2009, the first year of the takeover. All early LR posts from the first year of the takeover are here.
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by: Casey Winslow
The Date: February 14, 2009
The Time: 10 p.m.
The Place: Delirium, a club in London
The Faces: Kevin Bristow, Evie Williams

Kevin hated Valentine's Day. What was it? Just another day to remind singles that they were alone? Woo-hoo!! Like there needed to be another day for that. If one wanted to be reminded how he was alone, he just needed to go out of his house and see the couples walking down the street, maybe pushing a stroller, or the teens at the park, making out on the swing set. Seeing as he had no one to hang with on Valentine's Day after since that bastard had him and his son "killed" and had successfully killed his daughter and stolen his wife (Honestly, why hadn't he thought of at least somehow sparing the children? He hated himself for that now. But maybe somehow he'd hoped Trevor would never kill a child.), Kevin was here in Delirium, downing a beer.

He hadn't drank in how long now, yet here he was yet again drinking his sorrows and problems away, only this time in the guise of a drinking game. It was a miserable habit he thought he'd gotten out of, but apparently not. It didn't help that he had Quidditch buddies surrounding him. He and Shane were pitted against each other and were sitting one stool away from each other and giving each other challenging looks while Lauren, Kelly, Cameron, and Patrick rooted for their favorite of the two. So far they'd both had three and were on their fourth. Kevin was starting to feel the effects, but he was trying not to let it show. After all, they all thought he had a high tolerance. None of them knew the fact that he had a vile of polyjuice in his inside jacket pocket, the fact that he wasn't who he said he was.

"Come on, Kev! You can do it," encouraged Lauren as she slid her hands up his chest from behind and rested her head beside his, her pointed chin lightly resting against his shoulder. He side-glanced her, unused to the touch of another woman after so long. It had only been a month since his wife's abduction and children's murders, but already he'd grown used to not being touched. Ever since assuming Kevin's identity a couple weeks ago after watching the man die in a mugging, something he couldn't have stopped by the point he'd come across it, he'd had ample opportunity, but no matter what he thought Evie could be doing, he didn't do anything with anyone else.

Lauren had found his coldness towards her suspicious and had brought it up to him, so he was forced to lighten up around her and allow certain things to avoid losing cover, but he didn't know how much he could allow. Why did the only opportunity he'd got to assume another's identity have to be with one of the bigger flirts on the team? But he had known Kevin well. They'd been good buddies. He was probably the best person he could have ended up stealing the identity of, if only the newest girl on the team didn't have the hots for him, and Kevin, being Kevin, had apparently flirted back rather heavily. At least he hadn't been as bad as that Jason Scotts fellow from the London team had been. Shudder. Shudder, shudder, shudder.

He gave Lauren a smile, glancing over at Kelly as she slid a hand up his leg, a little too close to a certain area of his body for comfort. He coyly smiled and shook his head, pushing her hand down a little as he took a sip from his beer bottle, downing the last of it, receiving a kiss from Lauren, lasting several moments, as he brought a hand up to her face to hold her close. He broke it off after a while and called for another beer, only to catch a glimpse of someone who looked familiar.

"What's the matter, Kev baby? You look like you saw a ghost." It was Kelly in her little tiny voice that she liked to use when talking to him. He much preferred her more serious voice to this whiny one. Her hand moved to his upper arm, squeezing it slightly as his eyes shifted over to her.

"N-nothing," he assured her with a small smile. "I just thought--It's nothing." He shook his head and took a long swig from his beer bottle, setting it down as he swallowed and looking around the club for any sign of what he thought he'd just seen.
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by: Former Members
Evie walked past the velvet ropes of the front entrance to the club when the bouncer moved it aside for her, seems she picked the right thing to wear tonight since it got her through the door instead of having to wait for ages in line just to get in. Really, she didn’t want to be here but it was crowded and she could watch people and have less of a chance of being seen if she just stayed off by herself, sure, she was expecting guys to come up to her but it would be easy to tell them ‘no’ that she had someone waiting for her.

Things at the home front have been….stressful. It’s been about a month since she woke up in bed next to some strange man that claimed to be her husband and he had plenty of pictures to back his story and Evie had ‘memories’ of some things….but they weren’t really memories, they were just bits and pieces of things that could or could not have happened. She didn’t trust him, it wasn’t like she had a reason not to other than not knowing anything but, that was enough. Things didn’t feel right with Trevor, she could tell he loved her but she didn’t love him. What ever they had before just wasn’t going to come right back, it was going to take time and Evie just wasn’t ready to deal with that.

She wanted to know more things about herself, about them but she didn’t want to ask Trevor. Anything she asked him he could lie or manipulate and she wouldn’t know the difference. She didn’t trust him no matter how hard she tried to make herself. That was why she came here. They had a fight last night and Evie decided that she wanted time alone to think things over and so she rented herself a hotel in London and has been staying there since. After spending the day wandering around the city and shopping a little to make herself feel better Evie wanted to go out and explore the night life.

After getting ready at her hotel room and wearing one of the new dresses she bought herself Evie walked around the streets till she found a placed that looked like it would suit her purpose.

After walking inside Evie weaved her way through people and headed for the bar, she wanted a drink, a nice, big strong drink. One her way to a open stool Evie passed a group of people all gathered around two others who seemed to be drinking for something, maybe playing a game? It didn’t matter, she wasn’t interested in them. Evie sat on the stool and called the bartender over give me the strongest drink you have the guy nodded and grabbed a glass and a some bottles and mixed together what he called the ‘four horseman’ and set the glass in front of her. Evie took out her money and handed it to him and took the glass and downed the drink, not even having the chance to taste anything, which didn’t matter because it burned all the way down her throat and once she finished she asked for another one.
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by: Casey Winslow
Kevin's eyes fell on Evie as the bartender handed her a drink, and he just stared, watching her down it. He was so close to just walking over and talking to her, but what if he blew it? It could be the death of his whole plan if he walked over to her because he knew he wouldn't just be able to let things be. He'd probably be too nosy or seem too pushy or something and turn her away from him, and then when he finally did find a way to get into Trevor's ranks, she'd remember him and what a pathetic loser he was and never ever want to have anything to do with him again.

"Yo, Kevin. Earth to Kevin!" He blinked as Patrick waved his hand in front of his face and snapped his fingers, looking over at the man. "London, we have signs of life! Whaddaya know?! You alright, man? You don't look so hot."

"Or rather, he looks too hot, if you know what I mean," Cameron said, wriggling his brows, obviously rather amused.

"Shut up, Cameron," Lauren said, slapping the red-haired, bearded teen. "He just needs some air. Don't you, baby? Come with me, and Lauren will make you all better."

Kevin's eyes had settled back on Evie by now, diverting his eyes if she looked over, but Lauren tugged him up, pulling him towards an exit, causing him to abruptly come back to earth. "Laur, why don't you let me go myself?"

"But Kev, don't you want Lauren to make it all better?"

"No, and stop talking about yourself in the third person. It's annoying. You annoy me," he said, waving her off as he staggered out the exit himself, not caring how aghast and taken aback she was at his comment, and leaned back against a wall once he was outside, throwing his head back and staring up at the darkened sky. This was a mess. He needed to clear his head. He wished he hadn't drank all that he had. His head was spinning. The morning was not going to be pleasant.

Suddenly he felt soft lips crash against his, and he went with the flow for a few moments before realizing what he was doing and pushing the woman away. "Stop it, Lauren! Get over yourself. I don't want you." He stormed away, almost losing his balance and having to grab onto the doorframe for a moment as he re-entered the club, walking straight over to Evie and sitting down beside her. If this didn't get the point across to Lauren, he didn't know what would. "Let me buy you a drink, pretty lady?"
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by: Former Members
Evie let her second drink last longer than the first and she savored the horrible taste of it, well, she got what she wanted, it certainly was a strong drink and it burned her lips and the inside of her mouth every time she drank it. But, it was doing the job and she could already feel herself starting to get numb. And she could feel something else to, eyes were on her, someone was watching her and she would be willing to bet that some guys were but someone was watching her intently and she could feel it. Evie looked around and found the culprit. One of the guys from the group was watching her because when she looked at him he looked away but it seemed his girlfriend was dragging him away.

She just shrugged and went back to her drink that is, until someone came and sat next to her and wouldn’t you know it, it was him. Evie rolled her eyes at him and shook her head sorry, sport, but I already have one
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by: Casey Winslow
"Well, then let me buy the next one," Kevin stated simply before ordering himself a glass of water and taking a long drink from it once it was brought to him. "Name's Kevin Bristow," he supplied casually, the obvious hint he wanted to know her name. After all, it wasn't like she was widely known in the wizarding community quite yet. He knew if Trevor's plans went down she might be, which would complicate matters, but he couldn't just give up because something got complicated. Things had been complicated for himself and Evie from basically the day they met for all intents and purposes.

It wasn't that long after she'd been asked out to the Yule Ball that the attacks had occurred, so really, they'd been under siege from day one with very few exceptions. It was tiring and really old by now, and it would be so much easier to give up and move on with someone else, but he loved Evie, not any other girl under the sun. He'd already lost his children, and the fact that she was drinking either showed that Trevor had no clue she was pregnant and therefore she somehow hadn't realized or he'd made her miscarry or she'd miscarried on her own. So, the twins were no more. He didn't want to lose more than that. He couldn't stand to lose more than that.

He had to get Evie back or die trying, but it wasn't as simple as seeing her right now and telling her what had happened and convincing her of it. Trevor was obviously obsessed. He hadn't given up after eight years. Why would he give up now if Evie went missing with no explanation. Of course, he had no clue as to what Trevor was telling her. Maybe she remembered? Maybe she was getting drunk because she was so horrified that she couldn't handle life anymore and was just biding her time until she could find a definite out? But if she was like that, would Trevor really just let her out of his sight? Unbelievable, if he did. But then again, the man was responsible for the death of their children. Was anything really beyond him?
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by: Former Members
Evie sighed and took another drink from her glass, what was the harm in another drink? It saved her money from not having to buy her own and that was fine with her because drinks didn't come all that cheap. Alright she said, turning a little on the stool to look at Kevin you can buy the next one.

She looked at him when he introduced himself and she wondered what she should tell him. Weren't you supposed to give a fake name in this type of situation? Evie couldn't remember ever having to do so, but she didn't remember anything anyways so that didn't help her. I'm.. she hesitated for a moment Evie she said while pointing to herself.
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by: Casey Winslow
Kevin smiled as Evie said he could buy her the next one, though inside he wondered what the matter was. Throughout their whole thirteen-year (now fourteen-year despite her absence) marriage she had never been much of a drinker. What was this monster turning her to? Maybe he ought to start some sort of friendship with her so he could keep an eye on her or something. At least then he'd know when to hit the "abort button" on his plan and go for a quick escape and what obstacles he'd be facing, what lies Trevor had been feeding her.

He smiled again as she told him her name, nodding. "Evie," he repeated. "I like that. Suits you." He kept his gaze on her, smile intact, for a few moments before he took a long sip of his water, tilting his head back as he practically chugged it, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed. He set the glass down with a satisfied "Ah," and called out for another glass of it, which the bartender quickly obliged. The water tasted like nothing after all the beer, but it had to do. Couldn't go drinking more at the moment unless he wanted to get drunk out of his mind. A part of him did, but she had to catch up first so if he did anything stupid she wouldn't be as apt to get angered.
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by: Former Members
Evie smiled a little but it was gone just as quick as it came and she sipped at her drink a little more. her lips puckered a little at the strong taste and she set her glass back down on the bar and turned to look at Kevin. So, what do you do, Kevin? Evie asked, might as well start some small talk, there wasn't much else that she wanted to do right now besides sit here and drink and if he was willing to buy for her then Evie was going to keep him around. Just so long as he didn't expect anything in return.
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by: Casey Winslow
"I, uh, what?" Kevin shook his head, smiling a little sheepishly. "Forgive me. I'm a football player." He despised the game, but if he was to maintain the cover of not knowing her or anything about her, he had to pretend to be muggle just like any wizard would do. "I'm here with the team. Big game earlier, and we won, so we're celebrating." Now, that's where things could get complicated. There had been no muggle football games around here lately. He doubted she kept up with the sport, but hey, never knew. Good thing she wasn't a muggle, eh? "What about you?" he asked.
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by: Former Members
Football? Evie asked in a puzzled manner you'll have to forgive me, I've been having a lot of trouble remembering things lately. Thats where you kick the ball around, correct? She felt amazingly stupid now, telling some stranger that she didn't know what football was, but it wasn't like she could pretend to know something about it without knowing what it was. Well, she could but that would just make a bigger fool of herself. Evie shurgged when he asked her what she did for a living. Great, what to tell him? She didn't even know because she couldn't remember a whole lot about anything to be convincing I wish I could tell you... she said, picking up her glass again and drinking the rest of it down and setting the empty glass away from her. So...how bout that drink? Evie asked while looking at him, she needed it.
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by: Casey Winslow
Several things about what Evie said concerned Kevin. The not remembering what football was about could just be attributed to her trying to make for conversation or something, but seeing as he didn't know much more than her when it came to the sport, he couldn't carry on about it. But what about the "I wish I could tell you..." in response to his question about what she did for a living? What was Trevor having her do? The concern flashed on his face. He swore, if he was doing something to hurt her or making her do something she hated, he would kill the man! Singlehandedly, if need be.

He hadn't kept in touch with the remaining Order members; much less did he know which of them had survived the attack launched only a few days after the murder of his children and in-laws. He could care less, to be quite frank. Their motives were different and most likely their tactics. He was beyond the wait for the Death Eaters to make a move, way beyond it. He wanted to be the one to strike--unexpected, swiftly, without remorse or consideration for their humanity. After all the pain they'd caused him and Evie and others throughout the years, it was time they paid, and sometimes payback had to be just as bad as the things the enemy did. There were no two ways about it.

So, there was no need to communicate with the Order, not even his cousin Sam. No, Sam was too busy with Lucy and their new baby anyway, most likely, hiding wherever they had hidden. He hoped that the three had left the country; it was much safer for them that way, but he couldn't worry about it. He had his own problems. Once he got Evie free and back again, he would have to go after his brothers and sisters...at least, the ones who were slaves and not still somehow avoiding capture whether on the run or working for the Ministry still. There were a few that still did that, and the thought sickened him.

The mention of the drink was a welcome topic. He gave her a smile and nodded. "Yes, the drink..." he replied before shouting out, "Bartender!" The young woman came over, looking straight at him and ignoring Evie for the time being. "Another beer for me and whatever the lady's having." The girl rose a brow at Kevin's request for another beer as though in disapproval but soon replaced her look with a smile and looked over to Evie, ready to take her order.
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by: Former Members
Evie sighed and she was a little surprised that he didn't want to touch more on the topic of what she did for a living. He could ask all he wanted but there was nothing she could tell him besides 'i don't know' or 'I don't remember' but that would just raise more questions that she wasn't sure she wanted to answer to some stranger. But, who knew, maybe if she had a few more drinks in her she would be singing a different tune and pouring out her heart to this guy. Evie didn't really know how much it took or how fast she got drunk, or what kind of drunk she was but she was bound to find out right?

When the bartender came over Evie looked at the girl and thought about it for a moment I'll have a beer as well
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by: Casey Winslow
"Two beers coming right up!" the girl replied, and she reappeared before them with two bottles of the beer that Kevin had been drinking earlier. She sat them down in front of the two, and Kevin thanked her, turning to look at Evie as he took a sip from the cool beer. He simply looked at her with a smile for a moment and then faced back towards the back of the bar, his eyes lifting to the television to see what was on it. Finding nothing very interesting, he took another sip of his beer and looked around the room, glancing over to his friends. As his eyes came to rest on Lauren, she looked at him with a hard set glare. He merely smiled and waved and then rolled his eyes. Honestly, that woman could have any guy in this place if she wanted to, so why did she have to be so set on him? Because he wasn't muggle or muggleborn? Maybe.

After watching Shane pass out and Patrick declare himself the victor, though he couldn't hear him do so, he looked back to Evie with another smile, sipping at his beer again. "So...why can't you tell me what you do for a living? You some top secret government spy or something from across the pond?" he asked, raising a brow but the amusement in his eyes gave away the fact that he was only joking with her. "I mean, you could've fooled me. You don't sound like a Yank at all to me." He winked, taking another drink of his beer. "Naw, just giving you a hard time, Evie."
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by: Former Members
Evie took her beer with a thanks when it was handed to her and she took a drink and sat there, it seemed Kevin had lost interest since conversation was at a lull. All well, at least she got a free drink out of it, right? It was better that way anyway, she didn’t have to come up with a fake story to tell him or worry about what could happen if she told him the truth. After all, for all she knew he could be one of the Order.

She smiled a little when he asked if she was a spy, guess he wasn’t as non interested as she thought. Evie looked at him and smiled maybe I am, maybe I’m not…but, if I told you I would have to kill you She said playfully of course, it wasn’t like she was going to kill him…now, maybe Trevor would if he saw her here at a bar talking with some guy and drinking but she didn’t care, Evie still didn’t trust him yet, things had been rough between them so far and what could he expect? She didn’t know him…and if she did before she didn’t anymore, it was going to take time and Evie wasn’t really sure if she wanted to take the time to get to know him…but he had proven himself, proved that he did care for her and all the pictures and bits of memory…Ugh, it was just maddening and she didn’t know what to do.
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by: Casey Winslow
Kevin laughed a little more than he ought to have at that, but he managed to get himself back in check and cleared his throat, taking a sip of his beer. "Is that so?" he asked, raising a brow. "Well, I suppose if you've got to go at some point anyway, it may as well be at the hands of a pretty woman." He smiled a little and winked before taking another drink of his beer. Setting the thing down, he noticed Lauren was starting to head towards them. Shit. He would probably be pushing his luck to ask what came to mind at the thought of what Lauren could do to ruin this for him, but he had to try, right? If she said no, then she said no, and they'd stay, and he would just have to deal with Lauren. "Umm, you, uh, what do you say to going to another club? There's one just a little ways away, not far. I just...I...."

But it was too late. Lauren had stopped right before him. Had she changed? Honestly, that get-up was slutty. A sleeveless midriff with most of the buttons unbuttoned and some short shorts... Oh joy, she hadn't given up. It was only a challenge to try harder to her. She wouldn't stop 'til she had him in bed, would she? "Hey, baby," she said cutely, looping her arms around his neck as she leaned against him, giving him a kiss. He promptly pushed her away.

"Lauren, I thought I told you I'm not interested in you. Go."

"Get a few more beers in you, and that might just change."

Merlin, she was desperate, wasn't she? "Look, if you want to stay on the team, you'll learn to leave me alone."

She laughed. "Aww, ickle Kevin threatening little old me?" she asked, giving an innocent look.

"You know Phil's always favored me anyway. He can get another seeker any day. He's been looking anyway, you know? You haven't exactly won any games for us lately, letting the little golden ball get away. Hell, even I can do better than you, and I'm a chaser. Now, just get lost."
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