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by: Jordan
Saturday, June 19th, 2010

Vaughn wasn't entirely sure where he was exactly or why. In the late hours of the previous night, his family, the Ulrich's had brought him here. He was immediately shoved into cramped quarters with several other slaves overnight, and forced to do various forms of menial labor all day today. He wasn't exactly sure why he was brought here, but if he had to guess it might be that the Ulrich's had gone away somewhere this weekend and hadn't wanted his 'amazing' slave talents to go to waste. So here he was, in a giant manor with more slaves than he'd ever been with. All morning he had been hauling wood inside, and now he was given the random task of washing dishes in the kitchen.

Apparently this place had a lot of visitors eating here or simply found a gold mine of dirty dishes somewhere. He'd been washing dishes for nearly an hour now and the pile seemed no shorter now than when he'd started. It didn't help that he was being watched over by a man who he assumed had something to do with keeping the slaves in line here at this manor. Either that or he just loved to torment them. He stood there and watched as Vaughn cleaned, eating food and dirtying up more dishes for him to clean. As if that wasn't enough, he'd occasionally pick up a dish and say that it wasn't 'clean enough' and make him wash it all over again. His hands and wrists were beginning to get tired from the intensity of the scrubbing he had to employ, and his fingers were all wrinkled from the water.

As the man finished his snack and placed his current dirty plate onto the pile, he proceeded to get a clean plate and started to get yet another snack. This annoyed Vaughn enough to speak up. "Can't you just use the same plate?

The man turned around and smirked. [color=800000]"I don't want to get my foods mixed. And who said you could talk?"[/color]

Ignoring his comment he kept begging the question, even if he knew it would only lead to more trouble. "Is it really necessary to give any more work than you need to?"

This irritated the man. In response, he held the clean dish straight out in front of him and proceeded to drop it. It shattered into dozens of pieces all across the floor. The man gave him a sly look. [color=800000]"Clean it up."[/color]

Vaughn gave him a look of pathetic frustration. "But you have a wand, wouldn't it be simpler for you to just fix..."

[color=800000]"If you give me backtalk one more time, I'll floor your ass faster than you can open your mouth! Then you'll be begging me for more work. Now go clean this mess up. The broom closet is down the hall."[/color]

Vaughn didn't dare argue this time. He heard stories about disobedient slaves. He'd even heard of slave camps where they would supposedly 'break' them. Vaughn was simply trying to be reasonable in an unreasonable situation. He wouldn't dare take it a step farther than that. Disheartened, he quickly drudged out of the kitchen down the hallway towards the broom closet. It was as he passed an open room that he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. In the corner of the room was a woman, curled up into a ball, lying motionless. Slightly concerned, even if he didn't know who she was, Vaughn stepped into the room. Looking at her curiously, he simply asked "Hello?"

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by: Sarah
Exhaustion. Complete and utter exhaustion.

Sienna had been cleaning, dusting, and hauling things up and down stairs all day, not to mention having to fight off some horny little bastard who had to resort to molesting slaves to get a woman. Luckily she was able to get away with only a few bruises and a split lip. As she ran through the huge manor trying to make sure she wasn't followed, she ducked into the room she was currently in. Not currently in use apparently, judging by the sheet-covered furniture and lack of accessories, she decided she would be safe there for a few minutes. She sat down in the far corner of the room, away from the windows and mostly hidden in shadow, and drew her knees up to her chin. Not having slept more than 6 hours in the last 3 days, she soon succumbed to her exhaustion and laid down, curling up in the corner of the unused room. She was so utterly exhausted that she didn't even stir when Vaughn came into the room and spoke. She just slept on, sound asleep.
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by: Jordan
When the woman failed to respond, he grew slightly more concerned. What with the things that went on and the rumors spread among the slaves, he began to wonder if she was hurt or something. 'Hurt' of course being a euphemism for the wide range of things their masters did to them. Vaughn had been lucky enough to get sold to a small family and wasn't subject to the whims of just anbody (well until today anyway). Even still, there were many horror stories involving both men and women, and he shuddered to think about them. It was better to go on not thinking about the atrocities being committed to people like him. Ignorance was bliss, but he could never quite shake the reality of the situation that lingered in the back of his head.

He walked further into the room which apparently wasn't even being used. He knelt down next to the woman and gently nudged her shoulder. "Excuse me, are you alright?" She was still breathing, but definitely looked a little worse for wear. There were rings under her eyes, and her lip was slightly bleeding. She definitely looked as though here life wasn't the most pleasant. Then again, neither was his.
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by: Sarah
Sienna slowly regained consciousness, having been deeply asleep for several hours. There was a reason she was waking up...but she was too out of it to realize why... Until she realized someone was touching her. Oh shit...that bastard must have found her! Sitting bolt upright, her eyes wide with fear, Sienna gasped and pressed herself as far back against the wall as she could, bracing herself for a fight. "Stay away from me, you filthy bastard!"

But the man before her, although he looked slightly concerned and more than a little surprised by her reaction, was not the same one she had feared. This man was dressed simply, like her, and was more than a bit unkempt; obviously a slave. Relaxing only slightly (male slaves weren't always trustworthy either in her experience), Sienna said softly, "I'm sorry...you...startled me..."
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by: Jordan
Vaughn jumped and backed up a little at he startled reaction. A bit unexpected, but overall not very surprising. He wasn't sure who she thought he could have been, but based on her reaction it must have been someone who was less than amicable. "I'm sorry, I hadn't meant to." Given the situation, he hadn't meant to do anything more than check to see if she was alright. A pang of guilt ushered from the back of his mind: the man back in the kitchen would probably come looking for him if he lingered too long. He pushed that from his mind; this was more important than that right now.

"I saw you curled up here and just wanted to make sure you were alright." Well as 'alright' as a slave could be in their case, anyway. Was there even a definition of 'alright' possible for them? He didn't think so really, but hoped she understood that the context of the issue excluded the fact that they were slaves. That fact, though, was something extremely hard to exclude considering the fact that it weighed down on them each and every day, trying to smother them out.
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by: Sarah
Sienna looked the other slave over slowly, realizing she had never seen him before. As he apologized for scaring her, she relaxed her posture and drew her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on them, not taking her eyes off the stranger before her. She contemplated telling the man she was fine and going back to sleep, but if he had seen her from the hallway, it was only luck that had prevented one of the overseers or a tattle-tale from noticing her and it would only be pressing her luck if she tried to get away with it again. Instead of brushing him off, Sienna decided to take advantage of a friendly presence; after all, there weren't many times she could.

Taking a deep breath to try to calm her still-pounding heart, Sienna began to introduce herself, but was halted by the patch of drying blood on her lip that cracked open again when she tried to speak. "Ouch!" she gasped, cursing herself as blood flowed over her chin and tears formed involuntarily in her eyes from the sharp jolt of pain.
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