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by: Former Members
The sound of him saying her name like that let her know that she had hit a nerve but after explaining herself he seemed to be on board. In fact, he seemed to be smiling..err. Grinning but all the same. Could it really be? Sure, she had seen the tiny little smiles and smirks before but nothing like this. Not something that was really genuine and real. She would admit, it was a good look for him. He looked younger and happier of course. Like the man she was sure he was like before Trevor's evil had touche his life. "Why didn't I think of that?" Because you can't think of everything she told him scarcasticaly while lightly nudging him with her shoulder.

When Ian asked who this woman would be traveling with and started listing off the possiblites...she heard the pause. It might have been a slight one but it was still there. Oi..she was in trouble. I honestly don't know it was the truth, she didn't have enough resources or time before this little meeting to figure that out. I can almost guarantee she will have a body guard but anyone else, I don't know. When Ian continued and said that they would have to talk to Casey and Lucy she almost wanted to laugh at the tone he used when talking about them...almost. Merlin, this was going to be like trying to keep two teenaged boys from killing each other she could already tell.

She nodded when he said they would have to work fast and that he could gather most of the supplies tonight sounds like a plan Evie looked up at him...there it was again. That smile, that one thing he never did and then Ian did something else he had never done before...he was full of all kind of surprises today wasn't he? As he hugged her Evie stood there for a moment as if in shock. Was this really happening? Was she dreaming? No...she could feel his warmth and hear his heart beat. No, no this was real. As if on a delay Evie blinked a few times and finally wrapped her arms around back him. This was nice...weird but nice all the same and when he pulled back from her she felt a little bit of relief. Mostly for the fact that hugging him was just so...foreign. It would take getting used to but she wouldn't be opposed to trying it again and again and again until it felt right.....

Her eyes met his and she smiled back at him. She could get used to that sight. The longer they stood there like they were her smile slowly got smaller but it was still there and she didn't take her eyes off him. Here it was again..another 'moment' and she was curious if he was going to take this one or let it be like the last time. If she wanted to, she could be the one to do it. So why wasn't she? It wasn't like it would be that...ok, it would be disastrous but not in a unpleasurable way. More like this is a horrible idea and you have really bad timing sort of way. Even if Evie knew how this would end and what this situation could do then why did she feel herself moving forward and leaning up ever so slightly. Just one...a quick one..just to see what it was like.

Slowly, ever so slowly she moved herself closer and closer until she was just about there, her lips inches from his...Just about the time she was going to seal the deal and could feel the warmth the heavy metal door to the warehouse clicked open and Evie jumped, turning around quickly and taking a step away from Ian Evie ran her hand through her hair while letting out a very deep and shuddered breath. Bugger...bugger bugger bugger...there were a few more colorful American words that would suit this situation better but..yeah. Why did he have to come back now?
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by: Casey Winslow
Frankly, Casey was tired of being kept away and kept in the dark, and frankly, he had a feeling Evie was doing it on purpose to make a point. And it was rather asinine and pointless. He knew he'd made mistakes when he was younger, when they were younger, but they had been well-intentioned, and at least he hadn't kept her in the dark. She'd gone to meetings. She'd known what was going on. Here? He had no clue what was going on. He'd been in America for one full day and then several hours and still had yet to meet with the Isis members. He'd figured she'd wait until last night, but when she had never called him back around, he had realized how wrong he'd been, and honestly, he was beginning to wonder if she had any real intention of ever introducing him to her team members. Though it would make his being here completely pointless if she had no intention of it.

Casey sighed as he set down his empty glass of water. Another meal, another twenty-four hours added to the time since he last saw Julian, though he supposed that was slightly skewed by the five hour time difference. Also explained why he was so tired. Still, it was close enough to another twenty-four hours and there had been so many of them by now that he didn't give a damn about the time difference. All that mattered was too many had passed and the longer he waited for Evie to call him in, the longer that was going to pass. While older Julian from the future might have said they had a while, that was no guarantee he wasn't suffering anything at all, just that major suffering wouldn't start for a while, so they had to get a move on.

So, Evie could take whatever issue she had with him and shove it for now. What mattered was Julian. They could work out their issues after everything was said and done.

Sighing, Casey glanced at the bill and pulled out his wallet. It was worn and hadn't been used in a long time, at least not since he had placed the blood paperwork Markus had handed him a couple months ago inside it, but now it housed some American money that Evie had given him yesterday morning. He remembered vaguely that the paper money went on the left side of the decimal and the coins on the right side. He quickly counted out the paper money and set it beneath the check. Now, it was a question on the coins. The big silver one was worth the most. Then, it was...was it the mid-sized silver one or the small silver one? The small silver one. Then, the mid-sized silver one. Then the copper. A minute later and he recalled well enough to count out what he approximated was the proper change. He moved the paper money to be above the check and set the coins on top before standing to leave. They could do that back home, so he assumed the same was true here.

The former Ravenclaw headed for the nearest alley he could find once he left the restaurant. Once he was convinced it was vacant aside from the homeless man who was asleep next to the dumpster, he disapparated to the warehouse Evie had taken him to two nights ago.

As he approached it, Casey wondered briefly if Evie would even be up. They were both dealing with the time change after the time she had spent in the UK with him, so it wouldn't be unusual for her to be asleep, but it was something he'd have to risk. So, that determined, he marched straight up to the warehouse and cast the few spells Evie had told him about before opening the door, which creaked under his touch. He winced slightly but didn't pay it much mind. What he did pay mind to was the way Evie was looking at her place a few feet from the man who was sitting at the table. He narrowed his eyes momentarily only to force a smile on as he began to approach. To those who weren't as familiar with Evie at any point in her life, it would have appeared innocent and everything just fine, but maybe he was just reading into things. That had to be it. Evie would have told him if there was a love interest even if they weren't together. She had always been straight forward.

"Good morning," he greeted as he approached the table, offering the darker-haired man his hand. "I'm Casey, Evie's..." He glanced at Evie awkwardly. He wasn't going to take liberties that weren't his to take, but he really felt awkward concluding with the word he did, "...friend. What are we discussing here?"
by: Ianto Sayer
Something was happening. Something was happening, and Ianto didn't want it to stop in the least bit. He wasn't the sort of guy to make first moves. Or at least, he had never been the kind of guy to make a first move. Was he now? Could he now? She was right there. He had pulled back slightly from the hug, but she was standing right damned THERE. He could easily recall the feeling of the skin on her hands, the smell of soap on her skin, shampoo in her hair, and what was wrong with this? There was nothing wrong with this as long as they could keep it separate from work. He was craving her every touch, possibly because he had been alone for so long. He was a man, decently attractive and there. She was a woman, more than decently attractive, and the only one he planned on ever talking to again in a friendly manner. Even if it was only physical, it would sort out a need both of them had. Right?

He hadn't moved, didn't know what to do, and her smile faltered. It made his stomach twist horribly and his mind race. He could make a move. But had he already over thought it? Would it be worse now? His limbs felt like they had lead in them, and he didn't know what to do. Of course, there was a slightly rational portion of his mind (and probably more irrational) telling him this was exactly what he needed. He should grab her, kiss her like in the movies, and make her his. Because that would keep her very much on track of everything that needed to happen. There were probably more reasons, but that was the most important reason. He'd do anything to keep Evie on track of the mission, the plan, everything that was coming together so cleanly and wonderfully that he was sure there were more flaws in it than he could see. Ianto always thought like that.

But he didn't have to stand there much longer. Just when he was ready to move, Evie did. She was moving towards him, and his heart started to race. He had never kissed anyone but Anna, and while part of him died for it, another part of him was happy for it. Anna was dead, had been dead for years. As much as he grieved her, missed her, and tried to recall every memory of her from the way she smiled, to the color of her eyes, to the way her hair felt between his fingertips, he could not deny the fact that part of him desperately wanted Evie as more than a comrade. On a very base level, that man inside of him wanted the woman he was around at all times. He would never think of Evie as a sister, could never think of her as such. How could he?

She moved, and he bent down slightly so she could reach him. It was automatic, and those deep blue eyes were half way closed. This was going to happen. Whatever was happening, this moment, whatever it was... it was happening. Of course, she was just a breath away when something changed it all. His arms had been ready to wrap around her, ready to make this probably more than anything she was ready for, but the large metal door was opening. Someone was here. None of the other members of Isis were supposed to be here though. Not yet. Not until Evie or Ianto called them. And he was pretty sure neither of them had called them. Still, Evie darted out of his grasp, and he awkwardly put his arms down from where they had been even as the man came forward.

That was no member of Isis. Ianto knew each and every single member of Isis. Their backgrounds, ages, blood types, wand cores, Ianto knew everything about them. Down to every last detail. This was not a member of Isis. This was no one that he knew, so that left only one person. Evie. Someone Evie knew. And who did Evie know that Ianto didn't besides certain persons who would never know this location? Her not-so-dead husband. Right. Even before he spoke his name, Ianto knew from the looks they were giving each other. Part of him was furious with Evie. For bringing him here and not telling Ianto. True, this was her home, but it was more than that. It was Isis' home as well, and Ianto was supposed to know everything of that nature. The dark haired man told Evie all, but apparently she kept more secrets away from him. That did not settle well for Ianto's mind.

Still the man came forward, and Evie's right hand man managed a small little smirk on his lips. Evie knew that Casey was alive, and she had been about to kiss Ianto. He met the other man's gaze clearly, jaw clenching for a second in annoyance as he introduce himself and held forward his hand. Friend. "Right. Friend." Everything about his low, gravely tone was manly, and frankly tense. He knew exactly who Casey was, and he didn't like it. Maybe the man didn't know anything about Ianto, which he preferred, but Evie had told him everything about the man who had been dead. What was he, a modern day Jesus? Why couldn't he have stayed dead? Ianto's grip was firm in it's shake, mayhaps a little too firm. But Ianto was very upset. It wouldn't be easy for Casey to read, because everything except that smirk on his lips was dead pan calm. Evie would though.

"I'm... Ianto Sayer. We're discussing Isis business of course." His face was completely bland, chin raised, and he dropped his hand in a smooth little gesture that suggested he almost couldn't get away fast enough. He moved his hand to the cup of coffee on the table, and he took a sip before clicking his teeth in annoyance and giving Evie his normal tight smile. Not the bright one he had been giving her moments ago. "Coffee got cold while we were... caught up with things. I'll heat it back up." He snagged her coffee cup, and moved to do just that. Was there a hint that something more was going on? Of course there was! He had to make it very clear, at least to Casey, that there was something going on between Evie and himself. He was going to keep the two of them as far away from each other as possible. Countries, oceans, anything. Even though Ianto knew that was unrealistic. Casey would be helping them with the mission. Well, Ianto could always attempt to arrange him dying in all the fun to be had. That would be oddly... satisfying. God he was a monster.

He held out the refreshed cup of hot coffee to Evie after making sure it was alright for her, and sipped at his own while those warm blue eyes stared at Casey over the rim. Dissecting him in every way possible. He was shorter than Ianto, but not by more than an inch. He was also a few pounds lighter, but then again not by much. Ianto's coloring was just a touch darker, more Russian than Casey's obvious English background. Ianto's chin was stronger, though he wasn't sure who looked more haunted in a mirror. Yes, he was dissecting everything he could about the man. From his clothing, to his hair, to the way he was standing in that awkward little stance that suggested he kind of knew what was going on but didn't. Uncomfortable would be the right term for this. Ianto's stance was comfortable, almost relaxed, trying to seem like Casey posed no damned threat. He turned to the papers on the table, taking another sip of pure, black coffee before his free hand began to roll them up so Casey would see nothing. After all, he wasn't a member of Isis, and that made all the difference in Ianto's mind.
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by: Casey Winslow
The man's handshake was anything but natural. Firm was what he expected, but no one gave a handshake this firm or used that tone of voice when repeating his introduction unless they were trying to make a point or be dominating. Casey met the other man's darker blue eyes with his brighter blue ones and gripped back just as tightly, if not tighter. By the time he released the other man's hand, his hand was beyond sore, though he did well to hide it. He simply allowed his right arm to fall back to his side and matched the other man's stance. There was no way in hell he was going to back down and simply let the other man feel he was intimidated. He had made that mistake before, back when the monster was masquerading as Headmaster Trey Hunter and was after Evie with a passion. He wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. He'd stand up to the man himself yet remain fairly passive to Evie this time despite the strong urge to confront her about there not being anyone else, but he would have to tone it down in interactions in front of her.

As the man introduced himself, Casey nodded. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Ianto," he replied, not batting a lash and watching as the other man walked off to heat the coffee. It took all his self-control not to react to the man's offhanded comment about being "caught up" with something. He wanted to believe it was just Isis business, but between the way the man had said those two words, the way Evie seemed when he came in, and how territorial the man had been, Casey couldn't buy into the lie he was trying to sell himself. He glanced at Evie with a smile and gave a small wave while the other man's back was turned. He would play it cool. He had to. It was the only way he would stand a chance here. Make Ianto seem the aggressor in everything in front of her if the other man couldn't handle himself.

When Ianto turned back around and gave Evie her coffee before taking a sip of his own, Casey returned his gaze to the other man momentarily, sizing his up as well. A bit taller, a bit heavier, but Casey could almost guarantee he was far more experienced. He had done all his real growing up in a war-torn United Kingdom. This man had grown up in America, no doubt, with everything easy for him compared to what he'd been through. Still, there was something about the man's eyes, hidden deep beneath the front he was putting on. There was pain there. Casey shoved it away, not willing to dwell on any thought that could make him sympathize for the other man, who was now for all intents and purposes his competition for a woman he had, until now, wanted to let go for both their sakes. Seeing someone else interested in her apparently was all it took to spark his old senses back to him. Evie was his wife.

Casey's gaze quickly fell to the blueprints on the table after he had taken in all he cared for about the other man, and he stepped closer to catch a closer look. As he looked down, some of his hair fell into his face, and he brushed it back behind his ear. Why did Markus' cousin have to have long-ish hair and a goatee? He felt like an idiot or a girly man with hair this long. "What's this?" he asked as he allowed himself to focus on the image before him, not recognizing the building. He glanced at Ianto for a moment before looking over to Evie. He trusted her to give him an answer sooner than Mr. He-Man over here. She would realize he had to be let in if there was any chance of this arrangement to work.
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by: Former Members
Why, why did this happen to her? Why did things like this always happen to her? Hadn't she suffered enough? Couldn't she at least enjoy something in her life for a little while, even if that something was bad for her, Ian and Isis? Just a little something..a little feeling of being normal. As she looked at Casey and saw the look on his face and shifting her eyes to look at Ian..Nope, it didn't seen like she could. Evie watched Casey introduce himself and a small pang of gilt shot through her chest. She knew how easy it was to refer to each other as husband and wife..she had almost made the same mistake eailer and they were technically still married even if she was sure that a death..even a fake one would have nullified that union. Regardless..the title was still there and that didn't make her feel any the better for what was going on right now.

And then there was Ian...good ol' pain in the ass Ian. "Right. Friend." Evie shot him a glare. Did he really have to do that? Sure, she may have been about to kiss him but that didn't mean they were going to run off and get married or something. She was caught up in the moment, anyone would have done the same if they were standing like that with someone they felt a slight attraction too. But that didn't mean he could put a claim on her if that was what he was thinking because Evie would shoot that down real quick. She watched the two men as they introduced themselves and she watch Ian in particular and Evie could see the look on his face. Did he really have a right to be upset? Sure, she didn't exactly tell him that Casey was here...not that she had time too when they got distracted and off track like they did. But, she did tell him that he was alive and his interest in joining Isis..He could have put two and two together...

Everything about Ian said he was uncomfortable, it didn't take someone that knew him well to figure that out and she could understand that but with what he said next any sympathy she had for him disappeared. "Coffee got cold while we were... caught up with things. ' Really now? Really now?! The glare she had been giving him before quickly turned into a death glare and if Casey hadn't been standing next to her she would have face palmed her forehead. For Merlins sake! This whole thing was a mess. This was something she wanted to avoid, something she never wanted to be a part of her new life and Isis because something like this could ruin EVERYTHING

When Ian went to go refresh their coffee she was thankful for the break in this silent male pissing contest that was going on. But as he handed back her coffee to her he somehow managed to turn that into something. Ho...obviously Ian was a master at making situations uncomfortable. Um...would you like some coffee? She asked while turning to Casey since Ian just so casually forgot to ask. Evie waited for his answer before she did anything and once that was all settled she sat back down in her chair while Ian was rolling up the papers. Sadly, she didn't have a problem with that. Casey wasn't really a part of Isis...not yet and these plans were for her and Ian eyes only until they had something solid that they could show the rest of the group. Business. she told him when he asked what the papers were.

As she took her seat Evie motioned for Casey to take one too I'm actually glad your here. She told him, hoping Ian would get jealous of that and maybe knock him down a peg. Like she said, he didn't have a claim on her so he had no right to be acting the way he was We can start discussing things...Since Ian is my right hand man I didn't want to discuss any business without him being here..and since hes here now...we can...yeah. She took a long sip of coffee and looked at the table so she didn't have to look at the two of them. Someone kill her.
by: Ianto Sayer
He was mentally kicking himself just a touch. Just a little. What? He was a dude. This was only natural for a man who had lost everything and was desperately clinging to some form of life. He would do anything he could for it, everything. A pissing contest with someone who threatened that was a small thing considering he had been debating murdering the man now standing with them. He returned Evie's glare with a calm expression, almost as if he wasn't ashamed of anything. Just a slow, casual blink of those deep blue eyes before he finished rolling up the papers on the table. He of course pulled his wand out before he sat on it, and flicked it almost silently so the papers scurried out of the way from eyesight.

His hand hurt from that shake. Nothing too much of course, but it hurt all the same. Ianto's self control kept him from shaking his hand though. He sat down where he always did, not even right next to Evie. His spot, his chair, his place. And though there was plenty of room at the table for Casey to sit, the dark haired man couldn't help but think that none of the seats were for him. He was relaxed in his seat, setting his wand in his lap so it wouldn't be far. Evie possibly had known this man, but Ianto didn't. And he wasn't one to ever take chances. Though in his defense, Evie would have seen him do such a thing before with almost everyone they met for the first couple of times.

He continued to sip at his coffee, though he paused when Evie said she was glad Casey was here. His gaze slid over to her, and the smallest little smile appeared over the rim of his coffee cup. She was trying to make him jealous. Cute. He lifted one eyebrow carefully, that little smile growing a touch for a flash of teeth before he busied himself by drinking more coffee. What was this, his fourth cup? No, just a refreshed third, right. This would be his last cup of the day, as three was all he ever had. He would have been upset with himself at a fourth, but with everything now going on in the room, he wasn't sure small details like that mattered.

Ianto was sitting straight as possible, but he placed his coffee cup down when Evie mentioned that he was her right hand man. Right, right, business was to be had. His gaze finally settled on Casey again, once again going over all the details on his person. What was with the facial hair? And did he think his hair was a mop? Oh that was a funny image in his mind, because Ianto's lips twisted for a second back into a smirk that had nothing to do with Evie. Still he calmed himself, his face relaxed into what it normally was, and he looked at Casey in a more professional manner. Not completely professional because he was imagining the man as a mop, but decently professional.

"Since I'm going to assume you're serious in your offer Casey, I'm just going to jump straight forward through all the bullshit and ask you right out." He shifted slightly in his seat, and blinked a few times. He didn't typically curse in such a manner in front of Evie, but everything was different with a threat around. Even business. "I'll need to know exactly what you bring to the table. Skills, resources, everything of that matter. What you know about the current politics, everything. I'll also need to know what you've told him Evie." They should have talked about this before the man had shown up. The man in him who liked being prepared and liked plans didn't like this at all. But the part of him that was a man, was glad that Evie and him had almost kissed. Was upset it actually hadn't happened. But that was of no matter. He'd kiss her later. Simple as that. Once business was done and the dust was settled after Casey went to where ever the hell he was going away from Evie. Funny. Everything was going smoothly until you threw a monkey wrench in it, like always. This monkey wrench just had a name. Evie's not so dead husband Casey.

He picked up his cup, took the last sip, and set it back down. Eyes shifted from Evie to Casey, and back to Evie. He was the man who put things together at Evie's word. He needed this information because it would have to be calculated into everything else. Simply professional, and had nothing to do with the fact that Ianto was still having a pissing contest in his mind. He wanted to see who the better man was. The problem with the dark haired man's mind was, it loved being correct. Which meant, if Casey was the better man, Ianto wouldn't be able to fool himself otherwise. So he was either going to mentally triumph and glory, or he was shooting himself in the metaphorical foot. Either way, he had to know.
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by: Casey Winslow
"Um...would you like some coffee?"

Well, at least someone in this room had manners. "Yes, please. If it wouldn't be too much..." He doubted coffee would even begin to help him. He wanted something stronger and less likely to set him on edge, but since he doubted she had anything left after their little binge the other night and he knew he needed to be at the top of his game in front of this stranger who thought he could lay claim on his wife, he wasn't going to ask or search. He thanked her when she came back with the coffee and took a seat after she did. He refrained from reacting when she wouldn't give him any information on the blueprints. He wanted to roll his eyes. Seriously, it wasn't like he was going to run back and tell Trevor or like he would break.

He regarded Evie carefully as she went on to say she was happy he was here. Yeah, he'd buy that when hell froze over, and last time he'd heard, that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. Still, he cast Ianto a smirk and then looked down at his hands. "Right, we can discuss business," he agreed, turning his cup a little and then raising it to his lips. He blew carefully for a moment before taking a sip and set it back down, looking to Ianto, who was now speaking.

"I'll need to know exactly what you bring to the table. Skills, resources, everything of that matter. What you know about the current politics, everything. I'll also need to know what you've told him, Evie."

What the hell was this? A job interview? This was bloody ridiculous. He'd been fighting Death Eaters since he was seventeen and was now nearly thirty-four. That was half his life, and here he had to prove himself to someone who had never fought a day in his life. He was American. His accent was American. The way he behaved was American, thinking he was better than everyone. Still, he had to jump through whatever hoops he had to to get in on this because there was no way in hell he was just going to back down on account of feeling offended by stupid questions. He sipped his coffee then leaned forward on his forearms, which were resting one in front of the other.

"I've been fighting the bastards half my life," Casey began. "I was undercover as one of them for nearly nine months. I know how they think. I know what it takes to fight them better than anyone, and I'm not afraid to do so. I have an array of spell knowledge, and I can help fortify the dueling skills of any of your members if needed. I taught Defense Against the Dark Arts for the majority of my adult life with the exception of the year or two I played Quidditch. I have access to a Safe House where we can set up base when we get to England and are nearly ready to make a move. I have access to a handful of allies who are both skilled at what they do and willing to do what it takes. And I know a hell of a lot about the current politics. In fact, I recently obtained paperwork. Why I look...like this." He motioned his face, his dislike of his current appearance evidenced momentarily in his vibrant blue eyes.

He sighed. "And judging by the things around this warehouse, I suppose my most important asset is I have a reason to want vengeance against Williams and a damn good one at that--more than one, really. But honestly, if that's not enough or you want to know more, ask away. I'm an open book." He leaned back a little in his chair, letting his forearms cross loosely over his chest in a casual fashion. His coffee didn't matter at the moment. He wasn't thirsty. He just wanted to get twenty questions over with.
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by: Former Members
Evie glanced at Ian quickly from the corner of her eye to see if he was behaving before turning her attention back to Casey. She had to be careful not to give one too much attention without risking the other getting jealous and causing more problems. She listened to Casey as he explained himself, figuring that staying silent was the best thing right now. Let the boys fight it out first because she was not going to try to do anything of importance when they were acting like children. Seriously, it felt like she was babysitting.
by: Ianto Sayer
Evie wasn't saying a damned thing, which got a look from Ianto for a moment. Fine. If he had to head this up, which he was unaccustomed to, then he would. The dark haired man still sat perfectly straight in his seat, staring at Casey like one would a bug. Even as the man readied himself to speak, Ianto opened his notebook and began to write. A man of details, who missed very little and took note on everything around him. How many times did he go over his notes? This was hardly the first notebook he had. No there were several of those, they were easily taking up a closet back home in his apartment. Notes. Every day since he had pulled himself together from the depths of his own personal hell that was marked on his wrists plain as day.

He made sure to note everything about Casey, managing to keep the smirk off of his face almost entirely. Almost. The other man tried to make excuses about his appearance, and Ianto couldn't help the smirk that appeared on his own lips. Heh. Mop. He found it humorous, no matter how childish it seemed at the time. But he was a man, and a men found humor in the oddest things sometime. However, as Casey finished up his assessment of himself, Ianto had to admit that he was more than damned useful. A tired sigh escaped him, and it was followed by a grunt so he could scan the notes quickly. Just to double check that nothing was out of place, and that he had indeed written everything down. There was more behind his words of course, the emotions, the reasons that Ianto knew, and he took careful note of that too. Though he didn't think on it too deeply because he could understand those reasons all too well. And he didn't want to understand Casey. Not at all.

"I'm glad you're an open book, I have this bad habit of annoying people with as many questions as I ask. I make plans Casey, and I make them well. In order for plans to go well, without a hitch as the saying goes here in America, I've got to make sure I understand each and every member of the team clearly." Ianto was speaking to Casey in his normal, smooth, deep tone of voice that suggested he was all business. He was explaining why he had to ask the questions. This wasn't an interview. Evie meant to use him, Ianto had already agreed to using Casey in all of this. Their plans weren't concrete yet, but things were going to be there fast. Though he hadn't thought about it yet, it was actually a good thing that Casey was already here. Cleared up a few things. "We're going to have to move fast, though I'm sure you're use to such things. I'll need to know what sort of allies you've got hiding back in England, as well as the location of the safe house so I can properly plan the routes and the timing of getting to and from places. We won't be able to take the most direct route to all the targets."

Already his mind was off and running. Sure, there was a part of Ianto that was still angry at all of this, and wanted to keep up the pissing match because he was a dick like that. However, business was business, and Ianto was good at business. Smoothly, he stood, right hand clasping his wand. With a few more flicks of the wrist, all the coffee cups were now floating in the air by their respective owners. He tapped the table top a few times with his wand, and suddenly a map of wizarding UK showed. Ianto had gotten the idea from a few items he had seen over the years. You could also point to a certain spot and it would zoom in like a muggle computer. Honestly, muggles were amazing with the things they used to compensate by having no magic. "Point and tap, show me where all of this is." It wasn't a question, but it also wasn't (mostly) said out of a macho need to assert authority. There was a pecking order Casey would have to respect on this. Evie headed everything. After Evie was Ianto. Then the rest of the Isis members who had been there longer. Then Casey. Though he was older than most of the other members, and therefor would jump the line a bit. But still. Ianto before Casey.

His gaze hadn't left the map, and he stowed his wand in the crook of his arm before he had that notepad back out, pen poised and ready to go. Everything would be noted there, not on the map itself. At least not yet. Casey's height, weight, general description, estimations at his wand length, core, type, all of those such things were readily noted. Ianto wasn't kidding here. He really did try to know everything. Knowledge was power when it came to plans, and no one made plans better than Ianto Sayer.
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by: Casey Winslow
This man was a bit of a control freak, wasn't he? Everything had to be in order, had to be done efficiently.... He had to understand everyone? What the hell? Casey was all for efficiency, but this man was taking it to an extreme that was weird to him. You didn't have to understand everything about everyone to make sure things were efficient. And even if you did, that didn't ensure things would go as planned. There were always wildcards that could be tossed in, unexpected things that could ruin everything at a moment's notice, and in such cases, you had to be prepared to improvise or you would fail and find yourself dead or captured in a moment. When he was younger, such a wild card had nearly killed him. He had scars across his chest to prove it.

"Point and tap. Show me where all of this is."

Ianto wouldn't like his answer. Casey was sure of that. He stared at the map, trying to think of the best way to handle providing it. He didn't want to come across as a smart alec, so that scratched pointing to various locations and shrugging off the list of viable options. Inhaling, Casey scratched the side of his neck and moved his gaze to the other man. "That's the thing. It's designed with safety in mind. We're a hunted target. Up until its most recent incarnation, the Order was a threat to Death Eaters. They used Evie to take out the majority of the remaining older generation, and the man who decided to reform the Order while I was busy trying to get her back," he stole a glance at Evie and then looked back to Ianto, "realized this. I understand Kyle told Damien about the Order, and Damien decided to try to start his own branch--unimpressive though it may have turned out. The building's still ours to use, but it moves around each day and it's barricaded by mazes and various protective spells. Your routes will have to be winged to a degree, I'm afraid."

Casey sighed, trying to decide whether or not to leave it there. "That fact alone is probably a little disconcerting, but the fact is it's the best way to keep safe when you're in the enemy's territory. I know a fixed location might be ideal, but a simple series of shield spells isn't exactly going to work, and besides, in this war, nothing's ever completely in your control, and the sooner you learn that, the better off you will be." He reached up for the floating cup of coffee and took a sip, pondering what else might be good for Ianto to know about the safe house. "On top of a moving location, there is a series of two mazes one must memorize to get in. They're easy once you've done them a few times, and they're overridable if you're leaving. I'm afraid the group of you will have to be questioned upon arrival. After a spy managed to get in and eventually lead them to us, it's been protocol. You'll understand our caution, I'm sure."
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by: Former Members
Evie watched her coffee mug go in the air and she grabbed it back down because she wanted a sip and it gave her something to do while the boys talked. When Ian told Casey to point out the location of the Order headquarters she almost snorted. She knew that it couldn't be mapped..something she had learned a few days ago and she also knew that Ian wasn't going to like that answer but, it wasn't like he could control that. Another sip while bringing both her feet up on the chair and wrapping her arms around her knees, using the time to think. Even if they could find the HQ she didn't want to use it for this..too many people...and children, but mostly because there was too many people. Evie had no use for the Order, not after they let her stay with Trevor...had let her become the proverbial sacrifice (even if she didn't know it at the time and was more or less happy but that didn't matter) they didn't do anything to try to get her back. Even if they did she liked to think that they didn't. Made all those deaths on her behalf easier to swallow.

Why was she getting angry at this? It wasn't like she really remembered all of the things that happened..and that made her angry and then there was the two men sitting between her and they made her angry at the moment..and then Casey slipping in the fact that he had been out looking for her..even that got under her skin right now and she didn't know why. It wasn't like she didn't know that...maybe she felt Ian didn't need to know it, found it a useless tidbit of information that didn't make a difference in what was going on right now. Whatever it was she just didn't like it. When Casey said what he did about him looking for her she saw him look her way out of the corner of her eye but she didn't look at him, or Ian. Instead she kept her eyes on the table in front of her and on the map. That was where her focus needed to be and not on this nonsense.

The only thing the Order is good at is hiding.. She said quietly, almost absently in response to Casey explaining how things worked to Ian. But that was all she said while she continued to look at the map, eyes jumping back and forth over the surface as she tried to piece things together in her mind. In the background she heard Casey saying something about mazes and spies and other things. She didn't really know or pay attention but what she did pay attention to was something that had caught her eye. Letting go of her coffee mug she let it float back in the air before putting her feet back on the ground and standing. As soon as she was on her feet she leaned over the table and zoomed the map in, taking her wand out and doing a quick spell so she could do what she intended and putting it away when she was finished. She Touched a few locations and highlighted them. Gringots, The Ministry, Puxley Manor and one location far off from the others, Trevor's home. These are the buildings we want to focus on, there will be others but these are the main ones. The ones that would disrupt things the most Her eyes continued to bounce back and forth between all the glowing circles that represented the targets she wanted. Casey may be confused about what she was talking about but Ian would know.

We should pick a base location close to the targets she said while bracing her arms on the edge of the table and leaning forward slightly Too much can happen if we have to involve what is left of the Order and too much can go wrong if we try to use your base in this. I want us to stay out of the limelight for now, until this happens and the more people that know about us the bigger the chance that someone will say the wrong thing to the wrong person. Evie glanced up at Ian for any kind of input before looking to Casey No offense to anyone there but I don't trust them...not after the track record the Order has held. Not to mention that is too many people to worry about. I'd rather worry about my own people, people I know I can trust.....and know that I have a fool proof exit plan if need be. She straightened up an crossed her arms while looking between the two men. She didn't mean to jump in like that (not that she felt bad for doing it..this was her show and all) but she had a idea and it needed to come out right away, mostly for the fact that it would give Ian time to pick it apart but also so she didn't forget it. Quickly she twisted her body to face Casey Is there any kind of building, warehouse...anything in around these locations that could serve this purpose? Something maybe abandoned?
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by: Casey Winslow
"The only thing the Order is good at is hiding..."

Casey had to fight back the urge to go on a mini tangent on how wrong she was. It's not worth it..., he told himself. She doesn't remember. She doesn't realize Lucy, Markus, and I are the only ones remaining, the only ones she didn't kill or who didn't run when she turned. Besides, he didn't want to expound upon that last point anymore than he already had. He didn't want to make her look bad in front of her followers even if the idea of scaring Ianto away from her that way was tempting. Ok, it was more than tempting, but he wasn't going to go there. She would be angry and he knew it. Besides, it wouldn't be conducive to them working together, and he was supposed to be working together with her and whomever else that meant working with, even if he didn't particularly care for the one person he had met so far.

Instead of responding, the thirty-three-year-old sipped his coffee and listened as she continued to speak, looking at the screen as she highlighted Gringott's, the Ministry, Puxley, and a random location in the middle of a forested area. Trevor's house, he realized. "We should pick out a base location close to the targets." Yeah, if only that were possible. All her targets were spread out in various areas. Gringott's and the Ministry were the closest in location with the Ministry in London and Gringott's in Diagon Alley, but Puxley was in Ireland, and Trevor's house appeared to be in the middle of nowhere near the Irish border. Given that the Safe House wandered around the vacant areas of the country, it was still the best bet if they wanted a "central" location as a base.

And too much could go wrong involving the Order? The group had all but disbanded long before she had even come around. All that could even be considered Order members who were still at the Safe House were Lucy and then future Julian and his girlfriend. She'd met all them. Then, there was Markus who came on occasion as needed. They could stay in the Capitalum Building and no one would be aware they were even there, truth be told. If they saw them pass through the courtyard or something, they'd be left well enough alone. Most people minded their own business who were fugitives staying at the Safe House, and they already knew they were always in potential danger. They wouldn't be fugitives otherwise. All her reasons were so weak it was infuriating! But it had always been that way. It was why he had always given her so many speeches, why he had always been so wary of letting her do anything back in the day. But he'd refrain. It was for the best at the moment.

Casey stroked his bare skin on the sides of his face until his fingers reached the goatee as he shoved his feelings aside and pondered her question in earnest. Upon reaching the patch of fairly short facial hair, he let his hand fall to his side and rested one hand on the edge of the map as he leaned over it. He sighed after a few moments and shook his head. "I honestly don't know, Evie. Everything's so spread out here that you want to target, and one of them isn't feasible. It would take months for everyone in your group to clear through applications and obtain paperwork, and we don't have months, so I say Gringott's is the least of our worries. We need to strike quickly, as Ianto pointed out earlier. If we incapacitate the seats of government," he indicated Puxley and the Ministry (or rather, the area above the Ministry given its underground location), "and maybe the hospital," he tapped St. Mungo's hidden location on the map to highlight it, "we're going to cause enough panic and upheaval we may manage to find ways to get to Gringott's afterward."

He took a sip of his drink and shifted his weight. He released the cup back into the air and crossed his arms as he continued to regard the map, the map they all seemed to be clinging to to avoid awkward glances. It had not gone unnoticed by the former Ravenclaw. "Now, I think the Death Eaters had a good idea in striking two places at once that night in 2008. The Ministry and Hogwarts all at once caused enough of a panic 'Minister Crane' was able to reveal his true identity and name Williams head of their new order without much protest. Hogwarts," he tapped the castle's general location despite its lack of visibility on the map, "may be pretty near impossible to breach for us right now, but if the old telephone booth in London to the Ministry still works, we can get to the Ministry and Puxley at once or the Ministry and Trevor's house. I'd recommend the latter if we do a combination. From what I've gathered talking with Markus, the only thing going on at Puxley is Trevor's signing bills and slaves are being kept. Not much in the way of striking multiple targets of import. If we're going to go someplace for just one man, it'd be best to target his home, risky though it may be."

He swallowed, looking at the other two. "As for a place to stay, I don't know what to suggest that would be central. You two can see as clearly as I that all our targets are well spread out. In fact, there's even another two somewhere over here," he circled a remote location in Southern England, "and here," he circled another location in Scotland, "that could be feasible targets if we want to get down to it, but they're certainly not main ones. Our Safe House makes its way around all these general locations from one point to another, and really, apparition is apparition. We're going to be uncomfortable for a brief period of time no matter where we're apparating from. Let's face it, we will. And if we stay in the Capitalum Building, no one will bother us. Only the Order has ever used it, and considering all that's left of the Order is Lucy, our...older son from the future and his girlfriend, and me? (And Markus, but he only comes around if I owl him...) There's not really going to be much to worry about, considering you mentioned talking to Lucy about things already. The other fugitives keep to themselves, and we're truthfully not putting them in anymore danger than they already are."

He stopped talking, finished. It was a lot of information and musing, he knew, so he didn't expect an immediate response from either, but it had to be stated, and since she had asked, he had answered.
by: Ianto Sayer
Ianto had to wonder what was going on in their minds. A little part of him was honestly curious. They talked, and talked, and talked. He said nothing. Not a single word. Not a sigh, a grunt, anything. Instead he sat down in a chair and watched them for a moment, before closing those deep blue eyes almost tiredly and waited for the talking to be finished. He was taking notes of course, writing down anything of note so that he missed nothing. He didn't react to any of the little things that Casey tried to throw his way. This was business, and it was completely... alright so he was a touch upset, but he was in control of himself. At all times outside of his apartment. He could lose it later when he was alone. The anger wouldn't be gone by then, if anything it was merely simmering on the back burner, which meant it would be worse. Of course, their talking had to die down at some point, Ianto finally opened his eyes, clicked his pen shut, and stared at the two of them. Evie, then Casey, then Evie. Back and forth slowly, slowly blinking as he did so.

There had been a lot to take in of course. He didn't say anything witty here, even though a million things came to mind. His success rate, 98.58%. That was controlling everything you could, keeping the ball in your court, and making damned sure everything went right. That was his success rate of almost twenty years of being an Auror. In America, but it wasn't like everything happened in the UK. Things happened here, just not on the scale of war. He felt tired though, even thinking about that fact. He'd have to wing things in this plan, and he just didn't like that sort of thing. It never bode well for him. One hand lifted, once again running through his dark locks, messing them up further. He was thinking, needed to think, calculate all the odds, and offer Evie the best possible choices. This was far more important than a stupid man that should have been dead, and possibly would be dead if Ianto had anything to say about it. He could just offer Evie the choices that ended with Casey dead of course, without her knowing about it.

But no, Ianto wouldn't do that unless all the best choices ended that way. He had a job to do. Those deep blue eyes went back to the table, back to the targets that Evie had picked out, the things that Casey had said... he hadn't been to the UK since he had visited family before he got married. God, that had been a long time ago. He stood again, silent as the grave still looking over all the things that were on the map. "We'll hit all the targets. All at once. Not just two. We can do it if we utlize everything perfectly, but we're going to have to do a lot of work. It might take more than a few days though, Evie. To hit every spot, and make sure we know everything." He was off and away of course, lost in plans, percentages, ideas, everything they would need. Everything that had to be done. He grasped his wand again, tapping the map at certain points and highlighting them in various colors. He circled small homes nearby the targets, places that weren't too close but were within a few minutes of things, places that seemed normal. He then tapped a few other similar spots, tracing small dashed lines between them and the closest targets before fully explaining himself.

"We can't take any chances that Trevor slips through. He could take a fancy to signing bills at the worst time possible. We're going to have to use the Order's safe house, no matter what anyone thinks or what's going on. I don't like it anymore than Evie does, but I'll answer all of your questions completely. I... completely understand your need for such a thing. We can't properly get a hang on times from the safe house, then we'll create secondary drop off points. We'll store the supplies at those drop off zones a few days in advance, keep them close and easy for us to access. They'll look like common day items, so a few minor shields tucked away somewhere won't cause anyone to bat an eyelash. When the time comes, we'll pick up the items and go to work, so everything can be timed correctly." He traced a spot with a finger, trailing off and thinking for a moment, just a moment. Of course there was the chance they could get discovered. But this yielded the highest percentage possible of striking at Trevor. Of killing that man. And killing him meant so much more than killing Casey, however sweet the latter would be right now. "We're going to have to do this right the first time. No screw ups. I'll be getting most of the supplies tonight, Casey can come with me to get it all. Evie, if you would be so kind as to prepare the polyjuice potion? I'll begin to get things ready for capsules. Casey and I can go ahead and prepare all the secondary drop off points since he has papers. I can use the excuse of going to.. to my... parents grave sites for visiting. It won't be hard. I'll meet up with you in France after we've gotten everything settled, and I'll use that time to answer any questions you have."

He only stumbled over his parents. They wished to be buried back home. His father wanted to be buried with all the other Sayers, his parents, their parents, all of that. Family was very important for the Sayers, something that ran deep in their blood and their bones. At least, that had been the thing his father had always said growing up. He hadn't been to their graves since they had been buried. Distant relatives had done that. He had been to destroyed by grief to ever do such a thing. Locking himself from the world. His thoughts were in a much darker place at this point, fingers of his right hand rubbing at the scars on his left wrist. He had been weak. But everything was alright, everything was okay, this was happening. This would happen. He almost felt like smiling again, and it threatened to break free. Blue eyes darted to Evie, smiling starting to spread before he remembered they weren't alone, and it was wiped off his face faster than it had started to appear.

"This gives us the highest percentage of striking at Trevor. 87.46%. Not above a ninety, but it is the highest chance we have. Being in route somewhere will be his only chance of escape, but I think we can manage to cut that off as well as long as we know where he is at all times." Ianto already had thoughts on that. But he didn't actually want to say that portion out loud. That was the point that he could pin Casey down. Just one little call. One owl. Something that could cause Trevor to be where Casey was, and have them both blow up together. Beautiful. That's what it would be, utterly beautiful. He relaxed his shoulders, glancing back down at the map with the colors pulsing softly. They could do this. It would be a lot of work, but it could be done. His gaze went back to Evie, and that normal, tight, little smile appeared on Ianto's lips. "I promised, didn't I?"
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by: Former Members
Evie's jaw clenched as Casey talked and she kept her gaze on the map. There was always something about the way he talked that sounded condesending. Made her feel like she was getting lectured or like she didn't know what she was doing. She remembered bits and pieces of there time in the Order and it was like that then too..but worse. She was never allowed to do anything, could never contribute anything she considered worthwhile and it was that type of control that led her to do stupid things and make stupid mistakes. Well, not this time. Casey's input and ideas were welcome but that's all they were, ideas. It made Evie feel...good? Knowing that she had the power over Casey and the control to make him do what she wanted, not the other way around.

She listened and let Casey finish and once he did she stood there for a minute, looking over the glowing map. Evie starred at the spot where St. Mungos would be for the longest time. It did not sit well with her attacking a hospital. There would be innocent people there, children..and she was not in the business of hurting children. She wanted cripple the government, not the people that were forced to stay in it...even if given the fact that most of the people there now were ok with what was going on. But still...something wasn't right about it. With that uneasy feeling Evie reached out her hand and tapped the glowing circle where the hospital would be and it went dark. Maybe later but right now she didn't want to think about it.

As Casey finished Evie let out a large sigh through her nose. He talked so much that it was a lot to take it and his ideas were sound but they didn't fit in with the plan they were already forming. She casted her eyes across the table toward Ian to see how he felt about all of this and it seemed she and him were on the same page. Hitting them all at once will give us the upper hand. No one will know what to do and it will make the rescue and escape a lot easier for us, if everything is in chaos no one will really be paying attention to what everyone around them is doing. Cause a panic and everyone would flood into the streets to see what was going on, cause a big enough panic and let peoples fears take over then you have chaos and that was excatly what they needed.

Now came the biggest hurdle. Trevor. His home would be well guarded and he would probably know they were there before they ever got the chance to sneak up on him. No, she had a feeling that going after him there would be no suprises, no chaos, just them. But, in a way Evie liked that better. Let him know that she was the one behind this, that she put this all together to take him down and it would be better than anything he had done in the past. If he happened to not be home during this all the better, would make it easier to take him out but Evie sort of hoped he was home. End this in the home they used to share, end him in the place they used the share...the lie he made her believe. Of course, finding Julian was important in this as well..but a part of her..small and dark as it may be didn't care if they found Julian during this raid or not. All that mattered was her chance at revenge.

We should call in the other Isis groups. We have a small army at our disposal, might as well use it. The other Isis groups that were scattered all around the world were at her disposal should she need them. When she created Isis her plan was for everything to work independtly so any chance of connecting the groups would be slim in case something happened and they had been found out, but for them to all to assemble together if there was a dire situation that needed to be dealt with. And this was a dire situation. When Ian started talking about about how Casey should go with him to collect supplies she raised a brow at him. Really? Somehow she didn't feel that he wanted Casey to go with him to spend some quality male bonding time together. After that Evie checked out mentally for a moment as she thought of what it would feel like to finally have Trevor in her grasp. What his blood on her hands would feel like, what seeing the terror in his eyes while she tortured and killed him would be like. It was a favorite day dream of hers and it was so close to coming together that she could almost taste it. Both boys knew that Trevor was hers, he was hers to kill and no one elses. However, she snapped back to reality when Ian said that he promised and she looked at him with a smile. You did.
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by: Casey Winslow
This plan was a mess. It wasn't a complete mess nor was it insalvageable or unable to be worked with. But it was a mess. It showed lack of real knowledge of how this government worked. Maybe it was how much they were only hinting at rather than saying outright. Maybe if they'd stop being so damn secretive, he would think better of the plan. But there was something about it...from the mention of supplies needed to be stored and picked up before striking the targets to the mention of polyjuice. They were working on assumed knowledge in some parts, assumed knowledge on the part of the listener since they knew their plan and assumed knowledge that they understood how things worked. They simply didn't know everything, and it was surprising to him. Had Trevor kept Evie in a crystal castle in the air? Yeah, some defenses had been added since her faked death and she couldn't know about them, but others? Hadn't she told Ianto anything about anything? He scratched the side of his neck.

"You know," Casey said calmly, looking briefly between the two of them before letting his eyes fall since he wasn't entirely certain who to look at without things being assumed, "if this is going to work, you're going to have to be open about your plans. I'm the one with knowledge about current things. I was polyjuiced as an Imperium Guard when things first started--something that wouldn't work now, just so you know--and Markus is the Captain of the Guard. He knows things and has told me things that could be of use, but unless I know what you have up your sleeve, I can't help you." Whether they liked it or not, he needed to be in on the plans from the beginning. Otherwise, they'd potentially have to take things back to square one when they presented it to all to everyone, and he was sure they didn't want that. It would not only be embarrassing given the fact they had him as a resource right now but it would also be time consuming and, simply put, inconvenient. With his help, there was a chance their success rate could potentially increase at least a little.

That was one thing that got him. They were undertaking a huge thing deciding to strike everywhere at once. It was the reason their success rate was estimated so low. And "supplies"? Clearly they were not talking about a battle or fighting. Then, what were they meaning? Explosions? It was the only thing that could rock the wizarding world without them having to lift a wand in defense or attack. And it was also the one thing that would take out more innocent lives than anything else. What the hell? Surely they had to mean something else, but what? He wouldn't know unless they revealed things, and that was the thing, he wasn't convinced they would even though it would be the best thing for them to do if they wanted to succeed and "control" everything like Ianto seemed keen on. If they didn't reveal things to him, he'd just simply leave them to fail on their own because this wasn't working. Secrecy was not the foundation for a good working relationship or a good plan.
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