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by: Cole Callaway
3 Mar, 2012
0730 hours
MI-5 Loft Lodging, Unit 47


The stark white ceiling had been the point of focus for the last fifteen minutes. He hadn't been able to sleep the last few days. He honestly hadn't even fallen asleep the night prior, and he was supposed to be meeting Klaus and the Chief at the office in approximately 30 minutes. Jones appreciated punctuality, he noted -- and he was rarely, if ever, late, so he wasn't exactly stressing out. Cole was, however, not ready to leave in the least; He was still lying in his boxer shorts and white v-neck, what he slept in almost every single night. He was tossing a baseball to the ceiling, without hitting it of course. Any holes in the rooms would need immediate repair.


He heard his phone vibrate. Unfortunately, it was across the room. Cole sighed, setting the baseball back on the nightstand. It took way too much of his energy to make his way over to the small, square table in his dining room to see why his phone was vibrating frantically.

The number was not recognized. Probably a telemarketer or some sort of unwanted caller. If it was the agency, they would leave a message, email, call again or even call from a source more that was listed as something other than simply "Unknown". Cole hit reject and watched the call screen disappear, to reveal the background on his smartphone. It was a picture of him and Veronika, taken just days before she was killed. Heart failure, they kept calling it. No, he kept insisting it was more than just heart failure. He knew Veronika was murdered and was still trying to find out how. She had beautiful brown hair and eyes. Her skin was perfectly tanned, toned and if he could describe her in one word, it would be stunning.

Closing his eyes, he braced himself for the pain. It hurt just to think about her... how her smile made him feel, what her scent was like, the sound of her laugh.

Without realizing it, his hands balled into fists and the tension surged into his arm. He needed to get ready for work and get the hell out of his apartment before he became even angrier.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus hated early mornings with a passion, especially when it was going to be followed by a long night because he was going to try like hell to flip his sleep schedule around so he was more awake and alert tomorrow night during the full moon. But when Jones called for an early meeting, he knew better than to ignore the tension-inducing sound of his alarm for a few extra minutes of sleep. No, he knew enough to get up a little earlier so he had enough time to wake up while doing his morning routine at a rate that wasn't bordering Vampiric and could drive to work and be there early so he could enjoy his extra large latte with an extra shot of espresso. Baby was sitting in his real Baby right now waiting for him, however. Its little mouth hole cap was firmly in place to ensure Baby didn't suffer any damage on his way to work and hopefully help keep some heat in. He longed to be guzzling it down at this very moment, but alas! On mornings like these, his other mission in life (aside from downing coffee as quickly as possible) was saving his best friend's life.

So it was that Klaus stood in front of Cole's door after having driven to the apartment complex MI5 sometimes housed its agents in. He didn't understand why Cole chose to live in such a place, but hey, to each his own. Wasn't like he had a lady to impress. After texting Cole a couple times, Klaus groaned and rose a hand to the door and knocked. "C'mon, Sleeping Beauty, don't make me come in there and kiss you!" Hopefully he was just getting out of the shower and rushing to put on his standard issue uniform slacks and button down because, if not, saving his only friend's life just might not be on the menu for the morning.
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by: Cole Callaway

Jones had sent over his best friend and partner to be his alarm clock. Again. It wasn't quite a routine, but it was expected. Cole let Klaus knock as he slid into uniform. Pressed slacks, button down, and a jacket thrown over it. It was chilly but not freezing, as it had been the past month.

"C'mon, Sleeping Beauty, don't make me come in there and kiss you!"

Cole smirked as he finished buttoning, buckling, fastening and straightening out his uniform. It was just like Klaus to make snide remarks like that. Part of Cole hoped that his non-agency neighbors heard Klaus' words and would eye him judgingly in the hallway. Once he was ready, Cole slid his bag over his shoulder and grabbed his keys. Before Klaus could think to knock again, he pulled the door open and lightly tipped his head to acknowledge him before turning to lock the deadbolt and doorknob.

"Morning. What took you so long?" He said, not smiling, though the implications were clear that he was making a joke. "Jones is going to go mad if we aren't there on time."

As a stickler for punctuality, Cole started to head down the hallway and stopped to look back at his friend. They made eye contact and Cole jutted his head towards the stairs. "You coming?"
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
The sound of the deadbolt unlocking caused Klaus to stand from his spot leaning against the outer door frame, though he still pressed send on the text he'd been writing.

Hey sexy. Whatcha wearin'?

Klaus chuckled quietly to himself then looked up at Cole as he walked out his door "complaining." Klaus had no idea if Cole had seen the text or not as he walked past him nor did it particularly matter. Cole was apparently in a good mood this morning, making jokes in a serious fashion. Anyone else would have thought Cole was actually upset with him, but this was their song and dance most mornings they were called in earlier than the usual "o-nine hundred." Cole was not a morning person. You'd think Jones would start scheduling meetings that needed him present during the work day or something, but maybe she was hoping to instill discipline or something. Or her after nine hours were all too busy to hold meetings of any length with agents. Whatever.

"Yeah," Klaus replied with a smirk and a pretend hair twirl. "Just enjoying the view." He took a few steps forward to catch up then. "Ok morning?" he asked, back to normal conversation for now. Jokes were best left underplayed rather than overplayed, and he wasn't one hundred percent certain just how good a mood Cole was in this morning. "Had to park Baby a block away. For some reason, not many people leave this apartment complex this early." He shook his head and chuckled. "Good ol' Jones and her early meetings."
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by: Cole Callaway
{assuming we're still moving this forward in time}
Cole jokingly swayed his hips (the best he could) as he walked in front of Klaus when he mentioned a view. He just -had- to. When he heard the beep on his phone, he stopped a second to check it. He gave a suspicious glance to Klaus before opening the notification and once he read it, he snickered. "By the way, what if I said... nothing?" He arched an eyebrow, and then laughed. His face hurt, laughing this early in the morning, not to mention he'd spent most of the night just mulling over some dark details of his personal investigation--it was quite the strain on his facial muscles.

"Or...was that a mistext and you're cheating on me with ol' what's her name from the bar? Alibi...what's her name again?"

Ahh, the locker room talk, how he'd missed it.

He nodded at Klaus' mention of having to park so far away. "Right? Well not everyone has to report to work at the crack-ass of dawn like us, mate. Early meetings are bollocks." Cole groaned, but kept walking. It felt good to be in the fresh air and stretch his legs some. "Any idea what the meeting's about? This early, I doubt it's just a routine thing."
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
((But of course!))

Klaus chuckled at Cole's swaying hips and let out a mock cat call sort of whistle. At Cole's retort, Klaus opened his mouth, an amused look dancing in his eyes, then closed it a moment before replying, "Ah, well, then we might have had a rather fun round of texts, wouldn't we?" It would have been a game of chicken. Klaus had few reservations when it came down to it, at least via text. He'd never tried it in person nor did he have any desire to. He'd probably squick out before some of his mates might, but he preferred not to find out. "Yeah, Alibi's not been part of the picture a long time. Has a boyfriend. Don't care what she says. If she's more open than he is, I'd be in a world of pain soon enough." Or in a... He shuddered. He didn't like the idea of a threesome where he was part of the majority gender.

That had been one interesting conversation when Sivvy had brought her boyfriend over when he came to pick her up from her shift about a couple weeks after they'd started seeing each other. They'd both seemed so casual, had laughed at his instinct to stand and prepare to run, then assured him it was fine. Clayton or whatever his name had been had been perfectly ok with it and had known since before the first night. Klaus had noped out of that situation faster than a cheetah could run.

Cole thankfully went for his bit on the parking and then proceeded to talk. Good. He didn't want to talk about the Sivvy situation. It was so far in the past it was a distant memory that he rarely thought on. Fun while it had lasted but not for him.

"Nope. She hasn't said, but that doesn't mean much. Must be important, though. But we're stopping for coffee beforehand. Last thing I need is to fall asleep while she drones on and on about some new intel."
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole chuckled and shook his head. Those would have been interesting texts, indeed. Also, I love you bruv but...special reservations only on that front, and you're not on the list." Eh, they were workmates, agents, and shared a locker room, stake out or hotel room from time to time, if the investigation called for it. If not Klaus, then another agent, male or female. There wasn't room for much shame in that regard, and while they might have seen much too much of agents here and there, Cole wasn't just going to text out his 'goods' to anyone. No, he probably wouldn't do that at all. Wasn't his style. Plus? Evidence and blackmail. The age of technology was an evil bitch.

He shrugged when Klaus explained the situation with the redhead from the bar. She was gorgeous, he'd give him that, but seemed like a more trouble than what a one-night-lay would be worth. Again, not quite Cole's style but Klaus was a big boy and had his own methods of dealing with women. That was that, and he moved on.

When they arrived at the car, Cole walked around to get to the passenger side and waited for the unlock signal before he got in. Too many times he'd gotten shit for tugging the handle before it was ready -- or at the same time as the driver and then a lock war ensued. It was too early for that shit. "Coffee...Now you're speaking my language." He grinned. Anything and everything was better than the poor-excuse of brew they had at the office, so he was ready to hit the coffeehouse like nobody's business. "Intel or...ooh, you think we have new blood? New recruits or something? I mean, no offense mate, I'm sure you like seeing my ugly mug every day. I just think more folks on board might be nice, you know?"

More people to train, more people around to interact with meant that Cole would keep busy and keep his mind off of the case that he'd been looking into that hit somewhat of a dead end. Veronika's case. The Heartbreaker case...
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus kinda made a funny face at the thought of new recruits. "Might be a thorn in our sides, too," he said as he slid into the driver's seat, buckled, and turned the key. Baby purred to life. "But you never know with Jones. Sometimes she handles them on her own first. Or sends one of us to pick them up." He shrugged and sighed as he placed his hand on Cole's seat and looked over his shoulder before backing up a bit since the car in front of him was a tad too close then pulled forward and out of the spot.

The coffee house Klaus had in mind was one about a block from his flat on the way to work. He reached it rather quickly and pulled up along the curb parallel before getting out. As he approached the door, he could see there were a number of people in line, but he didn't care. Jones could wait. Maybe he'd buy her a coffee, black as her little heart seemed to be sometimes. Ok, not really, but he had no idea what she liked in it, so black it would need to be. He'd bring her a couple packets of sugar and maybe one of the artificial just in case and a couple things of creamer. She'd call him a kiss-ass or something, but hey, at least he was being somewhat considerate. And everyone needed coffee. No one could get up this bloody early and not need coffee.

He held the door open for Cole once he stepped inside then walked forward once he was sure Cole wasn't going to be hit by the door. He stood at ease as he looked at the menu. Did he want normal coffee today or something a little more froo-froo? Eh, coffee, dark roast. Two creams, two sugars. One on the side just in case. Because you never knew if someone managed to make it a bit strong. Didn't happen often, but he'd rather not have his morning further ruined because someone put too much of the coffee grounds into the filter.
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by: Cole Callaway
Ahh, the sweet sound of Klaus' precious car roaring in the morning.

Cole actually enjoyed riding shotgun in this vehicle, as it was rare he did so. He preferred to drive himself or take the city metro--but taking public transit was even more rare. When his buddy offered to come in and pick him up on his morning sweep, he couldn't refuse, especially since he'd have some time to swing by the cafe for some brew that was far higher quality than the office swill. Not to mention, Klaus listened to some decent music, unlike Agent Swenson who liked his American country--which wasn't generally an issue, except he would sing along and was a hair past tone deaf and it hurt Cole's head on that fifteen minute drive.

As soon as he stepped outside he could smell the fresh roast permeating through the rustic bricks and wooden doorway. Klaus opening the door for him gave him a whiff into what he assumed heaven smelled like and he took a deep breath before stepping inside to the rather crowded coffeehouse. He eyed the menu and then looked over at the pastry case to see if there was anything that caught his eye this morning. Bashar was giving him a hard time about his weight and lack of physical training as of late--so his conscience was voice-over by the extremely fit, paragon of an agent as he browsed. "Maybe don't tell Tava I got my eye on one of those cakes, yeah?" He uttered to Klaus, who would more than likely tell Agent Bashar just to stir things up. "I'll just owe him a couple of spars and run around London for it, I'm sure." He laughed.
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by: Niklaus Schmidt
Klaus chuckled at Cole's request. "Tava have you whipped?" he asked with a brow raise. He shook his head and stepped up a couple spots in line. He thought it was funny how some people thought it was their place to step in and monitor someone's fitness and diet. Tava definitely wasn't fond of Klaus' ability to be a "human garbage disposal" at times, but Klaus could care less. He worked out, considered himself fairly healthy and decidedly fit. Wasn't like he needed to be any skinnier, and he was a hunter, a fighter--not a bodybuilder. He was happy, and that was what mattered. Tava could go suck his dick so far as Klaus was concerned. It was amusing that Cole let Tava give him any hassle. After all, Cole wasn't that much of a pushover, was he?

"But don't worry. It'll be our little secret." As Klaus stepped forward to the counter, a cheeky grin played at his lips. "Can I take..." he pointed at the cakes, doing a quick count of the pastries in his mind, "all of those little cakes there?" He glanced at Cole and winked. Fact was he knew Tava couldn't resist them either. He'd caught the bloke once when he'd brought pastries for everyone and left them in the break room, and for all his holier-than-thou about the whole fitness thing? Bloke could put a few back, and there was no denying it. Klaus had it on video. He pulled his phone out, absently entered the password, opened the image gallery, and tapped on the video as he passed it back to Cole. "And a large dark roast coffee, two creams, two sugars, and a packet each on the side? And whatever that one's having." He motioned to Cole.
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by: Cole Callaway
Cole's look should have said it all, but he nodded. "Always." Ugh. So many pushups, situps. At his peak, Tava had Cole do a couple of rungs on the salmon ladder but he knew if he tried it recently, he'd be stuck on the bottom level for sure. On one hand, Cole felt guilty and could already feel how sore his body would be after several rounds of burpees and the amount of cardio needed to work off the sweets he was about to consume. "Oh bless you, my dear Schmitty." Cole mused, grinning wide and nodding at the barista who looked confused at first, but she started to pack up the pastries Klaus pointed to, with a little grin on her face.

"Large house brew, light cream, one sweetener. Thanks, luv." Cole gave his order when Klaus rounded his up. He pulled some notes from his billfold and handed it over to Klaus, pitching in some for his coffee and the batch of sweets they had procured for the office. "And thank you too. Luv." Cole chuckled as he nudged his buddy.

At least the morning picked up. He'd been miserable going through all of those case details and thinking about Veronika, Klaus had a way about him that made him forget about that darker period of his life, step out of the box, and maybe relax for a second. Cole stepped to the side and waited by the end of the bar, where the pick-up area was, patiently watching for their order.
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