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He didn’t have to hide the frown that made its way onto his face at Delilah’s mention of his mum. That was always a topic that put him into a bad mood, almost a bad a mood as talking about his past in general. Julian tensed and it took all of his will power not to just shove her away; after all, that would be counterproductive to the whole image they were trying to create here. Honestly could this day get any worse! ”Yea, she was as far as I know. At least that’s always what dad had always said. Trevor never denied it.” he growl out in a low voice in regards to Delilah’s question. As for how he avoided it…well that was the problem wasn’t it.

”Well, we could string him along and say that I eventually gave up on the idea of anyone ever finding me, that’ll jerk him around a bit…say it was easier just to play along with whatever Trevor wanted. I can be a real convincing liar when it suits me. So maybe I put on a show good enough to fool everyone? Or at least make them trust me enough to let me wander around with a guard or something. As for how you got me back… say you were running a mission or something for the order – free slaves or pows - and recognized me? Got me out that way? I dunno, what do you think?”
The frown on Julian's face was undeniable. She had angered him, but the tone in his voice was nothing short of attractive. It was the most enthusiasm, if you will, she had ever seen him display. Still, there was no time for that sort of thought right now, but it did give her enough encouragement to make the "comforting" caress of his face and the light kiss she gave him along with the apologetic look less disgusting. As she pulled back and relaxed from her tip-toed position, she left her hands resting on his chest/shoulder area for a moment before letting them slide down and fall back to her sides, listening as Julian responded to her question.

When he asked what she thought, Delilah nodded. "Sounds like it should work. Play on his guilty conscience. But seriously, Jules, you must not be a good liar, if your dad knows you're a good liar," she told him, winking and giving him a pat on the arm, though she left her hand there and began to walk, trying to guide him with her. "Put on your best show, chap," she said, her head purposefully down as though smiling at something he had said so Casey couldn't possibly see her lips and figure out what she was truly saying.
As much as he wanted her away from him at this particular moment, he had to admit that having her hands caressing his face like they were felt really, really good. He let out a soft sigh as Delilah pulled away; nodding her agreement to his impromptu story for Casey. Hopefully if they played with his emotions and jerked him around enough the man would by their reason for being here without too much suspicion. Julian was sure Casey would have some lingering doubt; his dad was way too paranoid. But whatever, all that mattered was getting the man to believe they could be trusted enough to be brought to the Order.

Jules rolled his eyes at Del’s antics but was hard pressed not to openly smirk when she made the quip about his lying skills. If only she knew. He resisted a moment before allowing Del to pull him along, assumingly back to the unwanted conversation with Casey. He tried to slow their pace the nearer they got to the table, to stall a little longer, but Delilah kept hold of his arm and didn’t let him. Once they were back at the table Jules gave Casey an apologetic look. ”Dad, I-..Sorry about that…it wasn’t a good time you know…” He took a deep breath as if steeling himself for what was to come, casting a sidelong glance at Del before turning back to Casey, giving the man a strained smirk. ”To answer your first question, no…you never did find me…” he started, breath hitching as he begun to weave his story, his voice resonating with hidden emotion. ”No one found me until Del did a few years ago…”
At least she seems good for him, Casey thought to himself as he watched Delilah lead his son away and talk to him. He seemed to calm just at her very touch. All those potential years of torture followed by being freed by and cared for by her. Hopefully it somehow made those years worth it to his son since he met her from it. Still, he doubted it would make up for those lost years of his youth spent doing whatever that monster, Williams, deemed necessary or being subjected to whatever that poor excuse for a man, that tyrant, deemed necessary.

Waiting as patiently as he could manage, Casey took a sip of his coffee but nearly spit it out. In all that had followed its delivery, he had forgotten to add sugar and creamer. Black was not his favorite way to have coffee. With hands shaking with nervous anticipation, the man reached out for the glass container that held the sugar and poured a little. He ended up with a little too much, but he didn't seem to let it phase him. Instead, he moved onto adding the creamer, which didn't have quite as bad results considering it was portioned off into small plastic containers he had to open. He was simply relieved he hadn't spilled it.

It was as he was stirring it that Julian's voice caught his attention, and he looked up, the spoon held forgotten in his hand. "Dad, I--...Sorry about that... It wasn't a good time, you know..." Casey nodded, scratching the side of his neck and casting his gaze down momentarily until his son began to speak again. Casey cast his gaze away as Julian admitted he had never found him, that no one had until a few years ago when Delilah had found him. Now he felt like the scum of creation. All his searching would be for naught, but that didn't mean Casey would give up searching. No, he would ask Julian for directions, and he would find him. He would stop his son's torture. He had to.

"Wha--?" Casey began, his voice dry and lacking its usual volume. He took a small sip of his coffee and cleared his throat in hopes of making his throat feel a little less tense. "What...what did he do to you?" he asked. He didn't want to know the answer, honestly. He was afraid to hear what his son had gone through. There were no major scars he could see, but there was still much of his son's body he couldn't see, many places scars telling the tale of his torment could be hidden.
He watched Casey intently when he let it drop that no one had come after him. It seemed that that simple statement had knocked his dad for a loop considering the man couldn’t even meet his gaze, and for some reason Jules couldn’t fathom, he felt rather sorry for him at the moment. Had the man actually tried to get him back from Trevor? Julian had always figured Casey had just been glad to be rid of him. He rubbed the back of his neck and pushed that disturbing thought from his mind. He had a job to do, and he planned on doing it well. Julian cleared his throat and took a moment to think about what Casey wanted to hear and was hard pressed not to openly smirk.

”Things started out not to bad, he wanted my cooperation from the get go, but I refused... you would know better than anyone how… I was back then… er, now I suppose… Thought I could make his life as miserable as mine was. Almost took his legs off with a Reducto in my first escape attempt. Pretty sure he hadn’t been expecting me to do that, but as you can well imagine that didn’t end well in my favor. Things got steadily worse after that and I never got a second chance at him. He kept me locked away from everyone, kept telling me things like how no one would come for me, that I wasn’t worth the Orders precious time; that I could leave if I just told him what he wanted to know and that he had all the time in the world to get me to talk. At first it was easy to just ignore him, but as the days melted into weeks, and weeks into months… “ Jules took a moment to pause, a small smirk, devoid of any warmth played on his face as his hands fiddled with the empty creamer container Casey had discarded earlier.

”I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point during the first 3 months or so of my captivity, something big must have happened because his whole demeanor had shifted and he needed my knowledge of the Order right away… and it was bad. Said he didn’t buy it when I told him I didn’t know anything worth telling… It got even worse when some toady tipped him off and he found out you were alive… that was the first real news I’d hears about anything going on in the wizarding world. It also hurt to know that you were still alive but hadn’t found me yet… ”

Julian stopped there and leaned into Delilah, hoping to give the impression that this whole conversation was bothering him much more than it actually was. He let out a soft sigh and silently and wished that firewhiskey would show up right about now. It would provide a good distraction that was for sure; buy him some more time to come up with answers to questions Casey would probably ask. ”Dad… can we… I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Can you ask something else?” Jules made sure there was enough desperation creeping into his voice and let his breath hitch a bit that hopefully Casey would let this topic drop and move onto something new.
So much for Julian being their new start. So much for the relief they'd felt when the war had ended before Julian had been born. So much for keeping him and any other children they might have away from this. They never should have returned the second time Voldemort was there. They should have simply let everyone else fight that battle. None of this would have happened. Julian would have never known the evils of the world. Lydia would still be alive. The twins would have been born. They would be living in some other country untouched by all that was going on over here aside from the worry of what had happened to her parents as well as his and his siblings.

Instead, his son was now kidnapped and he was now hearing from the older version of his son that it hadn't been sunshine and flowers following his kidnapping--not that he had expected it to have been. And he was wondering what had happened to his cousin and any siblings who weren't at the safe house. And not only that, but Julian was so damaged by what had happened to him he didn't want to talk about it. It made him feel like a great father--not.

Casey scratched the side of his neck after a brief nod. He sighed quietly, trying to relieve some of the tension he was feeling, but it was to no avail. "So, you guys got a place to stay?" he asked, not sure what else to say right now. He wanted to go off and apologize over and over for everything that had happened to him, but he knew it would only make a scene when his son didn't want a scene and wanted to move on. It was best left for another time when his girlfriend wasn't around for him to want to be tough for.
He waited in silence as Casey seemed to be taking more than a few minutes to digest what he had just heard and considering the man was incredibly tense looking; Jules figured he was taking it rather hard. No, he hadn’t made it sound like everything had been dandy, but Casey didn’t need to know that. In fact, Trevor had been more of a father figure to him in his mind then Casey ever had. He let out a soft sigh and fixed his gaze on his dad and waited for the man to say something. Thankfully they weren’t kept waiting too long.

”So you guys got a place to stay?”

Julian straightened up at that and let out a soft strained chuckle before scratching the back of his neck and shaking his head in the negative. ”Not yet. Can’t say we really thought that far ahead. Honestly we didn’t even know if we could get this far back, but I guess I’ll try and scrounge up some galleons and get a room someplace.” He paused a moment and fished through his front pocket and pulled out a few knutes, a sickle and two galleons and dropped them on the table. ”Don’t think that’s going to get us very far though…” Of course he had quite a bit more on him than what he was leading Casey to believe, but maybe this would help their plight to get into the safe house. ”Where you staying these days?”
"Same place you left me," Casey replied, for the first time noting the irony of the situation. Seemed the roles had been successfully reversed when Julian had left the safe house for wherever he had originally intended. Further ironic, for lack of a better term, was the fact Julian had landed himself right in the perfect position to do just what Casey himself had attempted to do for so many months. Of course, it seemed Julian had not acted upon this opportunity, though he merely assumed Trevor had done the obvious and taken his son's wand. Clearly, Julian's lack of action was by no fault of his own.

"Why don't you two come with me?" Casey offered. No, everyone else would not like he was acting on his own, but since the Order had lacked the "skill" of acting as a singular unit for apparently some time already, he didn't see the harm. Someone had to take charge at some point, and this was as good a reason as any other to call a meeting, gain the insight needed to bring his plan to culmination, and propose said plan. He just hoped others saw the reason for acting on his own on this one decision rather than wait for the group to act, especially condidering they were collectively slow as molasses. Besides, they would have their chance to negate it.
Same place he’d left him? Well that was convenient and the irony of Casey’s statement wasn’t lost on him either. It was a perfect role reversal. He gave Casey a small smirk when the man asked if they’d like to come with him. At least that would solve the problem of how to get into the safe house; Casey would get them in and then they would be one step closer to figuring out what they were supposed to prevent from happening. Julian looked over to Del for a brief moment, as if trying to figure out if going with Casey would be a wise idea, before turning his attention back to his dad. ”I guess we could… it’s not like we have anywhere else to go at the moment… unless, Del, that ok with you?”

Jules let out a soft sigh as he waited for Delilah to agree. He didn’t want it to come off like they were eager to go or anything, giving Casey a reason to suspect they had other motives for wanting to be at the safe house, plus his dad had to know he’d never liked it there and thus would be hesitant to go back. He rubbed his arm nervously while he waited. Would the rest of the Order be ok with simply letting and older version of himself in? No, there would have to be a meeting or something he figured… if they could all be gathered together for more than 30 seconds. From what he remembered of the Order, they were a bunch of useless idiots that shied away from making any major decisions.
Delilah shrugged at Julian's question. "I figured we'd figure out a way to get a room somewhere, but if it wouldn't be any trouble...," she replied. She hated being so noncommittal, but she couldn't sound overeager or it could be suspicious, right? Though she supposed that if the man was going to be suspicious, he would have acted very differently from the start. Still, politeness was a trait people liked, so pretending not to want to be a burden though making it seem like it was a desirable alternative to their other options was the way to go, she supposed.

Casey shook his head, smiling a little despite himself. It was weird seeing his son in this position and at this age, really weird. He was acting adult. It was a nice change despite its oddness. "It's no problem, you two. What's two more mouths to feed at this point? We'll just have to have those who still have connections get more food, and it's not like the manor doesn't have enough rooms. So, what do you say we get out of here?"
Julian nodded to Casey when the man suggested they take off. Merlin, it seemed like infiltrating the Order was going to be a cakewalk if this kept up. He offered Del a shy smile before pushing his chair out and placing his fedora back on. No time like the present he supposed. ”Sounds like a plan to me, and it seems like a better idea then scrounging around here until we figure things out.” He stood up and straightened out his shirt a bit before waiting for Casey to take them back home. It would be hard and awkward Jules knew, all the familiar faces and what not and he was sure there was bound to be a ton of questions. But whatever, he could deal with that later.
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