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March 18th 2012
2:40 pm (One Day after "Give Me A Reason")
Tutaminis Manor, Capitalum Building

It worked.
It bloody worked.

A plan he'd devised by himself, in the woods, injured and in the face of death at the hand of Jace and those knives, accompanied by six other garou--had actually worked. It felt good to help the negotiations along, since he'd fallen rusty at the diplomat act after he left his seat beside Williams all that time ago. The parties in question were more like oil and water than the Order and the Death eaters, the Lucky 7 being more of a volatile compound too. It was difficult to face the man who had taken his eye and injured him, but for the sake of Kara and the others here, and of course his own life, Fierro knew this was the right play.

But what about the others? The men who were with Kara in the courtyard that day? Jonathan hadn't been back to the safehouse yet but what will happen when he finally realizes what happened? Lenor, that young girl? He tried not to panic. If it was anything he learned when he was the right hand was that leadership was to show no wavering of their final decisions because it showed weakness. As unsteady as their trust was to have the former Minister of Magic on their side, he needed every ounce on the opposite side of the scale. Fierro couldn't make any sudden movement to lose what sliver of trust he'd established here which was solely balanced on Kara's head.

He felt terrible that the pressure loomed over her to not only re-establish the organization, but to hold down any backlash that would come from his presence at the Manor. Fierro might only have one functioning eye, but he could see the dirty looks he was getting any time he was seen walking through the place. So for the last day, he'd limited himself to the Capitalum building, aside from heading over to the Corporum building to grab a bite, but for that he'd snatch the food and retreat to the abandoned office building.

Fierro was standing in the main conference room now. It was after lunch so the refugee's with children were letting some of the little ones play. Then the dread hit him. He'd negotiated with animals. There were children here, and he made a deal with Jace and his pack. If at any time they made the wrong choice, would the pack betray them? Would the children be in danger? No, he couldn't think like that. There were enough adults and able teenagers to protect them if things went South...


Damned if you do, damned if you don't. It was a concept he'd learned while being the Minister too. He had to hold fast to the notion that he'd done the right thing because his conscience would eat him alive. Slowly, but surely.

If anyone came to test his allegiance to this place or to his daughter, he'd surely explain himself. Fierro knew he would be in for a lifetime of those questions and concerns, the second he decided to help his daughter here.
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Casey had walked away yesterday following the bloody handshake between Kara and Jace and retired early to his old room. As much as he'd wanted to stay by Kara's side, it hadn't set well with him to do so. She needed to know when people weren't pleased. You couldn't sugar coat that or you had resentment build within you ranks. That's why they had to function as a group, not as individuals or even leader and blind followers. Major decisions had always been discussed between the group before being made, not simply jumped on. Sure, Moody had often come to meetings with his mind made up, but things had still been discussed, and sometimes? Sometimes, they had managed to change his mind. It had been a majority rule. Kara had a lot to learn in leadership skills. Strong-willed, assertive, yet caring did not equal an instant leader. These skills were picked up and learned through interactions with friends on the playground or with siblings, co-workers, or even authority figures in the appropriate realm. Kara had joined the Order at an awkward time, however. She'd had maybe a few months to see them operate, and even then it was broken with only few of the established second generation of members around to demonstrate. Now, she knew only what she wanted to see happen.

Casey had been in his room aside from a quick run to grab breakfast from the kitchens and had now decided to stay out with everyone else after he'd finished his lunch. He watched from his perch against a wall as Jason interacted with Bella, the young girl laughing with glee as Jason threw her up in the air then spun her around. She clung to his neck while she exclaimed, "Weee!" Lucy would have loved that moment. She would have loved it even more if it had been Sam instead of Jason. Casey had his doubts that would ever happen. His cousin was dead, and that was all there was to it. There was no way that they had simply allowed him to live when there had been no response to their lure in the classifieds. He would be shocked if they found him during the attack. Perhaps his body but nothing more. Sam was dead.

Sighing, Casey scanned the room, his eyes falling on Fierro. There was a sort of anger that boiled up at the sight of him. It had been him who brought the pack to them. It had been him who had made promises. It had been him who had placed them in this situation. Did he feel any remorse? Was there any sort of regret? Or did he think his desperate negotiation for sake of his own life had been worth it? Worth the cost and the strain on a fledgling group? Without thinking about it, Casey stood from against the wall and walked quickly over to Fierro. "Still think it was a good idea?" he asked, his voice a hushed whisper. He didn't want to make a scene in front of those who had no idea what was going on.
A good night's sleep? Never.

Kara hadn't had one of those in so long, and the events of the night before left her wide awake for the majority of the early morning hours. The master bedroom at the safe house was given to her, but she didn't like it. It was too open, nothing like her bedroom at home that was a little more personal, intimate, and comfortable. Both of them were the same only in the matter of loneliness as they'd been void of any company for some time. Trinkets, furniture, those were just things. Enough sentiment to be kept but nothing stand-out or distracting enough to pull her thoughts out of the mud they'd been thrown into. Apparently, everyone there had their own take on what had happened. Fierro saw it as a success, Kara too—well to a certain extent. She had to show that she could stand for herself and made the judgment call based on what she felt was best for the Order. She hadn’t had a chance to ask Kyle how he’d felt about it, and the young girl, Varytas, probably didn’t know what to make of it either. All she understood was that Jace Bryden was not human and that he might have had bad intentions, all of the details that could be seen on the surface.

Unfortunately, Casey left before she could speak with him, and that was the bulk of the on-set worry that she'd been left with. He didn't agree with taking Bryden and the seven into their alliance, that much was apparent. But did he have to walk away? Did he have to make her feel like a complete imbecile for having to make a call right there on the spot? Yes, things like negotiations, deals made with devils should be discussed but when anyone’s life was at risk (and the Order was certainly outgunned and outmanned by the pack), Kara had to act fast. Was that so wrong?

After taking care of her morning routine, and her walk around the grounds (mostly to take a peek at the side of the Capitalum building given to the pack), Kara decided to head into the office but when she moved through the commons, she spotted her father there and Casey. Everything felt so cold, in a manner of speaking, that unsettled feeling of walking in and reporting to grandmum or grandfather about breaking a precious, irreparable item in their home. At least Fierro looked somewhat pleased. Casey, however, did not.

Kara kept her distance as she greeted the two of them, nodding to acknowledge them both, and a faint, exhausted and weak smile tugged at the side of her pale lips. “Afternoon, father.” She cleared her throat. “Casey.” Professional greeting with professional names. Fierro might have known about the two of them from before, but she didn’t want to get out of sorts with anyone else who might overhear.
Fierro had been into the infirmary and after a few spells and some medication, he was as good as new. Not quite new, however. It was too late to turn back the damage done to his eye and he refused a magical prosthetic, so he settled for a patch instead. For a moment his thoughts drifted to the tip of the cold steel grazing his skin to his eye and the spark and flash of pain that followed. That would haunt him forever.

The commons were quiet, at least, and when the three of them convened here, the other scattered, moving away from here to give them privacy. That’s what Fierro liked about this part of the building, the privacy. Not too much buzz like the other building, where lots of children and even teenagers were chatting up a storm, or the older crones were gossiping about this and that. He raised an eyebrow at Winslow before turning to greet his daughter who’d just come through the door, radiant as ever.

“Ah, Kara, good morning, lovely.” He walked towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek to greet her, as he hadn’t been able to do so when they first arrived. It was so nice to see her, after all of that time away. His investigation at Hogwarts had been less than fruitful, until he’d discovered Jaleth and the girl. It was dumb luck but at least he had that on his side. The downside being, of course, that he’d walked a whole pack of wild garou into the compound…the elephant in the room. Fierro cleared his throat and walked her to a chair, where they could discuss matters away from the door, away from prying ears of anyone who might think to linger in the hallway. “Alright, I suppose I should address what we’re all thinking.” He turned his eye to Casey, and nodded. “Yes. Yes, I still think it was a good idea.” He said, confidently. “Bryden and his crew might not seem like much but given the manpower, er…lack thereof, I did what I thought would be best for the Order and made my negotiations thusly.”

Winslow already seemed like he thought Fierro was foolish or selfish for making that deal for his life. While in the moment, yes, Fierro was begging for Jace not to kill him—he was also thinking outside of the box, thinking about all aspects of what he was bargaining for: protection for the Order, in exchange for what they could afford, or what they had left in their savings account. Trusts, bonds, anything. This was going to be wiping him clean too, not just the Order. “Without fighters, especially to start, the Order is going to remain as dormant as it has been the last few months, the last year, until we figure out a way to strengthen our numbers.”

This was Fierro’s first time really fighting for this side of the line, and despite everyone’s wariness over his allegiance, he felt good about what he’d done.
Casey gave Kara a small smile in greeting, but he didn't move toward her like Fierro had. It wasn't a reflection of how he was feeling so much as he didn't believe there was a need to. She hadn't exactly been particularly warm in her greeting, and they were in front of the man who had raised her as a daughter. He had no need to claim her in front of those who were here or at all, and they could always catch up in more intimate ways later. For now, she seemed to be business, and he was going to reflect that in his own actions.

He followed Fierro and Kara to the chair and took his own seat, looking as comfortable as he could in a chair that was less than that to him. It was better than standing around and having to wonder about things like what to do with his arms and how to make his standing body language look casual to anyone who might walk by. It was much easier to look casual sitting than standing in his opinion. He allowed himself to slouch down in the chair just enough and crossed his arms loosely simply because he didn't feel like resting them on the arm rests or in his lap. This was comfortable.

Thankfully, Fierro didn't try to make small talk with them. He had returned his own directness with directness of his own. Casey could respect that, and at least he had reasons. "Perhaps we need fighters, but we need loyal fighters. Money doesn't buy loyalty, not when they can be outbid or simply decide that, hey, they don't like how things are going. There's not enough money, too much bullshit...we aren't scratching their backs just right... The going gets rough. Whatever bullshit reason, and they decide my head's worth what it is, information that Kara is involved in resistance activities once again is worth whatever it is, and Damien's head is worth a pretty knut. There we go. Gone. Some Death Eater makes a convincing plea, something. And what if one of your accounts get frozen? I'd frankly be surprised if yours aren't being watched, Darque. Maybe who we have aren't willing to do what it takes, but they sure as hell can be relied on a lot more during a fight than these ragtag wolves."
Her step-father was chipper and still charming, despite his injury. It hurt her to see him in such a state, having lost his eye to the beast she shook hands with just hours ago. As she turned to Casey, Kara narrowed her eyes. A small smile was all she got from him? She shot Casey a look that wondered if he was upset at her...or if he was keeping his distance for the sake of being proper in front of her step-father. Fierro knew she'd fancied him, and he knew that she'd moved on. So why were they hiding anything in front of him? He wouldn't have minded if she walked up and kissed his cheek, would he? Fierro, that is. Casey might have...

That thought irked her.

Did she not realize that Casey was that proper? That begged the question: After all this time, did she even really know him at all? Was it even that, the fact that Fierro was present, that stopped him or was it something else entirely? Bryden?


Merlin, Kara was getting so tied up into her thoughts, stuff that wasn't pertinent to the conversation she was about to have, so she shelved that for now. It wasn't the time.

Kara faintly sighed to herself and took a seat on the chair that was offered. She sat down carefully, as she had a kink in her back from tossing and turning and being unable to get comfortable on the hard mattress here at the compound. She could have gone home; she had the option to walk away from last night's events and escape to her home in London, but she couldn't. With Fierro staying with the healers, everyone tense from the exchange with the Lucky 7--and the mere presence of the Lucky 7, she wouldn't be a good leader if she turned her back on this place. Kara twisted to the left, then to the right ever so slightly before she sat back and crossed her legs, and she folded her hands in her lap.

Quietly, she listened to both of them as they spoke. It was nice that Fierro decided to bring all of that up right away, as opposed to beating around the bush because all of the anxiety was grating on her nerves. He had a point, however, bringing up that the allies, even if they weren't plenty in that regard, were needed on the Order's front. Acting on his own to pull them in without consulting her first was a bit bothersome, but it was a snap decision that had to be made based on the rather volatile and unpredictable temperament of the Alpha Garou. But then, she turned to listen to Casey. He had a point too, thus tying the knot in her stomach even tighter. Money was his concern, it seemed...well, that, paired with the fact that these mercenaries were also animals, savages, and could be a foolish choice in regards to allegiance.

Taking both of their words into account, Kara sat there for a moment longer before she brought her elbow to the rest of the chair. She leaned her head onto her fingertips, settling them right onto her temples. "Valid points. Both of you."

So this is what it meant, to deal with being the leader of an organization then...the Danse Politique. Do the dance to the merry tune of heated arguments, and find the happy medium in the compromise. She hoped these men would find a compromise otherwise she was going to have to put her foot down. Sure, they both might have been her senior and they both had plenty of time running things like this in their day--but this was her turn and her call to make.

"In regards to Mr. Bryden and the Lucky 7...perhaps it was a hasty deal to get in bed with them, but I understand why you did it. Now, my relationship with you notwithstanding--as I'd rather not be called out on something like nepotism--but putting these beasts within swiping reach of our people has indeed put a lot of things at risk. As I understand any whispered concerns, that they're going to be a detriment to our progress, I also don't see garou wanting to stop and have a 'friendly' chat with just anyone everyday, let alone a human. Actually, we don't see garou every day as it is. So turning this on its side, I also understand that this bothers you that I've agreed to it." It wasn't an accusatory glance as much as a piercing one, fixated on her lover, who sat in the chair opposite her. "I understand that you're worried about the financial aspects of this agreement. My father was smart enough to liquidize most of his assets prior to leaving the Ministry, and had some of those invested into trusts or tucked away in places around the city that we have access to. Before that, my..." Kara gulped as she looked down for just as second before bringing her eyes back to Casey, "husband and I managed to stow some of our funds away for emergency situations. This, I would highly consider an emergency, money that could properly be invested in our new allies, and even restoration and renovation." Kara intended on donating some of the funds they'd saved to the Order anyway, but never thought to bring that up until things were running again. While she was comfortably bringing in the funds from her job to pay for her mortgage in London and help keep the refugees fed and clothed here, new faces, new outlook and new allies meant new opportunities to see said funds at work.

"I'm not going to insist that we cross a bridge like what you're implying when we get there, but if we get this rolling quickly, get this off the ground with whatever plans you wanted to discuss last night before everything went down? I can only see this as a positive change." Rarely the optimist, Kara tried to keep her confidence in her tone as she explained her stance, a rather neutral one between the man she loved and her own family.
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Fierro shifted in his seat. He pulled himself to the front edge of it, almost anxious to hear the thoughts of the younger parties in the issue at hand. He placed elbows on his knees and his fingers entwined. It was a far more casual position that maybe the Minister was expected to sit, but as he was no longer claiming that title, it didn't matter. With his good eye, he cast a rather offended glare in his direction...money? That was the issue? He was about to bring up his plans for all of that, even opened his mouth to start speaking, to bring up the funds that he remembered promising Jace in those woods. However, Kara beat him to it. His mouth clamped shut, and now he brought his hands up to his mouth, which hid the smirk that followed when he listened to Kara delegate.

Still resting forward on his elbows, he chimed in just after Kara finished in her speech, which was rather compelling. "Money might not buy their loyalty, but how are we to know whether or not they will work with us if we wouldn't give them a choice? Should I have let them just kill me? Perhaps find someone wandering from the safe house one night, maybe a child that wandered too far out of the mazes, and let them kill them too?" He held up a finger when Kara breathed in to contend with that response. Fierro didn't intend on offending anyone, and he also didn't want to make his daughter uncomfortable, but this young man, Winslow, needed to consider the other outcomes. "Before we continue on thinking that I'm a selfish ol' prick for putting my own life in front of others... Sacrifices need be made. I know that, as I made plenty of decisions based on that very scale...some beneficial, some dreadful. As much as I'm sure you'd rather see me die at the hands of Jace or whoever the hell else wants to come up and take a jab at me..."

He noticed Kara glance at him uncomfortably at that comment, so he cleared his throat, and shifted the conversation.

"So you stumble into the woods with something, someone, that could potentially slit your throat without question...rip it out with their bare hands. Instead of acting right away, on impulse and aggression, he stops to listen to you, if he stops to bargain, reason, discuss--do you not consider diplomacy, one of our strongest tools to utilize, to--to allow a different outcome than what's been expected?"

He had his hands in front of him still, his left hand covering his right fist, which was balled so tightly he could see the whites of his knuckles in his peripheral vision. Fierro had gotten so passionate about his speech, because he'd had arguments like these, discussions like these, of like-mind with Casey Winslow. "All I am saying here is that we shouldn't discount these mercenaries for solely being garou. Solely being mercenaries, even. We have a use for them, and them us. I saw this as an opportunity, though yes, a very dangerous one, but with us armed to the teeth with magic, they'd be fools to attempt anything against us. I made the call based on what I believe we can handle here, what Kara can handle here as their leader. I've stood with her decisions thus far, and I don't plan on changing that stance any time soon."
Except the safe house was hidden. It moved. No child would wander out. Most refugees stayed put except those tasked with leaving for sake of gathering supplies with what money was scraped together, and they left with apparition. There was no way to get in that way, but to get out? Sure. It would be foolish not to have a way, especially since the Death Eater attack on their safe house not all that long ago when you considered the grand scope of things and how quickly time moved. Still, Casey said nothing and was careful to keep his face trained. He'd had to work on that when he'd been undercover, and it was something he had found use for since. This was one such time. He had to to train his voice during his response, too. He had to be careful to keep his tone from condescending in any way for the former Minister to listen and for Kara not to take sides in this situation, but he did need to communicate just how much risk Fierro had placed them in and voice his discontent with that decision. It had been a stupid move on Fierro's part, yet he stood by it. Of course he did. People frequently did when they were in a situation where the choice was admitting they were wrong and had acted rashly or standing by something regardless if that something may be damning or they may be siding with a sinking ship.

"Trust me, I'm not discounting them for what they are. I'm thinking tactically given what we've seen of them. They're violent, unpredictable. That is not a good trait to have in an ally you plan to keep around for some time and will need to rely on in a battle situation. I don't blame you for trying to save your life just as I don't blame Kara for making the decision she did. I blame you for letting your sense of self-preservation get in the way of common sense. There would have been no danger to the safe house if you'd rejected their proposition. Now? We're taking an unnecessary risk not only for our lives but those who depend on us for their continued safety. Others have given their lives for less in this organization. I understand you haven't been part of the resistance long, but we're not unlike the Death Eaters. The safety of the whole before that of the individual. It's how it's always been. It's how it's always had to be. The only reason it should or ever has changed is in the case of a prophecy as with Potter. If there's any chance you are placing the others at risk, you don't do it. Or if you do, you certainly don't bring them to Grimmauld Place. You send a patronus and meet elsewhere. You've placed countless individuals at risk and forced our hand with your decisions. What happens if we all die because of it? I don't trust them, and I won't until they prove themselves. In a resistance, you have to think of the what ifs. You can't act on impulse or because you're in danger. You have to think."

Was he angry? Yes, he was beyond cheesed at this point and there would be no changing that quickly. He didn't care how Fierro colored it. The decision was still idiotic, and there was no point to arguing otherwise. No bloody point. This wasn't the playground where choosing to bring someone into your friend group rather than let them bully you would have minimal consequence aside from you feeling angry and resentful. This was a war. This was a place where lives were at risk, and he had delivered a potential threat straight to their doorstep.
"We?" Fierro sat upright now, but he didn't lean back. He arched his eyebrow and focused at the boy long enough to gather his thoughts on the matter all over again after he said his piece. The former Minister respected Winslow for his opinion, his convictions and even the support he'd given his daughter over the years--but right now, he was rather befuddled by his presence, a concern and confusion brought to light by his words. "You actually sound like you're a legitimate part of the Order..." To Fierro's memory, he knew that Kara had a few things to say about her allies, cohorts, and the Order. Names like Casey Winslow and Markus Von Wolfram were marked as supporters--though Casey often chose to stay out of Order affairs as Kara had been working tirelessly with Jon to get everything off the ground, and of course, the latter had been forced to lead the life behind the lines with the Guard. Nevertheless, Fierro wasn't going to back down to the likes of him, if going toe-to-toe with him was in the cards.

"Father..." He heard Kara's voice faintly, but it didn't stop him this time.

"As you can see, not every decision will be pleasant or agreed upon by all." He turned to Kara and shrugged. "As I might offer my apologies for what has happened, it won't change a damn thing. Mr. Winslow, your concerns or fears are shared by some of the others here, surely...but what would you want? For us to go back on our word with Bryden and the pack and cut them loose? Do you think that would be the right call? Knowing the dangers, and perhaps moving forward from this instead of being bitter or angry at decisions made should mean that we prepare for things that may--or may not--come to pass."

Fierro didn't need to hear a history lesson about Potter or the Death Eaters. Things needed to move forward to progress, so there he was, attempting to press everything forward.
Kara sighed, a sound she knew she'd have to get accustomed to, because quite frankly, she would be doing that quite often...and perhaps even multiple times in this very conversation. "We are all on the same side here, regardless of our affiliation. We all want to see this place thrive and we all need it to succeed, and if we're sitting in here arguing amongst ourselves about something that we can't possibly take back, then we're not finding a solution to a problem, we're just creating a bigger one." Children, she thought. It was like having children. The symptoms of an intense headache peeking in, but she tried to fight them off the best she could by trying not to raise her voice or her blood pressure, lest she lose control there. Without something like a time-turner, Kara knew that this action was fairly irreversible. Then again, if she had the time-turner, would she bother using it? Kara was holding on to that fragile faith that Bryden would keep to his word, mercenary or not, garou or otherwise...

"We're here for the same thing, are we not?" She asked, looking between the two of them for an answer. "Neither of you trust Mr. Bryden. I don't trust him either, but as long as they're willing to work with this, I am going to shield my people from any potential attack, and do my best to work with him. Of course, I'm not ignoring the fact that this didn't change the course of what we were trying to do here..." Kara said to Fierro, as she looked down at the bandaged cut on her hand. "But the fact of the matter is, I have to make this work."

They sealed the deal, bound it by blood, an old custom she'd only seen but never been a part of. It made her nervous when she did it, but if that's what was demanded of her, she knew she had to do it. As Fierro had stated: Not every decision will be pleasant, or agreed upon by all. When Kara shook with Bryden, that's when she'd heard Casey's footsteps retreating from their post in front of the compound between the mazes and the fountain. That's when most of them stepped back and away from Kara, Fierro and the trainwreck of a deal that seemingly sealed the fate of the Order. A doomed fate? Is that what she'd been hearing from the non-believing crowd? Kara wasn't the sort of person to kick out anyone who didn't agree with her, but she would give them the choice to stay or go.

Would Casey be one of people?

"I just need to know that I have your support, that we can try to mend any damages done, and move forward from here." She looked at Casey now, curious to know his answer. It would be blunt and shot right between the eyes, more than likely. Regardless of their relationship or feelings for one another, he always had a way with words that cut like a knife. Kara just never expected to be on the other end of that. Still, she patiently waited, eager to hear with what he wanted to say.
"Yes, I know that," Casey said with a bit more force than he had intended. He took a moment to pause and regain control of himself. It was frustrating when people missed the point entirely, but it wasn't worth arguing and causing division for. The Order had seen enough of that thanks to its more recently drafted members being unwilling or unable to initiate the sort of brute force it would take to destroy the Death Eaters once and for all. They hadn't been ready to fight fire with fire, forcing people to make decisions. What had happened to these people? Urania, Catrin, Malcolm Steele...? Were they nowhere to be seen or what? Because even if the general consensus had been against experienced, informed opinion, they could have continued albeit fairly inefficiently without any certain efficacy. But now, Kara acted like they had no one. They must have no one.

Still, he needed them to understand the point he was going to make. It was necessary to see the group thrive as they all so obviously wanted or they wouldn't be bothering to have this conversation with one another. They'd have disbanded and decided to go rogue on their own. So, he would explain himself, that he wasn't saying these absurd things they were rhetorically asking him if he would have them do. Of course he wouldn't have them back out of the deal. Even if it hadn't been sealed with blood and a handshake or presumably in writing, there would be no going back. They were where they were. Their situation wouldn't change unless the group of Garou went against their side of the agreement, and even if they did? How would they control it? "I know there's no going back on the deal. That's not why I'm visiting the topic. It's just that I'm experienced in these things. I know what works and what doesn't. I wanted to give you both food for thought so future situations are handled a bit better rather than decisions borne of necessity and emotion." Frankly, that was enough said on the topic. He'd made his point, and it was up to them whether they instated it in future actions or not. He was not going to hammer it home any further than he had. If they missed it, it would be on them.

"That said, have you considered what will be done with the moon?" he asked. This was something that potentially needed addressing. Could Garou take the wolfsbane potion to lessen the effects of the transformation? Could they be locked up? Would they willingly leave or did they believe in hunting, no matter the type of mammal? What concerns should they have about the transformation to ensure the safety of everyone within the safe house? Whether he liked it or not, he was back in alignment with the Order. Once he and Ianto did what they had planned, Evie would not let them work with her any longer. So, they needed a new home to go to. Casey, for one, hoped he could put his lot back in with the Order, but he would do what he thought was necessary if it came down to it and that proved not to be a viable option.
Fierro was quiet. He sat back in his seat as if he were going to sit out the roundabout for a moment. Kara would have urged him to go on, but maybe he needed to take a beat here, and re-enter the conversation with better tactics than perhaps playing defense on a situation that was being beat down like a dead horse for the few moments they'd convened, brought up said "elephant in the room", and took off running with it.

Kara narrowed her eyes at the mention of the moon. Shit. Shit. Shit. She wanted to say that aloud but she didn't for the sake of not seeming so unprofessional. The full moon was of high importance, and she didn't even think of that outside factor bringing the true dangers to the compound. She took a deep breath. There wasn't at calendar here in the Commons, so Kara had to really look it up when she got to her office. "The full moon isn't until the beginning of the month. I'll approach Bryden with a plan to bring the pack off grounds. They're not going to want to be caged here and they agreed not to harm any of our people." She hoped Casey would leave it at that. He wanted to move on from talking about the deal send the decision but in order to steer beyond it, they'd have to fall back on it to discuss.

"So on that front, I have some time." She said confidently, and firmly.
Kara had some time, sure, yet two, maybe three weeks was not much time. At least it hardly seemed it the older he got. One blink and the time had come and gone. It was both a blessing and a curse. Still, at least Kara knew what she would be approaching Jace with and a promise he had made to lean on if he gave her any flack about her plan to keep all parties safe and happy when they had to turn. That was something, and there was no need to discuss that further either. Casey sighed in an attempt to relieve the tension he had been feeling since yesterday and nodded. "Good plan," he commented. She surely needed to hear it when she was doing something well, especially after the fiasco that occurred yesterday.

Casey was quiet for a while, uncertain what to say or where to direct conversation. How did you go from serious conversation to something lighter? It was always in some awkward, stumbly sort of way that it occurred. Then there was the fact they needed to finish their interrupted conversation from yesterday, but he wanted to finish that away from Fierro. He was certain there would be some sort of meeting to approve that alliance to keep those in alliance from thought of revolting, which simply would amount to leaving. After all, people liked to feel they were a part of something rather than simple pawns. But he wanted to give her as much of the picture as possible whereas the general average member didn't need to know everything until it came down to a meeting to prepare, strategize, and train.
Fierro watched Kara as Casey responded to her thoughts on speaking with the garou about their changes. She didn't even look at him and there was probably a million and one things running at a mile a minute through her head. Was she taking what he'd said to heart? He'd seemed like he meant well with that one, even though it could be taken out of context. He wouldn't talk down to Kara like that, would he? Berate her in such a way that made her feel like a fool for making the tough decisions, or for stepping up into the big shoes she had to fill? "Good plan." could be heard as sarcastic or demeaning, but Fierro wanted to give the boy the benefit of the doubt.

He inhaled softly and exhaled with a little bit more volume to it. Evidently, he'd missed that fact too; He didn't take into consideration what sort of nightmare the pack would be if they just so happened to "forget" to leave the compound before they turned. He'd seen werewolves before, but he never did run into any garou in his day. Rarely did Fierro ever leave the safety of a city, and he almost never traveled on foot and into the woods...alone. Meeting Bryden and his pack was a random happenstance he knew he couldn't have done again, on purpose, even if he tried. Fierro gave one more glance between the two, both silent and stoic. He'd say his piece first, and then perhaps take his leave. If Winslow wanted to throw down, verbally assault him for his 'foolishness' for wanting to save his own skin, even though Fierro thought this was still a better choice than the alternative--he would let him find him. Other than that, they might need some privacy, given the heft of the events that had seemingly fallen on their young, yet weary shoulders.

"Just let me be clear." The blanketed address was more for Casey than for Kara but he left it open. "I know there are plenty of utterances of my treachery, my deceit, and a lot of my awful decision I made while I was in that chair, but I assure you that I am here to stay. The Regime does not have my allegiance. You do, my darling." Fierro turned to Kara, and he nodded. "My visit to Hogwarts, sending Lenor and the girl here, and yes, even the choice to bring the garou, I've done in hopes to regain your favor..."

"You've done quite enough." Kara said, though said stiffly at first, it wasn't meant to put him off. She understood him. She knew the sacrifices that everyone was making on her behalf and she didn't even know where to begin with how grateful she was, despite the consequences she might face down the road. "They might not see it, father, but I do. You didn't have to regain anything. I know you are with us."

Fierro didn't need to respond to that, he just smiled. It was good to know that Kara believed him. Their relationship was rocky at best, prior to his self-assignment to the school. And yet, so much had changed since then. Lenor was alive. The Order was moving up. Liam was still in prison but his name would be cleared with Lenor surfacing, if he was not dead by now--but at least Kara was finding her footing. That was all that mattered to him. He knew that even though she was his pride, her birth father would think the same. Kara was finally in her rightful place, but she needed to know she wasn't alone. His presence and Casey's support were paramount to her success, too.

"Now, if you will excuse me. I'm sure you both have much to discuss." With that, Fierro rose from his seat. He took the two steps forward to clear the distance between him and his daughter, and he leaned down carefully to place a kiss on Kara's forehead before he nodded at Casey, and he left the room and building, to reflect on this meeting.
It was nice to know they had him on their side. It had to be tough too, to stand up to some of the non-believers or the anti-regime folks here who wanted to belittle Fierro for just being at the manor. She didn't question his allegiance, even if they disagreed with his motives to lead the Garou here.

Kara closed her eyes and smiled as her father kissed her forehead, and she trailed her hand up to grip his forearm. She pat it softly to respectfully acknowledge him in return, not protesting or questioning him when he decided to take his leave. It seemed like a proper time as ever to let him go, anyway. The tension between him and Casey was nerve-wracking, making her stress out more than she should. No, perhaps the appropriate amount of stress, given the weight of the situation. Everything from the day before just rushed back to her, and with a deep breath, she sat back, pulling her weight to one side of the chair. She propped her elbow back up on the rest and leaned her head into the palm of her hand, covering her eyes for a moment. It was a complete whirlwind of nonsense from the second Jaleth and Diana strolled through the gate. What started out as a proposition from Casey ended with her bringing the Garou into the compound.

This whole conversation here, though a taste of reality, made her head spin. Did she make the right choice? All of this banter and the looks from some of the refugees, and even her strongest supporters like Kyle and Casey were just stunned. She couldn't blame them, it just made her doubt herself now, and she greatly disliked the fact that her confidence was wavering. Kara meant what she said, to Jace Bryden, however. She looked him right in the eye and told him she would defend her people, and she meant it. That much she could at least swear by, and that much he seemed to like and understand. As an Alpha, she knew Jace would respect that because she would expect no less from a leader. The next obstacle would be to make sure her people wouldn't cross him because he had a hair-trigger temper, it seemed. Ugh... Her head was throbbing. Jace was going to be one hell of a headache, she could already feel it.

But maybe...just maybe, there was even a sliver of hope that she could break through the Alpha Garou. Merlin, she hoped so, and sooner rather than later, for the sake of everyone in the safe house.

Kara wanted to break out into tears but Casey's presence, either personal or professional, forced her to hold everything in. She fought the emotions with everything in her, as not to look like a complete coward or weakling. Did Kara ask to lead? In theory, on paper, it sounded like such a great idea, especially since she inherited her spot from her biological father, one of the members of old. Did she expect to have to fill the shoes of her father, or Damien or anyone else right now? Not entirely. But it was a long time coming, and the Order had been sitting quietly, in a mess, for so long now that she needed to push forward and make some pretty terrible decisions, as Fierro reiterated earlier.

She pulled her hand through the length of her hair and then rested the side of her head on her knuckles now, still not quite looking at Casey... She didn't even know what to say to pull herself out of this...funk.

It was frustrating how hard he was to read sometimes...
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