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by: Ianto Sayer
November 10th, 2011 -- 9 AM

Every morning was the same for Ianto Sayer. His apartment was dead silent, and the dark curtains held back the sun and noise that was outside. An alarm didn't go off, a spell didn't wake him, but he still rose at the same time every day out of habit. Six thirty five a.m. on the dot. He used to get up at this time every day to get ready for work, but that hadn't happened for years. But it still happened, every morning. And every morning he felt worse than he had the night before. It was like he rested during the day with his eyes open instead of at night when they were closed. Like his life was the dream, and his nightmares were the reality.

Ianto shifted on the bed and turned so his feet were sitting on the ground comfortably. He cracked every knuckle in his right hand, then the wrist, before switching to the left and following suit. Each knuckle, in precise, practiced movements. He then stood, turned and made his bed the moment his body was out of it. The tall, dark haired man was a man of habit, and today was no different. He showered, seven minutes forty-five seconds exactly, brushed his teeth, and then his routine became shambles. It always did when it came to dressing. His suits were hanging there in the closet, but even as he reached out to them. His digits went as far as to touch the fabric, but he hadn't worn them since everyone had died. Today would be another mark on that list.

So the tortured man dressed like he normally did. A random t-shirt, pair of jeans that weren't too dirty, and some converse. A sigh escaped him and he ran his hands through his hair without even thinking about it before leaning on a wall and trying to keep himself together. He was supposed to meet Evie today. He shouldn't keep her waiting, nor let her down by not showing. His deep blue eyes closed, and his hands shook. He had to keep it together. For some reason the years that had passed made it easier, and yet harder. It was hard in this apartment, sitting here in a place that he should have been sharing with his wife, but the moment he gathered and went outside he was fine. At least that's what he told himself every morning. And today would be no different.

He pulled on a jacket since it was winter, stuffed his keys in his pocket and left. One foot in front of the other, and the moment he was outside of his apartment he felt... better. Not that it was completely gone, just that it was easier to think. He was calm, his face was calm, and everything was alright. It didn't take him long to hit the docks, and locate the warehouse he went to all the time. Not long at all. He walked inside, and quickly began to set things up for his little meeting with Evie. It would be a bit of planning, a bit of small talk, and just general knowledge of this and that. Still he knew her typical drink in the mornings, and considering it was now past nine, she'd probably be wanting something. He made himself a coffee, and her normal drink of choice, setting it down at the spot at the table she always sat at. He took his spot on the other side after rolling out a few of the papers they would need. Everything was ready for her, like always. Ianto didn't work any other way. He just took a sip of his coffee and waited.
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by: Former Members

Evie had just stepped out of the shower when she heard someone enter the warehouse from her perch on the makeshift loft apartment she made on the top level of the warehouse. Crap, Ian was here already..which didn't surprise her, he was always on time..like a clock or a train but she had woken up late and would have skipped the shower if she didn't work out so hard the previous night and as it was she thought she would have enough time to do a quick shower and be changed before he arrived. Looks like she was wrong. Quickly Evie threw on a dark green sweater that rested off her shoulders and a pair of dark jeans. The moment she was dressed she went to her dresser where a small vanity mirror hung and brushed out her wet hair, while doing that she slipped on a pair of slippers and ran around to the bathroom and brushed her teeth.

She didn't know why she was rushing, Evie knew Ian would wait but she hated to leave him waiting. He was always so precise and calculated that it made her feel like she would be less of a leader if she couldn't at least keep up with him. It was strange, how they came together but she just gravitated toward him. They had so much in common, had lost and been through the same things that it was almost like they were kindred spirits and Evie could not think of anyone better to help her lead her little revenge project.

Quickly, after her teeth were all brushed and her toothbrush put away Evie twisted her wet hair up and secured it with some 'chopsticks' before walking down the small metal spiral staircase to the main floor to meet her partner. It seemed he was all ready to go with the papers spread out and everything set up waiting. Silently she slipped into her seat and grabbed her mug after giving Ian a slight nod and smile morning. Evie knew better than to ask how it was going so far...she knew the torment he went through, she would probably be doing the same to herself if it hadn't been for her little memory problem and for that..she was actually thankful. So...what do we have here? She asked while pulling one of the papers closer so she could read it.
by: Ianto Sayer
"Good morning, Evie." A small smile appeared on his lips, the most he had ever smiled since everything that had happened. He didn't smile any broader, and in fact no one else even got this from him. Only Evie. He took a sip of his coffee, straight black without an ounce of sugar or cream, and nodded towards the papers laid out in front of them. "Possible targets." His voice was smooth, low, and manly above everything else. You could be surprised by the gravely tone that came out of Ianto, considering the man was relaxed in a chair, sipping on coffee, and wearing simple clothing. Nothing about him suggested anything special, not anymore, but that was just how he was. He leaned forward, fingers carefully flicking through the thin sheets of paper to show Evie the suggestions he was putting forward. Some buildings were well known, others were just in good spots. Everything aimed at causing a scene.

"Not all of the blueprints are completely up to date. I am sorry for that, but this was the best that I could get here. We are going to need more up to date information before I can make a solid plan, but as soon as you pick out which ones you want, I will be able to start." Another slight smile, hidden behind his coffee cup before he took another drink. He was starting to feel human. Up, showered, dressed, everything in order, plans were about to be made, and coffee in his system. For Ianto Sayer, things didn't get much better than this. Not anymore. He placed his cup down on the edge of the table, keeping it away from the papers in front of them. "Sleep well? Did you want me to make you some breakfast or go get something for you while you look this over?"

The problem Ianto had was that he was once someone who looked out for those around him. He had loved his family dearly, and there was a part of his soul that almost craved to take care of someone in their place. His only option currently was Evie, and so he was always offering this or that to help her as much as possible. It was probably why he made a good right hand man. He was always willing to help her, always ready to help her, and always had a plan waiting. He could never lead, not really, but he was a good support system for anyone who could have made use of him. Evie had, and so here they were. Going over papers, plotting things, and him asking her if she had eaten. Good old Ianto.
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by: Former Members
Ooo fun She said while taking a careful sip of coffee. Yuck, coffee and freshly brushed teeth did not mix...it was almost as bad as orange juice and minty fresh breath almost...but not quite. Evie picked up a piece of paper and quickly scanned it, not really picking up anything but not really pay attention enough at the moment to do so. Something like that would need her undivided attention and focus not like now when her mind was all over the place before her morning coffee. When he said that not everything was up to date and apologized for it Evie almost told him to stop it and tell him that he apologizes too much, it wasn't like blueprints were easy to come by these days and it was a hell of a accomplishment that they got what they did..but, after time spent with him she just learned to go with it. We'll get them Evie said matter of factly with a smile. It was only a matter of time.

Sleep well? Eh, she said while slowly moving her head from side to side in a 'so so' kind of way not to bad, you? Another careful sip..this time not too bad, ten times better than the first taste but that mint flavor was still lingering in her mouth. A few more sips...a little less, another...gone. Once it was safe she took a generous swallow before setting down her mug and bringing her foot up on the seat of her chair, wrapping her arm around and in front of her leg so she could still work. Did you want me to make you some breakfast or go get something for you while you look this over?" She sighed inwardly. Another little habit of his that she had to get used to..and this one she still wasn't quiet there. Evie hated when people did for her, she always felt like a burden but, Ianto generally seemed to like to do for her..it was almost as if it filled a need for him and who was she to deny him that. If you want too, you know I wont say no to food she smirked at him while picking up some papers and actually reading them and giving it her undivided attention.
by: Ianto Sayer
It was hard sometimes, Ianto knew. For both of them. The dark haired man wouldn't know what to do with himself if he had lost his memory. His memories were dear to him, and the idea of such a thing being torn from him was almost unthinkable to the blue eyed man. The wizard finished his coffee, and stood with that slight smile still on his lips. He winked at her for a moment, before going to a bag and pulling out food. Alright so he had moments of humor. He had already gotten food, but wanted to ask her all the same so he wouldn't be pushing it on her if she was hungry. Breakfast sandwiches from the dinner by his apartment. They wouldn't be pipping hot now, and in fact they'd be perfect to eat. He slid one across to her, and started on his own while trying to find the right words to say.

"I slept like I always do, so alright I guess." Every single night was the same. Nothing had changed. Ianto always wondered if he needed something to fix the gaping holes in his soul. Wondered if anything would make him feel better, but he didn't think anything would. He lifted a hand to his chest for a moment, wondering what it would be like to not feel this pain that was constantly there. He dropped it the moment he realized he was even doing this, and continued on with his sandwich. "So what do we need next Evie? I can go walking around the spots without causing too much of a fuss, at least most of them, but I don't have the proper eye for these sorts of things. I can tell you ten ways of getting in and out, and where the best spots are to drop things because they're on the blue prints, but I can't tell you if something is hidden behind a wall because of the difference in the actual building and the blueprint."

Not that he hadn't tried, because Ianto had. He had spent many nights at the library, on the muggle internet, and using various other resources trying to educate himself on building structure and other such nonsense. Anything and everything that could possibly be needed to correctly make a plan, Ianto had been throwing himself at. From the crack of dawn every morning, until his body and mind were exhausted, he worked every day. No days off, no moments to take a job in the park or something, though he did physical routine exercise to keep himself at his peek. That happened right before lunch of course, followed by a quick shower, food, and then back to work. Everything he did was for this. He spoke to no one except for Evie, and only took a few personal moments before bed to think on his family, and look over photos of his niece. She was adorable of course, young with long brown hair like her mother, and the same blue eyes that Ianto had himself. Iwan had had them too, being Ianto's mirror image, and so it made sense for his daughter to have them too. It was hard though, seeing those eyes on her. Reminded him of his brother too much.

"Where do we stand? Do I have a time line to get everything ready in?" He was asking her questions because Ianto always asked questions. He liked knowledge, and was constantly making sure that everything was running ship shape. It was just who he was. He'd never change. He finished off his sandwich and carefully wiped away any mess with a single napkin. Everything was of course, cleaned up afterwards, and Ianto poured himself a second cup of coffee before sitting back down to listen. And he had a notepad out for notes. One hand lifting to cup to his lips, the other ready to take any notes he'd need from whatever she said.
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by: Former Members
You would have something already she said jokingly while she watched him get up and pull out some sandwiches from a bag. Good ol' Ian, always came through and came prepared. As he slid her sandwich over she took it with a thanks before sitting back and taking a bite. Evie listened to him say that he slept how he always did and she just nodded, not thinking that she needed to say anything to him about it since there was nothing really to say. He had his own way of dealing with his demons just like she had hers and as long as he wasn't harming himself or Isis in the process who was she to tell him what he should and shouldn't do?

Another few bites and the sandwich was gone and she picked up her coffee mug again and finished that off before sitting back in her chair, -foot still up- as she tried to come up with a answer to his question..and it was a good one. Well.. Evie started while bringing her hand up and using her finger to quickly get rid of some left over sleep in her eye until we can get the blue prints we need to find a way to get inside these buildings that kind of went without saying but whatever I've actually been working on a plan for something else that would be able to help us with that. Truth be told that plan was moreso so she could get close to Trevor without causing suspicions but she would tell him that later.

When Ian asked about what their time window was Evie looked down for a moment while she thought about it. They needed to do this as soon as possible, after finding out that Trevor had Julian and knowing that he was doing only Merlin knows what to his fragile young mind...they had to work quickly but this amount of planning...on this scale would take time. Slowly she looked back up and across the table at her partner, her face serious and stern all of a sudden we need to do it as soon as reasonably possible.
by: Ianto Sayer
He smiled, once again that smile little smile that he only had for Evie. The dark haired man bent forward, looking over the papers himself for a billionth time. His fingers tapped at certain points on buildings, making mental notes for himself. He paused of course, writing down what she was saying in his little notebook. Everything was in short hand, and code, so that one would have to be in his mind to even understand the gibberish being written. If you translated it straight into English you'd find nonsense about Greek mythology and why unicorns should rule the world. No seriously, that's what you would get if you didn't have Ianto Sayer's mind to decode it all. He liked the idea of confusing whomever got their dirty hands on his notes; was one of the few things that actually made him laugh. But he had a horrible sense of humor of course, twisted and dark now.

"What plan have you been working on Evie?" He sounded a little shocked because he was. Ianto was literally, the man with the plan. He was always coming up with plans, and utilizing everything around them to make sure it came out to be the best plan possible. Had the best odds, and would work well. It wasn't that he didn't trust a plan that Evie had, rather he was curious. He'd double check it of course, just polish it up for Evie so that it had the best chance possible, but he was indeed curious on what was going on in her mind. Though he knew her routine, and thought he knew her well. Well, decently well. Maybe it was just that he depended on her to keep his life in the right direction, which wasn't fair to her at all. But he had no one else, spoke to no one else, and didn't know how else to live at the moment.

The dark haired man sat back in his chair, continuing to work on that second cup of coffee. His warm, haunted blue eyes were locked onto Evie now, curious as always. The sooner the better indeed, though Ianto wasn't sure what would happen if everything went as planned. If everything was a success, then he would have just about nothing to live for. Destruction was the only thing on his mind, not rebuilding. He wasn't a man for a future with growth and all that in it. His eyes darted to the marks on his wrists, just a few from a few attempts to end his life. Would it return to that? He had to wonder. But he'd find out when the time came. First, destruction. Then contemplation on life. One thing at a time Ianto.
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by: Former Members
Evie let out a heavy sigh while putting her foot back down on the ground and straightened up in her chair Its more of a plan for a personal revenge...but, it would serve a purpose for this too. She looked at Ian before sighing again before placing her forearms on the table and leaning forward. I have been looking for a way to get close to Trevor without being found out...and before you can say anything you know what he did and how he did it..I want some kind of revenge on it Ian was the only person outside of her old self close circle of friends that knew everything of what happened to her. He knew everything she knew, everything she could remember so he had to understand where she was coming from..even if he didn't it wasn't going to change her mind about her plan.

Before he could give any kind of answer Evie continued, he could give his protest after she was done explaining, not before. I have been tracking this woman..a Attaché to a country that is thinking of throwing in its alliance with Trevor. She is supposed to be visiting soon to get a feel of everything and to start negations for a alliance. With some of her hair..it would be the perfect opportunity to get close to him and to get inside these buildings. You could act as a escort for her and we could stake out these places and get what we need.
by: Ianto Sayer
Personal revenge was a concept that Ianto could understand. However, it was always something that human emotions played a big factor in. And with Evie, there was only one large, clear target. The dark haired man set his almost finished cup of coffee on the table away from the papers and leaned back in his seat. His arms crossed over his chest and one dark brow raised above the other. He didn't say a single word while she talked of course, that wouldn't be a good use of time. To say he didn't like the plan would be a lie, it was a decent idea even if it reminded him of some of his brother's plans in school, but he was worried like he always was.

"Intercepting such a woman might be a little trickier than intercepting a normal person. Also, if she has other persons coming with her the entire plan could be blown. We'll have to find the right spell to keep them in an unconscious state for several hours, perhaps the entire day, and out of the way." He picked up the coffee cup again, finishing it off in one go before he started talking again. There were several points to this plan that would have to be completed quickly, in an orderly fashion for everything to go well. "Also, if the real woman were to show up the next day, everything would fall apart. We might actually want to keep them for two days. We could have the supplies ready, at hand in a secure offsite location nearby, then do the tour and make sure we pinpoint everything. Then we'll take care of business that night and set everything in motion the next day. It's the only smooth way it could work, minus the one or two hitches in the plan. Those being of course, emotional reactions to everything going on, and being somehow unable to get back inside after we do a first go around."

There were so many other variables, but that was the way with every plan. He could think up several things that could cover them, but oddly... they might need more than just the two of them. As loathe he was to include others, to set up everything over night would take at least one or two more people, and that was if everyone worked all night. He set his empty coffee cup back down and ran one hand through the dark locks on top of his head in a tired fashion. Time to get to work. "We're going to need at least two other people on this one Evie. And I am insisting that I be your escort, no one else. I was an Auror, I'm going to be prepared for things that will come up more than anyone else could. We'll need to start on the makings of the polyjuice potion as soon as possible. I'll make sure to make a large enough batch, because we might need to kidnap a few of the lesser workers around the area. Cleaning crew and what not, for the others to use during the night to help set everything up. But yes, this could work very well."

Ianto's mind was always going a mile a minute, but this was how he worked best. One arm was still clasped across his chest, hand resting in the crook of his other elbow, while the other hand tapped digits along Ianto's chin along the scruff he had managed to ignore this morning instead of shaving it all off. He considered that sometimes. Just shaving off all of his hair and his beard so it wouldn't be a bother, but then it'd grow back and he'd always be shaving it and that would be a bigger bother. His blue eyes closed as he started to think on all the things, though he'd still be able to hear everything Evie said. He was just going over other possible weaknesses in the plan.
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by: Former Members
Evie listened to Ian break down her plan and figure out how it could work for them, in all honesty she was surprised that he didn't shoot the idea down..not that it would have mattered to her if he did because she was doing it regardless but it was always nice to have him on her side with things. When he said that intercepting such a woman would be hard and started to list off what they would need to do Evie looked sullen as she continued with her plan really, it would be easier if she and her people were just out of the picture... Evie looked at her partner to gauge his reaction at what she was proposing. Yes, it was dark but it was a sound plan. It would take away any probability of them slipping up or this woman or any other people just showing up somewhere. As Ian continued with that they would need more people on this she gave him a slight 'heh' laugh Funny you should mention that... Evie crossed her arms on the table and leaned on them to get more comfortable, glad for the change of subject to let the idea of getting rid of these people settle in his mind for a few minutes and what better way to do that then with a story? You remember on Halloween when I decided that I needed to go visit my grave for closure? She paused for any kind of acknowledgment well..I went, but I wasn't alone. Someone else was there so I changed to my animagus form and tried to get a closer look at who it was..I thought it was Trevor and I was ready to end everything right there but instead it was my husb-...it was Casey. It was still strange to have him back in her life even if it was..whatever this was.

It was so strange to see him...I mean, I thought he was dead and I was ok with that, you know? I don't really remember him and I don't feel that connection with him anymore but it was still confusing. We talked and he brought me to the Order HQ and I stayed there for a few days...I tired to avoid everyone there since I didn't want anyone to know about me but I managed to run into a few people from my other life...Lucy, my cousin and Casey want in. I gave them vague information but they want to be a part of it. Lucy because her husband was captured and is being held in the vaults and Casey because... she paused, taking one of her arms off the table so she could run her hand through her hair because Trevor has our son. But, I also met my son from the future...I know, its so strange and I don't really understand it myself but the story he gave was that he got a hold of a time turner to come back to change his future because things don't change.. Ok..she needed to stop because right now she was just raising more problems and questions an giving herself a horrible headache.

The hand that was going through her hair came down and she pinched the bridge of her nose as she could feel a stress headache coming on But.. she said while taking her hand away and waving it in the air like she was erasing everything she just said that's all not important right now...what is is trying to figure this out. letting out a sigh she looked back at Ian and sat back in her chair with the pollyjuice potion we should figure out a way to put it in capsule form...or maybe some kind of inhaler..something that won't look as suspicious as taking a drink of something every few hours. Yes her thoughts were jumping around everywhere but she had a lot going on in her mind.
by: Ianto Sayer
Out of the picture. Ianto grunted at that part, but didn't blink. Murder. They were talking about murder here, and he didn't even bat an eyelash. Ianto Sayer was a much darker person then he had been in years. Murder was something he was perfectly willing to do of course. This was war, in his heart and in his mind he was ready to kill whomever he had to. "If we kill them before we've gotten enough hair and the like, then it could be bad. Better to keep them somewhere safe under a metric ton of spells or a guard in case we need more resources. At least for the woman. The others we can... take care of as soon as we're sure we don't need them." The less loose ends the better. Plans that were messy were harder to control, and Ianto wanted everything to go as smoothly as possible. That's all he ever wanted.

Of course the conversation quickly turned to different matters. Visiting her grave had been a move that Ianto hadn't liked. Anyone could have been there. That monster Trevor included. Instead a bombshell was dropped on Ianto. He couldn't help the startled look in those deep blue eyes, nor the way his dark brows jumped up when she stated her husband was alive. It was odd, the emotions that stirred in his soul at that statement. The rest of his body hadn't moved a single iota. He didn't know what to say, and so he was silent. Was he jealous? Maybe. But maybe that wasn't the right sort of term. Did he have romantic feelings for Evie? Maybe. There was a hopeless romantic somewhere inside of him. After all, he had met Anna in school, and had been with no one else his entire life. But did he have those feelings for Evie? He had to think on that.

No. Maybe there was physical attraction there, and very light flirting, but there wasn't anything that bordered on romantic. At least not in this point in time. To Ianto, Evie was so much more than a romantic interest. She was the raft that kept him afloat in his life. She was a comrade in loss and pain. She wanted what he wanted, and was willing to go the extra mile to see the people responsible for the horrible things in the world burn for it. But now...? Her husband was alive. Her son was alive. There was a lump in his throat because she had been a comrade in loss. But now she had things, people who were important to her. Who could be more important to her than the revenge her soul had sought. Something that could very well stray her from the path they had crafted so carefully together. For once in his life, Ianto was at a loss on what to say or do. He had been sitting there silently for several moments, the surprise on his face replaced by careful thought. As if he was dissecting every single word she had spoken. Because Ianto was. He needed to sort these things out for himself because it felt like... maybe Evie couldn't be counted on as much as he thought.

No. He couldn't think like that. Wouldn't think like that. At least for now. She was honestly the only thing keeping him on this planet besides Glenda, and Glenda was a sweet child safe and sound in California. Well taken care of, without a care in the world, and no idea who Uncle Ianto even was anymore. Thus was the way of the children. He sat up a bit, turning his thoughts into the matter at hand. "Sadly, anything in pill form could also be looked upon as weird. Unless she has an ailment that would easily explain it. Though I suppose you could pass them off as mints or something. We could easily place them in pills, you can buy pill caps just about anywhere in most muggle stores. The bigger problem is finding gel caps, which are the only ones that can hold the type of liquid we have. Everything else will dissolve. They don't exactly store those. And we can't put it in a spray, polyjuice isn't the correct consistency needed for such a thing. It wouldn't spray properly, and watering it down to spray correctly would dilute the potion, and who knows what that would do." He had to look at everything with a critical eye, and give her the knowledge she would need. He wasn't trying to turn down her ideas, Ianto would never do that. He was just honest with her. "We could do it in gel caps, but we'd have to prepare a lot earlier on Evie. We'd have to kidnap the woman at least five days to a week before hand. Make the potion, put her hairs into it, then make the caps correctly. But then she'd be missing and things might go sour. I really don't know any way around this. I'm sorry."
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Evie saw the shock on Ian's face but she was great full to him that he didn't press the issue of her family right now, she wasn't sure that she could go deeper into that right now and still have the right mindset for this. Carefully she listened to Ian explain how they could work this and yet again they were met with a road block. The gel caps were doable since she was sure they could find them somewhere...find a supplier, buy gel caps and empty out the contents and replace them with the potion or even steal them if they had too but the hard part was still coming back to this woman and how it would work for them. What if we intercepted her in France before she left. We get her there and then we will have enough time to prepare the rest of the potion for the pills? That way we can arrive right from the start and not have anything to worry about Ugh. Her head.

Evie brought the heals of her hands to her eyes and rubbed before pushing her chair back, grabbing her mug and going to get some more coffee. She really wished it wasn't so early in the morning so she could drink something stronger without it being a social no no. Get it together girl. Your stronger than this...this isn't how a leader acts. She really didn't know what was bothering her more right now. The fact that Ian was so....unnerved by her story..and that took some doing. He couldn't even hide the shock from his usually stoic face except when it came to her. Was it really that bad? Was she a weak person to him now that she had this problem? She didn't think she could handle it. Mindlessly she picked up the pot of coffee but realized that there wasn't enough for a full cup. Walking over to where she kept her coffee she pulled down the tin and poured some more into a fresh filter and pressed the 'brew' button.

As the coffee brewed Evie turned around and leaned against the counter, resting her hands behind her and drumming her fingers against the surface. After a few minutes the fresh coffee was done and Evie picked up the pot and poured herself a glass, carrying both the mug and pot over to the table. She set down her coffee by her seat and walked over to Ian, placing a hand on his shoulder while looking over what he had in front of him, all the while topping off his coffee. They never said running a revolution was easy, did they? She asked..trying to bring a little humor back into the room.
by: Ianto Sayer
An interception before she left France? Right on the cusp of her visit. They could send word that she was sick of course, and give them a little bit more time. It'd be a bit of work, certainly, but Ianto could see the plan coming together a little clearer in his mind. Of course more details would be needed, but Ianto always felt like more details were needed. He didn't operate any other way, he was a man of plans and details after all. She didn't speak besides that of course, merely stood, and began to make more coffee. He should have gotten up moments ago, but he was lost in his thoughts about her family.

Which brought his mind right back to that matter. Family. His family was dead and gone. He never had children, but he had always wanted them. Anna had suggested adoption, but the time had never been right. He regretted it now, because he wished he could have given her every bit of happiness possible until her dying day. But he was also grateful because that child could have died that day. Then there would be another hole in his soul that could not be filled. Ianto supposed it was for the better that they hadn't. He looked up, those deep blue eyes landing on Evie. Until this moment he hadn't thought of her as anything but a comrade. Anything more than a life raft, something to hold onto. But now there was a chance that someone could take her away from him.

What an odd train of thought. He couldn't properly wrap his mind around it, but he supposed it had something to do with Evie being a woman and him being a man. Nature made them creatures like this, ones who strove to find comfort in the darkness the world made. The darkness that resided in all of their hearts, even if they never wanted to admit it. He was staring at her without realizing it, and so when she moved to fill her coffee cup up, he blinked several times. There were many options of course, to keep Evie just as anchored to him as he was to her. He could attempt to romance her away from her husband, he could just continue on the way they were and keep her away from her husband, or he could even kill her husband. Yes, that dark thought crept into his mind even as she moved to stand by him.

What kind of monster was he? Ianto was startled by the path his thoughts walked, though he made no outward appearance of it. Her hand touched his shoulder and his own shot up to capture it. His fingers were rough, and he pinned her hand to his shoulder. Not too roughly, but firmly all the same. A moment of warmth; that's what it was to Ianto. A moment where he could not feel alone. His deep eyes closed and he leaned to the side so his head was resting against her arm. Fingers curled around her softer hand and he let out a tired sigh before chuckling at her joke. "If they were easy, everyone would be doing them Evie. Nothing would stand stable, and everything would always be in a state of crumbling under it's own weight." He let go, standing to his full height, and turning to look down at her. That smile he only had for her was on his lips, and it was easy to read the humor.

Ianto reached out once again, cupping her face lightly for a second, just looking down at her. There were many paths he personally could take, but he could take none of them without her. That much was clear to him. Not once did it occur to him that he could do this on his own. Not once did it even cross his mind that all he needed was a few of his old friends, the ones who had been loyal, and he could do everything she suggested. In his twisted mind, Evie was everything to him. She was a way of life, and he wouldn't let her go until life was done. In some manner, shape, or form. At least until he found something else or someone else to cling to. Or until life was done. He had tried before, the scars on his wrist were so close to her face that he couldn't have ignored them if he tried.

He didn't know what he was doing or why exactly. They had always flirted, lightly here and there, and for a moment he was consumed with the idea of leaning forward to kiss her. But that might distract her just as much as her husband. With her mind tossed about, and his on the edge of darkness, they would get nothing done. It was not productive to what needed to be done, so he let his hands drop, took a step back, and looked back at the plans they had spread out on the table. "We can do this, Evie. I promise. We can do this." He was trying to reassure her, trying to bring home the fact that they were doing this. That it was everything they wanted. She wasn't alone. She hadn't been even when she thought she was before. He was there, he would be there throughout the entire process of revenge. He would help her every step of the way. Ianto, not her husband. Ianto, no one else.

If she left him high and dry, then his anger towards her would be almost as great as the anger towards those who had torn his family away. But that was okay. He'd just watch her every step of the way. He picked up his coffee cup, took a deep drink, and looked at her with that smile still on his lips. She wouldn't do that to him, not Evie. Not now. His mind was circling the same emotions over and over, the same sorts of questions kept rising, and he kept having the same answers. This was, once again, not productive. He looked to the maps, took another drink, and then began his questions fresh, leaning over to write the notes as he'd need them. "First off, when is she leaving France? What sort of facts will be known about her? I'll need her name so I can research her. Are there any party members with her that will be known? Do you know where she will be leaving? How publicly known is she?" Important questions that needed answers. And for what Evie didn't know, Ianto would find out for her. For them.
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by: Former Members
When his hand touched hers and he leaned his head against her Evie didn't think much of it. There had been times in the past where she went to him for comfort and strength when she was having a hard and frustrating time with her lack of and fuzzy memories and Ian was her friend, nothing strange about it. If her hand had been free she would of wrapped it around his shoulders but as it was she let him have hers, feeling his rough fingers on her skin. It was a strange contrast but it was welcomed. Let her know that he was ok with her tiny little freak out earlier. "If they were easy, everyone would be doing them Evie. Nothing would stand stable, and everything would always be in a state of crumbling under it's own weight." She rolled her eyes a little at his comment. The first part she expected, it would have been her answer if he said the same to her but the last bit..he always had to turn everything into something logical, could never just let it rest.

As he stood and dropped her hand Evie looked up at him, (which wasn't hard since he towered over her) and then he did something unexpected...As his hand touched her face Evie almost pulled away...almost. It was taking a lot of control not to recoil..not from disgust at him or mistrust but simply for the fact that after all she had been through, after living a lie with the man she thought was her husband, sharing a bed with him, having his child...doing all of that and finding out he was her greatest enemy. The man that killed her family and had done countless mental and physical torture on her over a span of years. After going through all of that and the memories, it was hard to want this kind of intimate touch from anyone. But, for some reason Ianto's touch was welcoming and comforting. His large, warm, rough hands against her face felt...dare she say it, right? What the hell was she thinking? What was he thinking? Where the hell was this going.

She really did not want to be put in a awkward situation right now and did not want to have to shut him down. Something like this could ruin everything. Feelings and emotions were dangerous things in war and when one was trying to do what they were doing. Not to mention..this was Ian! She would be lying if she said she had never thought about it. He was handsome (had that tall, dark and handsome thing going for him <3) focused, handsome, good at what he did, handsome...Ok. Now she was getting out of hand but it didn't take a genius to see where this could be going. Thankfully, his hand dropped and he took a step back and she let out the breath she didn't know she had been holding in. Well, that had been...she wasn't even sure there was a word for it right now.

"We can do this, Evie. I promise. We can do this." For a moment there, she wasn't sure what exactly he was referring too. I know we can she said, not missing a beat as she placed her hands on the edge of the table and leaned forward so she could see what he was looking at. Everything was coming together and she had no one to thank but him. Sure, when she first thought up the idea of Isis Evie knew she would need someone to help her. As much credit she might like to give herself things of this scale were never her strong point and if had been just her...she would have gone after Trevor already and probably end up dead...or worse, back with him and his twisted game. Then she met Ianto (though she hated that name..it was just odd to her and saying it with her American accent made it sound worse so Ian was what she called him unless she was being very serious or mad at him) and she found someone that had shared in her pain, that wanted revenge just as much as she did. Someone that had the brain and the means to help her put her plan together. Isis and Evie would be nothing right now if it wasn't for him.

When Ian asked what their time frame was Evie brought her left hand back and placed it on her hip after grabbing a paper from her side of the table. Two weeks. she said while sliding the paper with the woman’s name and basic information toward him she isn't well known, likes to stay out of the papers and the government keeps her very hush hush because they don't want any unpopular opinion before they make their decision. That was exactly why Evie picked her. It was too perfect really. Her family had ties to France, her father had been the Ministry's Ambassador to France when he was alive and her mother was a French native. Evie had grown up there and spent many a years traveling back and forth between France and London..could speak the language and could have the right accent, knew the customs and when she heard about France possibly throwing in their hat with Trevor she knew she had to strike at this once in a life time chance. I was thinking...we should hire someone to do this for us. Evie turned her head so she could look at Ian there is this man I've heard about, someone that will do anything for the right price. We can go to him and pay him off to trail her, collect information. Before he could make the protest she was sure he was going to do but, all the while we are doing the same thing, getting the information we need...but...if it ever came down to it..if something were to go wrong, we could use the man as a Patsy. Shift the blame and paper trail to him.
by: Ianto Sayer
It was a moment. Even that dead, darker part of him had to admit it was a moment. There was nothing else it could be, other than that. Breaths held, hearts hammering. Maybe he should have kissed her. Maybe he should have tried something. But it didn't feel exactly right, and Ianto never did anything unless it was so. He stood there thinking it over though, wondering what would happen if he had kissed her. But his thoughts of course changed as Evie answered his questions, and the dark haired man scribbled down notes in his odd code all the same. Every single word Evie said was written down in a hand even she would have a hard time reading if push came to shove. Of course if she asked, he'd tell her straight out what everything was.

Of course the moment she started talking about hiring someone, Ianto got uncomfortable. "Evie..." He managed to get her name out before she continued on, but he turned to face her full on all the same. Arms crossed across his chest, brows pressed downward, and his lips tightening into a scowl. He didn't trust anyone who could be bought; after all, someone else could give them a better price. Ianto could go get all of this information for them just as easily. Of course once she explained herself, the dark haired man relaxed. Posture softening, a bit of a sigh escaping him. Yes, if things fell apart, someone hired would be a lot easier to place blame on. They could disappear into the darkness, and try again when the time was ripe. A low chuckle escaped him and he almost grinned at her.

Not the soft little smile she had gotten from him for years. Rather a grin. It threatened to over take his face in a way it hadn't in years. Ianto looked like a different man when he was truly smiling, and this was what it had taken to even remotely get there. "Why didn't I think of that?" One hand lifted, and his bad habit showed as he ran his rough fingers through his dark locks, upsetting them even more. He was always doing this, and he was pretty sure it would never end. He licked his lips and thought over the matter, eyes scanning the papers once again while that hand tapped digits on his chin. So many variables, but wasn't that the spice of life? He had to try and keep everything accounted for. Every last, little detail.

"Who will she be traveling with? Other personal from the country, or something more personal? A friend? A bodyguard? A...," Alright, his mind went there. He couldn't help it. Those deep blue eyes darted from the table to Evie, and then back again before he managed to get the last word out. It was just a few seconds, but she probably noticed the pause. "A lover? I'll need to know who I'm posing as, what I'll need to wear, that sort of thing." Though he had to admit that was a very good way to keep her husband out of the mix as much as possible. If he were to pose as the woman's lover, then any other man around her would blow their cover. Simple as that. If he could work this into the plan, then he would. Keeping her as far away from Casey as possible. Yes, that was the right idea.

"Two weeks. We'll need to gather the supplies, do our research, and talk to the other two I suppose." He sounded a little grumpy at that last portion. But of course he'd be grumpy. Evie's husband. He still was having trouble wrapping his mind around that one. And her son, but for some reason even if Trevor had the kid, but that didn't seemingly matter as much as the husband did. A kid was easy enough to rescue, and keep close right along with Evie. A husband was another matter all together. He was a threat to Ianto. "We'll have to work fast, but I can get us ninety percent of the supplies tonight. The rest within a few days. The hardest part will actually be once we get there. We're going to have to brush up on what we need to know about buildings. I've been trying, but without the proper education, I can only make estimates. But... it should be good enough by my calculations."

Everything would go fine, as long as Casey stayed the hell away from Evie. Funny, how protective he was. But he was a man with only one person who he cared about, and he wasn't about to lose her. He turned, and this time he couldn't hide the smile off his lips. It reached his eyes, and for once in the past, several tormented years he looked happy. Because everything was coming to a head. Everything was headed to the only thing he truly wanted in his life. Vengeance of a wicked kind. He couldn't help himself, he grabbed Evie lightly by her arms and pressed her into a hug, something he also never did. Small moments of comfort, yes, but this joy that was budding inside of him? He hadn't felt this good in years. He had felt this... centered. Would he actually be able to sleep through the night without the voices in his head? The nightmares that tormented him?

It was just damned possible. He pulled back from the hug, still smiling, slowly letting go of her despite the way his breath was heaving from his chest. He was excited, he was happy, he was... god why hadn't he kissed her? He felt awkward in this moment, but he hadn't actually tried anything with anyone except for Anna in his life before. So he stood there, staring down at her, gaze locked onto her eyes, smile kind of stiff on his face. Ianto was the man who knew everything he could. The man with the plan, and an answer for everything.

He had no clue what he was doing now.
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