits up. Brigita grimaced, partly from the sight of the painful looking shoulder, but also from what the story. She touched the swollen area very gently, it looked dislocated... Wow... How hard did he fall on it? Well it was from a second story window, it had to bee pretty hard. Especially if despite his best efforts Mickey's leg still got broken...
Clearly it had been one hell of a night for all involved.
Well that included her now.

"Well... Sounds like night... Once you're fixed up I'll find you some parchment and ink... Don't keep an owl though, can you summon one?"

When the question was returned to Brigita she stiffened, more than just unwilling to go down that dark lane of her memory. She didn't want to think about the times she'd shared with Ianto, spent with him, trusted him... Fallen for him.
If she knew a good Obliviator she would be tempted to ask them to wipe the slate clean... Or would that be cheating? Brigita didn't really care at this point.

"It's been okay... Ideally I'd like to get my hands on some Polyjuice potion, but that will be a seriously lucky with just picking pockets..."
That would be really really lucky, and probably something which wasn't likely to happen, but the young woman could always hope...

She reached for her wand and pointed it at the swollen shoulder.
"I can pop it back in if you want, but it's going to hurt... Trust me?"
Brigita smirked, not moving her wand from his shoulder. It would be up to him really.
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by: AC
”No, I don’t have an owl or the ability to summon one. Too dangerous with me being on the undesirable list and I’m not willing to risk compromising SAVIOR. Pretty sure the clerk at the apothecary has one I could borrow- ” He grit his teeth and flinched slightly as Brigitia’s fingers ghosted over his shoulder. Merlin that hurt. Ces mentally blocked out any discomfort he was feeling in favor of listening to what Bri had been up to. Unfortunately for her he doubted she ever be able to get her hands on a polyjuice potion. Hell, he’d probably have a hard time getting some unless he could get in touch with a fellow SAVIOR agent that was good at brewing potions.

”I might be able to get a hold of some polyjuice for you. I mean I can’t exactly walk into an apothecary but someone is SAVIOR has to have some connections or be a heel of a lot better at brewing things than me.” Ces gave the woman a small smile. It was the least he could do considering he had crashed her place.

Not a moment after he finished speaking Bri had her wand drawn on him again. Merlin’s beard! That had to have been the 5th time in a 24 hour span. Seriously, had he pissed off someone upstairs? He eyed Bri warily at the offer to pop his shoulder back into place. He didn’t really want to deal with it now as it would hurt like a bitch, but it needed to happen and waiting would only make it worse. Besides, he did trust the fiery young veela. He braced himself and cracked a small smile. ”Yeah I trust you kid, go for it.”


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