2009, the first year of the takeover. All early LR posts from the first year of the takeover are here.
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January 1, 2009

So, I figure now's probably the best time to actually be keeping one of these things, but it's probably also the worst. In a few short hours the plan I've put in motion will begin to get interesting. Thomas Price is supposed to kill Casey Winslow, and then I'll come in, take care of anyone else, and I'll erase her memory, and I'll have her as my own. She'll believe she's my wife, naturally. It's simply easiest. This is how to best get rid of the Order, after all. None of them will suspect anything. I'll simply go with her and pretend to be Winslow, and we'll act like it's nothing, and we'll take out the Order one family at a time. Of course, the others will be involved. They don't know about the Evie part--yet. Right now they just all think I'm out to get the Order.

They probably doubt the possibility of success with the relative failure of White's attacks on Hogwarts and the Ministry a couple weeks ago. After all, only a handful of people died that night that were Order members or of any importance to the Wizarding community. I fear Morgana's reaction once she finds out about Evie, but she has to understand. Ok, maybe she doesn't. Hell, I don't even understand it myself. I love Morgana, but then there are also these feelings I have for Evie and have had for years, and I want to find out what they are, to explore the possibilities. She won't understand. I know she won't.

Natalya? I don't know. She's still a mystery to me. I have little clue about her and how she'll react. I don't even know what this thing we have going is, really. I mean, so far it's been a bunch of innocent flirting mostly. I'm confused, real confused. Oh well. Maybe I'll figure it out. Maybe. And then again, maybe I won't have to be bothered with it. Maybe she'll just say, 'Forget this bloke!' and hightail it away from me. I don't know, though. She strikes me as a little naïve. She might still stick with it. Whatever. As long as she doesn't get between Evie and me, I guess it's alright, but it will eventually have to end. That's just how it is. I'm not going to lie.

I still am concerned about the whole Morgana issue. Could I possibly get her to be my mistress? I mean, she'd be my number one whenever possible. But no, it probably won't work. Morgana's not so willing to take shit from someone, even me. She'll tell me how it is, try to set me straight. I hope I'm not right. For once, I hope I'm not right. But I just know I am. Merlin, somebody help me! I'm going out of my mind right now.

In some ways all this is frustrating me, especially my feelings for Morgana. I mean, the past several years I've managed to keep myself emotionally detached from women, ever since Anna's death, yet here I am now with a possible three on my hands? I mean, I'm not emotionally attached to Natalya, not at the moment, anyway. And Evie? I don't even know what what I feel for her is. Is it love? Is it lust? What is it? Is there even a word for it? Ahhh! I'm going to stop writing before I drive myself off the wall. I've got to get myself in my little, 'This will work' manner of thinking or tonight will be an utter disaster.

January 16, 2009

Knew I wasn't going to be good at keeping this thing.

Things have been going well, I guess, since everything went down. The Weasleys are gone, the Winslows (bar Evie), and just about everyone else as of eleven days ago. There are a few that are still unaccounted for, but the fact is there is going to be severe disruption in their organization for quite some time, and in that we now have one up on them, which sets the stage for us to move in and get things going while the remaining members are struggling to regroup and get things going again. A handful of them against so many of us isn't going to be a problem. In a few months time, I think we'll have the perfect plan in motion. There's no doubt about it in my mind.

Of course, this all would be easier if I still had Morgana to bounce ideas off of and figure things out with. Unfortunately, I was right about how she'd react to the whole Evie deal. I just hope for my sake that the two are never in a room together until she has time to cool off and get used to things being the way they are now. Ack! I tried. I really tried to fight to keep Morgana, but it didn't work. It's probably just as well. It provides less of a chance of something happening to make this whole Evie thing blow up in my face. Then again, she could be so pissed she ruins things for me on purpose. Not even going to go there.

Evie was terrified as hell when she woke up in my bed after I took her from the safe house she and her family were hiding in. She had no clue where she was or who I was, so it was understandable. After a few moments, the memory I had implanted while she was unconscious began to kick in and she calmed down somewhat, though certainly not completely. I assured her I was indeed her husband, Trevor Ryan Williams, and she was indeed Evelyn Ann Williams, my wife. I showed her the wedding tape I managed to fake a few weeks ago, and the pictures did their work.

Before I forget, I probably should record what I implant in her on a daily basis. I mean, how else am I supposed to keep things straight in my head? I have way too much on my mind now-a-days, ever since taking over the Death Eaters and especially now with this whole Morgana issue and trying to make this whole Evie thing go as smoothly as possible. I have a "friend" who owes me more than one posing as a doctor who specializes in amnesia and the restorative work that goes with that. We've been working on a process he came up with, and it's been "working." She's happy about it, desperate to get her memory back as fast as possible. Again, understandable.

Let's see, how we met:

Casey was the good guy during the two years she and he dated during their schoolyears. But afterwards, the man began to show his true colors, joining in with the wrong crowd, known as the Order of the Phoenix. She was miserable with him but afraid to leave him because a part of her still loved him and a part of her was afraid of what he would do to her if she tried. However, a chance meeting between us in a pub while Winslow was discussing business with some people and was treating her like mere arm candy, a brainless bimbo, gave her a feeling of peace and contentment for the first time in ages, a man seeing her for who she was and wanting to speak with her alone the next day, the start of a dangerous affair.

Of course, that's where I waned the details off for her. She couldn't just remember this too vividly, after all. It would raise suspicion, something I can't afford. There's too little room for error here. She remembers something about Casey finding out, a feeling of extreme fear as he blew up and beat her and she fled. There's little more after that, glimpses of me letting her into my home and helping her but not much more than that. Then, there was the wedding, but without the aide of the photos, she had little hope of remembering much of it, just maybe a few feelings associated with it. And of course, the honeymoon. Glimpses of Italy, a gondola, that sort of thing, but no real details.

Naturally, there are other things by now after one course of the treatment, but I'll have to add those later because I hear someone approaching the bedroom, and it certainly doesn't sound like my daughter. I think it's her. Maybe she has some questions for me or something or wants to do another of those sessions where we just sit around and talk and I tell her about things and she tries to remember the details. She does like anything that could possibly help her get her memory back, particularly exercises that Rogers suggested.

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