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by: Destiny
He nodded in agreement that they would stick to the walking paths rather than foray out to the river banks. Dres supposed that keeping an eye on a bundle of energy when she wasn’t trying to chase things into the water would be easier this way. He caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of his eye and turned to look at Renn and noticed a slight reddish tinge on her cheeks. What on earth could she possibly be blushing about? Did he have something on his face? His robe? Was his hair sticking out wilder than normal? Why was he even worrying?Before the professor could continue on his wandering train of thought, the process was interrupted by Renn’s slight reminder to Elise.

”Ducks?” Dresden queried as he continued to lead the pair at a leisurely pace down the path toward the river. ”I don’t think we will have a problem finding some feathered friends for Elise to terrorize. They do seem to enjoy the river banks as much as we do.”
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by: Destiny
Renn let out a laugh, " They may like the banks just now, but I'm sure they'll be appropriately scared once Elise gets near them..." She glanced down at her daughter affectionately, the sweet blond curls and bouncy step of two year old making her heart swell. Elise really was the best thing she'd ever done with her life.

"You know..." Renn gave Dresden a side glance, "You know allot about me now, but I know next to nothing about you. A professor, ex traveler... What else is there?" Now Dresden knew so much about her, and yet he really was a mystery...
Renn was only half aware of her hand slipping down so his was on top of his, leaving the rest up to him.
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by: Destiny
Dres looked down on her with a curious glance. She wanted to know more about him? Renn did have a point; she had told him lots about herself, so he supposed, it was his turn.

”Well, I suppose I could start with the basics. I grew up in Lancaster and a lucky enough, or not so lucky depending on how one chooses to look at things, to be an only child. My parents are your typical run of the mill, too rich for their own good purists. They had high expectations that I’d fit the mold they had planned out for me, unfortunately I’ve never been good at doing what I’m told.” Dres chuckled at that. As a child he had been way too smart for his own good and as far as Dresden was concerned he had never been the so called poster boy for anything, especially when it came to acting like a ‘proper’ pureblood. Went to Hogwarts at age eleven and was sorted into Ravenclaw, graduated in 1999… I left the country the morning after graduation, traveling and studying Dark Arts for the better part of 8 years. Ended up stopping in at home last year with idea of continuing on with my travels after a short visit though my father had other plans for me apparently. He wanted e to take up the open position at Hogwarts and ‘quit gallivanting across the countryside and further tarnishing my good name’. It was quite the memorable conversation you know. So I humored him and took the job and I must say it’s grown on me.

He paused a moment to give Renn some time to digest the extremely condensed version of his life. As far as he was concerned it was nothing too terribly special. He gave her hand a gentle squeeze. ”Anything specific you would like to know? I’ll try my best to answer your questions.”
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by: Destiny
As Dresden relayed the cliff notes of his life history he and Renn continued to walk happily enough, the little two year old swinging off her hand quite contentedly. Honestly? His up bringing sounded strangely similar, pushy parents, old fashioned ideas, the only difference being he'd managed to slip away before they got any chance to arrange any marriage.
"Well sometimes parents have to have good ideas some of the time..." Renn smiled, some parents had to be right some of the time. After all they were meant to have your best interests at heart... Right? Well, normal parents at least.

"You must have seen so much though, I mean when you were "gallivanting across the countryside and further tarnishing your father's good name,"" Of course Renn was joking, and squeezed his hand gently in an effort to prove it, "I'm not going to lie, I'm a little bit jealous..."
Oh jeez, how awful did that sound? Her head snapped to Dresden, wondering what on earth Dresden would think of her now? Uncertainly was written all over her face.
"Not that I'm not happy. I mean, Elise is my everything but... I mean I went from school to being married, then here... I mean I've never been out of England...." She sighed. Dresden had had this amazing life, seen everything, and she thought Dresden was interested in her? What world was she living in? People like Dresden didn't even look at people like her... Who was she kidding really?
" I must be so boring in comparison..."
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by: Destiny
Dres chuckled at her good natured teasing because it was true, at least to a small extent, minus the tarnishing of any name. If anything Dresden figured he had improved on it, what with all the papers and journals he had published on the various dark arts. But jealous? Now that was something he could honestly say he’d never heard before. Why on earth someone would be jealous of his life was beyond the man. It wasn’t like it was anything special, at least not in his mind. Though once he took a moment to think on it, the professor realized that anything would seem better than what Renn had gone through. He listened intently as Renn went on to explain how she had never really had a chance to do any traveling, what with being rushed from school into marriage and then to her current situation. A real shame it was. Dres was still very much of the opinion that everyone had to get out and travel a bit, see the world and all it had to offer.

”Never been out of England? You still have plenty of time to go places, see the sights as everyone likes to call them. Even just around here there are plenty of things to see if you wanted. The moors of Scotland, or if you’re inclined the best bakery in the world I swear is in Berlin. Then there’s Ireland; I’ve never been there yet but I hear it’s supposed to be spectacular. I’m always up for a trip to anywhere if you do decide you want to go…” He stopped after that, a slight red tinge had spread across his cheeks. Perhaps that was a little forward, after all, just because he liked to travel with people didn’t necessarily mean everyone else would. ”And I wouldn’t be here if I thought you were boring….”
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by: Destiny
Travelling was all very well and good for Dresden, who for about four months of the year had nothing as much a job to worry about, but how was she meant too do the same. Not only was she was working all the hours God gave her, every week God gave her, but had Elise to think about. How could she go of gallivanting with Elise in tow. It wasn't practical... Was it?
Of course not, she was being silly...

"There was this place in Scotland I've always wanted to go to. I remember a girl in my year telling me about it. A little town in the north west of Scotland, Port Ban I think. She used to tell me about the sunsets, how the whole sky and ocean would shimmer from pink to orange along with the hill side." Her voice trailed of in the memory. It had sounded so beautiful, the way everything shimmered in her mind. She'd wanted to see it so badly... Well it could be a dream or another day.

Renn shook herself, pulling her head out of the memory.
"Maybe one day..." Renn shrugged, swinging Elise's hand to keep her amused as she talked with Dresden.
"But I'd like you to see it too... If you, you know wanted too as well..."
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by: Destiny
”It sounds absolutely stunning, Renn! A wonderful place to go see!” Grinning he couldn’t help but nudge Renn at her mention of maybe going one day. From the way she had described Port Ban and what looked to be a slight sparkle in her eye, Dres sincerely hoped she made it out that way eventually. ”Well one day is better than never I would like to think. Gives you something to look forward to then, right? And I would love to go if the opportunity presents itself, perhaps during the summer, or spring break...”

Overall it was turning out to be a fantastically beautiful day. The weather was cooperating for once, no papers were in dire need of grading (at least not for another hour or two), other folks and their families were out and about, and judging by the rapidly growing amount of feathered friends that seemed to be near the path (or on it for that matter), Dres had to hazard a guess that they were nearing the river. It wouldn’t be long now he figured, before Elise had enough of just walking and would be intent on ‘chasing’ and bird that was near. Chuckling to himself he looked over at the small girl before looking back to Renn with a smirk. ”Best make sure she doesn’t get tangled up with a goose....right nasty they are...they play highly unfair.”
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by: Destiny
Ahh but Dresden was forgetting one vital thing, Renn raised an eye brow.
"Not everyone is so lucky as to have a term time contract. The Hogshead doesn't close, besides if it did I'd probably have to find somewhere else to work. Time off is something I can't afford regularly." It hadn't been a situation that Renn had ever encountered before, living paycheck to paycheck, before she had left Eric, but now? Renn had to be so careful. Every single sickle and knut had to be accounted for at the moment, just to make sure Renn could afford food and rent. She knew full well that Mrs Caulder wasn't charging her nearly as much as she could, which was just as well, else Renn was sure they'd be homeless.
But the fact remained, disposable income was simply not available right now.

As more people began milling around them it struck Renn how "normal" they must look. Man, woman, holding hands and a child swinging off the other. How did she feel about that? Would people who saw them just assume Dresden was Elise's father? Would he be offended if they did?
Renn was so lost in thought that she didn't realize Dresden was speaking until he had finished.
"Ohh? Umm Yea..." Renn hedged her bets, having know idea what the man had actually said. Hopefully Yes was the right choice to make....
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by: Destiny
Not everyone is so lucky? Oh, right…the summers off thing. Well if it was any consolation he didn’t get paid for that time off, which did kind of suck in the long run. Though it did mean he had an abundance of free time. ”I suppose that’s true…I keep forgetting not everyone has the summer months off. But you really should go sometime if you get the chance,” he offered with a grin, ”You’ll love it, I’m sure!” Honestly, Dres had never been in a position where his livelihood depended on a pay cheque, what with his family and all. Money had never really been an issue.

He chuckled when Renn seemed to be lost in thought. What was on her mind now? ”Is that a umm yea, I will…or an umm yea I have no idea what you just said,” the professor quipped jokingly, giving her a playful nudge to prove it. ”I said don’t let your bird hunter there tangle with the big ones…in my younger years I learned that lesson the hard way.” Oh yes that was quite the memory..a younger him on a dare, plucking the tail feather on one of the ornery buggers. Quite the site it had been after if he remembered correctly. Oh the joys of youth.
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by: Destiny
Before ending up in Hogsmeade Renn hadn't known what it was like to have so little money. It had been a rude awakening in budgeting at the start, but Renn liked to think she was doing pretty well.
"One day I hope. Maybe when Elise is older so she can enjoy it too..." Possibly... Though Elise didn't really like to think about the future - there were far too many unanswered questions which Renn really didn't want to think about. But now wasn't the time to think about it either, Dresden didn't need to hear about any more of her worries.

When Dresden called her out on not paying attention, Renn flushed in embarrassment. She hadn't meant to be rude, her mind had just... slipped away.
Sorry..." She mumbled, " I guess it was the second.

This time when Dresden talked Renn made a conscious effort to listen, and just as well she did because it made her eyebrows raise.
[b]" You got attacked by a Goose?"
She squeezed his hand, nudging him lightly as they walked, "The big bad dark arts professor, who knows every curse in the book, was outsmarted by a bird?"
Renn smiled though, she did appreciate the advice. But at the same time it sent Renn's mind off again, did Dresden really care about Elise, even when her own father hadn't... It certainly seemed like it.
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by: Destiny
”I was hardly outsmarted as you put it! Nor am I big or bad! And I may have been a bit of a trouble maker in my younger years.” Oh yes, what a trouble maker he was. His mother was often telling him that he had no concept of fear and had a tendency to do ‘stupid’ things on a whim. His years in Ravenclaw alongside Gideon proved that. Dresden let out a soft chuckle at that thought and rubbed his neck sheepishly with his free hand. ”I grabbed a tail feather from said goose and it didn’t take to kindly to it. Though I suppose I did deserve being chased though…I was kind of being a brat.”

He let his mind wander a bit as they continued walking along, thinking of nothing in particular really. As the neared an open area with a bunch of benches, Dres couldn’t help but smile at the few kids chasing a group of ducks back and forth through the grass. He wondered if Renn would set Elise loose on the unsuspecting birds.
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by: Destiny
Dresden was a brat eh? Renn wondered what he was like in his younger days, well probably quite the little tear away. Renn wondered how she would to Elise just upping and leaving the day after graduation, probably hit the roof. She wondered if his parents had done the same, or whether they'd just allowed him to do his own thing, probably the latter.
" I'm not surprised it chased you, what one earth possessed you to think that's a good thing?" Mind you, Renn knew as well as any mother that children often did things which made perfect them and was crazy to everyone else. That was kids, why should Renn assume that anyone of her generation were any different?

"Though I don't believe your trouble maker years are behind him for second," Renn glanced at Dresden playfully from behind her hair, " I have a feeling that you still give even your most troublesome students a run for their money."

Elise had been behaving herself perfectly up until this point, content wandering along after her mother, looking at all the birds and people who had come to the river, but she was wearing thin.
She tugged on her mother's hand, "Wanta pay!"
Renn rolled her eyes, it was too good to last. She looked apologetically at Dresden before dropping his hand regrettably so she could crouch down to her daughter's height.
" If you go and play you have to stay on the grass Elise, alright? The water is very dangerous and you have to stay away."
The little girl nodded, " 'Kay..."
Renn nodded, but planned to keep a close eye on the little girl, she was too young be left to her own devices.
So off Elise toddled (away from the river thankfully) as Renn stood up to her normal height, smiling back at Dresden.
" Sorry, back now."
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by: Destiny
”It was a on a dare from a friend! I couldn’t exactly say no…” he said with a chuckle before giving her a sheepish smile when she said he’d probably give his most troublesome student a run for his money. Little did she know how right she was… If the professor really put his mind to it he was sure he could probably be a force to be reckoned with; involve Gideon and possibley Jasper if he could be convinced to have some fun (something that would be reasonably easy Dres figured) and they would be a trio of trouble. And if he really tried he was sure he could be on par with Urania.

It was about that time that the kid had decided all this walking around was getting rather boring, and Dres figured the sight of other kids playing around made her want to join in too. When Renn, let go of his hand to drop down to Elise’s level, he found himself missing her warm touch, and the professor felt his face heat up slightly at the thought. Scratching the back of his head he watched as Elise took off to play. ”To be a kid again,” he thought to himself before being drawn out of any farther thoughts by Renn’s smile. ”No worries. I can’t imagine just walking around with two boring adults when there is so much going on would be any fun for her. Though I would like to think I was not boring…”
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by: Destiny
Renn sighed, watching the little girl on her travels. There was apprehension, and there probably always would be, but the young mum managed to keep it at bay. She could keep an eye on her but give her a little freedom, besides there were plenty of kids and parents on the grass, it was a safe place.
She looked back at the man behind her, who was watching the little family interact, and smiled.
"You're only boring too some people..." Renn said, her cheeks gaining a deep shade of red.

It was nice standing with Dresden and watching Elise, who had sat down heavily on the ground and was pulling out the daisies and grass, but Renn really wanted to take his hand again.
Could you just do that? Renn had no idea...
She peaked out from behind her hair, watching the man nervously as she "accidentally" knocked her hand against his. She bit her lip, wondering what she would do.
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by: Destiny
He chuckled at Renn’s statement. Only boring to some people now was it? The professor supposed that was better than being boring to everyone, which in fact he was pretty sure he wasn’t. Not that he was worried or anything…Why was he thinking about stuff like this now? It was a nice day and he thoroughly planned on enjoying it. And having Renn as company pretty much guaranteed it would be a good day. His eyes drifted from Elise, who was at play in the grass, to the wandering birds on the path and eventually do the river itself.

Dres was drawn out of his slight daze when Renn’s hand brushed up against his. Without really thinking he grabbed onto it, offering her a shy smile once he realized what he’d done. Well she hadn’t pulled away yet so that was definitely a good thing. ”Anything in particular you’d like to do now?” He gave her a slight playful nudge. As far as the professor was concerned, following Elise’s lead and stretching out on the grass seemed like a mighty fine idea.
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